Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC, Xbox One X, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the first new single-player Star Wars game in a long time and is developed by Respawn, the creators of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

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An EA game with cosmetic items that are earned in game instead of being micro-transactions? What is this, 2002?
JR Burns Red
JR Burns Red:
Hopefully this opens EA's eyes and they make more single player Star Wars games... Would love to have a new Knights of the Old Republic 🤗
This is the best star wars game I've ever played, and believe me I've played them all. A real adventure, great story, great gameplay. Totally worth it!
I’ve always wanted to play as a young Rick Astley
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk:
Just finished the story, and I loved every minute of it
I gave it 10/10 when one of the Troopers said "Wish I had better aim."


This atleast proves one thing. People behind the game actually Loved the property.
Avilio Bruno
Avilio Bruno:
EA: "Singleplayer game is dead"

Also EA:
Charlie Quinn
Charlie Quinn:
I finished this game this evening, and it was incredible. I loved it so much. Easily the best single player game this year by a long shot.
Avilio Bruno
Avilio Bruno:
Mark Hamill : "A Jedi becomes Joker"

Cameron Monaghan: "Joker becomes Jedi "
Respawn carrying EA single handedly on its shoulder
I’m 20 minutes into the game and let me tell you. It plays like a Star Wars movie. Real SW fans who’ve enjoyed the original movies for years won’t want the ride to end. Worth the $25 digital delux on ps store currently. Very pleased
Raptor Unhinged
Raptor Unhinged:
This is one of the most fun, entertaining, breathtaking, nostalgic Star Wars games I have ever played and I would even rank it among my favorite games ever! There were some minor bugs and a few things that could have been tweaked, but I consider it a success when finishing the main campaign leaves me wanting even more! Star Wars as an anthology is something heald sacred in the hearts of all whom it has graced, almost feeling like a religion at this point! That being said, fans hold a high standard for anything that expands upon the original storyline which demands high-quality entertainment. I will always have an unconditional bias to anything Star Wars, but just know that this game is fricking phenomenal and I can't wait to see what comes next in the franchise, in terms of games and movies. Disney has made some pretty greedy choices when it comes to Star Wars, and with the prequels there have always been those against new material, but as long as they keep dishing out fresh stuff like the Mandolorian and games like this, I'll be there!!!
Between the exploration, combat, and Metroidvania-like design, it feels like this game took every great idea and innovation in gaming over the past 15 years and and molded them together perfectly. And for someone like me who isn’t even a Star Wars fan to be so captivated that I really wanted to play this, it really speaks to the game’s quality.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams:
“This game really makes you FEEL like a ginger”
9/10 it’s got a little something for everyone- IGN
Arthur Liarte
Arthur Liarte:
Best EA game of the year is single player.
Adam Goth
Adam Goth:
Respawn is such a great game company. They made this fantastic game and the titanfall series. I feel like they need more love shown to them then they get.
Alexis Alidis
Alexis Alidis:
I will give Jedi fallen order 10/10 because it is everything I want in a star wars game
Just started playing this but it never ceases to amaze me how game studios can create a better story/SW experience than the recent movies.
Pretty hard for me to get over how great this game was! It did have some choppiness as the data loads, but it was a beautiful complex game with a great story.
It really makes you FEEL like a Jedi. There’s a little something for everyone. 9.9/10.
Jordan Blue
Jordan Blue:
This same concept needs to be applied to a Star Wars game specifically set in the clone wars.
This game is a masterpiece, a must have for Star Wars fans.
Without the doubt the toughest ‘boss fight’ in this game is the boss fight called’Find your way back to the Mantis’ - even DS gave us fast travel. I seriously hate exploring in this game now, as I don’t find the rewards enough of an incentive to spend ages walking around such a confusing map.
Charlie Cruz
Charlie Cruz:
Finished it today after 2 weeks of playing it every day. The game was so much fun that I'll remember it has one of my 2022 highlights.
W.A Vanroose
W.A Vanroose:
The best game of EA this year is a single player...let that sink in
Ingeborg Svensson
Ingeborg Svensson:
Great game, I loved every minute of it. Single player, no micro-transactions. EA is back on track.
I love this game it is absolutely phenomenal.
Matthew M.
Matthew M.:
This game is easily a 10/10. I haven’t been this invested in a single player game in a while.
E. Jones
E. Jones:
I have never been a fan of the Star Wars franchise, but this game is a wonderful introduction into that world. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the game play. The only major gripes I have, only one weapon (no laser pistols or anything) and it was way to short!! I hope they make some DLC for this and continue to build of this!! Great job!!
Prince Cachou
Prince Cachou:
“Like Dark Souls”

