Steph Curry shuts down critics after 62-point game vs. the Blazers | The Jump

Rachel Nichols delivers a monologue and reacts to Golden State Warriors PG Stephen Curry silencing the haters after dropping 62 points in a win over the Portland Trail Blazers.
#TheJump #NBA

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100+ komentarze:

ESPN- Steph Curry is washed

ESPN- Steph Curry shut down critics
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Imagine playing as steph on 2k and dropping 60 and see him do it in real life Wiseman is living his dream 🤣
Disgruntled Klutch
Disgruntled Klutch:

espn: steph doesn't have it anymore

espn: see! steph still got it!
Wiseman really said I use to play with Curry on 2k dropping 60 points 😂
Unidentified Name
Unidentified Name:
Steph curry: Dame was a threat I am not saying he wasn't a threat but me getting compared to him I took a offense to that.
The Italian Stalian
The Italian Stalian:
“No one can put up record numbers consistently!”

Wilt Chamberlain is typing...
Ppl do be hating on comments. Saying he was overrated cuz he always had a good team.. but don’t forget he changed the league & Kevin Durant JOINED HIM.
He’s why ppl be chucking up 3s but difference is he puts in the work.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
"we heard all the noise"

- Draymond knows the media is full of 💩
Stunnaful Photos
Stunnaful Photos:
"They said I was shooting 30% from the field.........I took it personally."
Capt Hitmarkah
Capt Hitmarkah:
People hate because they see him shooting J's & feel anyone can do the same. Thing is they can't..
He's better than you. Accept it.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:

espn: Steph doesn't have it in him anymore
Michael Jordan’s Burner
Michael Jordan’s Burner:
It’s literally espn hating lmfaooo
Steph 3 rings, 2 MVPs Dame will never have that LOL 😂
32 points per game, 2nd in the nba btw, and people still hating on him 🤦🏽
Imagine defending this man double or triple team from half court. But still dropped 62. Happy for Steph, man. Hope health wont be an issue. Warriors need him BAD. Curry been cooking Dame his whole career 😂so hope Dame enjoying that humble pie
Ricky VanDusen
Ricky VanDusen:
2x mvp 1x unanimous 3x champ yet its 62 in a reg season game??
Anand Ramaka
Anand Ramaka:
ESPN: Wardell Stephen Curry II
transcendbeyondallunderstanding please
transcendbeyondallunderstanding please:
He is just simply, THE BEST.. .period!
ghost Lee
ghost Lee:
ESPN were the ones clowning on Stephen! They always try to backtrack their stupidity!
Gradi Duwhaz
Gradi Duwhaz:
- « No one can put up historic numbers every night »
- Steph : Hold my beer
Torrey Wallace
Torrey Wallace:
Imaginr being a point gaurd and getting tripled team. Who's really the best player in the League? Lebron 6'8 although he may draw a double team at times but you dont see teams throwing 3 people at him. They dont jump out on the screens against him or anthing. Curry really is the most dangerous player in the League. People think its KD but im sorry he's my guy but. Curry demands alotta attention
