Star Wars Profiles - Episode #03 - David Prowse

Episode 03 of 'Star Wars Profiles' focuses on the man behind the mask, David Prowse. HelloGreedo is an all-things Star Wars YouTube Channel. Parody, News, Reviews, and More!

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Nick Faricy
Nick Faricy:
"His face and voice are not heard.." I would be worried if his face was heard lol
Joe Brennan But Funnier
Joe Brennan But Funnier:
Met David Prowse the other day, the man is so charming and funny
Kind man, we were both on crutches and he helped me out and joked about it
Steven Wills
Steven Wills:
It's so weird to watch back the raw footage of Prowse doing his lines and hearing Darth Vader with a west country accent.
Duncan S
Duncan S:
Dave Prowse played the monster in Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell. He was put together by none other than Grand Moff Tarkin himself, actor Peter Cushing. 3 years later they reunited to work together on Star Wars.
Here after hearing the news of David Prowse’s passing away, may he rest in peace
Heja wolf 0602
Heja wolf 0602:
David Prowse is really cool! I actually met him at a convention and while we didn't necessarily have a full on conversation with him, he was pretty cool and I even took a picture with him! It was great and it was pleasant to meet Darth Vader himself!
I love James Earl Jones. He's awesome but it's a shame that most Star Wars fans give him credit for bringing Darth Vader to life while they were many people behind the character. While Sebastian Shaw gets most of the credit too, everybody should remember David Prowse for physically being Darth Vader. This video was great because it reminded me of the man behind the mask. Nice job, Greedo :D
Tyler Eaton
Tyler Eaton:
David Prowse tweeted about this video!
Kirk Pritchard
Kirk Pritchard:
RIP David prowse may the force be with you in heaven.
no dislikes
damn greeedo, everyone loves u!
Hello HelloGreedo. I'm a huge fan of yours I'd like to say keep up the great work! Today I saw a documentary on David Prowse on Netflix called "I am your father" I highly recommend it. A must see for any Star Wars fans. I felt very sorry for him for what the Lucasfilm did to him. I won't spoil it (actually I'm sure you're very well aware), but I'd like to hear your opinion about it. The ending is very touching and man, would I love to see that clip.
Joe Hopwood
Joe Hopwood:
Can't wait for George Lucas's starwars profile!
dude make john williams in the new video
MW 77
MW 77:
Next up Ahmed Best?
I thought the guy looked familiar and I realized he reminded me of the bulky dude from clockwork orange and so he was
HelloGreedo just mentioned 'Doctor Who'. It's a good day to be a nerd.
I know he didn't have the voice, but man, his face would have been way better for Darth Vader during the reveal in ROTJ. They could have used his face and dubbed Jones for the voice and that would have been WAY better than Sebastian. Way better. I mean, way. Better. But, politics. Seriously.
Madscientist jr
Madscientist jr:
Minnatower? I have heard Americans try to pronounce minotaur before, but that was astounding.
Jake Hills
Jake Hills:
I haven't been watching you for long but I really appreciate your videos, and although I'm not on your level I still love Star Wars
Boffa Deez
Boffa Deez:
Rest In piece, and may the force be with you
Max Jones
Max Jones:
i kind of want to get one of those signed pictures, just to show respect to him.
Commander Karl
Commander Karl:
I believe he was the Frankenstein Monster in one of the Hammer Horror Films.
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan:
Came here after David Prowse death it's heartbreaking and very sad that he passed away.
Simon Marheim
Simon Marheim:
Man, this series = ❤️❤️ Love the good work, keep it up!
He tweeted the link to this! He actually saw it!
Joe M
Joe M:
Love this series, keep it up!
Klocko Fett
Klocko Fett:
+HelloGreedo Dave Prowse actually shared the link to this on Facebook. Good Job!
Video endorsed by Dave Prowse, just came through on twitter feed.
Andrew Fantegrossi
Andrew Fantegrossi:
I'm loving these videos dude.
Ryan Arias
Ryan Arias:
+hellogreedo are you going to wear a first order storm trooper mask? it would look sick!
Elijah blechman
Elijah blechman:
never knew this about David Prowse, great video Greedo
Luka Cee
Luka Cee:
That was just 'Efing COOL, DUDE!!
I love David prowse, cheers for this video
1:47 Guy on the left is just in awe
Lapis the Water Witch Productions
Lapis the Water Witch Productions:
When's the next live stream I WANT ANOTHER
Pixel Zähler
Pixel Zähler:
The Stars there "move" much smoother now, doesn't they? :D
Kenta WBN
Kenta WBN:
Love your Channel. Good Topics and many informations I dont knew before =D Keep up the great work
I got an autograph with this guy when i was like 7 it was such a great and scary experience since he's so tall
I like these profiles videos a lot! Keep em coming
Pizza Time
Pizza Time:
Mysterious Coconut
Mysterious Coconut:
Didn't George Lucas ban him from Star Wars conventions because he found him annoying? That's kind of an asshole thing to do...
Alex Han
Alex Han:
Fun fact: David Prowse has never met James Earl Jones
That Guy Randy
That Guy Randy:
James Earl Jones next?
Duane Ortaleza
Duane Ortaleza:
Honestly today I've changed my mind of how I see David Prowse , he fully respect him now and I'm really sorry that he was treated really unfairly. I hope he gets unbanned from official SW events so he gets a huge recognition.
Hellogeedo! Its a miracle. You mentioned Doctor Who!
Dean Brickland
Dean Brickland:
I really like these. interesting to see the inner workings of star wars
