Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

Order 66 has been executed. Once, staying alive meant hiding your abilities. Now, you must embrace them. Use the Force to manipulate your environment, master lightsaber combat, explore dangerous terrain, and remain one step ahead of the Empire.

Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

Pre-order now:

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars:
The Jedi have fallen. You will rise.
I love how all the storm troopers just stand still and wait to get killed. Very much like the movies!
The K/K
The K/K:
Guys, it’s a miracle. EA has finally put out a good game for once.
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock:
This far exceeded my expectations. The voice acting's a little hit & miss, but the combat is well done and the score is phenomenal. 19:10 is a great example of the score, but it's great throughout, really.
Is it just me or did this playthrough have more stuff unlocked than you actually did by this mission in the game??

Awesome game and demo.
The graphics on this game are amazing, I just hope the story holds up as well as it does
Splatoonist Productions
Splatoonist Productions:
I just love how they’re showing laat gunships and clone war era weapons being used by rebels, so much being brought back
M K:
This game is phenomenal. If only they spent more time clearing errors and improving the frame rate. I finished this game three times. Money very well spent. Waiting for the second part on ps5.
Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur:
Thank you EA for publishing this great action adventure-game.
I know, Respawn has developed it, but try to learn from them.
You see, when you develop on quality - instead of quantity - people feel the passion behind it, and that is something much more valuable in the long run.
People gonna admire you for it, instead of deciding not to buy your next game.
The player-base, that made you grow to what you are today, did so to encourage you to keep on innovating, but as you experienced, turn your back on them in favor for a cash-grab with easely manipulated casual-gamers is always gonna result in a severe backlash.
Those trendy casual-gamers are not reliable, and when they are bored with the latest trend, they ditch jou, and in the meantime, jou lost soma people that made jou grow.
Chance policies, and i guarantee you you have the chance to grow as one of most desired game-developers.
You have the capital to become one of the best, next to CD Project Red and some few others.
Rethink policies, and thx for this awesome game.
There are probably lots of people that bought Jedi Fallen Order to show you which direction to take, and of course, because its a good game.
Props this time EA, for trying to get rid of your bad imago.
Only be customer-friendly, and it will pay of in the long run. (observe Respawn)
Thx for publishing something great since a long time ago.

Electronic Arts, please take note, and if jou don 't, i hope you can draw this conclusion by yourself.
I’m getting huge dark souls vibes from this in terms of combat. Which looks absolutely fantastic! Sure it doesn’t look like you can die in 2 hits but I really hope theirs a difficulty setting in which we can! That would really add to the tension. Would sure be a ballsy move from the developers! This is one of my most anticipated games of the year and I hope it does crazy’s just.....EA
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs:
I,ll admit-in spite of my skepticism to the game- making those Purge Troopers actually use your Force Pull against you is kind of genius.
I imagine it has caught many a Jedi off-guard to suddenly have their enemy suddenly come flying at you ready to attack.
Connor McCormick
Connor McCormick:
This looks amazing, can’t wait to play it
Grinning Wolf
Grinning Wolf:
I am walking into this experience with an open mind, not going to speak badly about it. The Lightsaber combat seems pretty dope, and this is still an early Alpha. I think this has the potential to be a great game, personally.
Aaron Jimenez
Aaron Jimenez:
No one else caught the, “At least we have the high ground” shot this storm trooper took at 22:49?
Matthew Veeran
Matthew Veeran:
Even with EA's "reputation", I'm still hyped for this. I want a single player, new-age Star Wars game and this is it.
I seriously hope the hard mode isn't just a HP bloat for enemies, the lightsabers shouldn't feel like a baton.
Alright, I was very, very skeptical, but this actually looks good. They've kept the aesthetics pretty damn close to canon, and there are enough references in there that it's clear whoever wrote the script had a good understanding of and was very passionate about the Star Wars universe. No lootboxes or microtransactions I can see either, good job EA.

