Stefanos Tsitsipas Post-Match Speech & Trophy Lift | ATP Finals 2019

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100+ komentarze:

George Stavrinides
George Stavrinides:
He's made for big things. At the age of 21, he's the youngest year-end winner since Lleyton Hewitt in 2001. He has what it takes to win a GS and potentially be world number 1. The scary thing is that he can get even better.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
I said Stefanos was going to break through. So happy the one handed backhand is back and better than ever.
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
First player to win both Tour Finals.
L A 0070
L A 0070:
The future of tennis looks great with these two!
smart cavalino
smart cavalino:
Am starting to like this guy so new favorite
Daniela M.
Daniela M.:
He’s a believer....A very talented player with great mental fortitude! So much deserved victory!
Saurabh Wandhare
Saurabh Wandhare:
After so many years, we have a guy who stays clutch in tough situations! Stays brave and confident whenever the time asks for! Smashing abilities is a great barometer to show for his state of mind during matches!
Laraib Attique
Laraib Attique:
Such an amazing, humble attitude Stephano has! The way he is wishing best for Theim is an epitome of great sportsmanship. Love and respect for both <3
Stavros Stav
Stavros Stav:
Everything comes/starts from family. If you see the way he behaves, moral values, dignity, humbleness, professionalism... They did great job!
You made us all so proud.. Thank you! Σε ευχαριστουμε! Συνεχισε ετσι, μεινε οπως εισαι!!
Life Reflector
Life Reflector:
The growth of this guy has been tremendous, Didn’t know him before 2018 and came out challenging all the big guys and beating them. Shows improvement in tennis can happen quick
Ipsita Das
Ipsita Das:
Spoken from the ❤️! What a nice guy too! What an incredible week for him!
Am a fan! 😊
Vickie Nikolakopoulou
Vickie Nikolakopoulou:
Δεν έχω λόγια μόνο δάκρυα φεύγουν απ' τα ματια μου.
Σ'ευχαριστούμε Στέφανε!! πολύ
Desly M.
Desly M.:
Μας κάνεις περήφανους Στέφανε! 🇬🇷💙
Prof essor
Prof essor:
He has worked on himself. Not so impulsive anymore.
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante:
Congratulations Stefanos. I started to like this guy.
He is genuine.
Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah:
Bravo Stefanos!,!
Big Ballah
Big Ballah:
Stefano's I'm so proud of you bro you can't even imagine, if only words could express the happiness and joy that I'm sharing with you and the fam as well. Even though you forgot about your boy in Miami, when you were playing the Orange Bowl as a junior, I still love you brotha always, and wish you the very best always and forever. Your number 1 fan "D"!
Αναστασία Μάντζιου
Αναστασία Μάντζιου:
Συγκινήθηκα με την είσοδο σου στο στάδιο πριν καν ξεκινήσει ο αγώνας, ε όταν σήκωσες το τρόπαιο με αποτελείωσες!
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson:
That’s my boy u work so hard for this you deserve it
τRελοςAEKτζης 1924
τRελοςAEKτζης 1924:
Ismail Mokhtari
Ismail Mokhtari:
it would be unfair for him not to win the trophy I guess he deserved it really! well done stefanos 👏🏆
these two will be taking over the old guard i think. as the consistent contenders. there are other great young players, but they don't always show up.
Vasilis Mavroudis
Vasilis Mavroudis:
Μας συγκίνησες πάλι ρε αλάνι!
Stelios Philippides
Stelios Philippides:
He quit social media some months ago and made his dream come true! Congrats big Greek Warrior! 🙌👌
Al Capone
Al Capone:
He will make big victories in his long career !!!! I'm sure of that! He is quite big in his young age! Please stay healthy on your way and always stay tuned !!!
The Greek God of tennis !!!
Sand Fox
Sand Fox:
Stephanos is a combination of Bjorn Borg's hair and Gustavo Kuerten's flair!
Also Pete Sampras's guts !!!
Theo Berman
Theo Berman:
This is amazing. I’ve been waiting for this.
