Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer (2021)

The first trailer for 'Spider-Man: No Way Home,' the final standalone Spider-Man movie during this era of the MCU. The Marvel film stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Marisa Tomei, Jon Favreau and more. This preview also teases Alfred Molina's reprisal of 'Doc Ock,' last seen in the Tobey Maguire franchise!

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Peter: Why are you here?
Doc Oc: Because a Variant of you put Dirt in my eyes.
Fans : “What’s the fastest way to surge nostalgia?”

Doc Oc : “Hello, Peter.”
Fans: You changed the spiderman actors 3 times thats so stupid!

Sony: Thats a surprise tool that can help us later...
Paul Eaton
Paul Eaton:
I'm a grown ass 38 year old man and I audibly gasped when the pumpkin bomb started rolling towards the screen with Willem Dafoe's laugh in the background.
Dafoe : You know I’m kinda of a MCU character myself
The Goblin's laugh alone got me so hyped
Gᴏʟᴅ Rᴏɢᴇʀ
Gᴏʟᴅ Rᴏɢᴇʀ:
Doc Oc: "Hello Peter"
Old spider man fans: *Yeesssss!!*

New spiderman fans: *"I've never met this guy in my life"*
Benny Blue
Benny Blue:
Strange: "That feels weird, but I'll allow it."
Tony Stark at their first meeting: "I'm going to allow that."
It really is a substitute father figure!
“Be careful what you wish for Parker.”
Peter: "Dr. Strange can you maybe mess with the time so Beck never exposed me?"
TVA: *Hello*
Loaf of Foxes
Loaf of Foxes:
Strange: wants to change timeline for peter
Barry allen: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary
x3m slayer
x3m slayer:
I wonder if this actor realizes how much we love his Doc Oc!
And their MJ’s is like “ur peter is better than my peter” when they talk about their relationship
Chokywock Gamer
Chokywock Gamer:
As soon as I saw alfred Molina as doctor octopus again I smiled. I hope i get to end this year by watching this masterpiece
Ending the year on a Perfect note!
By far the Best Christmas present EVER
David Schwager
David Schwager:
0:08 Even I would suggest that. The male spider has expressed, throughout the many movies that the red-suited boy is in, that the teenager is able to woo his girlfriends easily. This explanation of the superhero being able to hypnotize people makes it much more understandable why the character is able to win them over so easily. This, by the way, includes the three different universes that the marvel person is seen in, for the New Yorker can be viewed using this ability in all III various multiverses.

Did anyone lose a large roll of 20 dollar bills and a rubber band?—because we found the elastic item.
"Before we start, did anyone lose a bunch of twenties rolled up in a rubber band? Because we found the rubber band."
Daniel Gilbert
Daniel Gilbert:
Peter: I don't want anyone to know I'm Spiderman

Last scene - everyone clearly sees Peter put his suit on
Otter Oddington
Otter Oddington:
Wong: "Don't Use That Spell."
10 minutes later
Multiverse: "REEENNTTTT"
Walter George
Walter George:
Peter when he sees the goblin:
"Time to put some dirt in your eye"
So I'm guessing Wong is leaving going into Shung Chi through that portal, while this is happening
Finally, no more Fan-made trailers masquerading
Lysha Aragon
Lysha Aragon:
I remember being a little girl watching the first Sam raimi movie with my dad and here we are almost 2 decades later!
Mint Princess
Mint Princess:
This looks so good, i'm excited!
First thing that comes to mind when seeing the Goblin's bomb was his line in the 1st Spider Man, "MJ and i, we're gonna have one hell of a time".... cant wait for this movie to come out!
The Troubled Coder
The Troubled Coder:
God bless the MCU for coming up with a way to tie all these different movies together and bring them into the same movie universe. This is fan service done right.
TK Jim
TK Jim:
2:42 This legit gave me goosebumps all over my body. I've never been so hyped for a movie ever since Endgame. Can't wait!!
Elizabeth Del rey
Elizabeth Del rey:
"alright, stephen"
"That feels weird but I'll allow it"

