Sondland says Pompeo knew of "quid pro quo"

Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified Wednesday that a number of people, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, knew of a "quid pro quo" in regards to Ukraine investigations. CBS News state department and foreign affairs reporter Christina Ruffini joined CBSN with more.

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king kong
king kong:
This guy went 69 on them. He's snitching on everyone lol
CBS helped bury the Epstein story.
Ryan Lewand
Ryan Lewand:
Lmfao. Don't show the part where he admits it's just his opinion. That would be legitimate reporting.
David Lewis
David Lewis:
That's funny because when Jim Jordan questioned him, he asked directly if there was any proof of a quid pro quo. There was not. No where could any one prove a quid pro quo. Y'all are dishonest pos, and that's why your ratings keep tanking.
and then he said everything was presumption which is of less value than hearsay
Jason R
Jason R:
Horrible reporting he said he assumed there was quid pro quo then says there was none
So sick of all this conjecture, nothing confirmed. Yet, we still hear Quid Pro Skid Row...
Alf Beef
Alf Beef:
Everybody in this chat needs to realize that CBS is mainstream media, you know damn well they lost the trust of the people long ago..
Robert Attaway
Robert Attaway:
When is CBS and the rest of the MSM going to stop broadcasting lies? Sondland said may times that he just presumed that there was a quid pro quo. That was his presumptuous opinion and that's all. Nothing more. Stop believing the propaganda.
1:05 He said people were IN THE LOOP for quid pro pro.
Fact Check = Outright Lie and Complete Deception
M Ice
M Ice:
4:47 It just hit me that this lady looks like Jenna Marbles
LowLands Pete
LowLands Pete:
#1 There was no Trump quid pro quo ..

#2 Obama and Iran did.. Biden and Ukraine did.
Josh Joslin
Josh Joslin:
You know this is wrong... he lied.
i walk in circles
i walk in circles:
You have to watch the whole thing to see whats really happening. The msm only play snipits of what suits their narrative.
Shame someone isn’t counting the number of times we get to hear there was a quid pro quo, will never be enough! Bolton next, then I’ll buy his book! 😊
snoop alert
snoop alert:
CBS is caught in blatant lies and now they're doubling down
Ned Labarbara
Ned Labarbara:
After watching you for decades now I am truly impressed at the lengths you will go to to protect dirty democrats and get honest republicans.
You should be turned off permanently.
Aimee Bella
Aimee Bella:
Well luckily a lot of us can stream this while at work or listen to it.
Comprehension is critical.
zacho cracy
zacho cracy:
More opinions and would be funny if it hadn't been an extortion of taxpayer's money for the past 3 years.
His name was Rocco
His name was Rocco:
You’re fired!!!
Kevin Denning
Kevin Denning:
Let Pompao sit in the chair and testify under oath.
C-Note Mac
C-Note Mac:
Sam Puritan
Sam Puritan:
Who told you Trump is unhappy with Pompeo.
63 Rambler
63 Rambler:
If you saw him being questioned, then you know that CBS is lying to you.

First, a quid pro quo would have been entirely acceptable for any investigation, given that our government Trump’s critics have already devoted resources to investigating interference the 2016 election AND issued quid pro quos ostensibly for improved corruption investigation. (And Biden doesn’t get to inoculate himself by announcing candidacy right after regime change in Ukraine.)

More importantly, the only thing he heard directly from the President was “no quid pro quo”, and everything else was his own presumption. In the end, no quid pro quo ended up happening.

Don’t be a Soviet stooge or sheep. Don’t be a North Korean Zombie. Inform your self and watch for credible news sources instead of consuming propaganda from fools or liars.
Shawn Booker
Shawn Booker:
Did it go out by the deadline? Did Ukraine know ot was being held? Case closed.
Zeb Fischer
Zeb Fischer:
Ron Johnson
Ron Johnson:
Hearing tactic: Use opening statement to praise yourself and make insinuating claims for the media....then contradict yourself or have those claims proven baseless under questioning
Sondland Testimony Under Questioning: Trump told me he wanted nothing from the Ukraine Prez, no quid pro quo, just do what he was elected for.
Notice that was not in his long winded opening statement
John Smith
John Smith:
Nothing Sondland said matches the headline.
Bill Rodriguez
Bill Rodriguez:
He did not hear it. It was a opening statement made for him to read, Because when he was asked directly he told he did not hear it from The president .matter of fact he said the president said no Quid pro Quo so stop spreading the Lie and the narrative that he told him that. Its hear say.
Call name now will yuh 😂😂☠
Amy Knorr
Amy Knorr:
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jefe 45acp
jefe 45acp:
3 Things Fishing
3 Things Fishing:

That’s literally what it is.

Are people this dumb in 2019?
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith:
No Pompeo knew about trump wanting to know about an investigation into Ukraine 2016 election interference..
Nick Machiavelli
Nick Machiavelli:
Clinton foundation lost $49.6M since 2016; Ukraine, largest pay for play donor, cuts off funds as part of Pelosi, Biden, Clinton corruption investigation by parliament.
kelly molinero
kelly molinero:
will MSM ever stop lying????
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow:
*What did democrats get in return for loosing the Civil War? Jim Crow Laws.*
norton done
norton done:
This Sondland guys really ridiculous!! I don’t believe a damn word he says all he ever does, is say this and that makes it sound credible than switches to well I don’t think I said that.. 🤣😂🤣 he’s a joke!!
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin:
Nice try Swamparazzi
Such a joke listening to some of the news stations try and spin this into how damaging this is for Trump. Not sure what hearings they were watching but all I saw was how bad the Dems totally failed at this impeachment, no evidence at all not one shred.
The Great Owl
The Great Owl:
Please remember to donate to Amy McGrath's campaign.
Felix Truvere
Felix Truvere:
Pro quo squids 🦑 🦑
3 Things Fishing
3 Things Fishing:
What crisis will Democrats manufacture next?

Comment below!
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin:
Where is Rudy?
Information Act
Information Act:
Ok, good. Faith restored. I had to read the comments first in order to see if there are any smart people left in this world. Surprisingly there is. Congratulations yous.

Sondland never said Pompeo knew of quid pro quo. If he did say that then cbs would have had the sound bite of Sondland saying such thing. Instead the sound bite is of an email that’s mentioned nothing about quid pro quo. It was an email talking about the phone call that was set up to occur. It had nothing in there saying that the president of Ukraine is ready to agree to do something for president trump in order to get military aid. Soooo, if you are stupid, you will rely on cbs to spoon feed you. If you were smart, like me, you watched the entire hearing. The only thing Sondland mentions about quid pro quo is that he presumed there was a quid pro quo. A presumption is just that. Maybe the media will include that sound bite? Lol I think not.
Toxic Grunt
Toxic Grunt:
CBS is a lying news agency...
Karla Smith
Karla Smith:
Sonland said- no quid pro quo. Catch up or stop lying. Either way, it’s not becoming of a major news source
The Old Woman
The Old Woman:
I heard Sondland say "No quid pro quo" I heard him say he cussed at the President, saying, "what the $π√¥ do you want?" President Trump said, " Nothing, no quid pro quo, just have him do as his campaign promise."
Which was, Transparency and Cracking down on the Corruption. *#Trump2020*
Miguel Valencia
Miguel Valencia:
This is weird in the end he said no qui pro but in the beginning he says their was one. Which one is it? Which are we to believe is the truth?
Jeff Swisher
Jeff Swisher:
False! You guys continue to lie
Withholding a White House meeting to get Ukraine to do investigations is quid pro quo. That's what Sondland is referring to, the headline is correct.
John Thomas
John Thomas:
This guy admits that no quid pro quo was ordered by Putus and that it was just his feelings on the matter.

