STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order All Cutscenes Full Movie (2019)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order All Cutscenes Full Movie Complete Story All Boss Fight Battles (2019)

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For those of you who are disappointed in the final boss battle:
Running is the only logical thing to do. Unless you’re Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, or Luke, there’s no way in hell you stand a chance against Vader
Joseph Matava
Joseph Matava:
I love how Vader was so OP he didn’t even have a health bar
Jason Guderian
Jason Guderian:
Vader: *appears*
New Objective: Survive
Hayden A
Hayden A:
This game reminds me that Darth Vader isn't someone you fight, he's someone you survive
Who else is watching this and has no game system or plans to get one in just here for the 3 hour Star Wars movie
The Darth Vader part is legit like a horror movie. He's like Jason. Dude walks and you sprint and he catches up to you
Vader: You're incredibly young, boy.
Cal: I...I was a youngling when it happened.
Vader: A...Youngling you say? *Urge to Kill...Rising*
Internet Cop
Internet Cop:
I just love how this game ties in the shows and the movies
Rissan Miranda
Rissan Miranda:
3:09:33 ah the love of Cal Kestis and Merrin
The one trooper: A Jedi, this is what I've trained for!

instantly dies
We need a Disney + series about Darth Vader during this time period.
wise choice in ending...its best nobody knows where and who....let force plays it out
SpectreDead Gaming
SpectreDead Gaming:
Cal : “I think we lost him.”

Boss music : *YES, BUT NO*
Smith Appiah
Smith Appiah:
Me: Please Do not give Darth Vader a health bar
Respawn Entertainment: How can we?
Император Арсений
Император Арсений:
When Vader appears
“There are things far worse than death”
Grand Inquisitor
Her eyes look like they’re about to pop out of her skull
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito:
God it’s cool seeing all this prequel era technology mixed into a more original trilogy setting. It’s like they’ve been terrified to use prequel imagery in any modern incarnation of Starwars.

Seeing a sequel race alien working on a prequel era ship in an Imperial scrap yard, it goes a long way towards making this galaxy seem huge and lived in.
Whoever wrote this game needs to be writing the movies
Alex McCree
Alex McCree:
Trilla: “I’ve carried some much hate for you.”

Vader: *approaches with heavy steps and breath* “You have failed me, Inquisitor.”

How I interpreted it: “Your free trial to life has ended!”
3:03:23 the sheer terror on her face hearing that breathing...amazing.
lol Vader swiped left like it was tinder
When the nightsister refers to a man in armor with a lightsaber. Or a warrior in armor She was referring to general grievous. Who slaughtered the nightsister clan in the clone wars
Harry Watts
Harry Watts:
It’s good they didn’t defeat Vader, but instead only just managed to escape him. Shows how feared and powerful he is.
kevin lewis
kevin lewis:
BD saying goodbye to Cordova is so heartbreaking the droids in Star Wars are always so well done I think BD might be my new favorite.
Highly Opinionated
Highly Opinionated:
Now, THIS is Star Wars.
Cal: *breaks the holocron* so where to now?
Everyone: did he really just--
Free Krieg
Free Krieg:
i didnt really realize how powerful darth vader was until this
Such a breath of fresh air. Game looks stunning graphically, and storyline is absolutely amazing and original. Thank you, for a truly good game.
isaias santiago
isaias santiago:
Is it just me, or does it seem like something is going on between Cal and the Nightsisters Merrin?
If so, they would be an interesting couple. Actually I really liked that she joined the team, it is something that had not been seen before in my opinion.
Other than that, Veader's scene was masterful, they really honored him with that.
TmanTheTdog _
TmanTheTdog _:
3:05:29 *LIKE I NEED BACKUP TO KIL- dies**
Big Husko
Big Husko:
Vader: You would be wise to surrender.

