Spotted Salamander, The Best Pet Amphibian?

The spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) was on our list of Five of the Best Pet Amphibians because they are incredible pet salamanders. But are they the best pet amphibian for you?



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"Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)" by Peter Paplanus under CC BY 2.0


Clint is a professional biologist and educator, but above all, Clint LOVES reptiles and he loves to share that love with everyone he meets. Whether you're lover or a hater of reptiles, you can't help but get excited with Clint!
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You guys are so RAD!

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Clint's Reptiles
Clint's Reptiles:
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I think I can finally put into words what I love about this channel so much: Clint talks to you like he's talking to a child, but not in a way that is even remotely talking down to you. And because you get to see his awe and excitement, you get to experience what its like to be like a child again experiencing these STINKIN' RAD animals, but in way that ultimately shows you that it it is cool to be like that as an adult :D
I admire how you're so enthusiastic about every animal that you own to the point that you say everything that you do a video on might be the best. You can really see the passion in everything that you push out and its amazing.
My Menagerie !
My Menagerie !:
Their little cute face puts me in mind of leopard geckos! Always smiling!
Víctor Segura
Víctor Segura:
I would love to see the handleability section for a snapping turtle😂
Wyatt K
Wyatt K:
I was in school so I didn’t get to see it right away but the second I got out I clicked on it and I am watching right now 😃 I love your videos and you make my day great thank you!!
They would eat anything, including your fingers :)
We used to catch & release these all the time as kids. Back East, they're plentiful in the wild.
You should do a video on firebelly toads, they are probably my favorite amphibians.
Armani God
Armani God:
How do you dislike Clint at all? He’s amazing
Shadow Axolotl
Shadow Axolotl:
You should do a video on the Axolotl! They are difficult (ish) to keep but it takes a lot to appease a god
Mr Hard
Mr Hard:
I had two of them 26 years ago. Great pets, great eaters Haha even try to eat fingers. Alot easier then pain in the butt Vieled Chameleons.
JoJo Corgibun
JoJo Corgibun:
I love the branching out to amphibians

Would love to see one about mandarin emperor newts!
Mab Starsurge
Mab Starsurge:
Great video! Can you please do a video on Red Ruber Salamanders? They're one of my favorite salamanders! Happy herping! :)
Deja Chhun
Deja Chhun:
I have one in my window well I wanna keep as a pet. Then again I have no right to caged another living being.
I love these guys, I find them all the time just in my backyard!
Jennifer Judge
Jennifer Judge:
Did you mention temps ??!!
It was likely mentioned but I was just wondering if they need additional heating ??!!😅
Woo living in florida actually helps for once
Kirk Sealls
Kirk Sealls:
I'd love to see a video on the Tiger Salamander, perhaps even a comparison video between the Spotted Salamander and the Tiger Salamander
You inspired me to get this adorable little guy! I’m so glad i discovered this great lil dude from you guys!
Great video, love salamanders! If you plan to do more amphibian videos, maybe a tiger salamander in the future?
Nick Fallone
Nick Fallone:
easily my favorite species of salamander. so glad you covered it!! great video keep it up Clint!
I feel like these guys would do very vey well in a Bioactive enclosure
Reggie Moore
Reggie Moore:
Man these videos are so intriguing nd i hav no intrest in any of the animals but dnt stop making these vids please
Aj Itutud
Aj Itutud:
Another awesome vid. Honestly you've talked me out from buying atleast 2 animals already. And I dont take that as a bad thing. Its just that Im not ready yet for them ☺
P.S i hope you do the red belly salamander too. I've been seeing them around in the philippines and I hope to own one someday
HCT Official
HCT Official:
My FAVORITE amphibious ever!!! You are right, they do have the most adorable face in the animal kingdom
Brianna White
Brianna White:
I love spotted salamanders! 😊

I grew up hiking in the woods and catching and re-releasing them! My 7 year old self would give them a perfect 5/5
Miranda Demers
Miranda Demers:
Love your educational enthusiasm! You rock
I'd like to see a Tokay Gecko Video someday, even if they're far from being "the best pet gecko you can get".
KayEm Beats
KayEm Beats:
I clicked as soon as i got the notification
Sarah Kat
Sarah Kat:
Objection! My sister's spotted salamander tried to eat me, weirdest feeling ever. It was like trying to be eaten by a living toothbrush.
Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O'Brien:
Do tiger salamanders!
Ric Cockerham
Ric Cockerham:
Thanks for spotlighting these amazing animals! The Axolotl would be great as well. 0 on handling, but an awesome amphibian.. ,
Hi love the vids, can you do a Schneider’s skink video
Jason Chioino
Jason Chioino:
Could you review a paddle tail newt?!?!?!? :)
I'd love to get a video about the earless monotor it looks like a dragon!!
Jess Burns
Jess Burns:
Love this! 💜Off topic, but I wish you had a video on sunbeam snakes. You and Emily always have the most informative videos.
Joe JoeLesh
Joe JoeLesh:
I had 3 of these when I was a kid. I caught them in a sandbox, and brought them home
I saw one in the wild and took it in my hands, really nice, didnt take it cause thats bad
Jack Winarski
Jack Winarski:
I had one as a class pet in 5th grade they are so cute!
Aaron James
Aaron James:
I've seen a couple of these babies in my backyard.
They love the mud puddle that inevitably forms in the void under the lilac bush.
Daniel Le
Daniel Le:
Tiger salamander next!
Aurora Surrealis
Aurora Surrealis:
I was looking forward to this video!
keelan James
keelan James:
Red eyed tree frogs as a future amphibian video??
Cynthia Martinez
Cynthia Martinez:
Thanks Clint for commenting of my frogs page called stay chubby with chubs we do upload almost every day and starting next week we will try to have livestreams every Thursday. I love the videos also.
Bianca Lewis
Bianca Lewis:
What did you find the most challenging when you were studying zoology? I want to enrol but I failed high school maths and a few of the core subjects are mathematics.
i've seen many of these guys, a few miles west of Boston, MA in a conservation area. You want to de-chlorinate the tap water used.
I've developed a love for salamanders. I wish I could find some. I'd like to see if I could get some breeding going to provide captive babies.
I would love either a salamander or a newt, could you guys do make a good pet newt video as well?
Yo boi
Yo boi:
When i think of an amphibian, i always see a frog that can bite off my finger or a salamander that can poison me

