Watch Southampton 1-1 Chelsea Premier League Reaction Highlights with Thogden & Thogdad! Leave your Southampton vs Chelsea score predictions in the comments now!

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Raziuddin Ahmed
Raziuddin Ahmed:
1:02:47 minamino

1:41:51 mount
Manchester is BLUE
Manchester is BLUE:
1:02:47 : Minamino Goal
1:41:51 : Mount ( Penalty)
1:02:47 Minamino (1-0) 1:41:55 Mason Mount (1-1)
Dill Carver
Dill Carver:
3 shots on target 1-1 to soapy Saints. No way we could have achieved such magnificence under Frank
patrick silke
patrick silke:
I dont think i predicted the result on your channel bur fulham beat sheffield utd 1-0 and i said it
Ug marco
Ug marco:
Archie Wheeler
Archie Wheeler:
Hi thogden my bro
l'-'l l'-'l
l'-'l l'-'l:
Lmao crying over here bc im a brentford fan and we just aint playing g lately
Bones F
Bones F:
Thoggy! Tell Thogdad to have a look at the Minecraft version of Burnden Park by The Architect 1995 on YouTube when he has a chance. He's just finished and it is mind-blowing! Oop the whites!
Chelsea Boy
Chelsea Boy:
Poor today!
mount man of the match by a country mile.
What I can't understand is that is the second time Southampton have scored against us from nothing in 4 months.
Athletico Madrid im sure are not shitting themselves based on that performance today.
Sort that final attacking third out ffs!
Ryan Ackland
Ryan Ackland:
Excellent content thogden I am a Southampton fan why do you think we have done Badley you know I think it's time for Ralph Hassenhutl to go his substitutions are bad like today we need a goal so he takes Danny Inge off. Keep up the football content thogden and thogdad and good luck to Bolton for the rest of the season.
Pie Guy 69
Pie Guy 69:
1-0 1:02:43 (Minimino)
1-1 1:41:49 (Mount)
Pedro Neves
Pedro Neves:
Same old same old since Sarri left tbh since we lost hazard we’ve lost someone who can create or get a goal out of nothing it’s all 1247590430 passes and 2 shots on goal
flexy k pvt
flexy k pvt:
Yeah can see the real Madrid shirt
Vinny Jefferson
Vinny Jefferson:
Don’t worry Chelsea fans beating Southampton isn’t for everyone
1:02:43 Minamino 1-0 ⚽️
1:41:53 Mount 1-1 ⚽️
2:04:02 Thogdad brings the bat out 🏏
2:22:49 Full time
Luke Regan
Luke Regan:
2-1 everton
_Hunt3r _
_Hunt3r _: