Sophie Turner Spits Pure Eminem Fire #LateLateLondon

James asks Sophie Turner about her love for Eminem's music and Sophie proves her fandom with some spot on bars of "The Real Slim Shady."

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Don Corleone
Don Corleone:
She waited all her life just for this moment
preeam ghosh
preeam ghosh:
She has the same problem I do when trying to sing Eminem - Running outta breath!
I still have no idea when or if Eminem breathes in and out during/between lines
Richard Leveille
Richard Leveille:
I love how confident and charismatic Sophie is! Shes so often talked of her crippling anxiety and depression yet she shows no fear in the face of a challenge. Not many people would think it brave but when you step out of your comfort zone the unknown can be terrifying! Great job Sophie, so proud of your courageousness!
Ian Rahbek
Ian Rahbek:
Sophie turner "i spit pure fire"
Nobody believes in her
Sophie turner- turns into dark phoenix
As if she didn’t already have a million things to admire about her.
Isto Petteri
Isto Petteri:
She totally nailed Eminem's lyrics! Just perfect 👍🏻
I Am Pika Pool
I Am Pika Pool:
That just brought a smile to my face from beginning to end 🤣 and I didn’t even realize until it was over and my cheeks were aching lol
Sean Sankey
Sean Sankey:
Where the f*** were the band? Jeez, they have literally ONE job 🤦🏻‍♂️
The fact that she was on beat without any music is damn impressive!!
Neil Chavan
Neil Chavan:
“I spit pure fire”

James: Dracarys
neo jake
neo jake:
Eminem isn't a rapper, it's an emotion, an emotion that everyone goes through, no matter what's your life situation is you can always relate to Eminem
Konstantin Thana
Konstantin Thana:
She is AMAZING!!! She did the coolest thing ever!!!!
The GOT cast was actually one of the best ever assembled, they all have such incredible personalities and are relatable.... show runners had good production and George wrote fantastic books, BUT the cast was also INCREDIBLE
Nahuel Coppa
Nahuel Coppa:
i loved the face of dave whilen looking at her and laughing
She seems so cool and laid back!!! I love how she stood up when she really got into it haha
beree rangel🐦
beree rangel🐦:
La espontaneidad de esta mujer es encantadora! Jajajajajaa me encanta!
I love this. She seems like an insanely fun person to be around
Hava Gigi
Hava Gigi:
God I just love this. It never gets old!! Maybe for Em it does.
Andreas Stellios
Andreas Stellios:
Oh my Goshhhh!! She's like listening to the beat!! She spits pure fire literally!!
Barkadleh Miguil
Barkadleh Miguil:
They both have that heavy British accent but It’s amazing as soon as they started singing they sound normal. It goes that way pretty much for all the British artists.
Eman Gamer
Eman Gamer:
Catelyn: "Sansa! That's no way for a lady to behave!"
Arya: "Maybe she's not a lady."
Danny G Vids
Danny G Vids:
There's no way Dave likes rap, the guy is a grunge legend
I freaking love Sophie Turner!! 🤣
Sonia O'Reilly
Sonia O'Reilly:
i mean that's great but couldn't the band give her a beat lol
Italy Italy
Italy Italy:
I love her personality and perfect face ❤️
Tonye Khama
Tonye Khama:
She is brilliant, simply!!
Sophie is So Brilliantly talented and has grown up to be Extremely Beautiful.
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz:
I know it has been years, but we want her to sing the whole song. xD
Amanda Glomboski
Amanda Glomboski:
I love how hypeeee she got!!! We Stan a fellow Eminem Stan 🥰😍🥰😍
Life is a Rollercoaster
Life is a Rollercoaster:
She definetely spits pure fire!
Cleo T
Cleo T:
The more I see of her the more I love her
Mei Black
Mei Black:
I was searching for the female covers for Eminem songs and this was the best so far. Sophie, please do the music covers on YouTube. We need it
She’s actually even hotter in real life
She's beautiful and she knows how to spit Eminem lyrics , that makes her a perfection !
Samuel Albuixech Martinez
Samuel Albuixech Martinez:
Emre Söyler
Emre Söyler:
Pure love for this girl 😁❤
Napasorn TK
Napasorn TK:
Ok. Now I love her. She gains a new fan here. Eminem​ is my life too.
Hillary Gasper
Hillary Gasper:
Just the seriousness “I spit pure fire.”
Dalia Roman
Dalia Roman:
I love when she goes I SPIT PURE FIRE 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Richy McFly
Richy McFly:
Such a little firecracker! Love her spirit!
The moment she stood up was "pure fire".
Albin George
Albin George:
OMG!! She's really spits fire 🔥🔥
Mariam MJ
Mariam MJ:
Love how people who don't know her underestimate how cool she is then get blown away
It's Alex
It's Alex:
My respects to Sophie Turner ❤️
Lic. Marvin Geovani Santos Peñate
Lic. Marvin Geovani Santos Peñate:
Asombrosa y bellísima ☺️
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
I can safely say that I love this woman
Nick M
Nick M:
The look on Grohl's face is priceless
You go girl that was excellent
Prince Acez
Prince Acez:
Just took a moment to appreciate the camera man. Man you made me watch this video on repeat mode, download it and share it. 😁😁😎😎🤓🤓
She's amazing!!!
The Other Side
The Other Side:
*Would've been more epic if the band had helped her with beats.*
Bahar Thapa
Bahar Thapa:
Grace Sarmiento
Grace Sarmiento:
Love you Sophie T!!!! Im also a huge fan of Eminem!
Kemo's Cloud Shots
Kemo's Cloud Shots:
Another one of those "epic moments on TV you'll never forget!" ✊
She can spit. I love it
Diaochan Liubei
Diaochan Liubei:
Love her 💜
Larissa Gonzalez
Larissa Gonzalez:
That "I can't say the next word, it's really rude" is SOOOOO cute! This women is EVERYTHING.
heather jensen
heather jensen:
She goes red.....Sure is a huge shady fan...Every lyrics was almost perfect
As if she didn’t already have a million things to admire about her.
gamar ojayan
gamar ojayan:
Wow now I love her even more 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Abishek J
Abishek J:
Girl was waiting for this moment all her life!
😮 How could anybody hate on Sophie Turner?! In every interview I’ve seen, she exudes fun, down to earth, genuine personality. Not to mention she’s a very good actress. And (Spoiler alert!). It will be Sansa who ends up sitting on the Iron Throne!
Franka G
Franka G:
Really impressed by her confidence! She’s only 21 and just started rapping infront of America’s national television and she killed it what a legend
Elias Reijonen
Elias Reijonen:
Can´t listen to the original anymore without this playing simultaneously in my head
lucas villagra
lucas villagra:
La amo ♥️
Westport Wabi Sabi
Westport Wabi Sabi:
THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY, i am Sophie Turner's new #1 stan. What a cool firey chick. Wildly impressed. I watched it over and over, i googled her, lol, i had never seen her before. She did it the way any of us would have wanted to do it!! Lol.She gave rockstar vibes- she let it build to the point where i felt like i was standing up with her, when she got off the couch and got the audience. i was so pumped up. i loved their reactions on either side of funny. Dave Grohl is classic. it was awesome. left me wanting more. i would love to see her do this again, with the word!?! who cares, you're British? You can say cunt and it doesn't make the entire room go silent. A true lady -if jonas has a concert, i'm coming for Sophie Turner!! xoS
Chris L
Chris L:
As someone who's seen a LOT of white people attempt to rap lyrics before (very badly, in most cases), I was pretty impressed she went that long, with no beat! Maybe not "hot fiyah", but she was def. a few notches above a nice sizzle.

