STADE DE REIMS - PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN (0 - 2) - Highlights - (SdR - PSG) / 2021-2022

STADE DE REIMS vs PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Highlights (0 - 2) in video.

Ligue 1 Uber Eats - Season 2021/2022 - Week 4 STADE AUGUSTE DELAUNE - Sunday 29 August 2021

Goals : Kylian MBAPPE (16' - PSG) / Kylian MBAPPE (63' - PSG)

STADE DE REIMS Team line-up : 5 - Yunis ABDELHAMID (c) /11 - Nathanaël MBUKU /20 - Ilan KEBBAL /32 - Thomas FOKET /23 - Moreto CASSAMA /15 - Marshall MUNETSI /1 - Predrag RAJKOVIC /27 - El Bilal TOURE /2 - Wout FAES /26 - Dion LOPY /6 - Andreaw GRAVILLON

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN Team line-up : 27 - Idrissa GUEYE /22 - Abdou DIALLO /6 - Marco VERRATTI /7 - Kylian MBAPPE /5 - MARQUINHOS (c) /11 - Angel DI MARIA /10 - NEYMAR JR /24 - Thilo KEHRER /1 - Keylor NAVAS /18 - Georginio WIJNALDUM /2 - Achraf HAKIMI

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100+ komentarze:

want neymar and messi combo
seiom jvony
seiom jvony:
Good goals Mbappe talented as always ⭐️👏
Singh The King
Singh The King:
Oh wow! I thought he would struggle for first few games..but nothing of that sort, he played like king, with good communication with other players..can't wait for more.
Joe IV
Joe IV:
This was the most watched watched match in League 1 history
10million views
Messi is massive 🔥🔥🔥
Shayaan RK
Shayaan RK:
Imagine you're trying hard to score a goal but your supporters are applauding because of the substitution of an opposite team's player😅😅
Xana Martins
Xana Martins:
No modesto campeonato francês ainda que só tenha entrado no segundo tempo o Messi não facturou? O Cristiano na melhor liga do mundo na liga mais competitiva do mundo foi chegar aterrar e já começou a fazer estragos! É de facto um jogador incomparável, seja a liga que for ele só precisa de uma bola pra rebentar com as redes adversárias! Ele é apenas o verdadeiro GOAT!!! CR7 é a lenda
Tauqeer Ahmad
Tauqeer Ahmad:
In just 30 minutes debuting game, Messi was most fouled player in the match 🔥🔥🔥 wait for him starting for 90 minutes he will starting to score goals as he used to.
Emmanuel Moyo
Emmanuel Moyo:
Mbappe is the future of soccer proud of you giant of France
Northeast India
Northeast India:
How can we even expect Messi to score a goal when he's a substitute. Nonetheless, his first match for PSG, it will take time for him to adjust and coup up with his new team members. I can relate.
Rohan Ganguly
Rohan Ganguly:
Marquinhos always adds solidity to the defense. He marks his return with a clean sheet 😌.
Francisca Ruiz
Francisca Ruiz:
Que linda amistad entre Messi y Naymar me encanta y lo demuestran cuando están juntos 🇦🇷 🇧🇷
Why let mbappe go. The guy is amazing
Ace C
Ace C:
Me before match: Bring on that Neymar-Mbappe-Messi combo

Me at the 66th minute: 😮🥺🤡
Młody Bóg
Młody Bóg:
Moje serduszko gdy widzi Messiego w PSG 😭😭
Jawvial jr
Jawvial jr:
We want messi-neymar combo🥺💥🔥

