Stefanos Tsitsipas: "It was a special moment" press conference (QF) | Australian Open 2021

Stefanos Tsitsipas' press conference following his quarterfinal win over Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open 2021.

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I remember how confused and in shock Stefanos was after getting killed by Rafa a few years ago. Good to see the massive improvement.
Matt Rosenbaum
Matt Rosenbaum:
I’m a huge Rafa fan, but hats off to Stefanos. Only two other players ever came back from two sets down in Rafa’s long career. Well done.
George McCauley
George McCauley:
Im the biggest of Rafa fans but I have to give Stefanos the utmost of respect for this comeback today. The mental strength he showed to come back from the brink of defeat is admirable
Ivan Bozic
Ivan Bozic:
He is very intelectual. I love this, he could become a role model for young people
Daniela M.
Daniela M.:
To pull out a comeback like this against Rafa on the big stage is just too good! He'll be Great!
M H:
Hope AO 2021 title will be remembered as the beginning of Stef’s great career.
At the end of set 2 i thought this will be another whipping , boy was i wrong. Rafa's draw was so easy before this match and i think that hurt him when he met a top player because he could not get away with those errors that he made in the breaker . Great match Tsitsipas!
Simo Chafai
Simo Chafai:
Stephanos getting into meditative states and wondering wtf happaned to him
Nghia Le Viet
Nghia Le Viet:
Tsitsipas is something very special for tennis. Hope he keeps it up the hard work and strong mentality. He's definitely going to be the big thing
Irina Gvozdeva
Irina Gvozdeva:
So beautiful human. And very light. And sincere. God bless him.
Marcin globalplayer
Marcin globalplayer:
Congrats, very deserved win, because of your fight and never give up (0-2)!!!
Carolyn B
Carolyn B:
Congratulations to Stefanos! He's proven his worth as a top tennis player .. only the very best come back from 2 sets down to Rafa. He's so mature for 22 - smart, calm, modest and good-looking - a perfect role model for the tennis elite. I would love for him to win the championship - it would be so deserved. Good luck Stefanos! 🌟💯
Oh boy, I had falshbacks during set 3,4 and 5. It was kinda lika a nadal federer standoff.
Ben Sherwood
Ben Sherwood:
What an epic come back. I'm so happy for Stefano despite being an avid Rafa fan. Credit to him, great person on and off the court and inspiration for the new generation of tennis players. Well done Stefano, enjoy this very special moment. You deserve it. 👏👏👏🙌
the day is nigh
the day is nigh:
Nadal missed some crucial points
Paul Macklin
Paul Macklin:
Stef seems to be moving into a state of Zen
By a spaniard like me 👏
Good job Stefanos.
Good luck in semis.
Μπράβο στεφανε you have made all greeks around the world proud.
Gary K
Gary K:
I think what he was trying to say is that he played on instinct and didn't think too much... Great win. Bravo
Tsitsipas is physically one of a kind. He needs to be a little bit "smarter" on the court and improve mentally. That will come, he is still one of the youngest players on the tour(top 100). He will be ranked nr2/nr3 for many years to come.
Aria Cane
Aria Cane:
A huge win for Stef! He closed out the match when Rafa had the advantage! That takes a lot of mental strength!
He was in a perfect state of flow.
Sebastian P.
Sebastian P.:
Best press conference ever: thank you Tsitsipas!
Dem DDM:
Reporter: how do you compare today’s win with the win against Federer ?
Tstsipas: I like playing in Rod Laver Arena

WTF 😅🙃
Leo Smart
Leo Smart:
Most reporters at these post-match press conferences(not just today) ask such dumb questions , while leaving obvious issues about the match untouched. For example, throughout the first 2 sets, he clearly was not challenging Rafa, and not taking risky shots. Against players like the top 3, or even Medvedev and Thiem, if you simply try playing safe and hitting shots towards the middle of the court, they will quickly take control of the point. Likewise, you cannot repeatedly hit backhands to the same side, because Rafa is too good if he knows what's coming. After losing the two sets it looked like Stefano realized this and started aiming at the sidelines and switching between crosscourt and down the line shots, and this kept Rafa off balance and under constant pressure, and forced HIM to play defense. Yet no one asked about this, and whether this changed approach was instinctive or strategic.
