Sony PS5 Cyber Monday Secret Inventory

The hunt for an in-stock Sony PS5 continues...
Go to and use promo code lewlater to get 10% off your first order and free shipping!

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Lew Later
Lew Later:
Watch the show in short clips here -
The ps5 reminds me of the demand for the Popeyes chicken sandwich.
Meanwhile, on ebay people buying PS5 Box with no console at $500+
Hands up if you're still trying to get a PS5 🙋🏽‍♂️
fenix loder
fenix loder:
Sony: how many ps5 we should do?
Ceo: 7
Aryan S
Aryan S:
no ones gonna do timestamps now huh, I see how it is...
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
Sony: buy our console
Everyone: we would if we could
Glenn Hodges
Glenn Hodges:
Its like finding the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka getting my hands on a PS5!
Michial Phelps
Michial Phelps:
A couple months? Its already December? Lol I'm no genius but I believe we have 1 month left in 2020
Kieron Taylor
Kieron Taylor:
Where’s the time stamp guy at
Most people don’t have a chance to get a PS5 when they have to compete with the scalpers’ bots.
They spent more time talking about bed sheets than the PS5.
FanStalin Gibs
FanStalin Gibs:
The holy trinity of pain
The Wii
The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich
The PS5
j b
j b:
The kids didnt even know they wanted a ps5 until I told them they did. Haha
11:30 for the advert to end 😂
Donny 5000
Donny 5000:
The hidden stock is just reserved for scammers and scalpers
Told my son to not even think about having a PS5 before Christmas 2021. They’re not gonna have me out there in the madness looking for one, or paying some insane prices to a scalper. PS5 scalpers deserve to literally be scalped.
jeff h
jeff h:
Forget the Macs I'm here for the lew later show
The PlayStation 5 is like Turbo Man from Jingle All The Way 👀
Sewan & Sawen Creations
Sewan & Sawen Creations:
My parents wouldn't get me any ninjin turtles weapons after what I did with the light up he-man sword. I have the power! I yelled, as I brought the sword down on my uncle dales head. Dale needed stitches, and I broke my sword.
Lew: ''i smell the sheet and it smells different''
Me: ''wtf''
Lew Show the sheets
Me: ''aaah, ok''
Dont worried, bots will get all the stock available tomorrow.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme:
Am I too early for the timestamp guy?
Thank you in advance.
Vepusan Theivendram
Vepusan Theivendram:
Love the LewLater logo in cyberpunk style 🔥😍
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez:
You know what would be a awesome? If your average person who works a full time job and is waiting for a ps5 could actually buy one on a paid day without all of them being gone. Sony is killing dreams this year 😔😔😔😔
Flying Pig
Flying Pig:
Ps5: one of the most sought after consoles of all time

Sony: yeah 10 per day should do
Eshu Marneedi
Eshu Marneedi:
And people end up buying a PS3 and a PS2 taped together with high quality duct tape.
"Things need to breath"
dwanye MADE
dwanye MADE:
Love this episode waiting on the nxt
“A couple months left” 29 days Lew
Caleb Hogue
Caleb Hogue:
Lol I remember back in the 2000's it wasn't just video games it was everything on eBay, people were just sending pictures of a bunch of shit
julian wilton
julian wilton:
PS5 in your living room by Christmas day. The lucky few.
Daff Dubi
Daff Dubi:
Happened to me as well on ebay, almost ended up buying only a left airpodPro airbud :(
Erik Haluzak
Erik Haluzak:
I really need Will Do to reel in the enthusiasm.
I bought one store walk in at wal mart this Saturday surprised how easy it was lol got lucky af
nicolas castillo
nicolas castillo:
Thank god I got mine on day 1 and had no issues with it 💪🏼
Got mine today. Came in early. Was due closer to the end of the month 😎
Brandon Muse
Brandon Muse:
Yes. I hear you. I work at Costco and there a great company and we are busy a lot. Costco figured out a better way to do business.
AK Chicago
AK Chicago:
Watching this with my feet up on my ps5 🙃
Atleast the robot wouldn't steal my ps5 or series x, when I'm expecting the delivery.
If scalpers didn’t buy all of em we would have enough for everyone
RedHog1 Arkie
RedHog1 Arkie:
Sony/Microsoft....put consoles in stores..end the chaos!
Geoff Mitchell
Geoff Mitchell:
Things need to breathe..... THINGS... need to breathe. How much I’ve missed this show. 😂🤣
Easter Donkey
Easter Donkey:
Man I had the blimp and the giant action figures!!! And the van ... man good memories
It's just so many new gamers thanks to this pandemic. Getting a gaming system has never been like this.
Elvin Payan
Elvin Payan:
This guy in the back just like “umm yea”
J Z:
Hahaha I WAS RIGHT this being a weekly thing. Come on guys pick up the Lew Later
RIP Tony. He was a great leader for his company. I remember learning about him in business school
Marc Dunn
Marc Dunn:
Hey Lew, I got mine for Xmas in 87 before they changed the color to the red/orange, came with the power pad as well.
kingsley chike
kingsley chike:
End of the year is just few weeks away
j r
j r:
dont remember a ninja turtles blimp. i had the van tho :)
Paton Cavaney
Paton Cavaney:
Good insight. Nice to know that Lew has a happy family
D S:
Just because we can do things, it doesn’t mean it’s right. (Regarding 🤖)
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts:
The ps5 is just a unicorn to me right now
Time stamp: 11:30 it starts talking about it
Paul Palo
Paul Palo:
its literally stockx and sneaker resellers
I had the gray blaster...early pickup gang
galactica games
galactica games:
a couple months? its the 29th , we have 1 month
Alexander Coral
Alexander Coral:
The PS5 reminds me of McDonald's French Fries
steven pecker
steven pecker:
Lol I remember back in the 2000's it wasn't just video games it was everything on eBay, people were just sending pictures of a bunch of shit
David Sheather
David Sheather:
The PS5 "photo only" post also shows a picture of a standard ps5 (including disc drive) but the listing states "Digital Edition". So many red flags
Cloud Life Gaming
Cloud Life Gaming:
I never knew those stories 👍🏾 thanks
Nasheed Jeremiah
Nasheed Jeremiah:
wait wtf, 5minutes ago? niceee
I read some guy brought 200 ps5 and made over $40,000.