Andre Turner
Andre Turner:
Majority of Stephen Curry haters got there heart broken in the NBA finals stop hating that man cuz he beat your favorite player in the finals
ESPN is a joke. “Back then they didn’t want him, now he’s hot they all up on him.” - Mike Jones
Legendary game from the best shooter of all time! With that being said he’s gonna have to do that every night for the warriors to have a chance this year
It became personal for Steph... put some respect on his name!
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews:
Warriors are looking rough this year. Hope steph can pull it together.
Wow! Steph had an amazing game! We know he's capable of this i hope he can keep it up.
Curry has to be Kobe '06 to get the Warriors in the playoffs
Zachary Chen
Zachary Chen:
People still called him washed 😂
Mike Wiley
Mike Wiley:
Steph brings joy to basketball
Them media ane critics with their horrendous takes is what givinf them the cash. Don't ever disrespect Curry like that, shout out yo Frye.
Kj Solomon
Kj Solomon:
The best 5 mins of Curry's performance by ESPN.
I guarantee you that Rachel Nichols was on the bandwagon that Damian Lillard was better than Steph, but she changed her narrative AGAIN.
Fox Beat
Fox Beat:
Haha loved the jordan quote"and i took that personally"
derek dixon
derek dixon:
Awesome fluidity of speech by Rachel Nichols. She has had some insightful, articulate monologues to her credit
Nic Bell
Nic Bell:
I know y’all mention it every once in a while, but shoutout to the graphics team, y’all be killing me lol
The Collective Conscious
The Collective Conscious:
Yo Steph Curry Highlights Bring Tears To My Eyes Of Joy..
Skrrrt skrrt
Skrrrt skrrt:
Keep disrespecting steph, it only makes the fire in steph bigger
Sir Bedevere
Sir Bedevere:
“No one can put up historic numbers every night”
Wilt: Am I a joke to you??
Matt Neville
Matt Neville:
Steph is the greatest shooter of all time!
Change my mind.
Jason Tuscaloosa
Jason Tuscaloosa:
Greatest shooter of all time. Klay could be 2nd.
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
always a great answer to critics...just shoot the lights out!!!
luis ortiz
luis ortiz:
Remember when they said curry wasnt tht gd or how they could never win a chip with his style of play lmfaoooo
dav obrian
dav obrian:
Always like Rachel intro. Love it!
Angel Tesfaye XO
Angel Tesfaye XO:
Steph Curry, “That’s when it became personal for me”
Marilyn Hari
Marilyn Hari:
steph is my mvp regular season and finals my greatest player had ever played in the history of basketball
Hailey Puello
Hailey Puello:
One thing I know.... something happened last night beyond the 62..."Hope" and "Confidence" happened, they now believe!!... thank you Lilar for bringing back the fire in sent us to the playoffs without knowing.
espn you are the critics
My internal speech be like: "What do you mean you're the critic!"
Floyd Billows
Floyd Billows:
“Depending on what corner of the internet you hang out on” -ESPN’s YouTube channel ✅

