Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC

We went to Valve's office to go hands-on with its new handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck. IGN's own Bo Moore goes in-depth on how its controller feels, its desktop mode, its price and models, and a whole lot more.

The Steam Deck, is a handheld gaming PC with a form-factor similar to that of a Nintendo Switch. No hard release date has been given, but the Steam Deck has a launch planned for Holiday 2021, with a pre-order reservation system launching in the near future. The price starts at $399, with models that have more storage at $529 and $649 as well

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This looks promising. I'll probably wait for the Steam deck OLED.
Trueform Chewii
Trueform Chewii:
Guys ever since the PSP..... This is what we've always wanted. The future is finally here.
jerome G
jerome G:
Both Valve employees are so clear and really straightforward when they explain the philosophy behind the deck and their work on it in general. Kudos
Daniel Of Tamriel
Daniel Of Tamriel:
It’s cool to think that the PSVita walked, so that the Switch could run, so that the Steam Deck could sprint.
Silly Kanji
Silly Kanji:
As a truck driver, I'm mega hyped for this. Love's WiFi better not fail me 🤣
Shintek Beats
Shintek Beats:
This is a huge step for Linux gaming too man, Valve is literally a blessing to the PC gaming world. Hopefully this will increase the proton updates!
Razi Hussein
Razi Hussein:
This is a MAJOR step for handheld gaming! Cheers to Valve for finally, after all these memes, bringing us the highly anticipated Pc 2 we've all been waiting for!
IGN won't probably read this but just a small tip: when reviewing controllers or handhelds, it would be super helpful to have an understanding of how big (or small) the reviewers hands are. Especially when talking about layout and comfort for a handheld gaming device.
its actually affordable versus any handheld pc i've ever seen. this is the one i'll definitely be getting.
Alex Leatherman
Alex Leatherman:
imagine this being your first "gameboy". *cries*
This is honestly an awesome piece of hardware.
You can install whatever OS you like or anything else on it, it connects to a monitor and basically becomes a pc, it's pretty darn powerful if recent pc titles are playable on it on medium settings and it's cheap considering you can just grab the base model for 400$ and get like an extra 64gb sd card or more for extra storage.

A mobile gaming pc with a lot of freedom slightly larger than a switch. A console and a pc at the same time. Valve has some awesome ideas.
Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy:
If it's a PC that feels like a console, with hardware that can offer a modern gaming experience then surely it's going to be a success.

Valve/Steam tend to do things well but this is for sure going to be a miracle if it isn't a gigantic flop. When we're charging exorbitant price increases for storage space, we see a ripoff coming our way.
I'm the map
I'm the map:
This is a huge win for people (like me) who are fans of the handheld gaming design 😮 Let’s go! 🏆
we've peaked as a society. The portability of the switch, and access to pc games
August Day
August Day:
Consider this: since the OS is open for modification and installing custom programs, you could put all your emulators on this thing and have the ultimate all-in-one gaming system.
Kingdom of Prussia
Kingdom of Prussia:
Nintendo: “charge $60 per game.”
Steam Deck: “Steam sales go brrr!”
Isaiah Cowins
Isaiah Cowins:
Can this be the PC 2 we’ve been waiting for?!!
Bradley Velazquez
Bradley Velazquez:
I’m so hyped for this 😱 I’m definitely getting this.
Peter Waters
Peter Waters:
Technology has come so far. I'm completely in awe of this!!
Valve trolling Nintendo hard with this one to announce the day of OLED preorders
Mobility and versatility is the future of gaming. Then again, keep expectations low and the prices lower.
Jeffrey Snyder
Jeffrey Snyder:
Lowkey going to do well in the computer market as well. At only $650 for the 512GB it starts out competing some budget and high end laptops.
Altair Ibn-La'Ahad
Altair Ibn-La'Ahad:
Thank you AMD, for the tec needed to this level of handheld gaming
Valve just crushed the dreams of all Chinese Handheld Companies
Donaldo Rios
Donaldo Rios:
"The deck comes in 3 different models"
So Valve *can* count to 3
Unknown Universe
Unknown Universe:
Great hardware, luv it! ❤️
Imagine if the screen can be moved like Acer's Concept D 7 , revealing a Psion/ GeminiPDA like keyboard.

