Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Respawn Entertainment's foray into the Star Wars universe balances Force powers with tough difficulty to make the best Jedi game in years.

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Daniel Lovegreen
Daniel Lovegreen:
You don’t actually have to beat the enemy that killed you to get your XP back. All you have to do is hit the enemy just one time to replenish all of your XP, life meter and force meter. If the enemy is too hard to beat just hit him one time to replenish everything then run away. Come back later to beat the enemy when your character is more developed and stronger.
E. Simson
E. Simson:
"Its not about the perfect sound of blasters and lightsabers its about overcoming adversity with the help of friends" this..a game that ties with our emotions giving it a soul making that journey all the more meaningful
Z Z:
This game is legit kicking my ass but I love it. Truly feel like I’m learning the ways of the Jedi.
I loved this game. Even though it took me multiple tries to kill each boss, I never got upset because of it. Nicely balanced game that is just a fun experience on it’s own. I really loved the lightsaber customization too. The colors look gorgeous.
Mark Time
Mark Time:
I'm not happy with EA but I'm happy for Respawn they still have a good track record.
I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I would definitely play this. Well done, guys.
Илья Страпко
Илья Страпко:
such a heart warming review! thank you guys, almost cried
EA makes a large scale battlefront game with 4 developers: awful campaign
Respawn makes a Star Wars campaign for EA: Excellent
Studio Maguyver TV
Studio Maguyver TV:
I just beat this game (30hrs.) and I gotta say I loved it. 9/10 for me. This is my 2019 game of the year😊
fantastic review. i'm in the first half and this game is easily a 9/10 for me so far. playing on jedi master caused me to get my ass kicked quite a bit. but the ass-kickery pushed me over the learning curve faster. wonderful game.
"Jedi: Fallen Order creates one of the best experiences in years because it's willing to make being a Jedi, difficult. Not just with dueling with your lightsaber, but finding your way in the galaxy". This, my friends, is how you properly subvert expectations. May the Force be with you...
Finished the game and I must say I am surprised how much I enjoyed it, didn't expect dive in expecting that. Good combo of familiar game-play (very familiar) and compelling story-telling, but that was the right move to keep me immersed. It doesn't claim to be anything else but what it is, a [good] Star wars adventure, no more, no less and it left me wanting for more. I left the credits rolling till the end, something I never usually don't do, just for good closure you know. I actually look forward to eventual DLC for this game. EA, don't fuck this up because Respawn presented you with a gift from the Force.
I wasn't interested in the game at first, but you definitely made me want to see more of it so thank you
Paradox Acres
Paradox Acres:
Honestly, *20 hours* seems pretty good for a Story-driven AAA game 😊
It looks a bit stiff compared to the incredible Jedi Knight Outcast/Academy games but the story looks great and the souls borne approach would work really well in star wars.
I want EA to make more games like this 👌🏽
Vigorous Hero
Vigorous Hero:
Playing this on Jedi Master. Even though it's no where near Bloodborne, I loved overcoming the tough bosses. A very rewarding experience.
Been a long time since they made a good Star Wars game. Takes me back, and also makes me hopeful for the future
This Star Wars game is looking fantastic! I'll be getting it eventually for sure!
Wow great review with out spoilers. Thank you. I'm happy this game is out I will definitely get it
Jake 9771
Jake 9771:
I've played, and just completed the game myself, and I can happily say it was a very enjoyable experience, other than the combat and movement. Which are both very unresponsive and glitchy at times, the combat can also get very very repetitive, and the dodging is not responsive like it should be, this brings the game down from what would be a solid 9.5 to a 7 for me
Respawn always comes through. I swear it feels like EA is only worth what Respawn is valued at, I love that studio
Kerry Baldino
Kerry Baldino:
Never expected anything good to come from Star Wars again. Thank you Respawn! Also will give some credit to EA for just giving Respawn some slack on the leash and not putting their crap in it.
Jeremy Ranelli
Jeremy Ranelli:
Overall it's a great game, I have the same complaints as most people though. It lacks from a fast travel system for at least while you are ON planet. I get not hopping from planet to planet, also I want more outfits, jedi robes, maybe some sith looking ones too. And I do wish it had new game + and I know the argument against it is that would mess up story flow, but not after you have played, and up the difficulty, it has worked for other games.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan:
A genuinely good single-player Star Wars game.
*A surprise to be sure but a welcome one*
Sebastian P
Sebastian P:
I'm really loving this game, many geek out moments
Isaac Stevenson
Isaac Stevenson:
EA is always at its best when working with Respawn. First Titanfall 2, now this. Fantastic
chris b
chris b:
This game deserves a 9 at bare minimum. It was amazing
This reviewer nailed the message. Great Job, Gamespot
It's a good game so far, I pre ordered I'm happy with it. You NEED to praise EA for stuff like this, otherwise they keep churning about crap and such
Rachel Borowyckyj
Rachel Borowyckyj:
I just started playing this game, and I am a new gamer. I love it.
Hey sincerely i found your review very informing and good and done in a matter of minutes. This is real quality level work even if it stays an opinion u make the player wanting to look for more informatio on how this game really is: seems a good game however
Just finished it def was fun. Imagine someday an open world star wars game.
Games like this is why i love games & it looks like a film, too good. Really boss, sick looking game
Great game just completed it. No ng+ oh well, if only. Game meant a lot, not only because of the narrative, but the internal conviction of Cal & other characters. Cant wait for the 2nd game. Epic game.
10 out of 10. Best game ever (tied with a couple of others).
It’s a good game, but they could have done much more with it. Definitely had potential, if they make a sequel, they need to add some replay value to it. I’ve beaten bloodborne at least 15 times, because it had tremendous replay value. This didn’t. You beat the game, and that’s it.
I'm conflicted as this needs to be bought to ensure stuff like this comes out again or Disney just need to take away the licence. So we can see more games like this as it's such a rich world.
The memory of mixing sword fight and jedi tricks in Jedi Outcast. Feel so bad ass to use force push to push the enemy that want to sword dual to you. BTW it does not borrow from other game , it is in the root of each Jedi action game such as Force Unleash
Thai Corralo Vigo
Thai Corralo Vigo:
Definitely buying. Looks awesome.

