Spezia 2-0 Milan | Incredible Win As Spezia Take Victory Over AC Milan | Serie A TIM

Spezia shocked league leaders Milan with a sensational performance which carried them to a 2-0 victory | Serie A TIM

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100+ komentarze:

Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
For tomorrow every Milan fans will become Lazio fans 😂😂😂
Juve: Gap with the top is widening.

Milan: No worries mate, I'll slow down.
Geoffrey St. John
Geoffrey St. John:
Nearly 15 years ago, Spezia made their debut in Serie B.
15 years later, they're working wonders in Serie A.
Aure Grenon
Aure Grenon:
Spezia is now Inter's best ally in Serie A.
Eshak Melad
Eshak Melad:
The rising Spezia beats Napoli and Milan. This is what is called"Team's Spirit"
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Everyone: Great that Juventus lost.. Now Milan can increase the points gap easily to have better chances to the title

Meanwhile Milan: Yes but actually no
Shine On you Crazy Diamond
Shine On you Crazy Diamond:
Milan: easy away game three points here we come
Spezia: Hold my beer
M K:
MILAN: We are finally done with 10 years of disappointment!

Great to see Serie A being competitive with smaller teams winning
Napoli Talk
Napoli Talk:
Italiano’s work with Spezia is underrated
AC Milan: I will win the scudetto
Spezia: Hold my goals :3
Don't judge a book by its cover a lesson for ac milan fans
Jônatas Luciano
Jônatas Luciano:
Vamo inter🔵⚫
At this moment, all Spezia's player become Juventus player .
Man Az
Man Az:
Spezia is the trickiest team to play against in Serie A, together with Atalanta....
Limeni Inter
Limeni Inter:
Spezia ha mostrato al Milan come si gioca a calcio 🖤💙
Husein Abdullah
Husein Abdullah:
Milan in Serie-A...
No penalti= no party...
If you want the Scudetto you CAN'T afford to lose with Spezia!!!Especially with 0 shoots on goal in 90 minutes!!!
Aniello L‘Africano
Aniello L‘Africano:
Don’t be fooled by his name
Spezia coach never plays like Italian
Hiz Jeff
Hiz Jeff:
True colors of Milan. Half of the season was just "LUCK"
kaRL ana
kaRL ana:
I know. Tomorrow ac milan fans and juve fans will be in front of the tv to watch inter live🤣😂
Wow, Milan had no chance. Spezia is something
Rifki Dwi Nanda
Rifki Dwi Nanda:
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
Spezia's first victory after takeover by an American Businessman!
M K:
This game made me remember that milan can still end up 7th
Gerald Huallpa
Gerald Huallpa:
Pioli really expected Spezia to sit down and take a beating, this Is why you check your enemies before confronting them
Dede Jawahir
Dede Jawahir:
Beat from juve ❌
Beat from inter❌
Beat from spezia✔️
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
That Bastoni strike was dreamy 😍
Andres Fernando
Andres Fernando:
Great performance from Kevin Agudelo. He's a fantastic Soccer Player, He'll become in one of the BEST 😁⚠️
Respect Spezia:
Napoli 1-2 Spezia
Spezia 2-0 Milan
At the start of the season I really thought that they will the main outsider...
Beautiful performance by Spezia. Bravo!
These guys looked confident, ready, not afraid, and got a famous win—which is a huge help in avoiding relegation; well done!
2:11 something is wrong with that celebration lol
Milan is black and blue..👍👍
القارئ عبدالرحمن المغازي /Abdalrhman Elmoghazy
القارئ عبدالرحمن المغازي /Abdalrhman Elmoghazy:
الله وهب ليا موهبه الصوت استخدمتها في القرآن الكريم فهل من احد يدعم اهل القرآن ❤️
Modzato 7
Modzato 7:
2:03 yow that bald guy is sus
Especially this part 2:11
Idin Hatam
Idin Hatam:
Just wow, this is beauty of this game!
you cant expect anything..
Sebastian González
Sebastian González:
Kevin Agudelo is pure class 😏😎👌
Its Ribery
Its Ribery:
well that's something to talk about!
Trigoria 74
Trigoria 74:
Milan zero shots on target
First reaction: Shock!
Tengku Syafiq
Tengku Syafiq:
Second goal was so underrated 🔥
Kevin servHis
Kevin servHis:
Am I the only one who saw what #23 did with his hand after laying on the back of the captain during the celebration????
Gupta General Stores
Gupta General Stores:
3:09 Michael scott regret face 😂😂😂
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger:
Bravo Spezia, great play and great win tonight
Vico Fewiandika
Vico Fewiandika:
I will remember this for the rest of my life
Anonymous Alley
Anonymous Alley:
Honestly, that shot by Bastoni was just WOW!🔥
De'Angelo Eddy Dinero
De'Angelo Eddy Dinero:
That 2nd goal was a real thing of beauty 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Baby Daisy
Baby Daisy:
3:09 have you ever see a crying Lion? 😭 🦁
Second goal was so satisfying ❤️❤️😍😍🔥🔥🔥
The best 3 pts in this season.
Daniel Viloria
Daniel Viloria:
Never seen Agudelo play before, but what a match he had. Amazing 🇨🇴
Don Friday
Don Friday:
sofyan yayan
sofyan yayan:
1:58 he celebrate before the goal 😂😂
Claudio Muccini
Claudio Muccini:
At the moment italiano is recognized for his great job
bela pamungkas1
bela pamungkas1:
3:09 bwahahahaha......
Milan returning to its default settings 🙃
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
Milan fans : if we gonna win all these mid table games then it will be easy to win league
Le Milan : No we don't do that here we want neck to neck competition and we only want to win against big teams 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🤦‍♂
Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola:
3:46, Zlatan be like, this is unbelievable 😂😂
Freed from desire, mind and senses purified... <3
Pallanti Akb
Pallanti Akb:
This is football 🔥
zero shot on target by milan, unbelievable. Spezia is something else
Time Done
Time Done:
Spezia comfortably outplayed us. No surprises here since we had to play without our best player: Davide Calabria.
Raghu Desai
Raghu Desai:
No words for serie a
Cuzcatan: BA Metal Outpost
Cuzcatan: BA Metal Outpost:
In that second goal, the strike could not be more perfect!
Spezia is on Fire right now, they cannot be considered as a weak team
amar hasnil
amar hasnil:
cause it often happened like this , my inner self already accept it before this happen lol
Spezia champion of italian!😅
full teamwork, they deserve it!
Willie Durant
Willie Durant:
My Ibrahimovic voodoo-doll seems to be working. Putting in another pin.
klaus Ianno
klaus Ianno:
That free kick , well played Spezia ,deserved win
Ricardo Arteta
Ricardo Arteta:
when you forget you celebration 2:00
michael williams
michael williams:
When you score against Milan and don't know how to celebrate 🎊⚽️ so you just fall awkwardly on the floor 😂
Chris Lorenz
Chris Lorenz:
This combination and 2nd goal were fantastic.
James Jeffri
James Jeffri:
The best celebration after the first goal
FINALLY....!!!😌...😁 i can smile..
Badreddine Belabed
Badreddine Belabed:
Is it me or is the Music used after each goal the "Will Grig's on fire" music ? 😅
Nikolay Pugev
Nikolay Pugev:
First gool: Player at Milan kick the ball at the hands at the keeper and pass to player a Spezia
Талгат Досмагамбетов
Талгат Досмагамбетов:
First goal - beautiful combination!
Youtube Channel
Youtube Channel:
Lille Atalanta Spezia : high pressing
ac milan pioli : ...

and the right side of milan can't do anything
if the opponent is pressing they should press back instead of back pass. always back pass
Devito 1993
Devito 1993:
Welldone Poli for gifting Inter 1st place 👍👏👏👏👏👏
Сергей Андреев
Сергей Андреев:
Готов смотреть вечно! Forza Spezia!!!!
Jordan Utomo
Jordan Utomo:
if you watch the game you will notice that the referee was actually very lenient on Milan, and was penalizing Spezia for the slightest of questionable fouls.. amazing Spezia!
Open Eye
Open Eye:
Congrats Spezia ( from a Milan fan )
terpeleset, tersandung, terjatuhhh .. msh bs ⚫🔵
Saint Irikefe
Saint Irikefe:
What's weird is that milan thought it'll be a walk in the park
Simply D
Simply D:
That freekick play was brilliant great finish
Puteri Suhaila
Puteri Suhaila:
2:02 , i want to slide or... maybe not 😅
Akun Palsu
Akun Palsu:
Great game from spezia, they played well
Idris Isa
Idris Isa:
Proud of you guys spezia keep it up👏👏👏
밀란 아오...
Deeb Channel
Deeb Channel:
Spezia! What a great game
Adelina Adelina
Adelina Adelina:
Spezia.. amazing team in this season..👍
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi:
Wow, congratulations to Sebastia FC on the victory, and Hardlik to Milan for the loss.
Richmond Amponsah
Richmond Amponsah:
2:07 Am I the only one who saw the player with different pair of boots 😅
Jake Jung
Jake Jung:
ibrahimovic 멋있당
Blop Succ
Blop Succ:
I think Milan gettin lil bit to confident
so my theo hernandez headliner is not getting an upgrade!!!???
M Irvan
M Irvan:
Internazzionale scudetto 👌🔥
Eric Nana
Eric Nana:
That was a shocking result yesterday but that is part of the beautiful game. Always twist and turn!