South Coast Defeat For Foxes | Brighton & Hove Albion 5 Leicester City 2 | Premier League Highlights

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Chester Lester
Chester Lester:
When we went 1-0 up, let’s admit not many of us celebrated cos we knew EXACTLY what was gonna happen 🤷‍♂️
Daniel Dele-David
Daniel Dele-David:
Daka’s finishing is underrated
Harry Stevens
Harry Stevens:
We have a fine reserve goal keeper named Daniel Iversen and he needs to be drafted into the first team now, I personally believe he is a lot better keeper than Ward. It will not of course fix all the problems but it's a start.
Simon Banda
Simon Banda:
Daka and Kelechi should be starting cause they played well today🙌
General Kanene
General Kanene:
Iheanacho and Daka always perfect when they're paired
ŦanTANTan Khrab
ŦanTANTan Khrab:
This year's performance is excellent. 6 match 1 point 🤣🤣
Leicester may go down this season, their defence has been shambles for last 2 seasons…
No team should ever dare this Brighton team. They must score you.
Brandon Bohr.
Brandon Bohr.:
Lets go Leicester. You can recover from this!!! NEVER GIVE UP.
My comment is about continuous interest and support for Leicester. After watching this game, I was afraid that our team might be really demoted.
Emediong Edikpoi
Emediong Edikpoi:
Absolute disgrace.. Ward needs to warm the bench, Rodgers need to leave the club, Luke and JJ need to step up their game... Come on foxes let's get a win against Villa 🦊
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Wonderfull Save From D. Ward + Goal From K. Iheanacho & P. Daka. Over & Over Again Leicester City Defeat Against Brighton & Hove Albion In The American Express Stadium.
Bang Faizal
Bang Faizal:
We as Manchester united fans, will be sincere if LORD is brought back to Leicester, so that our hearts don't flutter when we see him enter the field 🤣🤣🤣
Etim Imoh
Etim Imoh:
Having ward as a goal keeper has always been a mistake
The defense..😪.. we didn't even press.. the keeper man 🤦🏾‍♂️
The form of this club man damn
Hemant Thakur
Hemant Thakur:
Rodgers's talent comes in a spark and then fades. It was quite evident from liverpool days. He lacks everything to be a good coach. Lcfc in shamble even after competing for top 8 over the years. He is the one who should leave now.
Fds Jack
Fds Jack:
Luar biasa Brighton
Sempereadem54 Eadem
Sempereadem54 Eadem:
Time to go Brendan thanks for the FA cup.
Terrence Kalonga
Terrence Kalonga:
You can have great strikers but if your defense is very poor like that of Leicester then you cannot win any game.
Per Svanberg
Per Svanberg:
I say We Are going down i say We Are going down! Tbh we might actually go down this season if things doesnt change drastictly
DSCtrack smts
DSCtrack smts:
Here's the team list i need so badly next week: iverson,castagne,soyuncu,wout,ryan
2017 ean
2017 ean:
Only up from here 🙌
Leicester till I you know
Football ups n downs
Don’t worry be happy
Ayoub Lamrikhi
Ayoub Lamrikhi:
Schmeichel man we miss the boss goalkeeper
Char Aznable
Char Aznable:
Brendon rogers need to go asap
Super Foxes
Super Foxes:
Was this true that Rogers was blaming the fans for making the team nervous🤷‍♂️
Bwalya Musanya
Bwalya Musanya:
Leicester need a better goal keeper
victor maunda
victor maunda:
The problem is the defense and the goal keeper...
leicester hay que seguir ganando
Jev Diggle
Jev Diggle:
What's Rogers doing? Ndidi in defence when he has Soyuncu, who played very well with Evans last year, and Vestergard not getting a chance. They ARE defenders, Ndidi and Amarty aren't. Ism he trying to get sacked so he doesn't have to quit? Seems to be no confidence in the team anymore. Ward pulled off a few saves, but he's not a number one ..... give Iverson a shot, or get a proper keeper. Relegation looks a certainty unless REAL change happens.
How many tackles did Maddison and Soumare pull out of today? How much effort did these players make to track back today? Rodgers looking for that payout while failing to manage or motivate the players..... the squad is lacking in leadership.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Rodgers playing for the sack
we are now quickly approaching Fulham 2019 "quality"
What a shambles...a ghost of our team from 2 years ago...fighting for top 4 instead of fighting.relegation
Anton Wahyuni
Anton Wahyuni:
Memang sangat mengerikan sekali ini Broghton HA, penguasaan bola juga selalu unggul hampir d tiap laga👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏
erai corner
erai corner:
We need new keeper
Abe Licious
Abe Licious:
Next time they should put 3 goalkeepers, it will help them, just a suggestion
Steve Wimpress
Steve Wimpress:
Leicester’s pattern

Claude Puel’s last 6 league games

1 point out of 18

Craig Shakespeare’s last 6 league games

3 points out of 18 (All draws)