Hope they launch a dismemberement patch like Witcher 3 did to make it perfect.
Finally a good Star Wars game!!
jake moseley
jake moseley:
Very few negatives stated in this review but still gets an 8 apposed to a 9. Can anyone whose played the game tell me the primary drawbacks that would hold this back from getting a 9?
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson:
Just finished it. Wish it was longer, had more bounty hunters, less puzzles, fast travel points and more Inquisitors. I give it a 6.5/10 It could have been a lot better but definitely not a bad game. My biggest issue is that I really have no reason to play it again. Kinda feel like I wasted $70
Nig Werd
Nig Werd:
I was browsing through the steam store when bumping into this. I never cared about star wars, never played a star wars game and have never watched a movie. I saw some gamplay trailer and picked it up. After 100% completing this game, i immediately went and watched all the star wars movies from ep. 1-8. I f*cking love star wars now damn. I remember clowning my friend for being a fan boy of this franchise, now im one myself lmao. Cant wait to watch ep. 9 in theaters
The review sounded like a 8.5 to 9/10 score. I think the scoring system GameSpot uses is a bit weak compared to other outlets, as they don't allow for much granularity in scores. The difference between 80 and 90 out of 100 is quite big, and most others specify where between that range their score falls.
Bubbly Jubbly
Bubbly Jubbly:
My dream for Respawn is for them to make a 007 game. Imagine that.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez:
I couldn't believe how good this turned out. Another licensed Star Wars game from EA? Ugh... Until I played it. I smelled Dark Souls, Zelda, Metroid, and Uncharted, and the game wore all these influences on it's sleeve perfectly. My GOTY 2019 was Resident Evil 2 Remake until I played this, and now it's in my top 10 video games of all time. Maybe even top 5.
Ronnie Henry
Ronnie Henry:
It's a great time to be a Star Wars fan. With the Mandalorian on Disney+ along with the rest of the movies/series and this game coming out the same week. Not too mention episode 9 coming out next month (which tbh I don't have high hopes for, but I hope I'm wrong)
David Harris
David Harris:
I was afraid this game would not live up to hype that was building for it, but damn, I think I'm going to have to buy this game now.
i was so scared cause EA tends to destroy every games i've ever loved, but so happy this game is AMAZING. i am hooked
"By the end, it becomes an emotional and rewarding journey." 2 things EA knows nothing about.
Damn looks like such a badass & cool game
The Sentinel
The Sentinel:
Can't wait to play this game, finally EA delivered. Thank you.
Chase Austin
Chase Austin:
Quickly became one of my favorite to own; my only complaint is does that ubisoft trait of collect same looking gear, my reaction for receiving another cosmetic was. “…another poncho, wonderful”.