(Edit:Thanks for the 3k like)
Rhiyat Younes
Rhiyat Younes:
Hakimi is a masterclass player .
Kavindu Chamuditha
Kavindu Chamuditha:
Everyone : waiting for messi's goals
Mbappe : not this time 😎
Jimrah James
Jimrah James:
Damn,,Hakimi's assist was soo good man😩🥺🥺🔥💥💯💯
Andi Krause
Andi Krause:
They didn't even show a single second of Messi playing 🤣🤣🤣
soul kamalesh
soul kamalesh:
Fans : waiting to see messi and ney combo
Pochetinho :🤡🤡
Gobe19 Virus
Gobe19 Virus:
It feels weird seeing Messi playing a league match and not in Barca Jersey.
Alsus Giri
Alsus Giri:
Yesterday Messi got substituted very late therefore he got to play little nevertheless he played well though it was his first match after a long. But sorry to say, Mbappe and Messi co-ordination was not to the mark. Messi could score two goals, if not then at least one goal yesterday but Mbappe didnot pass. There was a moment where Messi was in his perfect position from where he has scored the most but Mbappe didnot pass rather he shoot by himself which missed the target, may be Mbappe was seeking to accomplish his first hattrick this season which is fine but my only concern is the coordination between them should be improved if PSG wants to perform magical and win all the titles this season 😊😍❤️💕♥️🙏
This Was Just A warm Up for the Greatest Player Of All Time.
Miami Polo
Miami Polo:
To me Di Maria is the most underrated player ever. ive been watching for years and he always under appreciated. Messi raised him to be great. I watched a match once it was Argentina vs Brazil couple years ago wc qualifier and previous gm Di Maria missed a few easy goals that cost the team the match. This game Messi was doing all the work off and def one of the best games ive seen Messi ever played against Brazil and once again Di Maria was missing goals again but this time Messi wasnt have it he kept feeding Di Maria almost forcing him to score all of the second half. Argentina beat Brazil i think it was 3-1 i think he had 2 goals that game and Messi had 2 assist and goal. I cant remember that well but it was one of the few moments where i started growing on to him. Despite his times at other clubs he’s always was a valuable player for each one. Di Maria is key to making it all work Messi knew that.
Erlan Torio
Erlan Torio:
He is smart enough not to score straight against a middle level team and not to try to earn standing ovations in his debut match. He is conscious of his level. I don't see a better scenario for yesterday's game than actually took place.
Dawn of a new Era...Magical Messi..Take a bow legend
1:32 It might have been the best goal of 2021 if he had scored it.
Julene Harvey
Julene Harvey:
Good goals Mbappe talented as always ⭐️👏
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
The wait is finally over and the GOAT plays is first game at Psg
Biel Mór FF
Biel Mór FF:
Slk timaço, seria top se mbappe renovasse com PSG, esse trio vai dar trabalho hehe
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
Angel Di MAria is one of the most underrated players of this century
Mahfuzur rahman rahat
Mahfuzur rahman rahat:
🚨NEW RECORD: REIMS vs PSG drew over 12.5 Million TV viewers, making it the most watched Ligue1 match in France TV history. 😳🔥
2:13 Why it was offside if Navas stopped the ball? With Spain was similar but be defensor or keeper makes the difference?
mbappe: a brace = no thumbnail
messi & neymar: no goal = a thumbnail
Fábio Moreira
Fábio Moreira:
Two goals for the best player in the team. Lead them to victory!
Emily An
Emily An:
MERCI au PSG (PARIS) et Au QUATAR grace à eux , le Monde sait que Reims à une équipe de foot.
I remember watching this and thinking kebal is much too class for Reims hopefully a good team picks him up
Déandre Green
Déandre Green:
2:39 Neymar is a menace for that 😂 had the keeper shook
2:52 for those who are curious when Messi joins the game
But Reims played well in this game despite if their lost against PSG
rio tf
rio tf:
it's the first time i saw messi as a bench player, just a rare moment
Victor Dubaux
Victor Dubaux:
Reims n’a pas démérité 😩Allez Reims 🔴⚪️❤️
0:42 the reflex..😱
Twayne Nguyễn
Twayne Nguyễn:
i love how the commentator nailed them french pronunciation properly.
Helix Richard
Helix Richard:
After ramos came PSG should try 3-4-3 formation to make defense strong otherwise psg cannot win against top European teams especially Manchester city will kill this defense
Rambo :D
Rambo :D:
Im getting into watching soccer and Messi is my fav he’s the goat 🐐💯 but can anyone explain to me why he ain’t playing snd him bappe is finna be insane💯
me waiting to see what messi did on the match
A 909
A 909:
Mbappe's position is just too good
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
MERCI au PSG (PARIS) et Au QUATAR grace à eux , le Monde sait que Reims à une équipe de foot.
Zé Deilson & Oziel OFICIAL
Zé Deilson & Oziel OFICIAL:
Bom de mais
Fluffy DBeast
Fluffy DBeast:
Man they have redicilous amout of talent how will they fit all of them into one team
Who else wants Messi+Neymar together?
Bridget Hale
Bridget Hale:
2:52 for those who are curious when Messi joins the game
George Brady
George Brady:
Angel Di MAria is one of the most underrated players of this century
liouy cnny
liouy cnny:
Messi is just warming up ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Subramanian Akash
Subramanian Akash:
2:53 I'm sure 99% of the people came here only for this moment💯
nanda olshop LeslarHongkong
nanda olshop LeslarHongkong:
Thanks for PSG ..I am big fans of messi and neymar ..big love from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Man mbappe is good , I always thought of him as a overrated player but guess I was wrong afterall
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele:
What a debut for Leo Messi!!!!
serry ciok
serry ciok:
Messi is just warming up ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
kieren c
kieren c:
Mbappe: wants to win the champions league

