Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the Best Star Wars Game I Have Ever Played

Early this morning I beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. I was genuinely blown away by the story and the gameplay. It was right up my alley, but here are my full, spoiler-free thoughts.
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Star Wars Explained
Star Wars Explained:
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Eric Bisson
Eric Bisson:
One of the stormtroopers saying "Well at least we have the high ground", was a literally a LOL moment for me.
Alejandro Olazabal
Alejandro Olazabal:
This game, especially on harder difficulties, perfectly captures what it feels to be in Cal’s position. A not fully trained Padawan in a hostile galaxy where everyone wants to kill you. Slowly learning and getting better at fighting and finding new ways to progress and explore as your powers grow. Very cool concept done very well.
This game is simply amazing it’s one of the best Star Wars story of the new Disney regime , like seriously
George Minnigerode
George Minnigerode:
So excited for this game. I appreciate the non-spoiler review
-Sir Frenzy-
-Sir Frenzy-:
Please do a lore play series when the time is right.
Santiago Canovas
Santiago Canovas:
I trust this guy more than I trust my parents, so if you like it I’m gonna buy it
Jordan Hicken
Jordan Hicken:
I'm glad you liked it so much. Being a fan of Metroidvanias, Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, and Uncharted, this game felt like the greatest love child from all those games. Truly a masterpiece!
The Second Sister is a great addition to Star Wars, she really puts a humanity to the Inquisitors, loved that character...
Garrett Goyette
Garrett Goyette:
I'm quite a fan of the fact that Cal's master was a Lasat
Elizabeth Lestrad
Elizabeth Lestrad:
After playing this, I would not be against seeing more adventures of this group (that cliffhanger ending). Would certainly love to see more character development for Mirren.
Bryant Aylward
Bryant Aylward:
I'm with you on the stubbornness. That damn huge frog on the first planet keeps smacking me around but I know I can beat it. Eventually I will
It sometimes felt like I was playing a game by Amy Hennig which broke my heart since hers was scrapped, but also made me smile because it was executed so perfectly :)
A great thing with the game is that there are only a small number of opponents with lightsabers in the game and only being bossfights.
That made those fights more impactful and more tense.
Nick Schiro
Nick Schiro:
“You feel like you could take on the whole Empire yourself, by have more success than Dak.” I’M AS DEAD AS DAK, DUDE 🤣
I’ve only played two hours and I love it so much.
I had the same issue with getting lost, I found myself looking up gameplay a LOT to progress. It got especially frustrating when it turns out what I needed to do was simply found by looking in some absurd direction or something right in front of you.

I'm a platformer myself, but I've never really played more "realistic" (if that makes sense) gameplay, so that kind of style made it feel weird to me. I'm surprised you found it more linear than you expected, because I found myself wondering where the heck to go a lot (maybe I play too much linear games lol). I'd say the game was just "good" for me. Overall I was more positive than negative, but it wasn't quite worth the hype for me. Story was mostly good though it did begin to lose me a little on the last planet, there were lots of good moments though like you said
Thanks for your thoughts on this, I'm very excited to play this game! By any chance, is there any replay value after you beat the game? Or would you need to start a brand new game?
Alex, you mentioned that there was a total of 7 planets but most of the story was taking place on 4. Can you still travel back and forth to the remaining 3 or are they one-time a only thing?
The Cambot
The Cambot:
The grandmaster of Star Wars lore has spoken
It's absolutely great.

Quite honestly the best Thing about it being *this* good is that I can just laugh at all the People who kept talking nonsensical shit about how the game would somehow end up super bad.
Alex: I have spoken.
Stuart Lugsden
Stuart Lugsden:
I guess EA finally learned to do the right thing for once since 2009: Let a company make a good game without butchering it with microtransactions/paywalls, realising it after a tight deadline where everything is still being developed and so on. If they sell it at a reasonable price then I’m completely sold.
Emerald_Fury 375
Emerald_Fury 375:
Great video Alex 🙂 that does seem right. However, there needs to a stealth mechanic in it. Because it seems just like this other game called Sekrio shadows die twice. Where there’s both an assault and stealth mechanic. And there needs to be one where for ex: you step up near a stormtrooper from behind then you put your light saber near him then you turn it on and kill him. That would be cool.
Love this game. Its great. I hope they do a future DLC for some sort of PVP/COOP or atleast to be able to play as some sort of alien Jedi.

