Son's stunner claims opening day DELIGHT against City | Highlights | Spurs 1-0 Man City

Check out the highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's opening day victory over Manchester City.

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100+ komentarze:

Lukasz Ju
Lukasz Ju:
First goal of Mourinho : Son
First goal of Nuno : Son
First goal of Premier League in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium : Son
First goal of Champions League in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium : Son
Explore 101
Explore 101:
Son is definitely one of the best players in the world .
XO Maniac
XO Maniac:
I don't understand how son isn't valued so much
He is so underrated
Nun Nui
Nun Nui:
Son did what he normally does. looks promising our defence improved a lot. Let Kane go and get more good squads. Kane's a legend but we need a good team not a great player
Zoe BB
Zoe BB:
I am not curious whether Sonny makes goals or not , I am curious what kind of goals he will make 😍 He is just amazing.
Abhirup Sarker
Abhirup Sarker:
Sonny scores stunning goals so often and everytime says, "Nah it was a lucky goal"
Dude that's not luck, it's your sheer brilliance 💗
Rajarshi Roy
Rajarshi Roy:
For me, Son is better than that overrated Mbappe...
Mbappe is a lot over rated, people dont understand he plays in Ligue1 and not *Premier League, the toughest league in the world.* Son is also all round player, is *the best both-footed player in PL rn,* and he's got speed, finishing, good ball control....a super player in my opinion
Phil Li-Pu Chen
Phil Li-Pu Chen:
Son can even score with his left foot so accurate, oh my word!
ismael Fonjah
ismael Fonjah:
Men.. I love Son! So underrated! Everyone is talking about Kane and Grealish but Son is the man!
Singh Ranjeet
Singh Ranjeet:
Really loved how Spurs played,wish you win a trophy this season.
give son the captain ... his loyalty and performance
vinasu maaj
vinasu maaj:
Son finally got a chance to play as main forward , he has amazing football skills. So proud of sonny.....YOU ROCKS!!!
Son finally got a chance to play as main forward , he has amazing football skills. So proud of sonny.....YOU ROCKS!!!
Son just an amazing player, he can do a lot of things on the field what a talent he has , literally he could be one of the rivals of the Ballon d’Or in the future
Eriksen 23
Eriksen 23:
Give a trophy to that man ! He’s already a spurs legend but he needs a trophy !
What a performance from Japhet Tanganga!!! He's a young beast
What a beautiful moment ☺️
Aurochs Beats
Aurochs Beats:
If Kane leaves, and we manage to win a trophy or two in the next few years while Son is still at the club. Then Son will definitely be deemed more of a club legend than Kane, without a doubt.
kurt cobain
kurt cobain:
Had Son had been from england...his value would have been more than that of Grealish.
Passion for life!
Passion for life!:
can't stop watching this clip and feel the same vibe on that win against City!!!! Sonny and the attaching squad!!
Smile N Wave
Smile N Wave:
u cant give Son space like that. of course hes gonna score.
Toto Lee
Toto Lee:
Son's goal!!
Son is amazing…
His the best of the best in Tottenham
pine grove
pine grove:
everything was perfect. great teamwork, clinical finish, amazing supporters.
wish i was there too..
Chris Cotonou
Chris Cotonou:
Without Kane, we're a team. With Kane, everything has to go through him, which relieves the pressure from the squad to step up.
Sane Man
Sane Man:
After Son signed a new contract I think he deserves a rendition of “he’s one of our own”…. He’s ours 😍😍😍
Aussie H.K
Aussie H.K:
Son World Class👍👍👍
player cembalo
player cembalo:
As a matter of fact, Spurs performance is way better when Kane is not on the pitch. Players do not depend on one man. They eager to play hard and help themselves for win. Now Spurs play like one unit and if this continues they will take the place of champion.
Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham Hotspur:
Scott Nam
Scott Nam:
Very proud of son
He is proving himself again
World best class with all performance today
Kure Raian
Kure Raian:
Happy to see Son play in Center Fw position.He will make more goals and show his striker potential.
Thomas Lim
Thomas Lim:
what a perfect goal
Shreyas Ghosh
Shreyas Ghosh:
Son-sational, truly Son-sational.
Capt. CoCo
Capt. CoCo:
If Son is English then he'd be more expensive than Kane and Grealish combined
Manahil Mansoor
Manahil Mansoor:
We are soo lucky to have son7
He is truly a gem and amazing person.