If only he said "that feels strange, but I'll allow it"
Juci Shockwave
Juci Shockwave:
YES!!!! Love this!!! It's no Dr.Strange part 2, but the moment Mysterio messed that up with Peter I was thinking of that doctor. BTW, I love the fact they are reusing the same actor to play Dr. Octopus in this universe is beautiful. He makes a great Doc Oct. 😎 I also hope Mysterio makes at least a cameo. I want to see him face off with Dr.Strange. That would be magical.
I love the idea of colliding all universes together. Brings back all the nostalgia of Doc Oc. Seeing this movie with some friends once it releases.
moony art
moony art:
Love how he's still wearing the Cape over the jacket! 😂
Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins:
Nobody: Screwing up is not a superpower.
Peter Parker: Hold my beer.
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen:
It’s insane. It will be the best present to celebrate Christmas and the end of 2021
Bro Felix #TheCat
Bro Felix #TheCat:
I would laugh so hard if Dr. Strange’s spell that brings in the multiverse somehow syncs up with what happens at the end of Loki season 1, like how that synced up with wandavision.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
He has to be talking to Tobey when he says " hello peter".
Okay, this looks so good. I was really worried about it just being Peter on the run and stuff…which was fine I guess but this seems so much more interesting. And I’m so curious to see who remember what after the spell and who else we see as a result (other than Doc Ok and Green Goblin because duh).
Kuya Buzz
Kuya Buzz:
Doc oc: hello peter
Peter: leave me alone
Doc oc: Come on, just say hi?
Peter: ill say hi if you Fix this Damn Door!
I love how you don't even need to see Willem Dafoe to get hyped.
Bashar Droubi
Bashar Droubi:
The expression on Dr Strange when he calls him Stephen is priceless 🤣
Sinister 6
Electro 2:13
The Lizard 2:26
The Sandman (And Electro again) 2:27
Green Goblin 2:28
Doc Ock 2:36

Play at .25 speed if you cant see. I paused frame by frame to find some of these. They are very quick.

We will just need a return from Mysterio or Vulture for the final member.
Bella Salceies
Bella Salceies:
Seeing that pumpkin bomb and hearing that giggle brings me back to the OG Green Goblin
Daniel Kueh
Daniel Kueh:
Doc Ock literally said two words and I got hooked immediately. Legend moment
Red Knight
Red Knight:
I Can't wait this looks really good.
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson:
I can already hear the cheers and screams in the theater when Doc Ock first appears on screen.
Kessinger Mc
Kessinger Mc:
That "Hello Peter" just took me back to the good old days...
Shane Shadrach Ocampo
Shane Shadrach Ocampo:
A simple "Hello Peter" makes us reminisce what happened 17 years ago and the past events of Spider-Man.
Natures Best
Natures Best:
Doc Ock is my favorite character! Idk why but it’s just so badass to have those arms.
Mista JC
Mista JC:
This makes me feel so emotional. I saw the very first Spider-Man film on my birthday with my dad back in 2001.. I think I was turning 14? I can’t wait for this one 😭
Post-credits scene of "Spider-Man: No Way Home". Peter opens his eyes, sits up from bed, looks around his bedroom and says with a sigh of relief, "It was just a bad dream."
Welp, I'm officially hype about a movie for the first time ever.
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Wong really said " I'm leaving so I can be in shangchi😂🤣🤣🤣.
Lewis Hert
Lewis Hert:
OMG I can’t believe that this is AWESOME!!!
Antoine Assaf
Antoine Assaf:
Everybody excited about doc oc.
i just excited to hear JK Simmons as Peter's Boss again, the roasts and memes will be legendary!
The fact that Alfred Molina is back as Doc Ock is great; this looks good
Soul Liberator
Soul Liberator:
I love how ET feels the needs to watermark a trailer that isn’t even theirs.
Jax D
Jax D:
Doc Ock: “Hello Peter”
Me: “you are just as beautiful as the day I lost you”
Andrew Griffin
Andrew Griffin:
Chills. I got actual chills from Doc Oc.
Alfred Molina as Dr Oct again? That is fantastic! That makes me very happy he is a very good in that role.
Will Power
Will Power:
Still confused as to why Strange would do something so reckless after going through Infinity War/Endgame
Sunny Baggett
Sunny Baggett:
“Be careful what you wish for audience!”
- Marvel
Michael Redder
Michael Redder:
MCU timeline-wise, I wonder if this takes place before, during, or after the events of Shang Chi. Wong is packed and off to somewhere; maybe it's to that martial arts tournament we saw in the SC trailer?
brandon snow
brandon snow:
"hello parker" I just got the chills
Dr. Oc really be messing with Peter LMAO
IAmJust Amanda
IAmJust Amanda:
I love this already.❤️
reagan g
reagan g:
Words cannot explain how absolutely bricked up I am at the fact that the og’s are back
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Brock Billings
Brock Billings:
Just realised we might get to see the iron spider arms vs doc oc's arms
giorgi abujrania
giorgi abujrania:
if they showed Toby in trialer, that would be crazy
John Doe
John Doe:
I'm actually more excited for Green Goblin than I am Doc Oc.
Crimson Witch
Crimson Witch:
Me: *sees Doc Oc*
Also Me: *Geeking the hell out*
When the world needed him the most, he returned.
James Ferguson
James Ferguson:
Dr Strange: casts spell