I want a sequel to this game so bad. I loved ever second of it. One thing I recommend if they make a second one is the customization option. not the lightsaber because that was great but the ponchos. The one thing that keeps me going in games is the awesome gear you get from exploring. I would love to see cal in jedi robes, commander armor like obiwan in clone wars, or a sith outfit. All unlock-able through exploring the worlds opening chest. Thats what would make the game a 10/10.
This isnt a game by EA, all credits should go to respawn entertainment.

EA can go to hell.
Bless Respawn Entertainment.
Healer K2
Healer K2:
I loved the game but I wish the campaign was longer I hope that if they make a 2 that the campaign is longer there are more side quests

I really hope that Merrin has a bigger role in the next game because I love her and its kinda dumb how she joins only to be on the ship the entire time.
Also did anyone else see that hug at the end I really hope they develop a romantic relationship between the two characters that'd be awesome I also hope they fix the bugs and makes the fighting more balanced but it is by far the best Jedi playing game
I feel like there is room for a sequel, I hope they do one
Boss Hawg
Boss Hawg:
I’ve been playing for about 5 hrs now and I’m honestly shocked at how fun this game is. It’s super addicting and the combat is so smooth.
Maaz Jilani
Maaz Jilani:
Just played the game for the first time on PS5, incredible.
I would love 2 single player star wars games going over both the prequel and sequel, idk just seems like a very fun type of story mode to actually play first hand with today’s graphics
Dan is by far my favorite IGN reviewer/staff.
The Dadliest Gamer
The Dadliest Gamer:
It's interesting. I just came from a Shenmue III video where they said that Ryo being bland and unremarkable is why he is such a great player character. It allows the players to relate to and imprint more of themselves on the PC and then the designers surround them with interesting NPC's. It seems Respawn went the same direction here.
Andre S
Andre S:
I was a blubbery mess at the end. I loved it so much. This, and the Mandalorian have validated SW for me this year. Sequel please!!
Sarah Skies
Sarah Skies:
They need to make more single player games like this.
Michael Hidderley
Michael Hidderley:
Bought this game last night, it’s amazing. Definitely worth buying.
Joshua September
Joshua September:
For a while I thought I was getting bored of games and that I could no longer enjoy and have fun playing them. I just 100 percented this game. Loved every single bit. Except Zeffo. Horrible map.
This is the first game that truly makes me feel like the batman
This is easily my favorite second favorite single player game just barely behind RDR2. This game is absolutely amazing and makes you feel like a Jedi not even joking
Ur-Quan Gamer
Ur-Quan Gamer:
Very comprehensive review but by now I got the chance to play it and I like it a lot. Great game!
Tony L
Tony L:
i didnt think ea had it in them. i love this game. its a masterpiece. and the story is way better then the latest movies out. im glad this game didnt have any coop but a part of me does wish this game had pvp. the other part of me feels pvp or any mutiplayer function would've ruined the exp. either way im glad with what we got. this game is a masterpiece.
seriously one of the best games I have everr played, Initially I was really annoyed with it because it doesnt tell you how the map works exactly...for some people it could have been clearer but once you figure it out it becomes very easy! I just love the game...LOVE that you get to choose your own lightsaber color and customize it. It's just amazing, the flaws are little...the checkpoint resetting enemies is something that takes u out of the immersion, starts to feel like a simulation than a real world, There are lot of bugs, glitches and slight game freezes but nothing major, Overall it was very fun. I wish it had been longer though.
900 P
900 P:
See EA your best game of 2019 is single player.
3 years later and this game is still the best single player Star Wars Game ever. Played exactly like a original Star Wars movie with some great prequel throwbacks. Honestly - solid 9/10
Commie Wolfeee
Commie Wolfeee:
Ive played so many new games this year this one is very challenging and rewarding safe to say best game i played in 2019
Naughtius Maximus
Naughtius Maximus:
I’m still praying for an open world RPG Star Wars game
this game really makes me FEEL like a jedi, fallen order
Overall, agree with this review. This is a very well made single player game that EA has put together. However, this review seems to drastically under-evaluate how bad the combat really is. Fighting enemies—mostly bosses, and a few ‘regulars’—is a slow, tedious and drawn-out endeavor. Being able to par enemy attacks timely is the single, most crucial part of this entire game. This fact alone makes the game incredibly frustrating at times! EA would have done well to incorporate smoother, less calculated combat requirement à la Batman Arkham games and (yes) Super Mario Odyssey.
Heal Hands
Heal Hands:
The reason why this game is great is because of Cal's story arc. The slow build up of force gives you a unique Jedi experience.
Ya know I honestly didn't think I could love star wars any more then I already did until
I was able to play through this game..
Definitely the best star wars game Ive ever
Played and well worth the denero I dropped
On it. Highly recommend to anyone
not yet convinced.. lol, the next game is
Already In development..
Melvin Jordan
Melvin Jordan:
Just finished playing. Excellent game and story.
Prolific Gamer
Prolific Gamer:
Respawn Entertainment is really showing their class.
Two very high quality titles in a single year.
Apex Legends and Star Wars (which was previously butchered by other studios).
They got my huge respect.
The stormtrooper dialogue is fantastic and hilarious!
I think Respawn brought all the best of infinity ward with them. They know how to make a single player adventure. Under current name, Titan fall 2 and Jedi fallen order. Keep them coming please!
Alfred hoonter
Alfred hoonter:
I would've liked this game a lot if it ran better. I'm getting a lot of fps drops and stutters.
Edit : like said in the review the stuttering mainly starts when entering a new area and during some cut scenes too. The only time the game stutters during combat is in dathomir while fighting the big dog like creatures who jumps around a lot.
Seriously is no one going to talk about how sick this was 3:03 😂
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards:
Just beat the game and by far a better story than anything in 7 or 8 lol. The game is dark and has the tone of Rebels and Rogue 1.

