Steam Controller Long Term Review - Is it terrible?

Is the Steam Controller an overall failure like Steam OS, or does it have a place in a standard gamer's peripheral lineup?

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anyone here because you found out that the steam controller is $5 USD right now

Edit: I forgot about taxes and shipping fee
anyone else just impulse buy the controller and now you're checking if it was worth it
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews:
Its compatible with PC games that don't even have controller support that's the whole point why they "reinvented the wheel"
who came after they bought it for 5 bucks
Linus would even Overclock his living room
neon lightning
neon lightning:
i have increasing hand pain and cant use a mouse. I use a track ball if i really have to, and i use a controller as much as possible. The steam controller helps me with my hand pains the most, so i love it.
My impression: Started playing dark souls 3 with the steam controller. A small learning curve and I used the top community config. Got an xbox one controller halfway through the game. Tried it and was terribly unhappy - ran back to the steam controller. I think the Xbox controller is now my "guest" controller. The feel was better and the button placement, while unusual, eventually felt superior. Well done valve, I wasn't expecting to love this.
Free Leech
Free Leech:
I liked the part where Ryan Gosling is playing on the couch
Aaron Franke
Aaron Franke:
You didn't even mention the gyroscope? Seriously? And you also left out context-specific native configs that some games have available.
Is $50 cheap for a console style controller now?? I must have missed something.
ylang ylang
ylang ylang:
this thing screams 'wait for the revision'
$59.99 is not Fifty Bucks
it's more like Sixty Bucks.
Maulau Craw
Maulau Craw:
$5 ? no brainer!
I have a steam controller and I can say that no, the material and production quality is exactly the same as any other xbox controller. Yes, the glossy plastic sucks but that's an aesthetic issue not a quality issue. I love the steam controller and have since disposed of my old xbox controller as atleast in my opinion it is with some very few exceptions superior to it. Playing Dark Souls with it felt like cheating and made using ranged combat with manual aim much more enjoyable because it gives your shots a lot more precision. I could write more about it but others have already said it: The steam controller is great and i love it a big deal. IT DOESNT FEEL CHEAP!
Felix Argyle
Felix Argyle:
Pretty much only here because I saw it for $5 on sale.
ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ
ᚨᚱᚦᚢᚱ ᛞᚢᛗ:
2019 here, shortage due to massive ordering heist will be INSANE.
I watched this review on Vessel but my Steam Controller arrived since then and I must dislike this review..sorry. 1.) Controller doesent feel cheap at all. It feels exactly as Microsoft XBOX 360 controller. 2.) The gloss plastic is about as annoying as on the XBOX 360 controller .. so basicaly you wont even notice. It doesent come into contact with your hands. 3.) It is very comfortable to hold. 4.) This is supposed to be a review and you havent even mentioned Gyroscope or went deeper into how well you can customize it so this only makes it a impression not a review. 5.) Gyro (motion controlls) work supprisingly well and are almost as good as using mouse when you set it to work as a mouse.
Jack Zombie
Jack Zombie:
Best thing is missing: gyro aim. So fuckin awesome. Makes the m&k unnecessary.
Having owned a steam controller for a year now, I absolutely love it. I do all of my gaming on a T. While I use a folding TV dinner table with an orbweaver and mouse for multi-player fps (mostly overwatch) , I use a steam controller for everything else, including single player fps.

The gyroscope acting as a low dpi mouse is amazing for precision aiming when combined with the track pad at higher dpi settings. The gyro is also awesome for steering in driving games. The track pad is a joy to use for movement in shumps and fast paced platformers. One of my favorite configs is using dual track pads for The Binding of Issac: Rebirth, which makes the game feel incredibly fluid.

