SOUTHAMPTON 2-0 EVERTON HIGHLIGHTS - Premier League & Reaction

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Southampton 1-0 Everton: 56:48
Southampton 2-0 Everton: 1:05:19
Cracking stream lads👍
S Whoite
S Whoite:
Up the Saints
Irish Rocky's Memes
Irish Rocky's Memes:
JWP : 57:11
Adams 1:05:14
Digne red : 1:58:06
New Sounds
New Sounds:
Up the saints
Tottenham Finlay 27
Tottenham Finlay 27:
I watch football I play for a team he accidentally did that
He tried to stop himself but he couldn’t he was going too quick so he stomped on him
Jack Mallory
Jack Mallory:
Who needs Lineker, Neville, Souness and Keane when you’ve got these two?
Southampton 1-0 Everton (Ward-Prowse 27’) 57:13
Southampton 2-0 Everton (Adams 35’) 1:05:13
paul holland
paul holland:
Ooops! LMFAO!
i like ya cut g
i like ya cut g:
R u doing wolves vs Newcastle live stream
HOTSPUR nation
HOTSPUR nation:
1:12:34 is the time he said it again
M Mason
M Mason:
Love the stream bro
Abishek raman
Abishek raman:
Time stamps?
Ahmed Nuri
Ahmed Nuri:
Jack Mcilhatton
Jack Mcilhatton:
1-0 57:13
2-0 1:05:13
1-0 57:05
2-0 1:05:10
Red card - 1:58:05
Paul Cleland
Paul Cleland:
As a Liverpool fan

I can't stop smiling
Max Macdonald
Max Macdonald:
U can't tell me you actually thought that digne tackle was intentional Walker pieters just slowed down while digne was running at pace he cant just immediately stop running
Xav Gaming
Xav Gaming:
Thogdad and thogden pls open ur eyes , there was no way he did that on purpose. A captain respects the game but a decision like that is understandable. U guys need to see closely play it in slow motion he clearly raised his hands when he was behind him. It was a clear trip so u guys . Thats a dislike from me. As a person who plays football a challenge like that is a yellow and not a straight red.
Theo Nolan
Theo Nolan:
How is that a red he’s just running Kyle Walker pieters is dragging his feet like an elephant he’s hasnt deliberately stamped on his it’s never a red your a disgrace if you actually think that is a red
graham currie
graham currie:
U could see the game on the window behind them
Jaden Katrina
Jaden Katrina:
Pretty sure the red card was an accident mate.