He is soo humble
What a day
Karl Freud
Karl Freud:
Really, everyone stepped up. first time in a while that tottenham felt like a unit. from tanganga to skippy to lucas to sanchez to hoiberg, and obviously sonny.. just amazing how everyone put in their heart and souls into this first match of the season. lets not forget this feeling and the energy we had today as a whole.
Lucas Moura was monster in this match, every counterattack he was leading the attack.
I miss playing fifa. Son converts every long shot into a magic goal
진짜 멋있다~손흥민 선수, 대박~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
King Ghost
King Ghost:
Sonny he's amazing, Lucas,Tanganga is great too. Perfect launch day
Brilliant! Son is as good as Tottehnham legend Defoe and Berbatov. Bloody hero!
Impressive performance from Son and Tanganga! Spurs defense line looked solid with the same center backs from last season. Its only the first game but I think Nuno is doing his job well.
누누데이 nunuday
누누데이 nunuday:
Beautiful Finish
Amazing Team 💙💙
Terence Cheung,
Terence Cheung,:
Lucas is performing better and better now, he’s kind of a skilful attacker.
Dyan S
Dyan S:
a beautiful goal from Son Heung Min
and very impressive performance by Lucas Moura
Parabéns SPURS!!!!!!!!!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
Men.. I love Son! So underrated! Everyone is talking about Kane and Grealish but Son is the man!
dot com
dot com:
I really enjoyed watching this game. first game in a long time.

1: The players seemed sure of themselves. I love that.
2: The players didnt all run back and defend like simpletons. They stayed structured and positioned ready to counter attack affectively when the moment came.
3: No fear at all. which means no panic, less mistakes. and easier to read your opponent.
4: defenders using a more affective pressing. press + make slight contact without making a challenge. (rushes opponent).
5: Players not wasting energy on over defensive play. They had the energy to attack when it matters. (not under mo).
6: Team confidence all round was brilliant and players need to know that it doesnt matter if you make a mistake. what matters is if you learn from it. under mo if you made a mistake you would miss the next few games. excluding dier. This lead to players not taking risks and eventually started to over think things. its all down hill from there.
He became really the King of EPL as the Goal of match!!! 손흥민 사랑해!!! 대한민국의 자랑이자 세계의 축구영웅!!
Wonjjang 1994
Wonjjang 1994:
Love Heung Min Zone Goals
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Men.. I love Son! So underrated! Everyone is talking about Kane and Grealish but Son is the man!
alfred kimeli
alfred kimeli:
Iam a man city fan but i love Son,,he's a genius
Anunay Ranjan
Anunay Ranjan:
Our counterattacks were amazing🥰
Well deserved victory
Football Saga
Football Saga:
Son is city's worst nightmare
Minu Varkey
Minu Varkey:
Son is just amazing🔥🔥
Vlad - UK
Vlad - UK:
Lovely game, lovely win, Fantastic Team ! Come On You Spurs !!!!
Pornsavanh khamsengsai
Pornsavanh khamsengsai:
Great game Spurs. Great goal LEGEND i love how he scores goal not from the penalty box. 😀🙏
Mahfuz Mamun
Mahfuz Mamun:
Great win, Great Performance. Can’t get carried away, only first game of the season. Tanganga and Lucas stand out players for me. COYS
D Macarthur
D Macarthur:
Seems like its been a long time since the squad put so much hustle and ferocity on the ball and taking control of the match. Great way to start the season!
mic sh park
mic sh park:
Great to see you with the fans again Sonny! Stay safe all!
Odin J
Odin J:
three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Sonny scoring against City
A Baoze World
A Baoze World:
Great to see fans back in the stadium and great to see Oliver Skipp and Japhet Tanganga out there today and putting in such strong performances.
South Korea's pride, Heung Min Son ! What a wonderful goal this was ! I am proud of him as one of many Koreans and thank you for scoring goal in National Liberation Day of Korea
Son is a SPURS' GOAT!!! ⚽🇰🇷💯🔥
man united
man united:
Son scores stunning goals.. Son says, "Nah it was a lucky goal"(Today)
Son Heung Min's goal is definitely not luck. He has scored like this before
Korean culture and European culture are different. He is the humility of Korean culture.
This attitude means that I will never be vigilant in the future
Sor Fifa
Sor Fifa:
Una grandiosa jugada tiene como consecuencia un magnifico gol.
Son Heung Min siempre ha sido una estrella para el equipo, pero pienso que esta temporada lo sera aun mas. Dios asi lo quiera.