Would be great to have a witcher 3 type of side quest.
Difficulty reminds of the original trilogy where you start out like episode V then end up more like episode VI. Unlike prequels or Unleashed where they're way OP
john basterson
john basterson:
The boy and his droid. The most played out storyline in star wars.
Hands down the most frustrating fighting mechanics of all time; frustrating to say the least. You will never feel like a seasoned Jedi—It's grind grind grind.

Your force meter is very restrictive. Since when do Jedi have a restricted midi-chlorian meter? Not to mention, the spawn points and endless respawning of enemy's are tiresome. Most controls—fighting, jumping and climbing—are frantic, problematic, and erratic. A Jedi should feel smooth, powerful and intuitive.

I don't know about you, but I like to enjoy game play, not be so frustrated with it, that you learn something new about yourself—R.I.P. controller.

It's a beautiful game and decent story, but rent if possible or wait for a price drop.
Ben medeiros MA-MID Martial arts
Ben medeiros MA-MID Martial arts:
Love the easter eggs towards genreal grivious. Grand inqusitor and other lore.
Dawn Chasers
Dawn Chasers:
got this on autumn sale on steam for around 25 usd, looks good can't wait to try it out
Crisp hot heat drupe enthusiast
Crisp hot heat drupe enthusiast:
I’ll wait for this 20 hour game to go on sale
A review that points out some of the faults, that gives more confidence then only praise.
Now give us NG+ with locked difficulty and even more rewards. And keep those DLC's coming so the game stays alive! :)
I had no doubt that Respawn would make their first star wars game an excellent one.
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz:
If you're actually old enough to remember when Dark Forces was new, this is the Star Wars game you really thought they'd have made by now
Respawn proving again that they're about making good games.
Mr. Kimble
Mr. Kimble:
I'm loving the game!!! Hopefully the film's stop with the nostalgia bullshit and start making film's with new and interesting charactes.
Gold Connor
Gold Connor:
Praise the lord EA finally did something good, by not interfering with this game’s development and let them make a good game
If you can't use Force Pull on a group of enemies while Force Jumping over them, causing them to fly eighty feet in the air and fall to their deaths, like you could in the latter stages of Jedi Outcast, then I'm not impressed.
I'm not surprised this is an awesome game, it's Respawn we're talking about.
I felt the AI was awful. I'm a huge star wars fan and I must say the story was dope! However, gameplay was not what I was expecting. For a massive franchise like star wars with an almost unlimited spending ability... This game really only touches the surface of "what could've been." I feel that consumers like myself have a much higher demand for interactive gameplay than ever before. We know what IS possible and when a game developer doesn't meet our expectations than it makes the experience entirely forgettable. EA Sports has much to learn but are on the right track. The story was also very predictable... Would've been nice to see some twists in the overall plot of the story. Rating: 6.5/10

