Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – “Become a Jedi”

Much like an energy field that binds the galaxy together, the fantasy of taking up the lightsaber and reaching out with the Force is a fantasy many - young and old - find timeless. With the release of STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, that fantasy is within your grasp. It’s time to ignite your lightsaber, use the Force, and Become a Jedi.
Respawn Entertainment’s third-person action-adventure game, STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™, is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this holiday season, November 15, 2019.
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Moral of the story: Throwing flashlights through windows will win the heart of any parent.
Leafy Card
Leafy Card:
Imagine getting hired to be like “ PEW,PEW, PEW”
Keith Eilish
Keith Eilish:

Construction workers: Pew pew pew pew
Rebecca Denicola
Rebecca Denicola:
I love how these trailers always have to establish "not actual gameplay" 😂😂😂
phenox spartan
phenox spartan:
“Become a Jedi”

*Laughs in Sith*
Captain Smalls
Captain Smalls:
Y'all are missing the point, the trailer isn't for us who would go out and buy the game ourselves. This trailer is for parents who are looking for Christmas gifts for their kids. It's supposed to make them nastalgic for their childhood.
lalo arce
lalo arce:
1:20 soresu's position.... Obi wan: that's my girl "
Nick Wright
Nick Wright:
EA Execs: How much nostalgia should we put in this trailer?
Developers: Yes
Marco Pusheen
Marco Pusheen:
When a star wars ad looks more interesting than a the last SW movie
Georgios lucasfilmos
Georgios lucasfilmos:
That girl is young Hannah from Netflix's German series "dark
Edit: Her name is Ella Lee
T Lev
T Lev:
And The Best Dad In The World Award goes too:

"Construction Dad"
Reason for your worker's comp claim?
"I was pretending to be a stormtrooper and got force pushed off the dock."
That’s the girl from “Dark”
Git Sum Gaming
Git Sum Gaming:
EA: "Become a Jedi"

Me: Are you saying I can't become a Jedi?
Boss: *looks at his workers* ‘Get back to work!’
akg akg
akg akg:
This video it's one: What if Cal Kestis has a daughter.
Qiao Hu
Qiao Hu:
It's Hannah! She time traveled from Winden.
Bravo girl
Bravo girl:
Funny that they put it that she's playing outside using her imagination, and it a video game commercial.
Spencer Evans
Spencer Evans:
Awesome! Really shows the innocent imagination of a child and how the heroes of Star Wars such as the Jedi including Cal Kestis can really inspire children to be greater
Lifting a person in the air using the Force:
"Professional stunt. Do not attempt."
Ryan Rouberte
Ryan Rouberte:
"This thing needs more Gungans"

- deepfaked George Lucas
When the bosses daughter is star wars fan.
Lukas Juszczak
Lukas Juszczak:
The moment whe EA game makes me react harder than Star Wars movie.

Strange times indeed.
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Ea Star Wars: Become a Jedi Me: That’s why I’m here
Josephine Gentallan
Josephine Gentallan:
My favorite part is where all the guys start going "pew, pew, pew"
James Hunt
James Hunt:
That score is freaking amazing
eerypoet4 arc5555
eerypoet4 arc5555:
1:18 "Attack, Kenobi!"
T-Top Deluxe
T-Top Deluxe:
I KNEW that was Ella Lee from Dark :3
Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Garcia:
"For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were guardians of peace and justice in the Republic ... before the dark times ... before the empire"
EA Starwars: become a Jedi
The senate: whoah we don’t do that here
EA:"become a jedi"
Darth vader:"the dark side is more powerful than a light side"
Power and Mismatch the Droid
Power and Mismatch the Droid:
Y'all notice how the second end of the lightsaber flickered, showing it was broken?
Aight why is the angle here that anyone can be a jedi in the game, when there is no character creation? Am I the only one bothered by this?
"Become a Jedi"
> Not set during the Clone Wars
Yeah okay
Sean Palpatine
Sean Palpatine:
EA Star Wars: Become a Jedi
Me, an intellectual: that's the point, sergeant
Sebastián Harrise
Sebastián Harrise:
She is Hannah from DARK
xx Roll Out xx
xx Roll Out xx:
I just want the music for this trailer
“Do not attempt”
Well it is Opposite Day
Isak Isak
Isak Isak:
I always liked these live action trailers you do, they have a certain charm to them.
Rob Cram
Rob Cram:
"Not actual gameplay" - really?
(>*~*)> I love when they bring to live a game, a history, a universe, in or reality. 🌟
laz Borker
laz Borker:
Offline DLC maps for Battlefront 2015 !!!!!
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum:
When you guys make the next Jedi fallen order, please make a "battle styles" menu, where you can switch between the maybe new moveset(s) and the original.
Schnarchei 65
Schnarchei 65:
How much does Ella Lee look like a young Daisy Ridley ? Sign her up for the origin saga now !
Lunar Scorpio
Lunar Scorpio:
1:18 Obi-Wan’s theme while going on Soresu form.

