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Steam Summer Sale 2020 is expected to start on the 25th. Lets Hope we get some great deals this time.
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My aim is to help you Game as cheaply as possible. I try to find the best deals available for games on PC on Steam, Epic etc. or through Bundle Sites like Humble Bundle, Fanatical. I also notify you as soon as FREE games are given away usually on the Epic Games Store but also on Steam and other places. Also cover the big sales like the Steam Summer/Winter Sale in-depth with a Live Stream and multiple videos.

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These are the best sites that offer some of the best deals on PC. They are all legit and I have been using them for years. You will also be supporting me indirectly by using the links below as I am an affiliate with these sites.
⭐ HUMBLE BUNDLE : Monthly Bundle, Game Bundles & Support Charity:
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⭐ CHRONO : Pick up daily coins and get FREE games with One great deal daily:
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---------------- Who Is LBG ? -----------------
I am an older gamer who has been gaming on and off since the days of the Sega Mega Drive. Got back into gaming a lot more in the last decade with games like Assassin's Creed II/Far Cry 3 and also because other forms of entertainment no longer appeal to me. I prefer trying out all sorts of games. I am most fascinated by unique Indie or AA games like 'Return Of The Obra Dinn' Or 'Greedfall' or 'Vermintide 2' but will also happily play more mainstream titles like Resident Evil 2 or Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

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Here are some of my finds from my wish list . Most of these are games that are a 2-3 years old.

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak 90% - matches it's previous low. $4.99
99Vidas - 90% off - $1.29 matches previous low.
Way of the Passive Fist 90% off $1.49
Ark: Survival Evolved 80% 9.99
Battlefield 3 on lowest. Still not a good deal, but still I thought I'd mention!
Thanks for the livestream!
Lmao if we want check if there is free games, we go check lowbudgetgaming
Satya Singh Bhati
Satya Singh Bhati:
Not a good sale. but at least there have been quite a few good free games given away.
Good vides as always LGB!
Arkham collection cheaper than individual games, lol again. ₹349 for arkham collection, I'm in!
Tech Triangle
Tech Triangle:
I might buy destiny 2s forsakens dlc.
Simply Stupid
Simply Stupid:
Duke Nukem 3D - 90%.
Guess is a new low.
Amnesia also 90%... old games but still great!
Portal 1 & 2 bundle for ₹104