But this is just so adorable!
Is it just my screen or is the lighting really weird in this one
I found one for about 4 USD in a Chinese Walmart, yes it's alive.
Monsterhunter Nathan ultimate
Monsterhunter Nathan ultimate:
Great video! Do you sell them in larval state as well?
Finn Doin Stuff
Finn Doin Stuff:
I love how happy he is in the beginning XD its so cute lol. I just recently went on a hike and found many salamander eggs laid in some puddles, the next day they were dried up but luckily I was able to save a few eggs. Hopefully I can raise themand release them back in the area. Probably also one of my favorite species!
yeeeeeeeeees please do more newts and salamanders, i love them so much
Andy Carlson
Andy Carlson:
These are so helpful and informative! Do you have any pet toads that you would suggest?
Elizabeth Adventurer
Elizabeth Adventurer:
several times a week? so they basically eat daily right??
Could you please please please do a video on caecilians? They are endlessly fascinating! (PS What were you singing at the end there?)
Billy Smith
Billy Smith:
They’re so cute!
Xion Dion
Xion Dion:
I think I found my favorite Salamander. BUT need more research ^-^
Leah Downs
Leah Downs:
Can you keep anything else in the enclosure with a spotted salamander? Like a top cage dweller?
Could you maybe do a video talking about which reptiles are super messy? I feel like that isn't talked about.
Cadaverous Ghoul
Cadaverous Ghoul:
Would you be able to do a video on marbles salamanders including appropriate temperatures for them and the best substrates? Thank you Clint!
I would love to see more amphibian videos! I was also wondering if you have any suggestions on where to responsibly get amphibians like salamanders?
fluffy painter
fluffy painter:
I have tank full but their wild and everywhere at my house
One of these somehow got into my house. It must have walked right in through an open door. It really did have the cutest little face. It makes me wonder how they manage to survive the winter in my area.
I like how with Lizards hardiness is one the shortest catogories, but for amphibians it’s one of the longest ;)
Caughtafaygo _
Caughtafaygo _:
Hey its one of clints favorites lol
Joe Blazer
Joe Blazer:
Haaaay Clint! When you going to do a Sonoran Toad video?
Budget Bassin
Budget Bassin:
Thanks for the simple guides!
Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller:
my god salamanders are cute as i don"t know what!
Peter Jones
Peter Jones:
Hey Clint, can you keep more than one spotted salamander in the same enclosure?
I find blue spotted salamanders and the yellow spotted ones in my back yard a lot. Under like logs and stuff. I was gonna use some campfire wood but I left it alone sense it is there home.
G LaP:
Do you by chance post all of your videos on your website, or on any other platforms?
Is there a place to order from animal ark or to see their inventory? I tried their website, but it doesnt show anything.
A Fatass Toad
A Fatass Toad:
At first I thought he was detective Prezbalewski from The Wire
Tommie Benjamin
Tommie Benjamin:
Can you make a 5 best pet insects video?
Sir Loin Of Beef
Sir Loin Of Beef:
Here's a question, does the oil produced by human skin hurt them? I heard once that some species of frogs are irritated by skin and I wonder if that applies to these little sausages.
Roselle Pam
Roselle Pam:
I wanna know if my pet eastern spadefoot can go in there large 30gal terrarium with the two 4inch salamanders ? Hes smaller than half there size
Loki Prater
Loki Prater:
I'm still waiting for a video on that chicken.
Ricardo Costa
Ricardo Costa:
So cute, thinking of getting one
al bl
al bl:
The chemicals in the water makin the freakin' salamanders die!
Alex Kaczmarczyk
Alex Kaczmarczyk:
I found one of these guys in my yard today
Alasdair Stewart
Alasdair Stewart:
Love your channel, this video helped me A lot :)
Keep up that Beatles singing!
Another amazing animal!
Sophie Velasco
Sophie Velasco:
I recently got a spotted salamander and I’m having trouble feeding her. If there is someone that can help me send me a reply and I’ll give you more detail!
Godzilla Global
Godzilla Global:
My tiger salamander swallowed my finger halfway
Can you please make a video about jewelled geckos even if you don’t have one. I have been having trouble researching this lizard.
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran:
Can you keep two of these in the same encloser?
Chris Durgin
Chris Durgin:
Oh awesomeness! If love to see more salamander videos!!!
Am snek 616
Am snek 616:
Have you done anything on House snakes? There might be something I’m not aware of but it seems like you rarely hear about them
Kit Bentley
Kit Bentley:
Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

I want
Cole Davidson
Cole Davidson:
Perfect for handling, just don't handle them much😂
Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson:
Please do blood pythons or just short-tailed python in general, they're my favorite snake 🐍
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis:
I have spotted salamander in my back yard baby ones
This guy has that Willy Wonka magic vibe
Stefan Sply
Stefan Sply:
I know the fire spotted salamander. For me that one is more beautiful but idk
Finally some love
Maggie Pelletier
Maggie Pelletier:
This video is about ten months old but I found them in a vernal pool that was drying up and know I have like twenty idk what to do with them?