Spurs Through After Late Comeback | Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Morecambe | Emirates FA Cup 2021-22

Late goals from Harry Winks, Lucas Moura and Harry Kane spares Spurs from an Emirates FA Cup upset after Antony O'Connor gave Morecambe the lead in the first half.

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Harry Rumer
Harry Rumer:
Tottenham had to bring on Kane & Moura to win the game, both worth more than morecambe entirely. Epic performance from morecambe!!
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
The fact that Emerson Royal is enjoying his game at Spurs and getting enough game time makes me glad. Barca was truly a mess of a club for him
I remember i once chose Morecambe as my team when i was a manager during my career mode in fifa 13. they were football league 2 at that time..i was kind of bored of managing these top teams like madrid, united...i took this team as a challenge...fun days. i took them to premier league..took me some time though...won literally everything with them..PL, fa cup, UCL... literally everything..miss that phase tbh!
Morecambe coulda won this game but their defense toward the end was horrific!
Blue Fusion
Blue Fusion:
Winks with a banger. Another redefined player of the Conte regime.
Tjieny1 gg
Tjieny1 gg:
Dear Spurs fans and especially Daniel Levy,

We PSV-fans want a favour. It's about Bergwijn we hear rumours that Ajax placed a bid for Bergwijn. One of the reasons why we don't want this to happen:

First of all Bergwijn is a child of our club. He has played a very long time for PSV before transferring to Tottenham. We wish him more luck in his life than playing for Ajax.
The second reason is that Bergwijn is the player who gave Tottenham the chance to reach up into the final of the Champions league. Because Inter - PSV ended in a draw, was Tottenham able to go into the knock-out stage of the tournament. If you remember the match between Inter and PSV you'd maybe know that Bergwijn stole the ball from Inter their defense and after that he gave the assist to Lozano who made the 0-1 for PSV. This goal allowed you to have the greatest succes in Champions League for Tottemham ever.

That's why I'm hoping somehow you can stop the negiotations between Bergwijn and Ajax. I don't understand why you would sell him at all. Because he has great potential and can be so much more of value for Tottenham. But if you really want to sell him please notice that the following clubs could also use him. Inter Milan, Sevilla, Dortmund, Napoli and even Barca.

Please make sure Daniel Levy makes the right decision and doesn't sell Bergwijn to Ajax.

Kind regards a PSV-fan!
tatako sani
tatako sani:
What a goal
Raji Laskar
Raji Laskar:
Congrats for spurs 👏👏
Spurs Goal of the season
Harry Winks Free kick vs Morecambe
Lawal Olanrewaju
Lawal Olanrewaju:
What a glorious Jubilation from Morecambe fans
ammar yasser
ammar yasser:
Dele ali was closed to score an amazing goal !!!
Almost all the recent matches, the League One teams has atleast scored against the Premier League teams.
Kofi Aboagye
Kofi Aboagye:
That Winks goal🤩but Tottenham are still suffering..a bit
Zub 41r
Zub 41r:
Embarrassing performance how can you concede a goal to such a small team like Tottenham.
Trap Gang
Trap Gang:
What free kick from winksy
Joshua T
Joshua T:
SBKP 0507
SBKP 0507:
Winks 1-1 1:45
Moura 2-1 2:45
Kane 3-1 3:34
The Noisy Neighbour
The Noisy Neighbour:
Ndombele was the real highlight.
weekend warrior prospecting
weekend warrior prospecting:
This is why I love cup football ⚽️
Don't ever compare league 1 with a goal like that to premier league
قهوة فرنسية || Café français
قهوة فرنسية || Café français:
The second goal, look how Keane was running with the defender for Lucas
zihad hossain
zihad hossain:
Lucas mowra was Superb😍
Nicolás Centurión
Nicolás Centurión:
El gol del torneo ya se lo llevo Harry Winks
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
Spurs have found their level
Aftab Mithu
Aftab Mithu:
I was at that match as a Liverpool fan
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Finally i found Arsenal made a comeback on their own home
Famuyide Emmanuel
Famuyide Emmanuel:
Winks goal 🤯🤯🤯
I really wanna see Markanday play as well give him a chance please
Zieyad Awad Ghanem
Zieyad Awad Ghanem:
توتنهام النادي الأسطوري
Foo Chuan Kean
Foo Chuan Kean:
cole stockton the alll time DLS starter pack hero
Mobile Freelancer
Mobile Freelancer:
That stadium is well nice
Curtis Beers
Curtis Beers:
shocking man marking from Tanganga
This is the Harry Kane team
Zieyad Awad Ghanem
Zieyad Awad Ghanem:
Reece Doyle
Reece Doyle:
Scott Carson has had one of the strangest careers ever, I remember play for Liverpool against juventus, saved shots from pavel nedved and zlatan, now plays for Morecombe
Claudinei Santos
Claudinei Santos:
Lukas moura 👍
Daniel Corcoran
Daniel Corcoran:
0:27 Those limbs wow
Thats because Morecambe asked for more comeback
Still a weak overated side spurs cant see them winning anything again this year there is a chance of champions league if other teams slip up QF at best in this 5th or 6th in the prem although they have been improved under Conte
Sarpoh Bleedinthru Bey
Sarpoh Bleedinthru Bey:
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh:
Spurs needed a comeback to win against League Oner. They almost pulled an Arsenal lol.
Sucklambs Chop
Sucklambs Chop:
These games show how little depth Arsenal and Spurs have in their squad.
I was eating at a steakhouse with my family and when I was done, I shouted “PESSI”. The waiter knew I was finished and handed me my bill
habib mohammed
habib mohammed:
0:35 I thought a bee was swinging by my ear
Crabu Dhabi
Crabu Dhabi:
Tottenham will finish in 10th place. Awkward team
Steve Norman
Steve Norman:
It just shows why Tottenham will still be waiting for any meaningful trophy for the next sixty-one years. Their ground is like a mansion with nothing but Deckchairs in it.
Warren Williams
Warren Williams:
Spurs are joke banter fc 2.0
𝕙 𝕒 𝕣 𝕤 𝕙
𝕙 𝕒 𝕣 𝕤 𝕙:
Re upload ? Why ?
Horrible defense by morecambe
Why couldn’t kane score against liverpool in their champions league final???
Sang Chongloi
Sang Chongloi:
Sessegon should not start any game.. Ben Davies is still better.... We need better full back for Royal and Reguilon... Royal can't even cross properly.. Reguilon is decent... they need new RB who is a master in RB..
বৈচিত্র্য - diversity
বৈচিত্র্য - diversity:
In every games Kane miss a lot