True Star Wars fan.
Mr. Yoda
Mr. Yoda:
When you wanna ground your kid for for a week breaking your boss’s window, but she’s just being a Jedi so it’s all good.
Big Dan's Livestreams
Big Dan's Livestreams:
-Construction workers, 2019
Алексей Валуйский
Алексей Валуйский:
Well, this is just cute.
Robomonkey 89
Robomonkey 89:
EA: Become a Jedi
Me: Wooohoo lets do this!
EA: A fee to be sure, and a hefty one...
Your mother wanted you to have it when you were old enough, but I wouldn't allow it. I feared you might follow my old co-workers on some damn fool idealistic crusade
(like I did long ago in a galaxy far far away).
Max Gajevic
Max Gajevic:
I just like how all the workers seem to be so friendly with the boss’s kid here that they join in on the fun and act as stormtroopers.
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin:
Still don't know what the game is about :)
Scotty Do
Scotty Do:
"Become a Jedi"

Bold of you to assume I am not one.
Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen:
*7:00 AM*

Contruction workers: *so anyway, I started pew pewing*
Lars Uppling
Lars Uppling:
Tiny detail is the postcard (?) labeled "KASHYYK" on the same wall where he has the pictures of his family.. took me 5 views before i spotted that. x'D
Raghav Raghu
Raghav Raghu:
When the star Wars theme hits ! ♥️
Just Ted
Just Ted:
Love that "not actual gameplay" blink and you miss it moment, it's to be expected though.
CC Lewis
CC Lewis:
Love this Ad, perfectly captures how I picture myself. This game is going to be stunning, Respawn made it, they are under EA but okay by much different rules
Whaby Samir
Whaby Samir:
Obi Wan's pose at 1:18 !!! XD
Too Much Sauce
Too Much Sauce:
EA finally cares about the players
And for that take my 70$
Games amazing so far! Can we please remove the “press A to respawn” like what else am I going to do lol
Me: "So I play as a delusional schizophrenic little girl who attempts to win her neglectful father's attention back by using her witch powers to torment his coworkers and commit destruction of his company's property?"
EA: *Not actual gameplay*
Peter Kaprielian
Peter Kaprielian:
Ha! "Single-player campaign."
Ha Ha Ha.
Seriously though why.
Medicine Sky Feathers Productions
Medicine Sky Feathers Productions:
Looking back on this really reminds me of the days the lads, ladettes and I would come up with our own star wars stories and let our imagination take over.
W M:
EA, well done on this game - seriously.
First EA game Ive bought in 6 years
Christopher Stanley
Christopher Stanley:
Aaawwwww, That's so adorable!!! :D
Yeet my child off a bridge
Yeet my child off a bridge:
“Professional stunt, do not attempt”

*That sign can’t stop me because I can’t read!*
"Not actual gameplay."

Yes... Thank you...
May Angel
May Angel:
Protecc this girl. She's one of us know. Using the Force irl *"Professional stunt. Do not attempt."*
Robert Harmon
Robert Harmon:
Resspawn, thank you for making this game. Thank you sticking in there and giving us want we want. Thank you for listening to us.
someone random
someone random:
This is so wholesome I love it
EA: Become a Jedi
Me: Ok!
The Senate: Execute Order 66
The whole “Professional Stunt. Do not attempt.” got me after watching this video... 😂😂😂
Tai Moya
Tai Moya:
This is kind of adorable
Elix Pro
Elix Pro:
EA:Save me respawn, you’re my only hope
abominacja abominacji
abominacja abominacji:
EA, WE WANT TO PLAY DLC MAPS OFFLINE in battlefront 2015 !!!!!!
Miroslav Štěpánek
Miroslav Štěpánek:
"I am Je-... aah, no, please don't kill meeeeee!!"
IDnoa Quasar
IDnoa Quasar:
I will "Knights of the old republic 3" similar to "Dragon age inquisition"🙏.
If Jedi, bounty hunter or smuggler... In Offline Singlerplayer.
This is my dream😭
I'd like to see how the construction worker dude play acted that.
Stax McGee
Stax McGee:
This game is siiiick! Takes most of the best elements of all my favorite games(Sekisoulsborne mainly) and creates a unique experience from it for the Star Wars Universe👍 These are the type of games we need to support to prove EA's business model wrong! Buy it, it's worth it! Just wish it was a little longer, but that's how good it is, I didn't want it to end👏👏
Lil Chromosome
Lil Chromosome:
Plot twist: her lightsaber is red and she kills her own dad.

0:40 She looks like the Star Wars version or Arya Stark right there.

For a second I thought they had superimposed Maisie Williams.
The Swiss Guy
The Swiss Guy:
I do fecking love my live-action trailers!!!
Young SJ
Young SJ:
Imagine looking out your window and seeing your child with like 50 of your co-workers pretending to be the Jedi and sith
Such a great trailer! Just started playing last night! A really nice game!! :) I hope there are more story games in progress! Next a new Jedi Knight or Kotor3 please... :'D <3
Marcus Marcus
Marcus Marcus:
Great work so far on the game played a few hours and I gotta say I love it!
I like how the lightsaber effects can be crystal clear and look like an actual lightsaber in a video but not in the actual game
How to celebrate daughters b-day

Have the bois Rp with her
*me looking at the thumbnail:* IS THAT GRIMES!?
With the Mandalorian starting off great I just hope this game is worth the wait
1:17 why does a blue lightsaber ignite with a red lightsaber sound
Phillip Mendoza
Phillip Mendoza:
Man, when that lightsaber (flashlight) came in through that window I thought the dad was gonna go Anakin on her
Best seconds ever made:
"Professional stunt. Do not attempt."
jose angel calero
jose angel calero:
The Hanna Kahnwald of 1986 has traveled to the future
Jongo Phett
Jongo Phett:
I am more powerful than any Jedi!
Matthew Thompson
Matthew Thompson:
I became a jedi last night at midnight when the game dropped. Absolutely loving it y'all
Jay Standom
Jay Standom:
When a decent video game trailer gives you more nostalgia than two whole movies...
0:53 The guy is like well, might as well join them
That was so epic to the last!!!. May the Force be with this game, always!!!. *[goosebumps intensifies]*
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