Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

Order 66 has been executed. Once, staying alive meant hiding your abilities. Now, you must embrace them. Use the Force to manipulate your environment, master lightsaber combat, explore dangerous terrain, and remain one step ahead of the Empire.

Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

Pre-order now:

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars:
The Jedi have fallen. You will rise.
Thunder Snake
Thunder Snake:
Back in my day we used to double jump over large gaps.
King Kimber
King Kimber:
Guys, it’s a miracle. EA has finally put out a good game for once.
Stormtrooper: "I can get him!"
*1 Second later*
Stormtrooper: "UARGH"
Aaron Jimenez
Aaron Jimenez:
No one else caught the, “At least we have the high ground” shot this storm trooper took at 22:49?
diego arana
diego arana:
Uncharted: Star Wars Edition.
They need to make an open world type star wars game where you can choose your fate like you could take over the whole galaxy and become a Sith Lord or you can be the strongest Jedi type thing that would be coll
Child Of YHWH
Child Of YHWH:
Will there ever be an Rpg anakin to Darth vader game that follows his story from start to finish ?
Dar Memos
Dar Memos:
Main Character: Try to Slice Into this one.

Me: Oh no

Battlefront 2 Campaign Flashbacks:
Trooper: At least we have the high ground
-Trooper starts choking-
Jarmoparmo L.
Jarmoparmo L.:

Obi-Wan's Utapau creature?
I seriously hope the hard mode isn't just a HP bloat for enemies, the lightsabers shouldn't feel like a baton.
“Who are you”
“Jerome Valeska, eighteen years old”
Tom Black
Tom Black:
Trooper1:They’re coming, this is it.
Trooper2: At least we have the high ground
Moments later: hElLO ThEre
Muhammad Ammar Ismail
Muhammad Ammar Ismail:
I look forward to this more than the movie
Erick Meister
Erick Meister:
We just gon ignore that spider chomping his throat at 11:26
Alfo P
Alfo P:
3:42 still don't understand how clashing two helmets together causes both of them to collapse
Global Saturation
Global Saturation:
Loving that little droid , it’s too cute he treats it like a pet or something
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank:
23:04 Quick, kill the other one before we realize the oblivious AI!
17:30 best part I can’t stop laughing
Tyler Stringfellow
Tyler Stringfellow:
Im not going to be able to play this without thinking of Jerome/Jeremiah Valeska from Gotham
Luke USCG:
if Disney didn't own star wars, you KNOW we'd be able to cut some storm trooper heads off
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs:
I,ll admit-in spite of my skepticism to the game- making those Purge Troopers actually use your Force Pull against you is kind of genius.
I imagine it has caught many a Jedi off-guard to suddenly have their enemy suddenly come flying at you ready to attack.
3:42 That good ol' helmet made of egg shell thing in Star wars... *sigh*
Jarrah Smith
Jarrah Smith:
"Don't worry I'll get him!" *literally dies 1 second later*
Josh Studios
Josh Studios:
Stormtrooper: At least we have the high ground
Obi wan: hold my drink
Carlisle SQ4RE 311ANP
Carlisle SQ4RE 311ANP:
Can we all appreciate the music that actually sounds like it came from Star Wars
I just want a better “Old Republic” type RPG open world fame
Evil r2d2: *turns head* what the hell? who the door.... oh jedi screw this im out.
The Courier
The Courier:
They way he took out the pilots was lame. Aren’t helmets supposed to protect your head from crashes and what have you.
Caristico Mistico
Caristico Mistico:
To introduce more enemies I'd put in the Saber guards, terror troopers, sith acolytes and imperial royal guards as enemies since they're all canon in the galactic empire era
Daniel Andersson
Daniel Andersson:
Would buy... but I have trust issues with EA
Yo, i swear that Jedi looks like Ian, from Shameless >_>
NEVER i mean NEVER trust EA, just wait for the release
kurp kurpy
kurp kurpy:
"this is it" stormtrooper one "atleast we have the high ground" stormtrooper 2 22:49
Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur:
Thank you EA for publishing this great action adventure-game.
I know, Respawn has developed it, but try to learn from them.
You see, when you develop on quality - instead of quantity - people feel the passion behind it, and that is something much more valuable in the long run.
People gonna admire you for it, instead of deciding not to buy your next game.
The player-base, that made you grow to what you are today, did so to encourage you to keep on innovating, but as you experienced, turn your back on them in favor for a cash-grab with easely manipulated casual-gamers is always gonna result in a severe backlash.
Those trendy casual-gamers are not reliable, and when they are bored with the latest trend, they ditch jou, and in the meantime, jou lost soma people that made jou grow.
Chance policies, and i guarantee you you have the chance to grow as one of most desired game-developers.
You have the capital to become one of the best, next to CD Project Red and some few others.
Rethink policies, and thx for this awesome game.
There are probably lots of people that bought Jedi Fallen Order to show you which direction to take, and of course, because its a good game.
Props this time EA, for trying to get rid of your bad imago.
Only be customer-friendly, and it will pay of in the long run. (observe Respawn)
Thx for publishing something great since a long time ago.