Best ending I've seen in a long time from a Star Wars story. Played on Jedi Knight and it's hard but fun.

They could make a sequel and if they do I'll buy it. Not everyone will spend $60 on a 20 hour game and that's fine.

When it goes on sale any Star Wars fan should buy it. Yeah the loot boxes are cosmetic but it's also all in game cutscenes so seeing the saber YOU modified is nice.

Force Unleashed was great but in a different way. Cal isn't Starkiller. So he struggles a lot and that's not a bad thing.

I'll recommend this to anyone.
My Enemy's Enemy
My Enemy's Enemy:
Loved this game - though it wasn’t without it flaws. A direct sequel with bigger set pieces and space battles would be awesome
J derrickson
J derrickson:
Wow he actually made this game sound fun and not ball-numbingly difficult and frustrating
Chris Kokolios
Chris Kokolios:
we really want a sequel it was a great game
Darth Vader: how many pizza’s should we order?
Palpatine: order 66
Rico- DaSico
Rico- DaSico:
I might be nitpicking here but the fact that dead enemies disappear after a short time is incredibly immersion breaking. At least for me anyway.
Tis game really makes you FEEL like a Jedi.

It has a little something for everyone.
Frank Davis
Frank Davis:
Respawn did such a great job on this.
The Warlock
The Warlock:
Such an awesome game
Gibin George
Gibin George:
EA : Singleplayer games are dead.

*EA* : Hold my beer.