That would let you

1) take full advantage of the "Generic PC style config" of the console
2) Let you adjust screen angle
3) Flip the screen to protect it
Nocturnal101 Ravenous
Nocturnal101 Ravenous:
It actually looks pretty comfortable, the major thing with the switch is its made for small hands, almost every one of my friends have gotten the grip case with the extended battery just to try and make it some what usable for adult hands, this actually looks like it fits just right.

Even for the NUC/Raspberry Pi mini PC crowd for the price its already more reasonable than the entire NUC lineup if your going APU x86 arch, also the fact it will run WIN 11 means it will have the best of both worlds with access to RISC/ARM extensions and applications.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
Just pre-ordered mine, what a fantastic idea!
Austin John Plays
Austin John Plays:
Gamers: We want a Switch Pro
Nintendo: OLED, take it or leave it
Valve: Fine, I'll do it myself.
This is awesome, imagine all the possibilities when you pop in a sd card that is 1tb or more
B. Cohen
B. Cohen:
Now the fun part is actually getting your hands on it when it's released. I'm sure this will be online only but should only be sold per verified steam ID.
nonya buisness
nonya buisness:
Valve is awesome they literally invite you to wipe their program as long as your buying and using steam and they are taking a loss to grow a dominated platform
sokin jon
sokin jon:
I'm pretty excited about this. The fact that it's a portable PC adds an incredible dynamic to its overall value.
So Valve decided to conquer the whole gaming world declaring war with every console company.
valve dipping their toes in VR was alllredy crazy but now the handheld market?!? this looks sick ima buy it lol.
Imagine playing CS:GO with your steam deck on an airplane. And everyone hears “bomb has been planted”
Just pre-ordered mine, what a fantastic idea!
Super Smash TV Channel
Super Smash TV Channel:
I'm buying this as my next PC.
Nintendo: is that a mod? sorry you’re being sued

Valve: so basically you can wipe out the entire OS
Adhenn Akbar
Adhenn Akbar:
Last year EPIC declare war on valve for game distribution, now valve just took off to expand gaming PC kingdom
Salami Slices
Salami Slices:
Bro wtf this thing looks amazing. It's like they thought of everything from a consumer POV...
Walter Allen
Walter Allen:
This is seriously so amazing. I'm getting one fore sure. Love my switch but may get sold
I've always dreamt of a pc in my hand. Wow, world is moving fast!
Syl von Braun
Syl von Braun:
This is going to be the ultimate emulator/indie machine.
Definitely looks nice, can’t wait to get mine
I'm so impatiently waiting for this 😪 like every couple weeks I'll see if any new videos have come out with steam deck gameplay or something.
Wow finally a gaming console that's handheld and it PC that's what alot of gamers need I'm actually going to get one
This may end up being one of the best handhelds ever....
Josh Allen the GOAT
Josh Allen the GOAT:
Ok for Valve's first ever foray into handheld gaming... this looks incredible.
Asher GZ
Asher GZ:
Storage can be upgraded, Valve has confirmed.
Austin Marshall
Austin Marshall:
Dang dude. I've never been a PC gamer but this might take the cake as the best gaming device ever created.
Absolutely the best time to be a gamer!
One of the Stream Decks team confirmed all the games played during the hands on were using an sd card which is crazy to me how far SD cards have come
Ashish Patil
Ashish Patil:
Definitely going to buy this. and if the game prices stay the same, this just might be the most amazing device to play indie, retro and new games together.
doing our work for nintendo, thanks valve
Can't wait to get my hands on this!
The best part in an interview is always the devs looking at each other while talking
This is going to be huge not only for you know avid gamers but for game designer and industry just imagine the use for this device when designing a game you don't always have to be you know there in your cubicle like this is going to boost morale boost creativity like this is freaking genius
Erik Pinillo
Erik Pinillo:
When Nintendo doesn't make the Switch Pro...