Claudio Ranieri’s last 6 league games

1 point out of 18

Todays loss means Rodgers has just 1 point out of 18 now
Emediong Edikpoi
Emediong Edikpoi:
It's clear Rodgers wants to go but he does not want to resign coz that won't pay him.. He wants to be sacked that way he gets the millions. It's Cristal clear.
Charles Robert
Charles Robert:
I'm not a Leicester City fan,but don't most LC fans expect them to turn it around soon and put a few wins together. They don't really believe they could be relegated,do they? I'm just asking..
User Unknown
User Unknown:
Not looking good at all for Leicester
I hope y’all turn the season around and stay up
osifuwa daniel
osifuwa daniel:
The club really need to work on their goal keeper
Claudio to the rescue !!!
James Great
James Great:
We Need to Find a Goal Keeper,this one is not Doing his Job at all
eng hock koh
eng hock koh:
Ten Hag : Leicester need a world class defender. pay 10k can have Maguire back.
natha el
natha el:
Miss Kasper Schmeichel 😌
Toolian Willon
Toolian Willon:
You guys should've buy / loan Dubravka.... now he's gonna be a bench warmer in MU.....
Christopher Ball
Christopher Ball:
This is embarrassing. We will lose more players in Jan and then relegation. Then the rest of the players will leave. Great
Malik Hermawan
Malik Hermawan:
Lcfc never been the same since Amartey incident 😅
Muhamad abdul qodir
Muhamad abdul qodir:
where is the management? they only buy the players they want not the ones rodgres wants... this will get us down to the Championship
Justine Mwanza
Justine Mwanza:
The goalkeeper is not helping the team too.
Devashish Rane
Devashish Rane:
Tielemans is the Belgian Pirlo
Tinotenda Nyahunde
Tinotenda Nyahunde:
I don know wat this coach of yourz was thinkin when he let Kasper go without a replacement.... Leicester will definitely go down this season
Richard Musukwa
Richard Musukwa:
Ihinacho should be starting
LCFC Believer
LCFC Believer:
Bloody Mac Allister playing like Messi, what else will happen against us
Osprey_ Extension
Osprey_ Extension:
I’m not even a Brighton or Leicester fan but your keeper is terrible. Has no composure and doesn’t seem confident. You can’t blame it all on him however, you club is a mess overall.
Muhammad Astra
Muhammad Astra:
Lost again 🔥🔥🔥
Bang Faizal
Bang Faizal:
Maybe is time, bring LORD MAGUIRE back home 😁
Leicester Fan
Leicester Fan:
Man people throught last year was bad this is even worse 😝
Wake up foxes
Ward is so easy to score against definitely not my choice of first or second choice. Sorry.
Jesus E.
Jesus E.:
This is caos Leicester is not of championship is of fighting
Naufal Rizqullah Yuwanda
Naufal Rizqullah Yuwanda:
Please buy back maguire from my beloved team MU
Tomas Freyr
Tomas Freyr:
*A matchstick has more points then we do*
Poor performance to the team
Huế Đặng
Huế Đặng:
Kasper Schmeichel 😭😢😢😢😢
You better in championship 👍👍👍👍
Harsanto Wiryawan
Harsanto Wiryawan:
Welcome to chelsea
pete smart
pete smart:
Hope this new Belgium defender helps as ndidi and amartey at center back is terrible
Amartey out , Ndidi back to where he belongs, Soumare out, Mendy in , Castagne right side, Justin left side , Barnes stays until the end, Vardy ( out at 60min - Daka in ) and Iheanacho up top , Thomas out Vestergaard / Söyüncü in
mocax smush
mocax smush:
This players have turned their backs on the manager. The goalkeeper is the WORST in the prem, No lie. They don't seem to be doing ANYTHING the manager wants from them because it is impossible to attribute what's happening on the pitch to Brandons tactics. It's the players, they know that you fans are going to immediately blame the manager and they'll be left scot free. That is unfair imo
João Eduardo Barcio
João Eduardo Barcio:
C'mon Ward is not a good goalkeapper.
E David cool videos
E David cool videos:
I watched the match to see Iheanacho and ndidi but Ndidi was playing trash
at this point only God can help us with our defense and GK
Steven Marcellino
Steven Marcellino:
Leicester City more like Disaster City
David J Comedy
David J Comedy:
We don't have a Keeper
Ritual Game
Ritual Game:
Out coach BR...
EjimGod Nollytv
EjimGod Nollytv:
This club is dying day by day how can you sell your best players and don’t buy good replacement why why
Nas Fal
Nas Fal:
😁 LCFC channel are you happy to that extent, hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
Charles Martell
Charles Martell:
You are going down!
Get rodgers out the club
Hadid Fadila
Hadid Fadila:
please change danny ward ..
Daniel Bates
Daniel Bates:
it was embarassing
Lets Go!
Lets Go!:
Relagation is waitinnnngggg
Leichester is sinking....
Awil Al Zafran
Awil Al Zafran:
Danny Ward Out
Emil Frederiksen.
Emil Frederiksen.:
Why are Leicester adding the music like it is happy fairy tale win you gotta sack the admin for this.
Akshat Mahajan
Akshat Mahajan:
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas:
I don't even know what to say right now.
Devashish Rane
Devashish Rane:
Rodgers out
RHCP nex
RHCP nex:
Roger out
Christopher Ball
Christopher Ball:
Why is Ward in goal? He needs to be working the checkout at Tesco not in our nets. If the Chairman was alive still he would sacrifice his son to the Thai king for what he's doing to our club.
Alan Koh
Alan Koh:
You are getting sacked in the morning
Master Official_4
Master Official_4:
Kuda hitam
Sopheap Horm
Sopheap Horm:
Hello everyone