Also Dr Strange: Peter why would you do that
Online Class
Online Class:
Now that "He who remains" is gone and the TVA is disassemble, Dr. Strange was allowed to make such Nexus Event. If the events of the "Loki Series" didn't happened, the Time Keepers would just reset the Nexus Event to prevent the Multiverse from happening.
DelayedFxdes __
DelayedFxdes __:
“Hello peter” gave me chills
Oh please Willem Dafoe let it be true!
"You can't do this to me.."
Baby Chewbacca
Baby Chewbacca:
I can’t see Dr strange risking a spell to possibly go extreme like this for a freakin teenager’s request
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven:
I'm 90% positive that Doc Ock is NOT talking to Tom Holland when he says "hello, Peter." Look at the background behind Ock and behind Peter - Look like different scenes, just edited to throw us off. 90% confident he's talking to Tobey there.
Jurassic fan
Jurassic fan:
“Hello peter”
And since then, the internet had lost its mind
Atomic Monkey
Atomic Monkey:
when the person said “be careful what you wish for parker.” it sounded like james franco to me
Silent Trigger
Silent Trigger:
I actually can’t believe doctor octavius is in this I can’t wait
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Got released on my Birthday, best present ever.
Ro Na
Ro Na:
Moe Lester
Moe Lester:
"My hype can't be stopped, its self-sustaining now."
LnDPhoenix 1
LnDPhoenix 1:
Thank you Loki, for this wonderful multiverse.
Alexia Hardware
Alexia Hardware:
And we thought Wanda and Loki messed shit up. I'm so freaking EXCITED
Emily Valentin
Emily Valentin:
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." <3 <3
Xaniey D
Xaniey D:
Electro, sandman, green goblin, AND doc ock?! Yes please.
Abhishek Somkuwar
Abhishek Somkuwar:
I'm literally crying thinking I'm gonna see Tobey as Spiderman again😭😭😭 waiting for this moment for long time
Marvelfan 89
Marvelfan 89:
Thats so trippy. I can't wait to see this movie.
Kroko Mez
Kroko Mez:
Scott Roffman
Scott Roffman:
And this is just the teaser.....Cue my head EXPLODING, when Tobey and Andrew show up to assist in the next trailer!
RogueSpartan 285
RogueSpartan 285:
DAMN, Otto Octavius is here. He's still got it
Shani Sardaar
Shani Sardaar:
Can't wait for the old villan!
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy:
**throws goblin bomb**
**Doc Ock appears instead**
Peter: who are you?
Me: To infinity and beyond!
Son Of The Morning
Son Of The Morning:
I can see this how they’re going to bring in doctor strange movie! And how a lot of people is going coming back!
Janzel's Aquatic
Janzel's Aquatic:
I am pretty sure the spell Strange casted is a different spell from what peter wanted 🤔
Can’t wait to see Andrew Tom and Tobey hopefully!
Griffin Aaron
Griffin Aaron:
These simply amazing