Electronic Arts, please take note, and if jou don 't, i hope you can draw this conclusion by yourself.
LK HartlyLion
LK HartlyLion:
Stormtrooper 1: "You think they're running some kind of drill?"
*Clearly Visible And Loud Explosions In The Distance*
Stormtrooper 2: "Maybe"
Нαnnеs ́
Нαnnеs ́:
damn, I wish it was set during the clone wars instead. I hope that there's atleast lots of customization.
Dark Rider
Dark Rider:
The moment I heard tarful my thoughts reverted to republic commando
xxjokux_X Blazin Austin
xxjokux_X Blazin Austin:
That lightsaber sound affect I miss playing star wars
Mikael Nyström
Mikael Nyström:
I cant wait to start playing it!
damn.. i hope there are different difficulties that change the AI. cause these AI look potato tier
moonlight lyss
moonlight lyss:
3:08 i swear that is my favorite move ever. idk if its a sith move but it looks like a sith move
chandler brown
chandler brown:
Anyone else notice how his arms are unnaturally long?
Nathaniel Barbeau
Nathaniel Barbeau:
Game looks amazing. I hope that this gameplay isn’t exact as the game coming out. That would spoil it.
GUTS 141
GUTS 141:
Shame they removed the wet hair and limitless Force power
Other than that
Everything is just like the Demo with only color changes
Dario Esquivel
Dario Esquivel:
Stormtrooper helmet can't protect against head-to-head impact.
Rogue Guardian
Rogue Guardian:
From a difficulty perspective the lack of dismemberment does make sense, but I do agree that it should be in there, maybe respawn should put an on and off switch for it, problem solved.
Is it just me or did this playthrough have more stuff unlocked than you actually did by this mission in the game??