Cal: *WeLl YeS, bUt AcTuAlLy No*
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold:
whether he's playing the Joker or a jedi, Cameron Monaghan is one of the best actors around!
Jerome Valeska: I am the superior out of all of Cameron's characters
Cal: hold my light saber
Image how powerful a child will be from a nightsister and a strong jedi damn
Parallel Flpsy
Parallel Flpsy:
This ending makes me realize a Vader stand alone or at least a movie to show how badass Vader was in his prime is very much needed. Hell I’ll even take a show
Marc Pascual
Marc Pascual:
3:03:17 - That sense of fear in her eyes. Wondering what is going on. Then... you hear the breathing with the low chorus playing. Soon..., sense the fear. Such a great scene!
1:05:27 "A Jedi... This is what I've trained for-"

*W A C K*
Callum Jones
Callum Jones:
honestly, who loves BD-1, it's so cute
Matthew Spriggs
Matthew Spriggs:
Cal's master was Lasat? Interesting considering their entire species was sensitive.
So..... Cal and Merrin? 😏
Poke Mon
Poke Mon:
Wait this take 5 years after ROTS...Still alive YODA is HMHMHMHM
Brandon Biondo
Brandon Biondo:
Respawn prints gold. Just pure gold.
Loreaiga Prime
Loreaiga Prime:
is it just me or is Trilla lowkey fine?
did EA actually manage to make a good game?
William Kaye
William Kaye:
knighting with an inquisitor's lightsabre cool
Kotaro Seta
Kotaro Seta:
Why...does Cere's face look unfinished?
Bruh Vader be lookin dummy thicc
Anthony MacRobert
Anthony MacRobert:
I loved the ending so much. It really did an excellent job portraying the extreme power of the force Darth Vader had at his disposal. While cal is good it's obvious his connection to the force is not even close to the chosen one. When he got stabbed I was thinking oh shit force stabbed with your own lightsaber no match.
20:46 I got a good laugh at the reality where he misses that jump and the game ends right there lmaoo
donaldthescottishtwin (DTST)
donaldthescottishtwin (DTST):
3:04:11 lol Vader literally swatting a fly away.
StaTTiic Twenty
StaTTiic Twenty:
OMG this was like literally a movie enjoyed every single bit of it
nO MoRe PaStA
nO MoRe PaStA:

“Hmm yess use the FLAME throwers on the FLAME beetles”
Purge Trooper: “A Jedi. This is what I’ve trained for.”

Inquisitor: "A jedi. This is what I've trained for."

Just dies
Mann of Dober
Mann of Dober:
*Destroys Holocron*

"So where to now?"
Damn as a prequel fan seeing all of those old broken down and scrapped venators at the beggining makes me sad 💔
jonhalo9117 lopez
jonhalo9117 lopez:
Something tells me they're are gonna do a sequel of Jedi: Fallen Order in near future when Star-killer makes a return appearance
Nik Rutherford
Nik Rutherford:
I thought Prauf was going to step forward and "I'm sparticus", claiming to be the Jedi in hiding in order to protect Cal.
Kelsey Hughes
Kelsey Hughes:
1:45:25 - 1:46:20 Greeze must like his steak extremely salty
Ton Jirasit
Ton Jirasit:
The last part. I feel like watching Vader scene in Rogue One again.
Hey, I take my steak rare.