This guy also walks back his testimony and says Trump said "No Quid pro quo, he just wants Ukraine's president to do what he ran on"
7 7
7 7:
Brendan Okeefe
Brendan Okeefe:
He also said several time there was no quid pro quo 🤔🤔
Grace Love
Grace Love:
He later contradicts himself from his opening speech. This is funny. Another person without solid evidence but only feelings of quid pro quo, speculation, and here say.
Olive Ch-E
Olive Ch-E:
Pompeo has no shame!
The White Wolf
The White Wolf:
What about UKRAINE just indicting the ower of birisma and HUNTER BIDEN? Why isn't msm talking about it!?
Evelyn Nichel
Evelyn Nichel:
He is a Liar!
B. S.
He presumes to know. Lol, what a con!
You You
You You:
Steve Bell
Steve Bell:
CBS and contributors digging and stretching to support their own conclusions.
R D:
I wonder if the White House gonna send Sondland a turkey for the holidays? He dropped dime on everybody even the gardener! Then said he was returning back to work like nothing happened. 🙄
Jerry wtf
Jerry wtf:
This so call national servant needs investigated also along with Schiff follow the money from soros
Brian Gebert
Brian Gebert:
I watched the entire thing. Nearly 6 hrs of it. This neither hurt or helped the democrats. Not much there there. A presumption is not evidence of a crime. Certainly not to impeach a sitting president. This guy confirmed the quid pro quo was for a meeting not an investigation of the Biden's,so there is that.
More BS for the masses!! The man flipped so many times and by the end there was nothing....just like all the other BOMBSHELL witnesses.
Steve Lazaridis
Steve Lazaridis:
Pompeo you are a liar
hunter liu
hunter liu:
Yeah, Ukraine shall investigate corruption SHAME ON DNC For Sending their MOB to Ambassador’s business to harass and intimate witness
Fulando Mcclarin
Fulando Mcclarin:
First he was denying it, now that he has been outed. This guy is guilty and he continues to cover up he's involved me in the Ukraine bribery plot. He don't want to recuse itself because then somebody else will have control over the paperwork and will release them.
If he didn't say it, and he didn't do it, it didn't happen.
We don't care what you dimocraps think.
Thinking is not your strong point.
Mister Sturm
Mister Sturm:
He’s lying
Thomas Sparks
Thomas Sparks:
Presumption of evidence!
Sondland to Trump about what to do about ukraine "what do you want from ukraine"? Trump "Nothing. I want nothing, no quid pro quo." THE END!
Outlaw Shogun
Outlaw Shogun:
Sing little canary....
brian miller
brian miller:
This news is so bad. Did they cut out the part that this is his assumption and why are they not showing where he ask the president what he wanted and Trump said I do not want any quid-pro-quo I just want him to do what he ran on.
Joseph Stine
Joseph Stine:
RE: Quid Pro Quo........MALA.....Make America Latin Again
Gerald Montoya
Gerald Montoya:
If they're referring to Ambassador Sondland as a puppy that does not take orders to sit and do what he's told in that case..........
Rusty Oden
Rusty Oden:
As long as these criminals are able to sell their lies to the Republican base, nothing will change.
Garbage news
Nick King
Nick King:
Sondland threw a grenade then the next 5 hours didn't have anything to back it up
Marie Jones
Marie Jones:
i do not enjoy these actors or this theater 🎭 it’s really pathetic and even tho you try i am NOT ENTERTAINED!!!!
LIARS, LYING is blasay
Randy Smith
Randy Smith:
What is this fake news? Sondland said specifically there was no quid pro quo?
H Ross Lilly
H Ross Lilly:
Appears that Sonland has his turkey baster out.
G Ff
G Ff:
Criminals in the white house!
Glenda Phillips-Neal
Glenda Phillips-Neal:
Pompao is a big lier
Ivy Lynne
Ivy Lynne:
Very dishonest reporting. Puppets of the Liberals. He said the only convo he had with President was stating no quid pro quo. He said he presumed. Proven wrongly presumumption. You are the enemy of this Nation. Shame on you.
Bruce Frykman
Bruce Frykman:
How can one person testify as to what other people "know"

If they had evidence they could testify as to what they saw or what they heard, having none they can speculate as to what other people "know" and this is exactly what this creep did.

Speaking of quid pro quo isn't this exactly how high ranking ambassadors get their cushy government jobs?

How much "Quid" does it take to "Quo" an ambassadors post in London or Paris these days?

More cast iron pots calling stainless steal kettles black it would appear.
Albert De Castro
Albert De Castro:
CBS... PRESUMES he said that 😆
What a pathetic joke. Trump 2020
Boss Anova
Boss Anova:
Lol, Sondland threw the entire administration under the bus.
John B.
John B.:
So lets expand the probe from the Democrats and drag this out throughout all of next year in the courts .... all the way to the Supreme Court, maybe in 2020 or 2021 they can rule on it aso the Dems can impeach the President.

This is beyond stupid at this point. Every other word testified this week was "presumed" ... we don't erase 63 millions votes on rumor and presumptions. The ONLY direct info from Trump is when asked he says "I want nothing, no quid pro quo".
Zorro 123
Zorro 123:
Later in his testimony he admitted that it was his presumption that such had happened.........which is irrelevant and proves nothing.
huckle berry
huckle berry:
What's next? TRUMP killed Kennedy?
Insight Of the ages
Insight Of the ages:
There is NO WAY IT IS SUPPOSED TO GO.... It goes however the elected president wants it to... That is his job.
Duane Bettger
Duane Bettger:
This is a liars network.
Watch Jim Jordan have Sondland admit none of this happened
Trumpsters And Conservatives
Trumpsters And Conservatives:
Sondland did not say Pompeo knew any quid pro quo what so ever in fact Sondland did say Trump said he did not want any quid pro quo. CBS is a nut bag of fake news. #FACT
Paul Kramer
Paul Kramer:
Whoever wrote this headline needs to actually watch the testimony and report accurately. He never said any such thing. People need to watch the actual testimony if they want to know the truth. The media is lying to them now 100 percent of the time.
Bill Rodriguez
Bill Rodriguez:
Spring Bloom
Spring Bloom:
1:08 No, thats not what he said