I adore this controller and while it took some time to get used to it rather than an Xbox controller, it is absolutely worth it. The versatility of this thing is unmatched, and the play style it enables for some games makes it so much more fun to use than a standard Xbox controller.
༺Boy Red༻ [LockSport]
༺Boy Red༻ [LockSport]:
2:03 that battery is upside down!
Smiley Juice
Smiley Juice:
im using my steam controller to type this
Protege Garage
Protege Garage:
Its 5$s today!
November 27, 2019
its like 5.5 euro or 6 dollars now on steam 27/11/2019
Just bought the controller. I love it. Better than the ps3, 360 controller
4:30 I know this vid is old but the controller has motion controlls for things like shooter
so now that they are on Steam sale for $35...worth the price?
Clayton Rego
Clayton Rego:
I actually love this controller. I often use it more than a mouse an keyboard for games that in my opinion, suck with mouse and keyboard (Warframe for example). Xinput controllers actually suck in comparison to this, but then again, this is my take on it...
Theron Miller
Theron Miller:
Steam 2019 autumn sale gang where you at?
3:40 lmao this guy recorded himself just chillin.
MAMAs b0y
MAMAs b0y:
I love how you did this review, most the other reviews and first impression videos are basically, they pick it up, open some first person shooter for five minutes, cant aim for shit, and then say the steam controller is hard to use and its better just to stick with a normal controller.
Дмитрий Азнауров
Дмитрий Азнауров:
Just played UT 2004 with Steam Controller. First few rounds shown i'm equal to masterful bot level, which is awesome result for a gamepad with few hours of usage.
Javier Lorenzana
Javier Lorenzana:
Got a lot of mileage with slow paced FPSs (which I love). This review should be updated to say GYRO ISNFOR HEADSHOTS.

You're supposed to fine tune with it. Geez.
Ordered a steam controller & link, I can't wait until they get here next week!
I've had the steam controller since it came out and I love it! I play Sleeping dogs, Borderlands 2, Killing Floor 2 and a few others. I can honestly say that within a few percent of accuracy in Borderlands 2 and Killing Floor 2 with my steam controller as with a mouse and keyboard. But when it comes to really competitive games like Rainbow 6 Seige or CSGO a mouse and keyboard is a must. I play game with my steam controller at my desk all the time to get more relaxed and it feels great. Which is why I can say it's the best controller I've ever used.
sold my csgo knife for it. totally worth it, even if it costs twice as much as an xbox one controller ( Poland, prices strange, yeah) i used the haptic + gyro cs go binding. works gr8. i love to use it as a remote for my pc. oh, and this glossy plastic looks cool in my opinion and why i used it since it got delivered ( 2 days actually) it does not get any fongerprints on it, i guess it is because the glossy parts are in the areas that the hand does not touch. the analog is the worst part, but it worls very similiar to the ps3 one.
I love playing non-competitive games with my SC, especially on my laptop. I think it's very underrated piece of hardware, and it deserves a second version with some small improvements.
Adam Boyd
Adam Boyd:
"it's not built for shooters" ... yes it is. That was the major point of gyro + trackpad
Did you know that originally Valve wanted the Steam Controller to have a trackball?
I got it yesterday, and let me say, it's my favorite.
I've always had moments where I want to use a keyboard and mouse *but* also want to use a controller. The Steam Controller answers this problem for me and I *love* it for that.
Mitchell Blake
Mitchell Blake:
To me, the steam controller feels like a good stepping stone for people moving from console to PC gaming. I grew up gaming on console and only in the last couple years got into PC gaming. I did some playing around in Borderlands using it and, once you're adjusted, it feels nice. Flick shots are a lot easier for me using the controller in particular
Tom Knows
Tom Knows:
I just picked up this controller & am impressed with the features and customizable options. Love this thing.
Jay Hovah
Jay Hovah:
Absolutely play everything I can on the steam controller, I love the hell out of it. Not good for mortal kombat though, which is sadly my favorite game
Been using the controller since it came out. I'm actually very fond of it. I got used to the learning curve and won't have any other.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez:
I like my Steam controller. I even found that in the original Half Life I can actually do that stupid crouch-then-jump-but-don't-jump-while-still-crouched-but-just-after-but-not-too-long-after maneuver that you need once in the training level and then never again until you get to Xen where it will return to ruin your game. I've never finished the original Half Life because of that maneuver. I straight up couldn't do it reliably with keyboard and mouse and just gave up originally. But in testing out the controller I hopped back into Half Life and was able to do everything effortlessly. Quite nice. I haven't really tried it in many other FPS though, I just don't play those much. It's the only controller I've ever had with motion controls that actually WORKS which is kind of amazing. I still have no use for such controls, and the person who decided that a Project Cars mapping that does steering with those controls is clearly a crazy person, but it would be entirely usable if you wanted to do something like that because you too are a crazy person. (I use a racing wheel but tried out the steam controller out of curiosity) Using the right trackpad as a mouse and right trigger as the mouse click button is great, especially when you realize you don't have to fully depress the trigger fully to click, just get it to its haptic activation point. That is extremely nice.

