Spotify Wrapped 2020 - Get Your Stats For The Year

How to get your Spotify Wrapped stats for 2020 and previous years.

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Nate Cross
Nate Cross:
Mine is only giving me a playlist with my songs idk why
I keep seeing people putting it on there Instagram story how do i do that?
I would love to view the stats every month. I love music.
I couldn't see mine yeaterday, I followed the steps in this video and then, updated the app on my phone,
good luck everyone 🍀
Genesis _
Genesis _:
You guys u can just search Spotify wrapped on you phone and it takes u directly to it
are there any way to look previous years as png or something (not as playlist)
Ruslans Smirnovs
Ruslans Smirnovs:
Guys just update spotify. It works
Jerry banks
Jerry banks:
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Kid Clarky
Kid Clarky:
In Desktop Spotify go to (Browse - Genre & Mood - 2020 Wrapped)
In Mobile App go to (Search - Under browse All Scroll Down Until You Find 2020 Wrapped