Watch Southampton 1-1 Chelsea Premier League Reaction Highlights with Thogden & Thogdad! Leave your Southampton vs Chelsea score predictions in the comments now!

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19 komentarze:

Raziuddin Ahmed
Raziuddin Ahmed:
1:02:47 minamino

1:41:51 mount
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski:
Lmao crying over here bc im a brentford fan and we just aint playing g lately
flexy k pvt
flexy k pvt:
Yeah can see the real Madrid shirt
Ug marco
Ug marco:
1:02:47 minamino 1:40:50 penalty call 1:41:51 mount penalty goal Your welcome
Bones F
Bones F:
Thoggy! Tell Thogdad to have a look at the Minecraft version of Burnden Park by The Architect 1995 on YouTube when he has a chance. He's just finished and it is mind-blowing! Oop the whites!
Chelsea Fc
Chelsea Fc:
Poor today!
mount man of the match by a country mile.
What I can't understand is that is the second time Southampton have scored against us from nothing in 4 months.
Athletico Madrid im sure are not shitting themselves based on that performance today.
Sort that final attacking third out ffs!
Dill Carver
Dill Carver:
3 shots on target 1-1 to soapy Saints. No way we could have achieved such magnificence under Frank
patrick silke
patrick silke:
I dont think i predicted the result on your channel bur fulham beat sheffield utd 1-0 and i said it
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
Same old same old since Sarri left tbh since we lost hazard we’ve lost someone who can create or get a goal out of nothing it’s all 1247590430 passes and 2 shots on goal
Chelsea COYB
Chelsea COYB:
1:02:47 : Minamino Goal
1:41:51 : Mount ( Penalty)
Luke Regan
Luke Regan:
2-1 everton
Archie Wheeler
Archie Wheeler:
Hi thogden my bro
1:02:47 Minamino (1-0) 1:41:55 Mason Mount (1-1)
Ryan Ackland
Ryan Ackland:
Excellent content thogden I am a Southampton fan why do you think we have done Badley you know I think it's time for Ralph Hassenhutl to go his substitutions are bad like today we need a goal so he takes Danny Inge off. Keep up the football content thogden and thogdad and good luck to Bolton for the rest of the season.
Pie Guy
Pie Guy:
1-0 1:02:43 (Minimino)
1-1 1:41:49 (Mount)
1:02:43 Minamino 1-0 ⚽️
1:41:53 Mount 1-1 ⚽️
2:04:02 Thogdad brings the bat out 🏏
2:22:49 Full time
Hunt3r -_-
Hunt3r -_-:
Vinny Jefferson
Vinny Jefferson:
Don’t worry Chelsea fans beating Southampton isn’t for everyone