SOUTHAMPTON vs CHELSEA LIVE Stream Watchalong with Mark Goldbridge

Southampton vs Chelsea live stream watchalong with Mark Goldbridge plus Leeds vs Everton

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Faze Playz
Faze Playz:
30:07:Chelsea 0:1
34:05:Southampton 1:1
52:12:Southampton 2:1
lowkeysava 785
lowkeysava 785:
Chelsea dont deserve silva. He was way too good for the absoulutly pathetic display of so called football. As a chelsea fan this game dropped all the expectation i have for this season
Southampton played chelsea of the park. Could've been 4-1 if saints capitalised on their opportunities.
Joe_Gomez_Era(Ice Trae 🥶)
Joe_Gomez_Era(Ice Trae 🥶):
What happened to chelsea, they used to look very dangerous but after new years they haven't looked the same
Stu Pendous
Stu Pendous:
Most of our attacking players are top class, and they've proven so over many occasions. Tuchel is doing everything he can to drive them into the ground. His tactics and roster building are atrocious.
Nicholas Blackmore
Nicholas Blackmore:
Yeah life after Abramovich doesn't look great for Chelsea
Kajus Ziedelis
Kajus Ziedelis:
If your best player of the game Silva at 38 years age it answers you a lot about these flops
we're all praising Lavia for the great strike when he equalised, but can we just assess the abysmal positioning of Chelsea defense on the corner? literally NO ONE at the edge of the box. amateur positioning.
Boxing Fan
Boxing Fan:
Should start Broja over Havertz any day.Chelsea midfield was awful today no surprise saints slowed the game down in the end coz they a result Broja was not served enough...but he was decent today .
I'm not even starting about the deffense.
Jimmy J
Jimmy J:
Might need another striker. No one hopeful up front. Sterling losing a lot in the left field
Gupta General Stores
Gupta General Stores:
This is universe giving one last chance to tuchel by reminding him how badly he needs ronaldo 😅
Zk Motivation
Zk Motivation:
If you're reading this I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you're constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thought the over thinking and doubt exit ur mind right now. May clarify replace confusion may peace ND calmness fill ur life Amen ❤💪🙋‍♀
antonio 19
antonio 19:
4:01 u have to be fair to tuchel they have had a lot of trouble going around last year with the owner issue ... and so probably the system behind chelsea is also a bit shaken
Niclas Lundmark
Niclas Lundmark:
Jorghino and Azpi are USELESS. Love Azpi but he´s to old. Fact. And Jorghino is so slow, as well mediocre at offensive passing...
Duke JukeBox
Duke JukeBox:
Havertz is hugely overrated!He scored that goal in Champions League final and plays on credit.Sterling needs 10 clear cut chances to score.Broja is better than either of them two.Midfield is dreadful.Cucurella is average at the best.I really don't understand that signing.They should've get Zinchenko he is so versatile.
shkafity 69
shkafity 69:
It’s early but I feel like kotchap and bazunu could go places. Utd should look at bazunu if he has a good season
Marc Spector Comics
Marc Spector Comics:
South Hampton dominated chelsea they were lucky it was only 2-1
Chelsea have to buy Auba.
Randy marsh
Randy marsh:
chelsea are rubbish now. Noone seems capable of getting goals other than reece james in that squad lol.
Spurs are best
Spurs are best:
Kepa is sitting on the bench thinking
Tuchel is better than Klopp though remember? Looooool man spent 200ms and he still can’t even get a consistent team together
Majik box
Majik box:
Spurs PL winners
Kajus Ziedelis
Kajus Ziedelis:
We look like worst team in PL.. this football so total sh.. this is not only TT fault but all flops boring to watch
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal:
30:20 lol, you sure?
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal
Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal:
Chelsea might need to spend another £500M on Defenders!
Every single Chelsea player but Sterling is not of Chelsea quality it’s as simple as that. The damage lowkey was done since sarri and JORGINHO they ruined our way of football. It’s backwards passing no intensity and predictable. Harvertz and JORGINHO NEED TO GET OUT OF MY CLUB. Together THROUGH OPEN PLAY I predict they’ve probably contributed single figure goals and assists individual in the premier league. Pathetic. Pulisic is not Chelsea quality and ziyech is most definitely not. Why did we loan CHO I don’t get it.
and they said chelsea was winning the keague 🤡
Jvells23 :
What’s the score
I'll say it quietly...but it's looking very likely that Arsenal will be the only ones challenging City this season, everyone else in the "top 6" look absolutely trash...United can get excited about signings all they want, but we've seen that story many times over the last decade, and they have been awful no matter how much money they sink down the drain..
Rob chicken
Rob chicken:
Mount should really get dropped
Sven Shrempf
Sven Shrempf:
I'm done with Tuchel, sack him