Solskjaer & Tuanzebe React To Old Trafford Stalemate | Manchester United 0-0 Real Sociedad

Hear what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Axel Tuanzebe made of the 0-0 draw against Real Sociedad at Old Trafford that saw the Reds safely progress to the last sixteen of the UEFA Europa League.

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94 komentarze:

Manchester United
Manchester United:
Please note, due to UEFA holdbacks we are unable to publish highlights from tonight's game to our YouTube channel until midnight Sunday (GMT). However, you can enjoy the best of the action from midnight tonight on the official Manchester United App, which you can download here -
Josh Beatley
Josh Beatley:
Poor axel, he deserved that goal
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson:
Please let this performance be the sprjngboard for Tuanzebe to get his career going. His potential is so high. In my opinion he is the CB we need
Israel Okunowo
Israel Okunowo:
Eric Bailly better start on Sunday fr, still waiting on Cavani and Scott hope they make it in time 🙏🏿
Sufyan Billel
Sufyan Billel:
“Fred had a booking and didn’t want to take chances with him”
One word: PSG 😢
One sentence: at least he’s learning
Marcell Végsõ
Marcell Végsõ:
A few months ago against PSG at Old Trafford, people were slating Ole, for not taking Fred of, risking the second yellow, and were arguing that it cost us the qualification. Today, Ole learned from his past mistake, and specifically mentioned that he took off Fred because of the yellow card. Interesting to see the manager learn from his past mistakes!
OLE is doing the best job he could possibly be doing no hate please...
Gabriel Eduardo
Gabriel Eduardo:
Thumbnail: Everyone serious please!
Fred: I dont speak english!
James Winny
James Winny:
Even when we draw and Eric Bailly plays, it still feels like a win. Please Ole, wrap him up like Lazarus before every game.
DJ General Outlaw 2
DJ General Outlaw 2:
We need to win the europe leauge just for bruno so he can get nominated for ballon'dor he deserves it been a revolution since joining. Turned is around from a top 10 team to a top 4
Sean Quinn
Sean Quinn:
Tuanzebe is a leader and should be given more game time centre back
George Logan
George Logan:
Axel always comes across really well in interviews, lots of confidence. His versitility is great too, hope he can stay fit and get some game time.
Trym Main Channel Eldby
Trym Main Channel Eldby:
I was happy seeing Lindelof with Bailly
romie khalid
romie khalid:
all CB played well today,unlucky for tuanzebe to get his goal disallowed
can’t be the only one to notice ole wink after he says let’s hope we get molde
Thought Martial was much improved last night. Hopefully he can have a say against Chelsea, West Ham and City ⚽️👊
Matthew smith
Matthew smith:
Been saying for a while that Tuanzebe could be our defensive utility player. Whether at CB, RB and now CDM. He looks comfortable. I would even bet he could play LB if he needed to.
Ahaan Kirloskar-Saini
Ahaan Kirloskar-Saini:
Dee Jay
Dee Jay:
Axel seems really switched on and mature. Hopefully he can stay injury free and push on.
Jamie Eason's Vlogs
Jamie Eason's Vlogs:
Ønsker deg til lykke med fødselsdagen! Happy Birthday Ole Gunnar Solskjær!
I have no idea how weird this may sound but that jacket looks great on Tuanzebe.
Axel what a decent professional and well spoken
Arav Luthra
Arav Luthra:
Tuanzebe for CDM!!!
Domba Garut
Domba Garut:
HBD to our boss!! What a legend he is.. He said he didn't need a cake.. But I wish he's got a trophy this year and that could be the cake that he's wishing for..
Niko omilana
Niko omilana:
I think we found our new CDM in tuanzebe try him there more
Ebimobowei Tamuno
Ebimobowei Tamuno:
'Absolutely fantastic' Ole's Press conference is not complete without those words.
Hitam Manis MALL
Hitam Manis MALL:
Ole react to Lindelof Performance ??
C'mon, He must evaluate performance himself (Lindelof), or It will ruins his career.
Axel is so unlucky. Usually comes into the pitch and makes a mistake. And when he finally plays without mistakes... his goal is ruled out because of Lindelof showing Bautista an extreme close up of his knee
OGS ❤️ MY Sunshine, Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎂🎁🥳
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam:
We move. GGMU 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Ibra The Gamer
Ibra The Gamer:
Imagine we get molde ole’s former club
This is the difference in character in players like tuanzebe and players like suarez..

Tuanzebe looks so calm and peaceful even after his first goal for utd got disallowed, still respects the nature of the game.. a true gentleman..

While suarez or any player like him could have bashed the refree, var rules on and off the pitch
Baily’s dribbling skills shows he could play as a defensive midfielder.
Play Maguire and tuanzebe/bailly together
Wye Cheok
Wye Cheok:
Keep it up, Axel!
Saïbou Tine
Saïbou Tine:
Perfect scenario
Nitin S
Nitin S:
Axel u played really well man
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson:
I feel bad for Axel his goal will come eventually 🤞
Suvan Plays
Suvan Plays:
Tuanzebe was my man of the match he deserves more respect up the Red Devil’s
91 vanced
91 vanced:
Ole ❤️
CHEW Desmond
CHEW Desmond:
At the least, tuanzebe had not created a goal for the opponent today. 😜
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman:
Poor Axel I feel. So much for home
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
Even though we didn't win there is still a lot of positives to take from this game.
We deserved to win the tie and now we move onto Chelsea. Come on United, let's rack the 3 points up
Europa league round of 16:
Milan vs Manchester
2021 Zlatan vs 2017 Zlatan
Best team of the 90's vs best team of the 2000's
Emirates vs Chevrolet!!!!!
Daniel Nambassi
Daniel Nambassi:
Axel = Class in the making
Arafat Erasung
Arafat Erasung:
Imagine round of 16 draw Man utd vs Molde
Hamma Elyes
Hamma Elyes:
Begawan Drona
Begawan Drona:
Martial was always not ready to received the balls.
О'tkir Saitdazimov
О'tkir Saitdazimov:
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Duh duh duh
KuBi TV:
Xin chúc mừng các Manchester United
Bailly sat down with some pain to his right shoulder this game. I hope it's nothing serious.
dchnr 17
dchnr 17:
Forget results, is the mediocrity that matters. Am I doing it right?
Ggmu 🔥👹
Play Bailly at CB in the prem!
Arun Bains
Arun Bains:
tuanzebe speaks so well
João lázaro Pinheiro almeida
João lázaro Pinheiro almeida:
Vamos United 🇾🇪😈✨✌🏻
Mattia 9
Mattia 9:
Vi aspettiamo alla casa del DIAVOLO🔴⚫🦁
G S:
Axel speaks really well
Ali Rashid
Ali Rashid:
Before we sort out the right wing and striker position there is no other position that needs to be sorted then the defence I understand city have had an incredible run but purely because of stones and Dias Maguire and lindelof is not up to the standard of winning trophies I also believe ole needs to work on his tactical approach during games and before the games many of the teams find it easy to stop us
Rob Bandi
Rob Bandi:
*_Man said "Advantageous"... ratings_*
Sahsshwathan Segaran
Sahsshwathan Segaran:
No Maguire no problems :/
Dariusz Wityk
Dariusz Wityk:
Lindelof prevented us to win, should got red card. PourTauzabe has been deprived a beautiful goal because of the Lindelof's sabotage. Bailly should play every game he can and he is the future with a new dominant CB.
Aris Prajawinata
Aris Prajawinata:
bailly - lindelof perfect defense combination
Mahmudul Arefin
Mahmudul Arefin:
Bailly & Lindelof were brilliant today.
Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong:
Ole’s henchman - Anthony Martial Arts
Henry B
Henry B:
Play Tuanzebe as a CDM and buy Kounde in the summer... tuanzebe has all the attributes to become a great CDM alongside someone more box to box like Donny, pogba or Scott
nd b
nd b:
🇻🇳🇻🇳mu 🇻🇳🇻🇳❤❤❤😍😍❤❤😍❤❤😍
Devonshire 2003
Devonshire 2003:
Think Lindelof should take up a career of WWE after he retires
Lee Bishop
Lee Bishop:
no point in Ole saying Donny's out, cause he never plays him, so he's been out basically since he's been at united.
Krazy Pizza
Krazy Pizza:
both teams missed loads of chances
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Ivan01 Jatiparade
Ivan01 Jatiparade:
please Antony martial out in MU,
Sanad tik tok
Sanad tik tok:
He want to kill him 🤔🤔
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Johnprakash #
Johnprakash #:
Henderson proved it, he should be the No.1 asap...

** Ignoring the 💩dummies.
This interviewer always laughs after every question, so annoying
Manchester United Fan
Manchester United Fan:
I feel bad for axel
Endy Man united
Endy Man united:
Manchester united is put in the eroupe league????
Henderson is our keeper for the future... he is... badabum... a keeper.

Seriously though. DeGea is an honorary legend, but Henderson is just more solid, doesn't do those random costly mistakes, and can actually take command of the box and deal with crosses and dangerous balls... while DeGea is glued to the line and his only attributes (while great at it) is shot stopping and shouting but those seem to get lesser and more pointless, respectively
Amestan Sadik
Amestan Sadik:
Harry who??
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Banyak Fans MU yang kardus, baik orang luar negri maupun indo sama² kardusnya😂
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke:
Round 16 and beyond
Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman:
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson:
Say shut up if you support City
Mister Youtube
Mister Youtube:
Put Matić in centre back! 6 foot 4, defensive and strong. He would be great in Defence.
Ethan Gilbraith should probably just give up now and do an Angel Gomes
Felita Notoharmono
Felita Notoharmono:
Almost got beaten. Baily is better than maguire
Billy Shabir
Billy Shabir:
simon colaco
simon colaco:
We need to replace this manager, Antoni marital send them home,
Get a new manager, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!! :(