My only complaint about it is that I don't think I would like it at all for anything which tries to use the left pad as an actual D-pad like emulators for classic games. I haven't actually tried it, and the left pad is fine for things that use it like the d-pad on the 360 controller is usually used (basically just a set of 4 more buttons) but I can't imagine it being very nice for using it as a 'true' d-pad. Might have to try that sometime.
My favourite controller ever. The first time that I got it in my hands it was pure love
+LinusTechTips you should make a new 1 year use review, especially that the controller's new standard price is now $35.
Bought one with steam sales, I have my ps3 controller for some games that need the second stick and not a trackpad
Dark Legionnaire
Dark Legionnaire:
steam controller update. it makes life soo easy and works as a mouse for your entire pc.

my mrs just grabs it to play movies and we get to stay in bed for better activities.
younger couples... this is for us
Cat Motion
Cat Motion:
How often does he blink?
* AnimalHeadSpirit *
* AnimalHeadSpirit *:
6:06 am I hearing an intentional napoleon dynamite impression or is this just my imagination? ;0
Rafi Ahmed
Rafi Ahmed:
Reason I joined Linus Tech Tips:
I have a dumb PC !!!
its $5 rn so there is no way im passing up that deal
Joe Zeno Edwards
Joe Zeno Edwards:
It took a while but I really like mine now. One of the set ups for Dark Souls 3 utilises the paddles in a way that means you can run while using the camera, or keep moving while using and switching items. After that I knew playing it on a normal controller would never feel as natural. Any game that requires a lot of aiming often feels clunky but I haven't found myself missing the Xbox 360 controller, or wanting to go to M+KB so I'd say it's a success for me.

Rechargable batteries would be nice to see in future but I'm still using the duracells they supply with it after about 2 months of use.
Kris Bluefield
Kris Bluefield:
My favorite thing to use this for is for when I'm laying down and watching videos on YT/going on netflix binges
Weißbrot Waigmann
Weißbrot Waigmann:
I really love the steam controller, i use it over my Xbox and DS4 controller in every game, there is one big disadvantage of it, you can't use it without steam, i tried to play Bloodstained Ritual of the NIght (Windows Store version with Xbox game pass) with my Steam controller and it was so hard to figure out how to get it to work, i needed to install i think 4 different programms/drivers to get it to work, but at least it works now
"The cost is cheap, but it feels pretty cheap which is a little disappointing."

What you expected? a golden controller? lol.
Patrick Riley
Patrick Riley:
The shape of this controller is my absolute favorite. I have really big hands, and I feel like Valve knows their audience pretty well by now and knows the type of people that are going to use this aren't small children (like Sony with their controllers)

However it's really annoying how sharp the plastic is on the seams but you don't really notice it too much during regular use.

I personally can't use this for FPS games at all because the turning for me is too slow when using the track pad. So I pretty much only use this controller for games like Civ, The SIms, older Bioware RPGS such as KoTOR and Dragon Age Origins, and some racing games. The best use I get out of this controller is when I'm reclined in my chair I can use it to browse the web and get from one YouTube video to another without having to get back up to the keyboard.