Nicholas Nolan
Nicholas Nolan:
+HelloGreedo make a video on your thoughts on the 30 second Ep 8 teaser
Matt C
Matt C:
I love ur videos and ur channel Greedo! Keep up the good work! Best youtuber!!!
Fantastic well said and great stuff as always lad 👍
FZN plush
FZN plush:
Rest In Peace legend. And may the force be with you🙏
Dave Prowse
Feb 11
Dave Prowse ‏@isDARTHVADER
👍 @HelloGreedo
RX-007 Star Tours Non-stop Trips to Hoth
RX-007 Star Tours Non-stop Trips to Hoth:
If I was ever going to make the Vader Hunt version of my Holiday Special Awesome Edition I would love to have him come back in the suit.
I never knew he was so old!
Ed Redgrave
Ed Redgrave:
do different sci-fi movie reviews
Prowse was actually 6'4" in their peak, and about 6'6" in the Vader costume.
Ken Garcia
Ken Garcia:
Met him a few weeks ago at Magic City Comic Con. Such a fantastic moment of Fandom, got a signed photo of him on Bespin. Awesome video like always.
Star Wars episode 8 teaser is out! I'm looking forward for you to talk about it HelloGreedo
Abram Sullivan
Abram Sullivan:
It would've been a dream come true to meet David Prowse the man that played as Darth Vader.
How about Richard Marquand?
Alexander Milner
Alexander Milner:
I've actually met Mr Prowse! He was doing some signing in Cardiff on the day the Force Awakens released!
Great video honoring Mr. Prowse! I hate how some people act on his Twitter.
Dam, 6'6 and built like a tank, he must have be about 6'8 in the boots them at least another 1 or 2 inches when the helmet was on.
Ken Lafrentz
Ken Lafrentz:
The one thing I love about david's performance as darth Vader is the walk, it's almost a strut. Unique, it's hard to explain but you will mostly notice it in the beginning of a new hope and the beginning of return of the Jedi.
Mortin Durrex
Mortin Durrex:
dun dun dun dundundun dundundun..
Jurassic Nerd
Jurassic Nerd:
Larsen Springer
Larsen Springer:
RIP David Prowse
Marley J
Marley J:
Dave prowse was frankenstien's monster in Frankenstien and the monster from Hell yet another "great" film from Hammer
Gary Bell
Gary Bell:
What a fabulous video about Mr Prowse, thank you HelloGreedo for a superb tribute to him.
Peter Anckorn
Peter Anckorn:
Great vid! :D
Richardc 1083
Richardc 1083:
I've met Dave Prowse, great guy
A.K.A. The Green Cross Code Man (teaching children the safe way to cross public roads) in a series of TV commercials: "Because I won't be there when you cross the road."
matthew loughran
matthew loughran:
I seen him at Comic-Con belfast
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor:
1:45 I can: Sebastian Shaw. But he was only Vader for a minute or two so yeah 😂
Devin Abshire
Devin Abshire:
These profile videos are really good - keep 'em coming.
what a badass. would love to sit down and have a beer with him.
Joe Brennan But Funnier
Joe Brennan But Funnier:
Man, this series your doing is fantastic, great short interesting insights into the talented people behind it. Good job with this one :)) it's well edited and well presented like all your videos
Patrick Hofstad
Patrick Hofstad:
the intro music almost scared the shit out of me.
Wish you could have shed some light on this whole falling out he's had with Lucasfilm and Lucas banning him from Star Wars-related events.
Can you do James Earl Jones on Star Wars Profiles?
Hey greedo, he shared this video on his profile!
Caleb Ueckert
Caleb Ueckert:
kettlebells are great
lawofwar 517
lawofwar 517:
I got to meet him two years ago at a con. a true gentleman
A Grey
A Grey:
I got a picture of Darth Vader saying "KEEP CALM, FEEL THE FORCE" on one of my walls signed by David Prowse from when he was at a local comic and film con!
Manny Danner
Manny Danner:
well R.I.P dave
With Scottish accent: You are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor!
Geggotron 9000
Geggotron 9000:
U going to do a vid on Star Wars rouge 1
May the force be with him. Always.
Bryan Ace ALT
Bryan Ace ALT:
Dave Prowse Tweeted
I have his autograph!
I have met him a couple of times.
He's from Bristol like me.
But my generation will always remember him as the green cross code guy. (UK PSA for schools/children video)
N K:
"hard work really pays off"... so he was 6'6" because he worked at it?
Joshua Iles
Joshua Iles:
I'm from Bristol too
Love this series, it pays homage to all the unsung heroes that made Star Wars possible, how about Stuart Freeborn next?
Just finished "I Am Your Father", it's great to see he got to redo Vader's Death before he becomes one with the Force himself, and from the looks of it they did a fantastic job.

Too bad you can't watch it *yet*, I kinda want a cut of RotJ with that if it's good...
he shouldve been darth vaders face in the Return of the Jedi so they can give him credit to what he did for all the three movies he had with the mask. thats well desereved
Colton Phillips
Colton Phillips:
This is a absolutely great. I love these profile videos your making. I can see that they don't totally rake in as much views as some of your other videos, but I am personally really liking this. There's a lot of neat info and backstory about all these people that your providing, and it's nice because these certain people don't seem to get as much limelight as other Star Wars pioneers. I myself am a HUGE Star Wars fan, and even I didn't know all that much about Alan Ladd Jr. So keep it up HelloGreedo, I really appreciate these videos.
Great vid
Kea Skyr
Kea Skyr:
Zero dislikes! Keep that going!
Jet Star
Jet Star:
Hey on an unrelated note, what's your death star? (fanboys reference)
I've always wondered this, or you talking inside the stormtrooper helmet with a microphone? or voicing it over?