SPENCER Trailer (2021) Kristen Stewart, Lady Diana Movie

SPENCER Trailer (2021) Kristen Stewart, Lady Di, Drama Movie
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A P:
Love how many people are like “Let’s see if she’s improved since Twilight” as if she hasn’t done a bunch of films in the span of ten years 🙄
Jeanine Bruen
Jeanine Bruen:
The thing that, for me, has often been missing from Diana castings in the past: the eyes. Diana's eyes were her center and her spirit radiated out from behind them. Kristen has the eyes. She's able to convey a quiet sadness that is so necessary for this. I'm excited to see how she does. Looking forward to it!!!
edwin gonzalez
edwin gonzalez:
This looks like it's going to be her absolute best performance of her career by far. Can't wait to watch it.
Peaches Schnapps
Peaches Schnapps:
When she moved her her head in that black and red outfit, that was Diana for me.
That’s amazing to to be able to pick pit those characteristics and be able to copy them completely and with perfection.
Carrie Ekas
Carrie Ekas:
Everyone is talking about the "they don't " part, but how about the look she gives the paparazzi? That was Diana right there.
Jules K
Jules K:
Just that tiny delivery of “They don’t” gave me goosebumps and made me feel emotional. No, she doesn’t look exactly like Diana, but I don’t think that’s the important thing. The important thing is that she channels her and captures her energy, and I can already tell my this trailer (and from reviews I’ve read) that she absolutely does. I truly hope this movie will put an end to the whole “Kristen Stewart can’t act” narrative. She absolutely can.
Jennifer Hood
Jennifer Hood:
I really think Kristen Stewart is going to nail this. She can totally relate from her own personal experiences with being uncomfortable in the public eye and paparazzi. Besides her playing the role of a young Princess Diana, I absolutely loved Naomi Watts performance in "Diana." If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.
Finally people recognising Kristen’s true talent and I’m here for it! Proud of my girl
Andrew Ralte
Andrew Ralte:
She is not an obvious choice for sure. But with auditions, screen tests, dialect coach and budget, I'm giving this a chance. Looks great so far.
Elizabeth Mion
Elizabeth Mion:
Kristin Stewart is going to be perfect for this role. At first I thought it was an odd choice but actually it'll be great. She's a naturally shy, quiet person, a bit flustered all the time exactly like Diana was. Can't wait to see this!
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush:
That "They don't" speaks thousands of pain in a million different levels.
danny pullen
danny pullen:
I'm a Brit and i can spot a silly British accent anywhere, as most people think us Brits all sound the same. We actually have many different accents and again like I've said, I am British and I could never pull off the accent Kristen is doing. Good on her. I've never been a Kristen fan tbh. But damn. She has to win an Oscar for this. It is the best casting for Diana ever. Bravo
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton:
She got herself a three minute standing ovation for her performance at the Venice Film Festival and the reviews have been going great for the movie, I'm so proud for Kristen, this is her time to shut down the haters from saying that she's a terrible actress. She's a good actress, she just need a good script and good director, that's all she need
Bxbxb 1_
Bxbxb 1_:
This IS going to be her best performance. For sure.
Layla hagos
Layla hagos:
This already looks Oscar worthy if it gets nominated I wouldn’t be surprised
Chelsea Gracia
Chelsea Gracia:
The fact that she’s gone through an extremely dark and rough path in her life makes her story even more worthwhile and relatable.
Cassidy Jones
Cassidy Jones:
When I first heard of the casting I thought it was a joke. But then, thinking of Kristen's personal demons (social anxiety, panic attacks, public awkwardness), it makes more sense. The big bet is the accent.
Why am I already in tears? 😭
Just read this movie got a 5 MINUTE standing ovation at a Film festival!
I have always loved Kristen Stewart and everything she is in.
I was skeptical but man, just her delivery of "They don't" was perfect. Not just the tone of her voice or the accent but the way she moved her mouth. She doesn't look like her but she transformed into Dianna when she delivered that. Nothing better than seeing an underdog succeed
Mini Mochi💜
Mini Mochi💜:
As a Kristen fan... I'm stepping back and just going to watch and see how everyone reacts to this because I'm biased towards her.
Rosanna Iancau
Rosanna Iancau:
I can’t wait to see this — and Kristen Stewart has been forever talented, from Panic Room, to Speak to Camp X-Ray. Oscar win manifesting for sure 🙌🏽
happy pyps
happy pyps:
I can't explain how much I've rewatched this.
Nicole Larson
Nicole Larson:
This could possibly be her oscar-winning role.
Ashley R
Ashley R:
I’m not gonna lie I was really really nervous about this when the casting was announced but somehow my doubts have just been completely destroyed, and she only spoke two words?!

She looks amazing and is really channeling Diana’s spirit. Talk about getting lost in character, I completely forgot it was Kristin until it ended, and thats how it’s supposed to be.
I really hope the trailer accurately reflects the movie that’s to come because if this is just a preview then I can’t wait to see it in full.
Jin Literatus
Jin Literatus:
I've always loved her acting, personality and portrayal of every character she has ever played.
Ledeya Baklykova
Ledeya Baklykova:
KS got me with her most realistic performance as the quick-thinking teen of a newly-divorced mother in Panic Room (2002).
Hollee Lifestyles
Hollee Lifestyles:
This is Kristen’s Oscar moment for sure 🏆
zoe bellanfante
zoe bellanfante:
This suits her well body language everything
Ashley R
Ashley R:
This woman has a lot to be proud of.

I never thought it would be such a joy watching her grow in her craft over the course of her career but it’s just so inspiring seeing where she started and then where she is now. You can tell she’s worked her ass off and it’s more than paid off.
Ugh 😍🥰❤️‍🔥
Wow, the way she moves... that is eerily spot on. She must be so proud of herself. That is a big and scary responsibility to take on the role of Diana. She honestly looks amazing as Diana 💕
Melissa Love
Melissa Love:
If anyone had given me 100 guesses as to an actress portraying Princess Diana I never in a million years of guessed Kristen Stewart . Can’t wait to see it ! Hope she does her justice ! 💕❤️💕
Aphrodite Dennis
Aphrodite Dennis:
I knew this was worth a chance. Starting with Kristen; her expressions, mannerisms, how she carries herself 👌🏻 and while it was one line it sounds like she has the voice right! And then omg the cinematography!!! I’m defo watching this.
I guarantee none of the negative commenters have seen an ounce of a Kristen’s work.
I was fortunate to be able to already see Spencer and Kristen absolutely killed it!! This definitely is a must watch
Elisabeth Delamotte
Elisabeth Delamotte:
Netflix should make a hypothetical Scenario series about Diana never having married charles, leading a much happier life as a Kindergarten teacher and professional ballerina dancer. living with her roommates, leading a different path. it may be an odd idea but i'm sure alot of viewers would watch.
Marie Krantz
Marie Krantz:
This made me almost cry, I never would have thought Kristin Stewart could kill it but just the trailer shows that she is going to play THE best Diana yet!
Why is no one talking about how she looks EXACTLY like Jodie Foster?!?! Like, the entire time I was watching this trailer, I thought Jodie Foster pulled a Benjamin Button on us.
If she wins an Oscar for her performance the internet will go insane.
I couldn't believe when I heard that Kristen is gonna play her, but man, this really looks amazing. Can't wait.
Tracy Greenwood
Tracy Greenwood:
This gave me chills!! Will definitely have to watch!!
European cinema has been onto Kristen’s talent for almost a decade now-she’s a Cannes darling and it looks like she’s about to get her redemption across the pond ! Good on her!
Ingrid Marin
Ingrid Marin:
Eu quero muito assistir esse filme 😍😍😍😍😍😍, espero que ano que vem já esteja em português/ Brasil
Emilia Denes
Emilia Denes:
Im just happy to see people loving this girl finally. She deserves it ❤️
Scotty Says
Scotty Says:
As a child I always admired Princess Diana, I was transfixed during her funeral, I watched every single second as if I'd known her. I was sceptical of Kristen getting this role, but I've now watched this snippet repeatedly and I'm so impressed with the body language and the dialect of just those 2 words "THEY DON'T" ... I'm so excited to see this film and even more excited to see Princess Di' being brought back to life
Chris R
Chris R:
Hanna Craven-McLeay
Hanna Craven-McLeay:
Kristen is an incredible actor, I’m sure she’s killed it in this
Kathryn Pacis
Kathryn Pacis:
I'm really looking forward to this. I've respected and admired Kristen's movies for a long time now. What a transformation here!
Pazuzu Jones
Pazuzu Jones:
I just love the song choice for this trailer. Beautiful and heartbreaking, like Diana herself. I keep playing it over and over
Egy Tri Lestari
Egy Tri Lestari:
Omg cant wait for see Kstew to nail it! I love her acting, shes such an incredible actress
Fam who's watched Emma Corrin in "The Crown" would know why this hurts to watch. Though, this does seem like Kristen's personal best performance so far.
любов богатинова
любов богатинова:
I can see an Emmy for this performance 🤞🏻
Cherry Rogers
Cherry Rogers:
Kristen Stewart puts her all into her films. I’m excited to her embrace this role & thrilled to see where they take Diana’s story.
looks amazing so far, excited for kristen to play the part, definitely a surprise but a welcomed one for sure
I've never been a fan of Kristen Stewart even though I know she's a great actress. However this role suits her very well, and I'm glad to finally see her in a more sophisticated movie again. Her acting skills are astonishing for sure!
Mandy P
Mandy P:
Man, I don't know why everyone is so peeved about this casting — I think this looks amazing. Kristen has proven time and time again she's so much more than her Twilight career, and I think this is going to be fantastic. Definitely a top performance.
The music gave me goosebumps. It's amazing.
The sequence between 50 to 55 seconds is pure editing masterpiece
Betty Wilson
Betty Wilson:
I’m so excited for this! I think Kristen nails every performance. She put so much research into Joan Jett and really pulled it off. I don’t why people talk down on her! Twilight!?! Her character was supposed to be like that! read the books!
Reficul Martin
Reficul Martin:
This movie is perfectly made for her...
Emme Devlin
Emme Devlin:
Bloody hell, the voice! I wasn’t expecting that, it’s uncanny.
Dazzle with Nafisa
Dazzle with Nafisa:
Loved herrr accent ❤️❤️it's more realistic and accurate and I'm sure she's going to rockkk it🤗
I think this is Kirsten’s best by far ! I can’t wait to watch it 🥰
Dustin Bowen-Gault
Dustin Bowen-Gault:
I'm not gonna lie, I've never cared for her. Even back to Twilight I just thought it was the issue with finding the right role for her. Seeing this has me sold though, this look, this role, the emotion in this role will be perfect for her.
Logan Coon
Logan Coon:
Terry-Ann Francis
Terry-Ann Francis:
I’ve watched this trailer one too many times. I might be pleasantly surprised with Kirsten Stewart’s performance in this. The music was definitely a bonus here.
where is my mind
where is my mind:
what's that song? it's absolutely haunting.
Kharlo Pena
Kharlo Pena:
She doesn't LOOK like Diana but from this trailer she's kinda really eating this role up. Gonna be tuning in to this in November for sure. 👀
Georgi Velev
Georgi Velev:
The way her body moves while walking down the corridor with her maids behind her is pure drama!
Denisse Cooke
Denisse Cooke:
I think this is gonna be great! I know KS is a good actress, maybe people will take her seriously this time. Can’t wait to see this!
Elisabed Chankseliani
Elisabed Chankseliani:
just by the trailer i can tell her acting was A M A Z I N G !!! so excited to watch the movie
jack cole
jack cole:
Well, I’m intrigued to see this. I think Diana as a subject will forever fascinate people and the audience will watch be it a turkey or a masterpiece.
Deveshi Ghosha 8D
Deveshi Ghosha 8D:
I feel that Emma Corrin has played princess Diana the best. Her performance, body language , voice modulation was all up to the mark. Her makeup was also incredible and had rendered so much emotion and credibility in it. Kristen looks great but Emma Corrin and Josh O' Connor were really the best and will always be.