Such a Gent!
sokrates pap
sokrates pap:
What a great win for the charismatic next-gen star....Congratulations Stefanos!!
Greek Style
Greek Style:
Bravo Stefano, now Australian Open will come soon 2020...All Melbourne will be🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 and will support you till lifting the trophy. I 've been there 2006 with Baghdatis and the atmosphere was amazing. Hellas...Tsitsipas Hellas...Tsitsipas 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷💪🎾
Senara's Ash Tree
Senara's Ash Tree:
He’s got it all 💖
David Carvalho
David Carvalho:
He did well in the interview after beating Daniil, saying he regrets what happened in Miami, and explaining it very well... A lot of people must have changed their mind about him (I did). Which then gave him a lot of support for the next matches. Well deserved, but it could have gone to Thiem and no one would have been surprised! Great final
X Tube
X Tube:
Yeah 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Stefanos, you are making us proud. Thiem, what a great player. Unbelievable game, i think it is simply a matter of time for both of them to win Grand Slams
Bojo Jabas
Bojo Jabas:
Tsitsi ma boy 💙
It's-a me Joker
It's-a me Joker:
I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the #1 in the ranking in 5-6 years or so...
Carolyn B
Carolyn B:
A fantastic win and well-deserved! Stefanos has had a great year starting with his semi-final appearance at the Oz Open. No doubt a Grand Slam trophy isn't far away!! Congrats to Stef! 👏🏆🇬🇷💙💪
Caglar Cokadar
Caglar Cokadar:
Stefanos is a really good tenniser
The Slice Tennis
The Slice Tennis:
Amazing battle AS WE EXPECTED! Can't wait to review this one!
Chris Maggio
Chris Maggio:
Stefan is for ever sooo happy for you gentlemen In and out of court may God bless you!!
greco el
greco el:
Vravo ρε στεφανε..i love the way you speak and laugh the same time...have fun and be victorious..!!😂😂
Mmili Lo
Mmili Lo:
Anyone else here feel like a massive underachiever in front of this guy?? 🙋‍♀️😂 μπραβοο τσιτσι!! 🇬🇷💙
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
The future is bright
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen:
He has trouble wrapping up the speech 😭
But this shows he’s still young and has a lot more growing up to do! Gonna be great watching him grow more 🤩
Akhil Elangovan
Akhil Elangovan:
Congrats Stefanos! Many more will come 🥳🥳
Gabriela Oliva
Gabriela Oliva:
Congratulations Stefanos!!! 🎊🙌👏👏💕💕
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
A great speech while bearing in mind that a couple of points made the difference between winner and runner up of that amazing match and therefore the whole tournament
Sander E
Sander E:
This is a win for the ATP tour. Good replacement for (one of) the Big Three.
Klara Katsorri
Klara Katsorri:
Congrats Stefane we love you🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Jean-Charles Péronnet
Jean-Charles Péronnet:
I'm so delighted he won.
This victory will change him, make him more mature, stronger mentally, less hot-headed, more confident.
He has the tools to remain a great player. I think he will be the next main guy in Roland-Garros, especially for the public., as he has the flamboyance.

Thiem on the other hand is already an awesome player no matter what. We all know he's promised to several titles, a reliable great player.
D. K.
D. K.:
Great champion and what a great opponent!! Love them both and wish them all the best! Stefanos you made us so proud!!
England First
England First:
This guy is a 10 slam winner minimum
Stbs Abs
Stbs Abs:
And lets not forget how easily he won the second set and how difficult it was for Thiem to win the first one.
Pedro Koury
Pedro Koury:
Was rooting for Thiem but Stefanos did a great job. It's great to have my expectations broken by him because he is talented and charismatic, as is Dominic!
Elena Eleftheriadou
Elena Eleftheriadou:
vaso 3
vaso 3:
Proud to be Greek
Z9 Yx
Z9 Yx:
Браво Степа!!! и так держать всегда...