Laura Michel
Laura Michel:
What a beautiful man! haha
Gina Beltran
Gina Beltran:
He’s a great tennis player!
Watch out..
Plus he’s hella good looking too 🎾🙏
Zak Rafih
Zak Rafih:
It would seem that Stefanos has been “destroyed enough” finally to win 😂
Congratulations to Stefanos Tsitispas for that epic comeback! I'm thinking there's no way this match will end in straight sets. He stayed steady, composed and took he chances. I hope this will propel him to even greater heights, like getting to masters and grand slam finals and winning them! It's time for the tide to turn in the men's game. Well done, Stef.
Medvedev past rant "Stefanos, look at me, talk to me". would love to see these two play.
Kostas Papadimitriou
Kostas Papadimitriou:
Never give up.... Next please...
charles bromberick
charles bromberick:
We call him "THE FLY" for obvious reasons.
Panagiotis Achtypis
Panagiotis Achtypis:
Winning Nadal in a GS with a deficit of 2-0 sets ?! Mission impossible ... historic match.
Carlos Andres Castro Medina
Carlos Andres Castro Medina:
Why having stereo audio in this kind of conferences?? It's annoying with headphones plus the interviewers breath heavy
10:38 "The absence of the crowd kept me serene"...What about making it permanent?
Rambling Rose
Rambling Rose:
That's the secret to life...
Live in the moment and look where
it gets you .....!!!
It's an incredible 2-year turnaround from their last meeting at AO where Stefanos was humbled. He's come a long way in such a short period of time.
Philipp Hörtnagl
Philipp Hörtnagl:
He reached Nirvana! Philosoph goes spiritual. Good for him!
Benjamin Lim
Benjamin Lim:
Once he stops sulking over points lost and focus on playing, he will be fine. That being said, my bet of him winning aus open still alive. xD
Annelise Kersten
Annelise Kersten:
Tsitsipas has been one of my favorite players for a while now. I hope he wins Australian Open. He has worked hard and deserves it
Stephanos seems to have a high IQ and EQ
T H:
I noticed Tsitsipas started to hit with a little more topspin from set three, focusing on getting the ball in and making Nadal work for it more. Nadal seemed to lose energy, particularly from set 4 onwards. It reminded me of his loss to Medvedev in the ATP tour finals where Nadal got close to winning and then his level took a noticeable dip.
Themba Mabona
Themba Mabona:
He is an amazing tennis player. But I'd suggest he's a philosopher-king first.
Tami Chyn
Tami Chyn:
So proud of him!!
Tim W
Tim W:
What a win! Congratulations to him
ki ki
ki ki:
God bless you Stefanos
Meg's Carpentry
Meg's Carpentry:
Very well spoken man. A solid role model for everyone. I enjoyed is sincere and open answers. 💛 🇨🇦
Ben Parsons
Ben Parsons:
Damn, he really reached flow state in the match
Masters on Heartstone
Masters on Heartstone:
Tsitsipas finally awakened Ultra-Instinct! Its about time!! =)
Anchal Sood
Anchal Sood:
AO needs an overhaul. The interviewing panel needs to change and whoever decided to put 2-minite highlights, need to go asap.
Joe Baron
Joe Baron:
Great match - well earned victory. Is why we love tennis 👏
fang. Clarke c
fang. Clarke c:
"You f#@ing Russian" is next.
Titsapis gives Medvedev a serve after a loss in one of their very first meetings. Medvedev wanted to fight but the Greek hurried off the court. Hilarious to watch.
I think there's going to be a bit of bad blood between the two in his next match for sure
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle:
Kidding, he probably didn't mean it in general but in those specific matches.
Haris Evangelou
Haris Evangelou:
Stay humble and mentally strong always. Such a great win and looking forward to seeing you win your 1st grand slam in a few days. We are all so proud of you !!!
Junaid Hossain
Junaid Hossain:
basically played lights out. well done. these matches happen sometimes.
Bubble V.
Bubble V.:
Congratulations Stefane,good.luck on semis!👏🇬🇷
Loved the "Not expecting too much and not expecting too little" comment. Amazing win Stefanos! Looking forward to the Medvedev match.
hardik gandhi
hardik gandhi:
Greek God!! Waoww just look at him ..such philosophical approach .. he is the next great and will be the greatest amongst all the new Bloks around
Marlice Velazquez
Marlice Velazquez:
Well done Stef🔥💪🏻
Konstantinos Kroustallis
Konstantinos Kroustallis:
respect !!go stef go Greece!!