Great team performance 💪🤍 Up The Spurs!
Kaki Sedut
Kaki Sedut:
i toid you.. son's long shot ability is underated.. he wont take lots of shots when playing with kane
Marco Gosatti
Marco Gosatti:
Proper team performance that was. Stuck together for 90 mins and didn't put a foot wrong defending. Full credit to Nuno. Something to build on.
Kevin Kwak
Kevin Kwak:
He just perfect for our team!,,
Not even a Spurs fan but Sonny man! What a player🔥
Yanik G-Force
Yanik G-Force:
The player that really stood out for me in that match was Lucas Moura. His energy, intensity, and work rate were impressive. Moura, Tanganga, Sanchez, and even Dier were good. The Nuno effect?
Bipin Siwa
Bipin Siwa:
Son as always shining. Brilliant goal ⚽
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik:
Although I am a city fan I absolutely love Hueng Min Son, what a player he is. He and Moura looked threatening all game long and it was a well deserved win. Congrats guyz 👍
All of the squad played very well good job lads let's continue like this
Heung-min son has good individual breakthrough and medium-range shot skills!!
I'm a Chelsea's good to see Spurs start the season with a win.....good luck Spurs👍✊
daan Kruger
daan Kruger:
This front three have so much potential! Insane pace on the counter attacks. Great game #COYS!
Luke Kay
Luke Kay:
Whenever I see spurs, it's Son scoring and it's always a stunner from outside the box. Someone needs to see his xG stats I'm sure it'd be crazy. And two footed and speedy as well. Crazy
Tony Bates
Tony Bates:
Tenacious, combative, strong anticipation, heart - if this is us starting as we mean to go on, we're winning something this season. Lucas Moura is an unsung Spurs hero; does he have to score another CL semi-final hat-trick before anyone recognises his greatness?
I can't believe we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody did good in this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good saves Llorris, Super tackles Tanganga Sanchez Skipp, well done clean sheets Dier, awesome passes
Reguillon Hojbjerg Skipp Dele Alli, well done attacks Moura Son Bergwine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is one of the most thrilling games we played!!!!!!!!!! Starting from Llorris to Son. They all did good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nuno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in Korea and I am a Tottenham fan because of Son. The game
started at 12:30 am and ended after 2:00 am. I stayed up really late but it was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Man Of The Match is everybody including Nuno, all players who played in this game, the fans who went to the stadium
and cheered for us to win, and the fans who watched the game on TV
Ofie Howard
Ofie Howard:
What a player son is I hope he goes to Madrid
손흥민은 마법사 😍
Lumius ToCyan
Lumius ToCyan:
No one expected to shoot in there, yet only Sonny did so. All got stunned for.
As same news as sky is blue, sun is bright, ice is cold and victory is delicious.
Well done SONNY!!!
kofy adega
kofy adega:
What a great performance. Absolutely incredible .You do not even mind if you lose but play with such positiveness.Lets keep up this attitude.We need 37 more such performances.We should keep Sonny as a winger coming inside.It will be a massive error if plays center forward(cf).He is not a cf.COYS
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu:
Heung min son 🔥🔥🔥
03_أحمد عامر عبدات
03_أحمد عامر عبدات:
Solid performance from the boys
Mr. N
Mr. N:
Happy for Spurs. Coming from a Liverpool fan.
Son. What a player.
Mark Kariuki
Mark Kariuki:
So glad to see the squad succeeding without Kane😻😻
the spurs fan
the spurs fan:
Great team performance despite what's going on in the bkground
Martina Luther
Martina Luther:
Truly son he's so underrated i can say that he's a world class
Nuno is an absolute BOSS! The way he set the team up, his substitutions, his tactics, the balance to the team and the way he trusted the young players. It was absolutely masterful
Ashwin D
Ashwin D:
Son is so so underrated. Hes d best Spurs player
자랑스럽다 손흥민
Such a beautiful goal!
Geetchandra Yumnam
Geetchandra Yumnam:
Amazing Goal , He is my SON
우리나라 손흥민 선수의 토트넘이 손흥민 선수의 결승골로 승리할 수 있어서 정말 기쁩니다. 특히 상대인 맨체스터 시티가 저번시즌 리그 우승팀이고 챔피언스리그 준우승을 한 강팀이기에 이번 경기 승리가 더욱 값진 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 손흥민 선수가 활약하는 모습 기대하겠습니다.