Lucia Arfara
Lucia Arfara:
Congratulations, Stefane!!!!!!you deserved it!!!🎾🎾🥳🥰🥰🥳🇬🇷
Vick Vickson
Vick Vickson:
Congratulations to both of you! And, of course to Stefanos! Shots like Roger's, but even better.
England First
England First:
As and old school tennis fan who’s hero’s were Sampras and Becker seeing this is a breath of fresh air and a reason to keep me watching tennis.

His forehand serve volley and backhand are amazing but most importantly his mental strength is amazing something all the modern players lack.
Chris Sam
Chris Sam:
Μπράβο Στέφανε Τσιτσιπά! Μα έκανες περήφανους! Συγχαρητήρια! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🎾🎾🎾🎾
Sampras, Baghdatis, Tsitsipas. Greece turns into a tennis superpower. :)
You can tell Tsitsipas and Thiem are friends
Robert Marston
Robert Marston:
Future grand slam champion!!!!!
Paulo Bastos
Paulo Bastos:
This generation of players is a great one...and is being cherished by the previous one too. Tsitsipas and Thiem have such a great sports attitude.
Greece needs the wins from Tsitsipas, like Serbia needed the wins from Djokovic to lift the whole country's spirits !
Deva Savant
Deva Savant:
With No fedal semi finals, it doesn’t mean the finals wasn’t going to be amazing, these 2 are the present and future of this sport. Congratulations to both men after the finals.
He spent more time congratulating and praising and complementing his opponent and his opponents team than he did anything else. A respectful, thoughtful gentleman. Great player but more importantly a great human. Maturity and humility well beyond his 21 years.
Mayank Chawla
Mayank Chawla:
An honest winner’s speech
Epic battle, both players deserved the win but Stefanos was absolutely on fire. His speech was cringe worthy though
Finally some good news for Greece!;) I’m pretty sure this is only the start of a major career...
Listen Music
Listen Music:
Second Roger Federer spawn to win season ending...
Μπράβο Στέφανε! Μας έκανες περήφανους!😍🤩🔝🔝🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Angie kar
Angie kar:
What a magnificent person!!!...
Vincent17 cb
Vincent17 cb:
Λεβέντη μας έκανες περήφανους !!🇬🇷💙
2 / KO8E B2Y4NT
2 / KO8E B2Y4NT:
Sumnah Lennon
Sumnah Lennon:
Where's Thiem's speech?
Πέτρος Αλεξανδρούπολη
Πέτρος Αλεξανδρούπολη:
Bravo Stefane! Συγχαρητήρια!
Larry R
Larry R:
Sure beats winning the next gen atp finals
st. paulitsch
st. paulitsch:
Normally you have won after you have beaten Fed and Djokovic :D Congrats to me, to Domi to Stef to all of you to your team to my team to all your families and mine. See you next year guys!
Lilli pod
Lilli pod:
Thanks for this. The BBC had to cut off at 9.
Nicolas Speranza
Nicolas Speranza:
Bravo ❤
Martin Rossoneri
Martin Rossoneri:
thank you guys for a great match!
Fig Watkins
Fig Watkins:
He has a quirkiness about him that is very likeable.
Pavlos Kaisseris
Pavlos Kaisseris:
Bravo Stefane well deserved, and an AEK fan aswell, you got it all my friend.
Ayyyyyyyeee that's what's up. So happy for him. Awesome player. And he's hot
xaxa xou
xaxa xou:
Agnesh Agawane
Agnesh Agawane:
My favorite next gen player.
shaunbir klair
shaunbir klair:
Dope to see someone who idolized Federer winning big trophies, really shows the impact he’s had in the sport 🐐 congrats to stefanos who’ll be my favorite player after Fed retires
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
Did u learn from Djoker' ??
At this level it is all about not making unforced errors and being consistent in groundstrokes. And his serve is so good now.
Alex Jeremic
Alex Jeremic:
Fantastic great for your beautiful country Greece
Great win. Great tennis all week long. Congratulations. The next big four are building. Just giving winner speeches needs some more training :-)
Shankar Shankar
Shankar Shankar:
Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!