How did he get his hand on that many?
I had one of those turtle blimps. It lasted all of 2 days before it broke. Didn't miss much 😂
That Poppy
That Poppy:
The Utah monolith has been stolen.
dave jones
dave jones:
It’s all about the gravy 👍
Smith Roland
Smith Roland:
I can now pay my children tuition fee and my rent.. All thanks to cardstore1 on telegram, I was able to cashout from the cards I got from him.. I'm so happy I met him ❤️😎
johnson limerstine
johnson limerstine:
I wanted the blimp too 👀
Edwin John Dela Trinidad
Edwin John Dela Trinidad:
I'm so early
darren strathdee
darren strathdee:
There will be flying cars before sony make more ps5’s
The Light
The Light:
Bro this is so bad I’m trying to get my kids one well a lot off father’s are shit man
Eveline Caroline Huang
Eveline Caroline Huang:
I'm Addicted with Playstation!!! 😍😍😍
Shit, you're born in 85?? Damn. You already have a grey beard lmao. I'm 89.
David Sant Jordi Coronel
David Sant Jordi Coronel:
oh, well look who's back
Hey I had the grey blaster in Canada in the late 80s! But I remember the orange ones too. I think they came later.
steven pecker
steven pecker:
A couple months? Its already December? Lol I'm no genius but I believe we have 1 month left in 2020
Brandon Muse
Brandon Muse:
I been thinking about getting a SWITCH because I can't get a PS5
Don’t order food in a hotel on a Saturday night, you know some drunks are beating the sh*t out of that bot and taken that food.
I just ordered my PS5 from Gamestop on Friday. I had to buy the bundle with 2 years of PS+ and a remote but oh well. I was surprised the transaction went through honestly but it worked.
He said there's only a couple months till the end of the year? It's It's one month boi lol.
Landon Lovette
Landon Lovette:
Where's the Atari VCS hype?
Jheyo venero roncal
Jheyo venero roncal:
i love willy doo ! : )
Michael Soussan
Michael Soussan:
Weekend specials need weekend giveaways. Or just call it the Willido Weekend Special!
Angelo Jones
Angelo Jones:
I had it when it came out my brothers and I had the gray one we live in North America
Steven Millar
Steven Millar:
its the hero turtles now in uk the must of thaught ninga was a bit too much lol
I thank God that I actually got a PS5🙏🏻🙌🏻
Maxwell Benz
Maxwell Benz:
30:30 I will only buy a device lighter than my current from now on. Tired of carrying bricks
Bigzoe 202 Gaming
Bigzoe 202 Gaming:
Honestly I wish sony didn't send any consoles to youtubers this year so they can go through our pain.
iPhone Fanatic
iPhone Fanatic:
They say they sold out meanwhile they have thousands of those units just sitting in multiple warehouses ready to sell again.. they just wanna keep the hype for the PS5..they haven’t sold out there’s hundreds more being manufactured as we’re watching this video..🤷🏻‍♂️
Chicolapa Baba
Chicolapa Baba:
Work was long today ....Stay tuned🖤
7:12 bro we do not got a couple months, we just got 1 month
Jeremy Rosser
Jeremy Rosser:
Couple months? How long ago did you record this. Lol.
Irfan Shahzad
Irfan Shahzad:
Where have you been LEW!!
yea man, nintendo duck hunt and ninja turtles yeeesss takes me back metroid was hard as hell
Britt Danley
Britt Danley:
I had gray blaster here in the US
nowew owkelw
nowew owkelw:
I was at Best Buy today in TX and they had well over 100+ PS5s and all of them were sold.

Line out the door of people picking up PS5s.
Víctor Gauto
Víctor Gauto:
43:19 El Diego
Derek g
Derek g:
I need 2 ps5 for Christmas one for my 11 year old son and one for my nephew who I take care off one they are impossible to get. I've tried so hard Walmart it freezes In the cart than says sold out it's bullshit than I see scalpers have pic on ebay with a closet with 13 plus ps5 its such bullshit and even.if by some miracle I get through and pay for it I can only buy one at a time
Nathan scays
Nathan scays:
Thanks Lu lu