Hayley French
Hayley French:
Not y’all finally giving her the credit she deserves. 🙏🏻
tsuki tokko
tsuki tokko:
This looks.. hauntingly beautiful... and I can't wait to watch it.
Karen Vera
Karen Vera:
Estoy muy emocionada 😊 por ver este filme … vamos Kristen 👏🏻👏🏻😘
double dark
double dark:
she and robert has grown so much since twilight gahh im so proud of them 💓💜💓💜✨

also, for some of y'all: don't judge someone's overall skills from ONE display of their career.
Danielle Cruz
Danielle Cruz:
Wow I'm impressed. I always thought Stewart played the same role each film. The awkward rebellious girl but this is great work
Cann Pdx
Cann Pdx:
Kristen Stewart is one of the most underrated actors of our time. Her talent has grown with each film.
Hopefully this film will end that
i literally got chills, this is going to be amazing
IkeaMarie Jernigan
IkeaMarie Jernigan:
This is going to be epic for her.. I'm rooting for her❤️
Adriana Bezares Betanzos
Adriana Bezares Betanzos:
Kristen, sigue teniendo la boca abierta en varias escenas....como en todas sus películas....por los siglos de los siglos....
It will be very interesting to see how Kristen's performance stacks up against Emma Corrin & eventually Elizabeth Debicki! Emma was good as Diana, but not brilliant, still yet to see how Elizabeth does. If Kristen nails this role, this film has the potential to eclipse The Crown all together. In fact it could be one of the biggest films of the award season!
Tintin Chan
Tintin Chan:
Now I just repeatedly watch this until the movie comes out😀
This is gonna be amazing, I never doubted her. She’s the best!
Ruby Star
Ruby Star:
I'm gonna move past that it's Kristen Stewart, I love Diana, and this film definitely looks worth the watch ❤
Pixie Cole
Pixie Cole:
Never expected this role to fit her like this. OMG! She's so good!
Dempsey Perry
Dempsey Perry:
This looks beautiful but I can't handle the music, Paskinti Day lives on in our hearts forever.
Leticia LR
Leticia LR:
Omg, i can’t wait to see the movie! 😍😍😍 Kristen looks wonderful ❤️❤️❤️
Robert Buth
Robert Buth:
This is the role that will get her an award, I was not expecting her to look so perfect for the role. Wow! I hope the storyline doesn't botch her performance.
Tintin Chan
Tintin Chan:
Who knew that a two sentence line can make you feel so much all at once.
Stephyfra 12
Stephyfra 12:
*Omg I have watched this an unhealthy amount of times. Kristin is gonna do great. Maybe Hollywood will take her seriously finally!*
My Queen Kristen slays the game yet again! 🙌💙👑🔥🔥🔥
Angela Morales
Angela Morales:
Definitely going to be watching this! I love Kristen S!! Say what you want, but she is one good hell of an actress! 👏🏼
Mavlyuda Khojiakbarova
Mavlyuda Khojiakbarova:
Admittedly, the trailer is intriguing. And Diana’s life was full of mystery and untold stories, but with all respect, will they ever stop digging her and the whole royals’ life?
Megan-leigh Bailey
Megan-leigh Bailey:
So Proud of my Girl!! Now everyone can see the talent that is K stew!!! Cant wait🙌🏿
Hamster Shoulder
Hamster Shoulder:
I just love her and her talent. can't help
I just love Wheein's voice
I just love Wheein's voice:
I heart the accent at the end
This is gonna be 👍🏻
Terézia Marková
Terézia Marková:
Just imagine if a decade ago you told someone "Kirsten Stewart is going to play Lady Di"... And yet she seems to fit pretty nicely into the role? Also blonde 90's posh lady is so far from her usual aesthetic I didn't even recognize her.
ys m
ys m:
The song fits so well! chills
Zoe Dalton
Zoe Dalton:
I LOVED Personal shopper and think she's an amazing actress, cannot wait to see this!