I only hope there's at least some limited modding support, for stuff like gore/dismemberment mods, or tweaks to SFX/VFX, difficulty, or whatever.
Michael Stoddard
Michael Stoddard:
So excited for the game! Thanks EA and Respawn!
This looks awesome. Graphically excellent, great combat and atmosphere, but DANG does it make me want a Force Unleashed III
Global Saturation
Global Saturation:
Loving that little droid , it’s too cute he treats it like a pet or something
They need to make an open world type star wars game where you can choose your fate like you could take over the whole galaxy and become a Sith Lord or you can be the strongest Jedi type thing that would be coll
Ight the lightsaber combat is good and the way it reacts with the environment is amazing but it should cut through enemies like a knife through butter. Also the water looks more like Jell-O. the graphics are amazing and the Droid is adorable. Hopefully u can customize your armor too
Maikon Rodriguez
Maikon Rodriguez:
Estou apaixonando por essa jogo meu deus q coisa linda!!
Daniel Forgesson
Daniel Forgesson:
I've been dying for a game like this 😍
Ammar Dewata
Ammar Dewata:
I look forward to this more than the movie
Can we all appreciate the music that actually sounds like it came from Star Wars
This has a very shadows of the empire feel, with a touch of Jedi Knight. This is /not/ a bad thing, looks like a quirky side story game that the franchise tends to do well.
Jacob Jordan
Jacob Jordan:
It would be awesome as a story focused Star Wars game if you started out as a force user and you could over time become more Jedi or sith and you see yourself slowly change especially if you chose the sith
Omg! I'm not a fan of this star wars thing but this game is so amazing graphics combat and gameplay looks amazing hopefully mechanics feel real this game looks amazing also customize for character outfits and whatnot would be definitely on game of the year list
27 Dylan
27 Dylan:
Can't wait for this game preordered the deluxe edition this looks unreal
Lots of walking and cutscenes, nice exactly what I wanted to see in an extended gameplay trailer
Acrobatic Jesus
Acrobatic Jesus:
I’m excited and I may preorder it. I really think I should wait but this looked so good.
Peppermint Cardboard
Peppermint Cardboard:
This looks SO great. I can't wait for it.
The gameplay looks good and the graphics look real. I will definitely get this game and post some videos great job EA😀👍
Nathan Boser
Nathan Boser:
Only watched the first 35 seconds to not spoil it for myself, but this looks amazing.
Xander Tucci
Xander Tucci:
This demo on the whole made more sense, was better played, and more interesting than the one shown at E3. Thanks for sharing
Ive been playing BF2. This looks awesome. I may need this as my new game. Im usually into mmo and battle type games and havent played a typical rpg in a while. Also I like the actor who plays Cal as he did amazingly well in Gotham. Nice to see new star wars characters. The time after Order 66 is super dark and while i find clone wars and new trilogy era to be more lighthearted, there is much to explore after episode 3.
Nathaniel Barbeau
Nathaniel Barbeau:
Game looks amazing. I hope that this gameplay isn’t exact as the game coming out. That would spoil it.
Thing Nasty
Thing Nasty:
This game gets me so excited to whip around a lightsaber again. Thanks, EA. for making a single player star wars game.
The Kimchi stand
The Kimchi stand:
that fight scene at the 24 minute mark is badass! I like how the dude fought the force and got dragged
I would’ve liked to see some limbs flying about like force unleashed but this shows some really cool features as well so hopefully it’ll be good
King Oscar
King Oscar:
I want a star citizen like star wars game so bad, it feels like it will never happen. Anybody else want to free roam the galaxy in their own ship? just imaging landing on corosaunt and hanging out at a bar or something. We need to chose different roles not by clicking in a menu before the game start, but by choosing one as the game progress for example; Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter, storm trooper, rebels, grey Jedi, senators etc. Make co-ops and multiplayer mode to play with friends. Such a task should not be given to EA.
This looks AWESOME. I can only imagine how it would look on PS5 😎
Bubbly Jubbly
Bubbly Jubbly:
Imagine a Star Wars game with KOTOR’s morality system, RPG elements and story with TFU’s combat. Maybe even X Wing Pilot’s aerial combat.
Stormtrooper: "I can get him!"
*1 Second later*
Stormtrooper: "UARGH"
This just looks like such a standard game in terms of gameplay
Alexander Rudenko
Alexander Rudenko:
What I always wanted from all Starwars games is enemies killed by only one hit of a lightsaber (as it is in the movies), even if it means that the Jedi I play is also has you-are-killed-by-one-punch ability. If they do that as a max level of difficulty I will buy this game twice.
MacKenzie Pitts
MacKenzie Pitts:
I want to play a demo of it so bad
I'm so hyped for this game I just can't wait to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:02 It’s a bit strange that they never used those skilled combat troopers in later epizodes.They look so OP.Also I think I kinda like the game.I’ll think about MAYBE buying it.
Dario Esquivel
Dario Esquivel:
Stormtrooper helmet can't protect against head-to-head impact.
I do really feel like the lightsabre is under powered , but at least the force powers look like they will be OP.
I like the third person AT AT gameplay. Feels very cinematic.
J's SVT Cobras
J's SVT Cobras:
The graphics are unparalleled Simply amazing. Just bought a new PC with a 1080 TI graphics card so I’m ready to play
N I N E:
It would be nice if we could see the lightsaber cutting through stuff ANDDDD if he could force jump... Droid is nice, reflecting laser is also cool and the wannabe Inquisitor is cool. Not sure about the game but I think making a playable force wielder character is impossible like it'll be nice if we could interact with everything and be able to connect (with the beasts and stuff) plus stealth would be great.
Alfo P
Alfo P:
3:42 still don't understand how clashing two helmets together causes both of them to collapse
Y G:
I hope that there will be hard difficulty where stormtroopers could actually hit someone
I barely play modern games these days but this looks phenomenal.
Trooper: At least we have the high ground
-Trooper starts choking-
giorgi japaridze
giorgi japaridze:
I hope they will do trilogy.gameplay is nice.story is epic.crew is great
Jonathan Shaw
Jonathan Shaw:
The game seems strong in the Force. But the dark shadow of EA looms over it.

We must be cautious and optimistic We must believe in Respawn.
Caristico Mistico
Caristico Mistico:
To introduce more enemies I'd put in the Saber guards, terror troopers, sith acolytes and imperial royal guards as enemies since they're all canon in the galactic empire era
No one gonna talk about how fast those LAAT Gunship’s were? God they are amazing
Alec Hendrickson
Alec Hendrickson:
13:45 This is the combat you're looking for. This simple example; amplify it
M1llsy 03
M1llsy 03:
This looks really cool. Nice work
R****e M****r
R****e M****r:
Can we take a moment to admire those beautiful republic gunships
Definally pumped for this game
17:30 best part I can’t stop laughing
I don't care much about Star Wars but this game looks awesome from my point of view!
Jeriah Green
Jeriah Green:
A open world star wars with graphics like this and a story like KOTOR would be perfect.
Troopers need to always be attacking you instead of standing around awkwardly while you kill their friends
Tamás Posta
Tamás Posta:
Actually I think this looks insane!
Le Faucon Blanc
Le Faucon Blanc:
This game is so amazing😍
Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson:
Man! This game looks great.
Amazing game I’m exited to get it it :]
Gameplay looks really good. So does the setting. Let's hope something like lackluster story doesn't kill this game.
I cant wait to start playing it!
THIS is the best single player game that EA games released in YEARS
Deimos The Chosen One
Deimos The Chosen One:
This definitely looks like a game to play on PC.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian:
From a difficulty perspective the lack of dismemberment does make sense, but I do agree that it should be in there, maybe respawn should put an on and off switch for it, problem solved.
Nathan Fortin
Nathan Fortin:
I can already tell force-pushing stormtroopers off ledges is gonna be my favourite thing to do.
Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter:
I'm buying this the first day it comes out can't wait
Who here just wants a good Star Wars game
Jamie McNeil
Jamie McNeil:
This looks really fun. Can't wait.
Troy Fowler
Troy Fowler:
I love it keep it up more videos
Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson:
Is it just me but did the gunships give you the feels?
Not a big Star Wars fan but I am excited about this game
Brandon Perkins
Brandon Perkins:
this game has a Ubisoft feel to it. either way I'm excited to play!
Weerd Munky
Weerd Munky:
I know these games look super sweet and all, and I’m sure they’re frickin’ awesome, but I think I’m going to wait for the PlayStation 5 next year. 😊
They need to make an open world type star wars game where you can choose your fate like you could take over the whole galaxy and become a Sith Lord or you can be the strongest Jedi type thing that would be cool
Idc what anyone says that initial scene of two at st walkers slowly trudging through water, vines growing up their side, with a dark overcast and luminous clouds overhead is beautiful.
A Skyrim NPCCC
A Skyrim NPCCC:
This game looks great 😳
They need to make a another K.O.T.O.R. like game this is 2019 people dont want a linear playthrough they want to be emerged in the story like they are the ones doing it customization, armor, lightsaber hilts colors etc...players want to experience the Star Wars universe like they are the ones living it and the best way to do it is make they character feel like their own...that's what made KOTOR feel so damn good and now the world is ready for games like that its time
info - Network Drilling
info - Network Drilling:
Am I like only person here who is looking forward for the new Star Wars game to come out
Sekiro Deathblow Mechanic, Dark souls fighting style, God of War Movement, and Star Wars setting?!

I don’t even care if it’s EA, it’s a singleplayer game! This looks awesome as fuck
This Gameplay Demo makes me want to play Star Wars Jedi Knights Academie again. Also I liked that you could choose to become evil, one of the best Star Wars games ever created.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (2010)
10 years later
at last true action-adventure ^^
dark wolf
dark wolf:
IT looks amazing 😲
Si fuera como un Jedi Academy, Brutal
harsha s Rahul
harsha s Rahul:
This one looks hella promising!