All we need for a part 2: you can switch to a gun/blaster and you can customize it like the lightsaber. More “world” to “explore” all we have is just big obstacle courses with not much to stop and enjoy all you do is go forward. We need more places to go, like a bar or a store. With side quests and people you can interact with. NPC’s living their life’. Maybe more character customization, change my hair color would be cool. Also have BD-1 be able to be tucked in and look like a backpack, I find BD-1 to be distracting and takes me out a bit.
Brian Nestor
Brian Nestor:
Great combat system…..hated the repetitive worlds and constant back tracking. If they fix that for the next game it will be awesome.
Most underrated part of this game (because it was not in the review at all) are the Storm-Troopers. Their writing is so amazing and in many parts reminded me a bit of Valves Writing (especially for Portal 2)
33 JSK Anshik
33 JSK Anshik:
That moment at 3:07 was epic
"This game's combat is basically dark souls"
- every games journalist
Magnus Häggblad
Magnus Häggblad:
The best game I played in ages in the SW line. I'm so sick of SW Battlefront and Battlefront II but Fallen order is right up my alley🙂
just finished the story of this game. Amazing, i'd give it 10/10. Hope they make an extension or a Fallen order 2
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn:
Imagine if they kept making games like this but from different perspectives from different people during this time. Like being a clone trooper before and during order 66 or something.
Best Star Wars game in years. Best EA game in even longer. Could of used a little more force powers.
There are a couple more force powers than those mentionned. You can throw lightsaber (very useful) and another ability I used only once by mistake.
Mike Jokerious
Mike Jokerious:
I haven't seen any star wars but I definitely want to play this games ,it looks ultra dope
One gripe I have with the game is that on a base PS4 and Xbox it runs very poorly and some enemies pop in randomly, some enemies are locked in a t pose, that is with my experience, other than that it is fantastic
Waited for it to become free on EA acess and just finished the game and enjoyed every bit of it!
Hoang Tuan
Hoang Tuan:
this game is amazing and has so much potential, hope they fix the unresponsive control and make the main character less dull.
Just letting y'all know, I loved THAT star wars movie. This game should have been what THAT movie was about. Luke should have been doing what Cere did, not giving up and pursuing the rebuilding goal.

I think this game will please TLJ haters, not that I'm one of them, but anyone that hates the movies story and repersation of Luke, you'll enjoy or at least think it's better than TLJ.
amazing game indeed. I can actually say I like an EA game for the first time in easily 8 years.
Niels Vanrusselt
Niels Vanrusselt:
I have to say, yes, this game is on the right track and i have to admit, EA should give this Gameplay a chance!

Take my money for once ^^
S B:
Enjoyed the game from start to finish, I really hope they make some kind of DLCs or any sequel. (for once I am willing to give you my money EA. DO IT !)
ifStatement ifStatement
ifStatement ifStatement:
Just finished the game on pc now. It was awesome!
I love the way the lightsaber feels when it's swung and duels feel like proper duals also the game environment is beautiful...that's about it tho. Personally I'm not a fan of this game. I literally play it 2-3 hours every month. If you enjoy Dark Souls and Tomb Raider this is the game for you.

This game is basically a male tomb raider in the star wars universe in which if you die you go all the way back to your last meditation spot. I really hate that last aspect of the game. I'm no dark souls fan (another game I wasted money & time on) and I enjoy tomb raider because of its thriller-action aspects, something this game lacks.
always wondered how they just killed all the jedi so easily
Always knew Respawn would pull it off well done.
Samantha Patrick
Samantha Patrick:
I love star wars games, I do wish they'd bring star wars galaxies out for consoles
Awesome game!! Glitched a few times but never when it mattered.
Lanre Oladejo
Lanre Oladejo:
That backhand lightsaber stroke @ 3:10, is my fave part of this review.
Emil Ruiz
Emil Ruiz:
Like how they got someone who knows Star Wars lore really well for this review
EA honestly been killing it lately, great games and getting rid of a lot of microtransactions. Big respect being less greedy and listening more to the people
Darmin Axel
Darmin Axel:
I remember back in the days when I had an n64 and I was playing Zelda: Ocarina of time.

Back then, we didn't have the technology for walkthroughs or hints. We use to purchase books for walkthroughs and guides. I remember spending hours on that game without no Hints or the internet. It was frustrating , but really fun when you solved something or get stuck.

I decided to play this game without any hints, walkthroughs or google. And man, i gotta say...This was so fun getting stuck for hours, trying to solve something. It bought back that feeling from back in the days.

I highly recommend playing this game without hints or the internet. It's so fun.

Definitely the best star wars game.