Awesome game and demo.
Bearded Berzerker
Bearded Berzerker:
Nah, won't get excited for an EA game, even if it looks good.
They know how to market
Luke Dalanhese
Luke Dalanhese:
3:40 you trying to tell me that 2 storm troppers with big as helmets get knocked out after barely touching heads
Bryce Baker
Bryce Baker:
I just wish you could cut off limbs like in force unleashed.
Christopher Houghton
Christopher Houghton:
22:53 it’s over cal! We have the high ground
Jason Alen
Jason Alen:
19:56 "Should i T-pose him?
Jason Alen
Jason Alen:
0:05 You know a game's good when its version of "Press Start" is in the subtitles
I was so hyped about this when I first heard about it. However, when I played it, I got bored too quickly because to me it's just Tomb Raider with a lightsaber.
Mr Scribbles
Mr Scribbles:
Imagine a Shrek game with these graphics
Naked Eagle
Naked Eagle:
13:57 that rope graphics is triggering
I hope there will be a Gore-mode or at least a mod :) .
Andrew Steele
Andrew Steele:
Everyone is still asking who the lightsaber belongs to, it is in plain sight at the time given above.
General kenobi
General kenobi:
I really hope there is a ruined Jedi temple level.
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman:
Yall rememeber when lightsabers were supposed to dismember?
Kyle Frank
Kyle Frank:
3:43 If you can be knocked out inside of the helmet, what's the point of wearing it?
Jeff Strohman
Jeff Strohman:
"We should kill the droid" - "no, it's to adorable to kill"
Steven Baxter
Steven Baxter:
I'm buying this the first day it comes out can't wait
Bante Hayes
Bante Hayes:
Gotta love that star wars music.
Troopers need to always be attacking you instead of standing around awkwardly while you kill their friends
Zak Pirslin
Zak Pirslin:
The first few minutes of gameplay look exactly like uncharted...
Give us what we want, or do I need to remind you to battlefront 2?
The Retro Gamer
The Retro Gamer:
21:00 ok give these stormtroopers a promotion for shooting at something
Devin Davis
Devin Davis:
He looks like Ian Gallagher from Shameless
How can they communicate through the at-at glass during a battle? They are hardly yelling
that fat guy 123
that fat guy 123:
*stormtrooper gets taken down from lightsaber*
*trooper right next to him looks down and looks back out window*
"One shots him" 18:05
Chris Jovanovic
Chris Jovanovic:
1:45- Shadow of the Colossus in a galaxy far far away. Combining two of my favorite things!
That's some crazy awareness 23:02. Dude gets devastated and there's pieces of molten armor everywhere. Doesn't even react loool
I love how all the storm troopers just stand still and wait to get killed. Very much like the movies!
The graphics on this game are amazing, I just hope the story holds up as well as it does
Pyro Misc
Pyro Misc:
simrad optronics lp7.. never gets old
16:56 Stormtrooper "Watch for your aim"
I like how they used the Final Fantasy 10 Leveling System.
Whoever though banging combat helmeted peoples heads together should knock them out needs fired.
I just want the Witcher 3, but Star Wars you feel?
Dark Souls Star Wars Edition ?
Yeah like this suggests my content even though I haven't touched Fallen Order
Alright, I was very, very skeptical, but this actually looks good. They've kept the aesthetics pretty damn close to canon, and there are enough references in there that it's clear whoever wrote the script had a good understanding of and was very passionate about the Star Wars universe. No lootboxes or microtransactions I can see either, good job EA.

I only hope there's at least some limited modding support, for stuff like gore/dismemberment mods, or tweaks to SFX/VFX, difficulty, or whatever.
Louis Treviño
Louis Treviño:
superheroes out there like "killing people is bad"

Jedi knights: "about that..."
Matthew Veeran
Matthew Veeran:
Even with EA's "reputation", I'm still hyped for this. I want a single player, new-age Star Wars game and this is it.
D. Robinson
D. Robinson:
so awesome to see one of my boys and favorite actors, forest whittaker, in a "star wars" game...first, he was in a movie, now it's a GAME of it he's in? 😀✊👍...NICE!...such a cool thing to see.
Alec Hendrickson
Alec Hendrickson:
13:45 This is the combat you're looking for. This simple example; amplify it
22:45 "Atleast we have the high ground".. haha =)
Muu Too
Muu Too:
"Game will have no lootboxes"
"They're not lootboxes! They're 'surprise mechanics'"
Soundtrack Nation
Soundtrack Nation:
Roblox: Ah Yes, Lets Make A Sponsored Event So We Can Get The *Money*
Olga Smoleń
Olga Smoleń:
22:55 "At least we have the high ground" xD
5:51 when at-ats used to one shot ships in bf1
Gabriel Hoog Chaui Chinaglia
Gabriel Hoog Chaui Chinaglia:
3:40 The guys are wearing a helmet!!!!
By • Audio HL
By • Audio HL:
I cant wait for SW Jedi Fallen Order 2. So I can create my own character and customize it. #EA #Marketing #Strategy
Enemies that attack one at a time, enemies that don't realise when their mate next to them has been sliced by a lightsaber... Are we supposed to explain these away with the "Force"?
Chrome Dude
Chrome Dude:
3:40 what are helmets for again?
When the Trooper at 3:00 deflected the Sabre, I just thought Jedi Sekiro!