“Of course, if you actually listen to Damian Lillards full interview... people grabbed those Lillard headlines” -ESPN’s YouTube channel ✅
m3 e92335i
m3 e92335i:
Great commentary!
Steph: drops 62
Steph haters: "Oh wow... Anyways dame is still better"
Draymond Green - "Steph has a Tennessee to F around with the ball"
😆 I played it back three times and that's what he says. Dray gotta stop mumbling lol
Yall the ones hating before he do something like this tho...
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g:
ESPN were the ones that were disrespecting Curry!!
Darth MAGA Vader
Darth MAGA Vader:
Curry to me seems to be the only player in the game that you need to ask his permission in order to win
Eric Joyner Eric
Eric Joyner Eric:
He's a beast when he has his game on
Kirkis Khoas
Kirkis Khoas:
She always look well kept ..
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart:
I guarantee you that Steph would be the number one recruit by any team looking for a championship. And anywhere he went would become favorites. Milwaukee, Philli, Miami, Clippers, you name it! I’ll bet even Durant would give up Irving for Steph!
Rob. W.
Rob. W.:
Steph, the second PG in NBA history
Woopity Scoop
Woopity Scoop:
Rachel and Stephen A carrying this network. Love watching both of them.
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl
Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl:
The whole NBA is quietly SHOOK right now......and for good reason. Them GOLDEN GUYS ain't dead.....ok ???
Mali Kali
Mali Kali:
These monologues are ridiculous. I love it.
Tito Thomas
Tito Thomas:
this is journalism. a true journalist... truly enjoyed this presentation.
Henry Owen
Henry Owen:
Rachel looking good!
Alain Mancilla
Alain Mancilla:
Why Lee gotta smell the bottle after 😂😂
Pay that woman! Great commentary
The reason he was able to do what he did is because he took it personally
cap cap
cap cap:
I was a doubter, glad Steph is back.
Mr Bingo
Mr Bingo:
A win vs a team he always beats 😂😂
Daniel Rasmussen
Daniel Rasmussen:
Every time Nichols says "bianary" instead of "binary," take a drink.
Rimuru Kenshi
Rimuru Kenshi:
Little did she know. Curry did keep on putting historic numbers every night 😂
Rodney White
Rodney White:
Here’s a question. Did he have any critics left to shut down? A better question is: Who would be dumb enough to criticize him?
Richard Flores
Richard Flores:
I would nt expect anything else.from someone that git through school for his ballplaying skills
Deepak NR
Deepak NR:
"the ball goes in or it doesn't" -that's what she (Rachel Nichols) said
Bilal 10
Bilal 10:
Dame said steph needed Klay to get his threes... steph averaged more than %40 from 3 for two years before Klay was even in the league. And then average that in all his next years... Dame only has one year with more than %40 from 3.
aye Jay
aye Jay:
Lol draymond was on point
Lillard needs to stop getting lit up by everybody. He's starting to look like Pat Beverly out there. Running around, waving his arms, catching them L's.
Mark H.
Mark H.:
Hey The Jump, the word is "BINARY" and not "BIONARY" please 🤨🧐
Rachel Nichols looks like Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life. That’s an compliment.
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
He's gonna be the MVP this season I could see the media drooling already, they already have the narrative qued up, oh steph has no help but look how he is balling 🤣 this is lebron entire career, he just has to do it for one season 🤣
Boris Velasco jr
Boris Velasco jr:
Steph is the Big Heavy OG that’show it’s goin down ...🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Never understood the whole need KD thing ...he was SUCCESSFUL B4 KD CAME
Jj Macatangay
Jj Macatangay:
Then after this 13pts. Consistency still is important
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie:
He didn't really shut down critics though. Everybody acknowledges at this point that he's the greatest shooter of all time. I don't know any analyst that thinks different. All everybody has been saying is the fact that he can't carry this team alone to a championship. Where's the lie?
We can still make the arguement Steph Curry is the best player in the Nba people forgot how great he is cause of last year
Jared Thomas
Jared Thomas:
this was INHUMAN by steph fam, what a RIDICULOUS night :)
Stan Orr
Stan Orr:
That guy could like this every game if no one checks him like what happened against the Blazers. NBA players are paid to score not play defense. The players have figured that one out that's why these games are more and more similar to exhibitions like the All-Star game.
Peter Parkour
Peter Parkour:
Credit where credit is due. Thank Max Kellerman. C'mon, guys.
Daniel Hutson
Daniel Hutson:
Best player in NBA history
Julian Clanton
Julian Clanton:
The goat!!
Jeevitesh Saharan
Jeevitesh Saharan:
Oh angel Rachel, the harbinger of truth. Thanks that you told us plebians that our narrative of binary is wrong. We were all wrong.
Sir Isaac Mormont
Sir Isaac Mormont:
For the record, every cane is shaped like Kevin Durant.
Death By Ostrich
Death By Ostrich:
Truth is, he's grown up in Arena's and not on the streets. He's played a different style of ball since youth. So these other players have to adjust to that.
Roger Peralta
Roger Peralta:
Clippers took Blake Griffin #1 instead of Steph ouch
Finn Skywalker
Finn Skywalker:
hey steph! ESPN said you can’t keep putting up crazy numbers... time to prove em wrong!
Daily reminder that Jorbald would average 12 points a game if he played today. He would be the equivalent of mikal bridges. But carry on with your day.
So Curry needs KD? are you forgetting about the unanimous MVP? sureeeee
Nick Zander
Nick Zander:
Well this aged well. Curry captured the scoring title, broke multiple records. And if it wasn't for the play - in.. who knows what would've happened.
Aniket Bagale
Aniket Bagale:
Wait in that footage .....steph is taller than dame?
Yash Balanse
Yash Balanse:
People to KD: you joined Steph for a guaranteed chip
People to curry: KD brought you those 2 chips
KD & Curry to people : wait until our game crush your comments and u will regret.