Mbappe : wants to leave a team that will win it
Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira:
Siti Aisyah
Siti Aisyah:
They didn't even show a single second of Messi playing 🤣🤣🤣
Roman Santana velez
Roman Santana velez:
Pa mi con todas esas estrellas 🌟🌟 nome gusto el partido
Dorene Baragar
Dorene Baragar:
Angel Di MAria is one of the most underrated players of this century
Taah Waii Sonam
Taah Waii Sonam:
Messi in the Mbappe's shadow 👌👌
Srinivas Chandra P
Srinivas Chandra P:
We want Messi-Neymar-Mbappe Combo 💥💥💥
💥💥👏 i swear messi is something different 💪❤
Orkhan Ojagverdiyev
Orkhan Ojagverdiyev:
Messini ne zaman ilk 11 e almayı düşünüyorlar adam kaldı yedekte. Messi bu ne yedeği arkadaş şaka gibi 34 yaşı var tamam ama şimdiye kadar bu adam füll 90 dakka hep oynadı
S2Creative Channel
S2Creative Channel:
Mbappe doesn't have why to leave! He's still the best goal scorer in the team and to become a great player u have to play with great players like Messi did in Barca!
Hassanah Abraham
Hassanah Abraham:
Pacanito is Insane. Why play The Great Messi only for 30 minutes?? He not even has a chance to use his 3rd gear yet
Sitabja Biswas
Sitabja Biswas:
Let's make this the most viewed ligue 1 vdo ....🔥🔥🔥
funny 🌎world
funny 🌎world:
hakimi is a gem 💎
alfy legit
alfy legit:
The coach is finding it difficult to fit in Messi in this Squad. He needs to play with Neymar not Neymar being substituted for him...Guess thats why he was sad
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche:
Mbappe dealing well with is situation not doing any drama and help team win games
TimeStop Collection
TimeStop Collection:
Not a psg fan, but Messi brought me here❤️⚡
Messi being substituted in was the best goal
Os melhores do mundo
Well done to mbappe for scoring all the goals he deserves it such a talented player probably even better then Ronaldo and messi
I came here to watch Messi's highlights..
.. i just see him clapping his hands..
Sitabja Biswas
Sitabja Biswas:
Only here for neymar ...
Wish to see MNM .the world ain't ready 🔥🔥
Servicios Integrales Del Confort
Servicios Integrales Del Confort:
Después de los goles de Mbappe no había nada más de importancia en el vídeo, 🤷🏻‍♂️
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Messi is just warming up ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Mouhamed Camara
Mouhamed Camara:
Messi neymar mbappe we hope it’ll happen 🙌🏾
aswer huio
aswer huio:
They didn't even show a single second of Messi playing 🤣🤣🤣
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
They didn't even show a single second of Messi playing 🤣🤣🤣
Elizabeth Garcia Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia Garcia:
Quiero ver a Messi, Mbabane y Neymar juntos jugando. Pls. Sra la bomba de todos los tiempos.
Sport ApK
Sport ApK:
second goal looked like an offside
Subin V
Subin V:
Messi is just warming up ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Uiltembergs Mix
Uiltembergs Mix:
Eles estão juntos novamente...
Vomir Ferdinand
Vomir Ferdinand:
Este coach tiene que aprovechar de estos jugadores top messi - ney-mbappe-dimaria
Lukas Henrique
Lukas Henrique:
Só eu que acho que o Mbappé tá melhor do q o Neymar?
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
This video currently #1 on trending GOAT effect
Nass Lolz
Nass Lolz:
l'effet Messi incroyable !
Sadia Afroz
Sadia Afroz:
2:47 reims defender almost lost it.
Virgil Van Dijk {Best CB in the Galaxy}
Virgil Van Dijk {Best CB in the Galaxy}:
Congratz to psg for winning ligue 1!
Ronaldo Alves
Ronaldo Alves:
Very good!
Pochetino tiene que hacer funcionar el equipo tienen a los mejores del mundo pero hace falta que encuentren ya una idea de cómo hacer que el equipo funcione