I have not completed to story mode (thank you for not spoiling) but I already know I'd be more than happy to go through it again.
Jay Ingram
Jay Ingram:
I have been internally screaming about the finale since I first read the script. This week has been like therapy for me.
Thank you for being optimistic and fair about critiquing the game! There has been so much negativity towards Star Wars right now, and honestly, the past few years that it was almost wearing on me to the point I was starting to lose interest in what has been apart of my life for over 40 years. I look forward to this game and with the Mandalorian am getting excited again for Star Wars! Although some of the games and movies haven’t been the greatest, it’s still part of the story and honesty my life. The books and cartoons help fill some of the unanswered questions in the universe. Anyway, thanks for the review! The game looks great!
I’ve played maybe 3 hours into the game now and I have to say, despite being so short into the game, this review simply couldn’t describe the game’s feel as a whole more perfectly. The game feels fresh and free of The “EA Plague” as a long time fan of Star Wars and the lord that surrounds it, I couldn’t be more pleased/excited to be playing this game.
Eric Romo
Eric Romo:
I nervously preordered the game this week (something I never do). Your review has definitely put me at ease. I'm excited to play it tomorrow! Always appreciate your opinion.
"Fight the whole empire but with more success than Dak." 😂
This looks absolutely gorgeous. I’m so excited for this. Thanks for your review. I’m definitely gonna get this.
I've seen about 6 hours of the game and really it looks great, I love the old school Lucasarts titles like Indiana Jones and Jedi Knight and this game felt like a spiritual successor in every way with the platforming elements and exploration of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's tomb to the lightsaber combat of the Jedi Knight games. It's everything I've ever wanted in a Star Wars game.
Alicia Altair
Alicia Altair:
Just played this recently for the first time and there is one thing I wished for (besides wanting it to be longer): more force echoes having to do with the clones from the clone wars, as in, their personal thoughts and random experiences. I feel like there could have been a ton of clone wars-era discoveries in Kashyyyk and the Venator wreck and it wouldn't have to tie in with anything from other sources or involve any additional plot, just small things to highlight all those misused and forgotten heroes so many of us love. It could have even been added to NG+ or as a DLC, or perhaps have an array of possible echoes which randomly refresh when starting a new game like a deck shuffle... I'd play the game again and again just to collect them! As it is I played twice which I almost never do with games, but a little nudge in the form of additional discoveries purely for flavor and I'd keep playing it just to get that one of two lines of text here and there. Strikes me as a missed opportunity.
Got the game today and played it already for a few hours. I really enjoy it so far. It has great atmosphere, a nice combat system and Call and the other characters are also written way better than I thought. I was worried especially about Cal. I though he just might be a Kanan 2.0 but I was so wrong. He is a different and very intereesting character. Cannot wait to play the game more.
Commander Cody
Commander Cody:
I feel like Jedi Fallen Order is a template of what's to come. It's a solid game in the sense that its not filled to the brim with content. The skills are basic, everything you'd need in a skill tree. The gameplay is practical. And the story isnt too long and complicated. Only when more sequels come out will we see more content that adds a more in-depth and advanced gameplay system with more worlds and story to explore. Just my guess tho
Joseph Scherer
Joseph Scherer:
I commented on your spoiler video too, I just enjoyed this so much I found myself aggravated that the combat wasn't exactly what I wanted. I think repeating bosses OVER AND OVER again bothered me partially because it launches out of the story. You hit the other one, that as soon as I saw enemies I would go "here we go again, big fight, do I have enough stims?" where boy it would be fun to grab a few of them in surprise and then finish the rest off. Why there isn't stealth confuses me.
Matt Boesch
Matt Boesch:
They need to make a sequel to this game ASAP. I was hooked from moment one.
Thank you! This was what I needed to hear! I have been going back and forth about what to make of this game, and wheather I should buy it or not. This weekend I'll go and get it :D
I've only played about an hour so far, but I already can't wait until I come back from school tomorrow and play more. I'm liking this game very much already and I've basically only done the tutorial!
For me it's always third person > first person so I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy this game.
Jonathan D
Jonathan D:
I Love the game. The story was great and I need a second game now. Would be cool to see someone cosplay as the nightsister.
Zachary Jorgensen
Zachary Jorgensen:
I’m glad that the game itself is good, but to see that the pre-order content is locked forever unless you, well, pre-ordered it, is a massive turn off for me. Hopefully they’re just teaser items for future DLC but I’m not sure. It would seem like a complete waste not to eventually incorporate them in the game. Just because they said no season passes and microtransactions doesn’t mean no DLC entirely. And hey, I’d be up for it since it still needs a lot more things like an option to make a crossguard, curved or piked hilt, as well as dual wielding lightsabers and more colors like red, white, black and lime. There could also be some more worlds added into to the game as well if they just want to add more content into those as apposed to getting them straight away. (Hence the “Mygeeto and Umbara Campaign” hilts) I imagine it will happen though because all of the pre-order items even in gameplay are listed as “(Premium Content)”, which I guess means an added experience to the overall game that doesn’t play into the main story, which would make sense. I don’t think we’d get any new force powers though like lightning and stuff like that, but just because the Sith used them doesn’t mean that a Jedi can’t, especially in a game where you impale and slash off limbs, so I don’t know, we’ll have to see. But, as far as when and how they’ll do this DLC treatment, I’m not sure, but I’m 99% confident that there’s going to be DLC of some kind added to the game since we already have locked content that you can’t buy anymore at the moment. After all, this is EA we’re talking about. Why else would we have such unexpected new colors such as Cyan, Indigo and Magenta of all things? They’re definitely planning to keep making more things for this game.
Caelem Vaellerek
Caelem Vaellerek:
I’m so glad we finally get to play a Jedi with a saber staff aside from kotor. I hope we can get him in battlefront 2 in the future
Denkgod 227
Denkgod 227:
I've played it for a few days straight, 100 percented it, and I'm about to beat another playthrough all in one weekend, I think I love this game
Clearly you’ve never played LEGO Star Wars the complete saga
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams:
I already knew this game was good to be awesome for the first time I laid eyes on it now the the future for Star wars games has no limits!! Now I need a open world Star Wars game where we can travel from planet to planet by flying are ships with multiplayer. E.A. has created a masterpiece with Jedi fallen order there's no telling what the future holds from now on.
What a fantastic video Alex, you're a hero of the SW community! Getting JFO on Saturday!
Victor J
Victor J:
Oh my God, I'm so hyped to this game. I'll start to play as soon as they release it
One of my favorite games now. No spoilers, but hot damn the last third of this game are some of the best Star Wars that exists. The whole game is so goddamn good.
Trenbologna Sandwich
Trenbologna Sandwich:
U said it in the first minute. 3rd person action RPGs with a great story. That's literally all I ever ask for!!! Can't wait to play this tomorrow!! Thanks for the review!
Thanks for the great review. Pre-ordered it hoping for the best. Just like you, this is right up my alley. Can't wait for tomorrow.
Alana Wrisley
Alana Wrisley:
Yes!! Last of us is my all time favorite game . Can't wait for part 2. Uncharted series is another amazing series. Jedi fallen order is the most anticipated game this year for me! Looks amazing!! Seen the first 2 hrs and the story seems soo good
So excited man! I’ll have it downloaded tonight! I’ve always loved your content. And I can’t wait to become a Jedi
Craig Davies
Craig Davies:
Great review. It's my favourite genre. God of war, uncharted etc but the fact it's star wars is the icing on the cake. So glad they got it right and shows respawn are fans. Starting it tomorrow 👌
alex hartman
alex hartman:
Do you think that some time down the line we could get a lore play through of fallen order? I love the ones you’ve done with past games.
Tuggy Peppa
Tuggy Peppa:
Jedi is in my top 10 games of all time now. It's so damn great! Im actually mad it's not nominated for any goty rewards. But I think its cuz of late release date and after they chose the nominations. It's absolutely goty worthy.
Will you do a full should review or story breakdown. They're were definitely a fair few "oh sh*t" moments but where do you think the story will go from here, and what are your thoughts on implications to the overall universe/canon?
Scott N
Scott N:
the Storm Troopers were adorable the whole way through the game. The dialogue when they didn't notice you was always pretty amusing, but the fight dialogue really made me chuckle, especially when you got it down to one guy, who would often amusingly remark that they were definitely about to die, lol.
Cube Brick
Cube Brick:
Finishing Zeffo right now, and I love this game. I've always been a fan of games like Prince of persia and Tomb Raider, and since it's Star Wars it couldn't be better than this :)
I'll add that the game did a really good job making the monsters and world environments so true to star wars.
Felix Dingley
Felix Dingley:
My favourite enemy to fight is the purge troopers, they are a challenge to fight, but still beatable and its really satisfying when you kill them
Fail Spencer
Fail Spencer:
Ive played the first 5 hours of this game and it is a very good so far, almost on the level of uncharted which has set a high bar for action single player games. I'd be surprised if it doesnt get good reviews
Andrew Fenwick
Andrew Fenwick:
Thank you for the review you took the words out of my mouth this game should get Game Of The Year imo once again a great video and mtfbwy
Sullivan Laramie
Sullivan Laramie:
I was already in love with this gameplay and review, and then the Nightbrothers sent me into hyperspace.
My ranking for the best three Star Wars games:

1. Knights of the old republic

2. Jedi fallen order

3. Star Wars force unleashed
Thanks for the review! Glad to hear you liked it. You seem to have similar tastes to me so I think I might have to check this one out myself!
Liquid Richard
Liquid Richard:
Thank you for breaking the stupid embargo ! I needed to see a review for this so badly just to get more of a sense of the game.
i like the combat and mechanics, so far it seems very interesting

but i still prefer the classic SW Trilogy games from the SNES era and SEGA DREAMCAST
force unleashed and the revenge of the sith
0 0
0 0:
Not the best, but still one of the best Star Wars game ever. Ignore all these haters who haven’t even played the game saying its bad.
Caleb Chaney
Caleb Chaney:
I hope to find a fun experience through this game. I may want another traditional Star Wars RPG, but I accept this for now.
Kyle D.
Kyle D.:
I love how we’re getting a lot of Star Wars content in a period of a few months
I do have one major problem with the game and it happens pretty early. The game is apparently supposed to be only 5 years after the fall of republic. Yet the second sister is flying a tie interceptor. Which didn’t enter imperial service until 16th years after the fall of the republic. Honestly to most probably doesn’t seem like a big deal but for lore sake it’s massive.
Aodhan Fitzgerald
Aodhan Fitzgerald:
I think it’s important to note the game is 16 hours of mostly gameplay I loved the game but I felt the story coulda been a bit longer there’s not that many cutscenes and I felt the game ended unsatisfyingly
My personell favorites in the game: the clear love of the star wars animated shows. There are so many references, storyelements, etc. from those shows....i love it :)
Adam White
Adam White:
Sounds awesome! Glad it’s of the 16-24 hour variety, my only fear with this game down the stretch was the length. Sure, 40 hours would have been amazing, but the Uncharted/Last of Us length is plenty long to be worth the $60 for a game like this. Can’t wait for it to unlock on Steam!
Corey Mckee
Corey Mckee:
What is there to do after the story is done? Any replayability or post game content available?? Can you go back and explore after the credits?
d Torrey
d Torrey:
I'm very excited to go pick this up today. I think I play games very much like you, so I'm guessing I'll love it. Haven't played The Last of Us, but I love Uncharted and Spider-Man. Thanks for the review!
Amazing, some people will literally down vote anything on youtube. Great to hear you like it.
GM In Training
GM In Training:
Is there an new game plus in this game where u can stay in and continue doing stuff across the planets or is it just a one and done play through?
Great to hear about all the gppd exploration and combat...but 19-20 hours I've gotta say is disappointing for a 100% single player focused game...
Tyler Moran
Tyler Moran:
I forgot it released today. Will definitely buy it. So much exciting Star Wars content releasing recently. Very happy.
My son was playing it Monday night and I watched. I will probably end up getting it because it looks fantastic.
AT-AT Chat
AT-AT Chat:
You have spoken.