Hope you enjoyed my review!
Reminds me of the awesome Episode III game for PS2. But a bit more nonlinear and challenging.
Just discovered this in Game Pass and I love it.
Michal Mlynarski
Michal Mlynarski:
Strange - the review was almost glowing and very positive. And only 8 out of 10? What were the downsides that whittled that score down by 2 points? I didn't hear almost anything damaging to the game...
Sevyn Leombruno
Sevyn Leombruno:
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order-Is a great game with unprecedented reviews
Fans-“Wait, that’s illegal”
The controls and animations for certain things are little wonky. Also I hate that all the upgrades for the lightsaber were basically all just cosmetic. Would have been cool if they Incorporated upgrades that did more damage,stun enemies etc.
Nick Coy
Nick Coy:
Im addicted to this game! Played over 15 hours this weekend and all i want to do is go home from work and play more.
Pedro Brazon
Pedro Brazon:
damn, THANK YOU RESPAWN, for not letting star wars go down in flames! im gonna buy this game right away
I wasn't interested at first, but this review gives me hope.
A little confused by the rating. Only negative they mentioned was that it's sometimes too difficult and you have to backtrack a bit?
Yon Sire Liege
Yon Sire Liege:
It seems like the lack of dismemberment really spoils the flow & impact of combat
I am trying to love it. A few things keep bugging me. The movement and gameplay just feels like it is a generation or two behind. Excellent graphics. But I feel like I am playing a remaster. Like an Uncharted 1 feel. Nothing wrong with that coming from that day and age. But it lacks the fluid motion from movement to movement in today’s generation. Camera movements are also just too snappy that it feels stiff, lacking a fluid gameplay cinematic feel. My other issue is the main character. I just can’t unsee him being “that guy from Shameless”. It distracts me from what should feel like a unique and new character.

I’m not very far in. And I do like the game so far. But the gameplay and character distractions are keeping me from getting sucked in. I’m trying to find that one moment that is going to grab me. I hope it’ll come soon.
Rise of Skywalker better be worried. I don't think it will live up the quality of the Mandalorian and Fallen Order. Weird turn of events...
Joey G
Joey G:
The lightsaber battles looks amazing for once
The game is not frustrating at all. It was really really easy. I played on Jedi Master for my first playthrough and I never struggled. I beat every boss on my first or second try and I am not a pro gamer.
Peter E
Peter E:
For the first time ever, I'm actually gonna buy a star wars game, hopefully the combat holds up to what I'm used to playing games like Sekiro and Dark Souls.
Tony Barnes
Tony Barnes:
Well its about damn time that we finally gotten and good single player game, thanks Respawn.
Putting this on the highest difficulty for the full star souls experience
Jay Jonah
Jay Jonah:
EA is killin' it, Need For Speed Heat last week then Star Wars Fallen Order this week; two hits, two weeks in a row & not one microtransaction or loot box in either game. 🔥🎮
Justin T
Justin T:
One thing that's kind of silly is to say 'grounded and believable', it's a video game it's star wars, it doesn't have to be either of those two things because it's fantasy.
The game felt way too unforgiving to the point where fighting enemies felt more like an annoying chore than anything even remotely satisfying. I know it's supposed to be Dark Souls-ish but it feels like it failed to be even remotely like that. Less of a challenge more of an annoyance. I was hoping for combat similar to Jedi Academy. Damn shame
You know what, Gamespot? You just changed my mind about this game. I actually really dig it now, and I had nothing but salt beforehand. It looked like just another souls borne game to me and I was pissed at first, but now you got me thinking way differently. Might pick it up on black friday
Thanks for that story spoiler 1 minute in that was in none of the trailers, really made me glad I waited for reviews to pick up the game
Iain Young
Iain Young:
Just to say I could have done without you spoiling what the main quest was and showing us Cal using double lightsaber. Would have liked to discover that for myself. Both ign and easy allies managed this. You didn't. Unimpressed.
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter:
Him being an Oder 66 survivor when he was a child is a badass backstory.
OvD Gaming
OvD Gaming:
I am so glad this game wasn't a disaster...I can't wait to play it
Joakim Lindberg
Joakim Lindberg:
I love this game!!
Doctor Gadget
Doctor Gadget:
I’m surprised this games not getting 10/10 it’s the best 3d metroidvania if ever played in well over 26 hours in on grandmaster mode.
Samin Yeasar
Samin Yeasar:
EA actually instead of forcing players to buy a early released game for 60 bucks where you'll still have to progress via lootboxes made a great single player game des[ite their opinions about how they thought this great genre was dead. Also thank you Respawn for another great single player story.
It would be nice if you had dialogue option so you could control what's said between the NPC's.
Dude respawn really only knows how to make hits lmao honestly one of my fav development teams I might end up getting this if i can put down apex