Also thought it was dope the lyrics came back to James. Some songs just get engrained in you, and you'll never forget them.
Twitch Highlights
Twitch Highlights:
It would be impresiv with the Beat but without thats insane ^^ she literally knows the whole Text and can spitt it on the Tact.. Props for that ..
53_Md. Touhid Hasan
53_Md. Touhid Hasan:
it's impressive corden knows so many lyrics from so many songs.
Jody Condon
Jody Condon:
"I can't say the next one.Its really rude" so British of her XD
That "I can't say the next word, it's really rude" is SOOOOO cute! This women is EVERYTHING.
She goes red.....Sure is a huge shady fan...Every lyrics was almost perfect
Espacio de juegos del mata mata 🎮
Espacio de juegos del mata mata 🎮:
Hermosa voz para rapear tiene
francisco darko
francisco darko:
Lady Sansa could have gone Platinum in KingsLanding !!
Every once in awhile you catch a hint of her accent and it makes the rap sound so funny
Rishon Solomon
Rishon Solomon:
I have a newfound respect for Sophie Turner
Akarmouss Ait Tizi
Akarmouss Ait Tizi:
That was indeed pure fire !
Jetu Singh Rajpurohit
Jetu Singh Rajpurohit:
She was so good that the band forgot what was their job
Chris Pratt has already done the best celeb cover of Eminem but Sophie is a close second!
George Jung
George Jung:
Just love her.
Sophie is amazing :D :) I respect her and like her.
Dee Hannibal
Dee Hannibal:
Just when I thought she couldn't be any cooler!!! That was great!!
Daisy Nalls
Daisy Nalls:
I love her 😂
*raps right next to a rock/grunge legend*
Lisa Love
Lisa Love:
Love, love, love her!
Eden Kelvin
Eden Kelvin:
I love it❤️
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
Damn, I had no idea Sophie, apart from acting, was an Eminem's fan, well life is full of surprises. Anybody imagine a videoclip where Sophie raps while Cara Delevigne does beatbox?
She waited whole life for this moment
Hayden Goldbeck
Hayden Goldbeck:
I've just realized I'm in love with Sophie Turner recently and this confirms it. HELL YES GIRL.
The more I see of Sophie, the more I fall in love with her 😍
Toronto Collector
Toronto Collector:
Another reason to love her
Prabhas Vinod
Prabhas Vinod:
She's amazing 😍
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres:
Love it 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Sushil Dixith
Sushil Dixith:
If your girl loves Eminem

Marry her
ab prathap
ab prathap:
The way she said thanks to the other guy is childlike and I love her 😍😍😍😍😍
Jonathan Sumner
Jonathan Sumner:
She’s amazing
Yamen Nazer
Yamen Nazer:
I love this woman💜
she is definitely the prettiest woman in the world💞
Curly 2x
Curly 2x:
She’s the best saying every verse
White Simurgh
White Simurgh:
Wow.... That's pure fire 💥
Adrian EN
Adrian EN:
Anyone who supports Eminem has my respect
GVicky DS
GVicky DS:
La amo♥️
I love her so much 😂😂😂💕💕💕💕
“I spit pure fire” so much confidence I love it😂