Valve: "Fine, I'll do it myself..."
Veritas Syfer
Veritas Syfer:
Oh this is a game changer for sure. I'll wait till it's out and try it myself before buying but yeah. It's on my watch list.
Finally a Pc that we can afford and enjoy on the Go!
This is already the best handheld console… I’m buying this no matter what!
These new "Deck" type consoles look great!
Glad that finally someone is stepping up to the plate to do what Nintendo couldn’t. Like the old saying goes “never send a boy to do a mans job”
Nathan Chang
Nathan Chang:
*Hopefully this will cause Nintendo to be more innovative and lower their prices since they’re not the only one on the market anymore*
Jeremy Sakamaki
Jeremy Sakamaki:
Once Starlink is in place and everyone is able to have a smooth 5G connection, wouldn’t cloud gaming devices make the Steam Deck obsolete? Portable cloud gaming devices will be smaller, lighter, and potentially have an unlimited amount of storage.
Hannibal Case
Hannibal Case:
It's a little bit genius to aim for a portable. Lets them use 1080-geared components for a 720 screen.
Big Bean
Big Bean:
Honestly seems like a really great gate way to introduce more people to pc without making things to complex for new people at the same time . really cool tbh
It’s a great product for gamers who can’t afford a gaming desktop or laptop, but the price is a bit too expensive, especially for the storage🤔
Evisk OnAcid
Evisk OnAcid:
Around 2tflops? So like a 1050ti in a handheld? That's great tbh
Dustin Nuttall
Dustin Nuttall:
Definitely buying it on launch.
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson:
So hyped for this, Already put my deposit down for it!
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson:
For me, this is honestly the most exciting gaming news I've received in maybe years. This sounds like an incredible value, especially for people who have previously been unable to get into PC gaming due to setup costs/space issues etc. I'm excited
7:58 Hoping Steam Deck Gen2 somewhere in the future, instead of upgrading with SD Card, should be able to plug in with existing external SSD/HDD/SSHD installed Steam game that able to bring on the go. Plug and play function. Just an idea.
B. L.
B. L.:
They freakin nailed it!!!!
The Best badness420k
The Best badness420k:
Okay. Valve just slapped Nintendo in the face with this thing. Now it's time to shake their hand with cross play.
Rafsan Bhuiyan
Rafsan Bhuiyan:
Wow this is next level stuff 😀
Valve just solved our "We can't afford these PC components." problem.
Syn's Project
Syn's Project:
Oh man, those triggers sure look like analog to me! Could be wrong here, but I'm crazy excited for this beast of a handheld, definitely feeling turned on to PC gaming for the first time in my life, but if those triggers aren't digital, this will be the PERFECT device! Still upset about the Switch having digital triggers lol
Professional Troll
Professional Troll:
this is basically a great laptop replacement if you own a monitor or modern TV.
Joe Nevarez
Joe Nevarez:
1,800 dislikes must be all Nintendo switch fans. This console looks amazing definitely going to pre order one.
Deeshawn North
Deeshawn North:
The sd card slot makes this a great buy 🔥🔥🔥
Spencer Morgan
Spencer Morgan:
I'm pretty excited about this. The fact that it's a portable PC adds an incredible dynamic to its overall value.
The Fifth Horseman V
The Fifth Horseman V:
Funny thing is with all the mobile advancements and the shift were seeing from the big 3, these this will be obsolete in no time. Unless you've got money to blow, or a job related reason to have it being an early adopter IMO is never a wise decision. I'll wait to see what at least v2.0 has in comparison.
Midnight Snack
Midnight Snack:
The base unit will be the perfect Switch alternative to play indie games.
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller:
Dude emulation on this is going to be insane
stephen sheldon
stephen sheldon:
alot of potential in this,should be able dual boot steam0s and win10,performance with Windows should be great with ryzen and nve
Mitchel Leal
Mitchel Leal:
The timing of this announcement just buried the OLED Switch momentum.
Elijah Guevara
Elijah Guevara:
The most underrated feature of this console are the main controls placed solely on the top corners for ergonomics.
wow.. this looks awesome.
naveen awesomesky
naveen awesomesky:
SO this is basically the Switch Pro everyone was hyped about lol
The Needy Techie
The Needy Techie:
Finally a handheld that can run something worthwhile
As someone who doesn’t have a pc built for gaming
I’m very excited for this
B Boy
B Boy:
I’m gonna pick one up this weekend 👍👍
Wouldn't it be a great idea if there's a lite version of this thing without the mouse pads or whatever those things are called so that they can save cost.
Adam Manmiller
Adam Manmiller:
Wish it didn't have the screen border other than that It looks amazing
Columba Aquila
Columba Aquila:
I'm so HYPE for this