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
Can we please get a Djokovic/Tsitsipas final?
Silent Night
Silent Night:
I left after the 2nd set, was expecting another Djoker v Rafa final, boy was I wrong.
Linda Urbano
Linda Urbano:
My champ❤go Stef
what a humble guy :P
Nasser Hussain
Nasser Hussain:
Great win registered in a history of tennis good job Stef
Anna Bukreeva
Anna Bukreeva:
I wish AO shows 13 minutes highlights from the match
John Doe
John Doe:
Tstsipas could improve his backhand. Great comeback.
Go Stefanos!! You did an awesome game against Rafa!!
Frosoula Taliadorou
Frosoula Taliadorou:
i love both of them
Stefan May
Stefan May:
Stefanos for the AO win go Stefanos bring it home.
hemanth jadav
hemanth jadav:
Great match Stefanos!!! disappointed for Rafa! AO!!! really need to sort audio, please.
There are teenage youtubers making videos in their bedrooms that have better audio in their videos than these interviews do.
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Match highlights 2 minutes
Interview 13 minutes
Its time AO wakes up, it must be the other way around! 😆
He is a king slayer
Amir Adil
Amir Adil:
One of the most stylish players among new generation. I am a big fan of the Greek God.
Avinash Mohanlal
Avinash Mohanlal:
I think he got lucky in the 3rd set tie break. I have never seen Rafa miss those smashes ever!
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
Congratulation to Tsitsipas. He beat a great champion. Good luck to Stefanos for his next match against Medvedev. Nadal Is My Champion!
Vikas Sharma
Vikas Sharma:
Wow wt a come are just’s a start of new era..grand slam is just around the corner..Good Luck 👍
D D:
Nirvana ! That's it , Stefano 💪💪❤❤❤ liberation 👈
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
bravo Stef but I think Octopussy in semifinal will destroy him
Sisanda Majova
Sisanda Majova:
Well done son 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
S B:
Straight and simple you had nothing to lose... Stop trying to torturing yourself explaining it in another way! 😄 and congratulations!! 👍
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Well played Tsitsipas.
I love how he talks. Don’t change a thing. Just get better at what you like to do.
Pride Manuel
Pride Manuel:
Tsitsipas is a tennis star! 🎾
A.S.F Nam
A.S.F Nam:
Congrats for the win but just want to have his HAIR , tbh...
S B:
Seems he's contained with this win..which means another bitter lesson is coming on its way through Medvedev match! You just can't let your guard down at this top level.
Manisha Masbe
Manisha Masbe:
Congrats to Stefanos. It was a great game and a masterpiece from the start! After 2 sets a player who has been in the top 10 for over 15 years leads !! I think if Nadal hadn't made the extra points on serve, he would have lost a lot sooner !! How convinced R.Nadal was after the 2-0 lead !!
prints imo
prints imo:
I like watching Medvedev's match and found it's fun to watch. He did not say that ...
Avinash Mohanlal
Avinash Mohanlal:
There was so many unforced errors from Nadal in the 4th and 5th sets which is so unusual. I wonder what happened.
Such a mental game, all these guys are incredible athletes and have super nerves! Tsispasis is getting stronger physically and mentally. Great player, cool guy!
Nikolaus Wolff
Nikolaus Wolff:
Congratulations Stefanos for your triumph over one of the two dinosaurs in world tennis. Now you turned from a hunter to a future champion. This was your most important win of your career. Greece can be proud of you.
The Slice Tennis
The Slice Tennis:
Willy from ESPN paying off the moderator?? Get's 1st question every time haha
Alexis Hadjisoteriou
Alexis Hadjisoteriou:
What a star - Μπράβο Στέφανε!
Sam Umeh
Sam Umeh:
The guy breathing heavily in the background is quite distracting
Tsitsipas game reminds me of Federer. Specially his single handed backend... He is fast becoming my second favourite player after Federer.
He really did look soo calm when they were showing his face while in between games... Never seen him to zen before... If he keeps that up then look out... He could be the next greatest mens player
Preston Young
Preston Young:
Anyone else here that man breathing heavy in the background? 😂