OH... Oh I really like this one.
Tama Matu
Tama Matu:
Damn I forgot just how scary Darth Vader is
Rissan Miranda
Rissan Miranda:
2:35:05 ah these two lovebirds of Cal Kestis and Merrin
James Sitze
James Sitze:
Am I the only one who thinks cal and merrin should be a thing.
One smart chimp
One smart chimp:
Merrin and Trilla looking like they want something freaky
The Dude
The Dude:
1:44:08 when you see decent stories for the campaign in a Star Wars game in 2019
Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson:
Funny how everyone bitched about the white male protagonist, and now they see the varied cast of compelling characters and are like, "wow, this is really awesome."
Let’s just talk about how Vader was barley even trying he was literally seeing how strong they were and then tossed them aside like rag dolls unbelievable how powerful he is 💪
"Like i need backup to kill you"
Connor Kirrane
Connor Kirrane:
3:05:29 “like i need backup to kill- “ sorry what was that? I couldn’t hear you over how dead you are
Scott Glennon
Scott Glennon:
1:05:28 "Years of academy training, wasted!"
Brandon Wilburn
Brandon Wilburn:
I like her sense of humor 👍
Elias Peña
Elias Peña:
Cere was so tight when cal broke the holocron lmfaoooo. you can just see the
"we did all that…..FOR NOTHING" look on her face.
even tho they still saved the kids from the empire
Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández
Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández:
"We can't let the sacrifices of our closest ones be for nothing".
"What gets in the way, becomes the way"
Shit's so deep man, danm! Cool messages :)
Colin P
Colin P:
Am I the only one who think Trilla and Nightsister Merrin are hot? Hell even their actresses look pretty cute too
Mark /Carr
Mark /Carr:
These 3 hours of cutscenes are better than TFA and TLJ
Gamerjay 3ds
Gamerjay 3ds:
Cal has some good hair gel even if he went underwater it still will stay the same
EBrix Studios
EBrix Studios:
20:50 *jumps way to the left of the ramp*

*lands precisely onto the ramp*
Olaf Widuliński
Olaf Widuliński:
3:03:20 on...
It's so beautiful. Seconds before Darth Vader walks in, you know Trilla is panicking. She senses his presence and his second to none connection to The Dark Side of the Force. I love this scene, and I love this game/now movie more than all disney's combined. Unless Rouge One.
M D:
Why are graphics so shitty? The game’s been out like for 10 seconds
super hero
super hero:
Trilla: " I have carried so much hate for you."
Vader: Lemme stop you right there.
Mirsab Naeem
Mirsab Naeem:
Ninth sister: honestly, you’re not worth my time, so let’s make this quick.
5 seconds later:
Ninth sister: I can wait!
kenneth ruffin
kenneth ruffin:
*Getting Attacked by Ninth Sister*

*Giant Dragonborn Bird uses Fus Ro Dah*
Chief _
Chief _:
“A Jedi, this is what I’ve trained for”

Seconds later: “uuurrgghhh”
Mohammad Akoush
Mohammad Akoush:
Every single detail in this game has been made with extreme care and pure star wars sense. Really a great job. Just the game was too short for me and never got to feel enough of it..
Jump now! Misses by 15 feet. They should have had an edit for that.
2:44:07 uh-oh...keep the younglings away from Zanny
3:05:28 Stormtrooper: "Like I need backup to kill you" immediately gets killed XD
The only time Storm Troopers are accurate is when you deflect their shots with a lightsaber
Ch Pe
Ch Pe:
I watched this entire thing like it was a movie and i'm watching it for the second time. This is soo much better than the recent newer movies with Rey and Finn. Better story, better dialog, better characters, better acting, better soundtrack and more suspense than the newer movies with Rey and Finn.
When you realize that Cere was shooting a blaster at the 2nd Sister given their history, wonder what was going through her head at that moment.
Churchill Family
Churchill Family:
The nightsister said there isnt a way to bring her kind back...just have kidd with cal. Period
1:05:27 " A jedi, this is what i've trained for"

*instantly get's swatted*
Moises Mouret Arzaba
Moises Mouret Arzaba:
I didn't know Master Bra'tac also trained in the way of the Jedi!
Vader, truly the most unfair final boss

Really makes you appreciate how powerful Luke had gotten to be able to fight him later on
Here we go. Gonna save me my 60 bucks
Phantom Penance
Phantom Penance:
Just like in Rogue One, Vader only needed five minutes
They call me dingleberry
They call me dingleberry:
A part of me wanted everyone to die from Vader
20: 49
Rescuer: Jump now!

Protagonist: Completely misses jump by a long shot