I cannot WAIT to play this.
Announcer of Games
Announcer of Games:
You know a game feels good when i can force pull a Sgt and impale him, then rush 2 scout troopers and wipe me out, deflect a blaster bolt back at the shooter and takes him out and the last guy forced pulled him to me and then forced pushed him away. Felt like a jedi after that.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee:
I really hope this becomes an anthology series. I don't know the fate of Cal, but if they are finished with his story then I think it would be great if the next one had us playing a Jedi during Luke's New Order, culminating with the Kylo Ren Massacre (with our character dying by his hand of course.) This is a time period we really need to see more of and it would be a terrible opportunity to waste. Plus, It would be so reminiscent of the Jedi Knight games.
Gio 789
Gio 789:
Please make a lore play when the time is right Id love to see it covered
Ian Pinch
Ian Pinch:
9:45 Spider-Man too. The stealth missions in that game were some of my favorites
I'm glad you like this game and I hope you do lore plays
For a channel that isn't based around reviewing video games.

This is a really good review better than reviews I've seen from people who's whole job is based around video games
Prototype 81
Prototype 81:
Kotor was the best sw game i ever played... so many memories and replays.
Hippie The Guardian
Hippie The Guardian:
Whoa 19 hours with a 90% completion is not bang for your buck. I'm really interested in this game and a Star Wars fan but I am definitely going to wait for a sale on this game. Thanks for the heads up.
I had an absolute BLAST with this! I beat it on Jedi Master at 96% completion and was hopelessly hooked every second! I've never been so interested to stop and check out every new data entry, or attentively watch every cutscene. I didn't even know that cutscenes were unskippable until I was done because I wanted to watch every single one. The combat felt very much like Sekiro which was my favorite of the more methodical combat systems. It does very much have a practice makes perfect aspect where you technically have the tools to demolish everything from the start, but you as the player needs practice to do it. Oh man, and as the story progresses, the moments just keep coming that make you shout out loud in amazement. I thought I would just like the game, but I quickly fell in love with it, and it too is my absolute favorite star wars game. Maybe even favorite game to date.
I 100% agree, been playing it since I live in AUS and it’s fantastic. Nuff said, enjoy and take your time with it because I know I’ll be sad when it’s over!
I loved Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order when it came out and i got it for Xbox One . What an amazing and fun game it was and Respawn Entertainment did a fantastic job with the game 🙂. This is the best Star Wars game in years and it felt like a modern Jedi Knight game 🙂
Daniel Guzman
Daniel Guzman:
the thing I've been looking out for several weeks one simple question is it good a big improvement over the Battlefront games finally it's amazing before even the rise of Skywalker even released
Fantastic review. Nice job! I wish I could play this, but I only have a Switch. 😩
Chris Turner
Chris Turner:
Minor thing but it's really bothering me watching your footage, the lightsaber doesn't leave scorch marks when touching the environment, something a 17 year old game had. Anyway, will definitely be picking this up at some point, probably for over the christmas break.
I'm just glad to see that even though it's an EA game there is NO forced login to a EA account before getting to the menu to play the game! That's a first in a long time! Thank God no forced EA account nonsense and no forced always online to play a single player game! Such a huge relief
I really want this game to do well to send a message to EA. Best case scenario, we get a series of games by this team that act like anthologies. Like a game set after Return of the Jedi or a game that takes place during the Old Republic. Plus that would give them the chance to build upon this foundation and make the games even better.
Based on your style of gameplay (because it’s very similar to mine) I would highly recommend god of war 2018, it’s semi violent but it has amazing characters, an incredible story, fun puzzles, and gameplay that makes you feel empowering. Please play it, you won’t be disappointed