I wish Valve would make an alternative controller like this but with two regular joysticks instead of the track pads. Though that would pretty much make my Xbone Elite controller pointless.
Peter R
Peter R:
Just convinced me to spend $15 on the Logitech F310 instead of $5 on this. Thanks
I use it for all my games on steam except for the ones that are online competitive multiplayer like overwatch and CSGO
Schlubop Beebop
Schlubop Beebop:
37 seconds in confirms this dude got friendzoned hard by Karen
I couldn't help but laugh at linus when he was using a mouse and keyboard on a couch
Hoe Hydraxon
Hoe Hydraxon:
Bought it wirh Dark Souls 3 for I think 80€.
This is actually my favorite controller.
Steve McIntosh
Steve McIntosh:
He never mentioned the gyro! It’s my favorite part
Abdulla Yasser
Abdulla Yasser:
thanks for reminding me to open my air conditioner :)
I play everything on the steam controller, it's absolutely amazing
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda:
I personally love it. Once you figure out how to use the gyro effectively, games take a new life. Yes, it was strange at first, but then i figured it out and enjoyed myself to where it became my preferred input
Go Blue
Go Blue:
Have used and loved mine for RL for years. We need a V2!
Tomas Matejka
Tomas Matejka:
LOL, I was playing Dark Souls 2 with this and it was cooool :)
David McKee
David McKee:
Just tried to order my second one for $5.. Got refunded due to out of stock :(
I use the steam controller with shooters and I love it! I like the control I agree there should be more explanation mof the configs available.
Jonathan Sanders
Jonathan Sanders:
This was a really helpful review. Thank you.
0:37 ahead of his time
The Shuggie
The Shuggie:
2:04 lol they put the battery in upside down
I just came to watch this video before buying one 90% off. By the time I finished watching, it was out of stock. RIP me
i love this controller, its my favorite controller to use. its comfortable, and the paddles on the back can be used to change what the buttons on the front do, so even complicated keyboard games work well on it (assuming you remember what each button does). i play gmod with this all the time, and while i like how precise mice are and prefer a mouse to the trackpad on the controller, the rest of the controller is a pretty convenient replacement to a keyboard. its certainly good to play games on the couch, and i even play some games with it at my desk. i think its definitely worth the money.
I've been using the controller myself for a little under a year now and i think that the controller is designed really well for valve games, i guess that's why they made it lol.
Bobby Bologna
Bobby Bologna:
i freakin love my steam controller
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
had and been using it since release, its amazing. xbone elite is just a fancy peasant pad does nothing special.
I love the Steam controller. It travels everywhere my laptop does. I have small hands, so I wish it were less bulky. However, it's still functionally the best controller out there. Hopefully they make a newer, less bulky version
Hold 3 while watching

thank me later
im personally really enjoying this controller, especially since i got it on sale (making it cheaper than a lot of controller options)>

one thing i found that was much more comfortable (although much more difficult to get used to) was swapping the thumbstick and the right trackpad for most games (ie making the thumbstick the "look" and the trackpad the "move"). Considering that look requires more constant adjustment than the more deliberate move, the swap plays more to the two components strengths.

personally appart from the glossy finish, and making the parts a little less "cheap feeling," I think valve should consider moving around the layout a bit
Orion Clark
Orion Clark:
The steam controller is by far my favorite controller for Dark Souls. Don't use it for too much else, though.
IM SO GLAD I SEEN THIS VID..yes i like it its great for what it does,.. its nice if you give it a chance and ita great for what it works with. yes if you learn the thing and get used to it you may use it more often but thats personal prefeence for me it was the Dpad and fighting games. its essentially you sit there pick and choose what you need it for. but all in all ill still pick up a standard controller in place of screwing around with the steam one. BECAUSE i always find myself not keeping it plugged in and switching it around for the standard controller.
KΛGYUΛ Entertainment Network
KΛGYUΛ Entertainment Network:
i use this controller all the time and its not only on steam games it works outside of steam so you need to review on using it OUTSIDE of steam games
paul arroyo
paul arroyo:
Anyone here because you found out that the steam controller is $5 right now??
Amartya Majumdar
Amartya Majumdar:
CIV 6 on switch <3
Von Fat Cat
Von Fat Cat:
Easiest £4 I've ever spent
H Koizumi
H Koizumi:
Wow... This reminded me I ordered steam controller 2 days ago. It should be here soon lol
I find the steam controller amazing for brawlhalla, which is the reason i bought it
Zaren Allen
Zaren Allen:
amazing for skyrim and fallout on my pc! greatness
Nils Kullberg
Nils Kullberg:
A very good review. Really informative. Thanks!
Edgar Ayon
Edgar Ayon:
its $5 right now so im watching this review to see if its worth $5 :P
I bought it to use with my steam link and I can't even get it working on the link
V M:
Thumbnail says “The steam controller is weird”
First line in the video “The steam controller is weird”
Wow… you wasted no time.
The Crouton Cave
The Crouton Cave:
Remember when the Steam Link was $5?
no face
no face:
hey I've been having trouble play whos you daddy on steam do I have to buy this or I have an Xbox one controller can I use that? plz help
isaiah gil
isaiah gil:
i got one of these just to find it torn up on my yard first mail my dogs have torn up bet they put kibble in the box
feybowsnipers gaming channel
feybowsnipers gaming channel:
im playing "fells like rain" by fytch over this video and i lined it up perfectly
books books
books books:
Great, fair review. Great cinematography by the way.