Steph Curry's 62-point game wasn't the only reason Warriors fans should be excited | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and David Fizdale discuss Stephen Curry's 62-point game in Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers, and also talk about how much Draymond Green's return will help Steph & Co.
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100+ komentarze:

Is wild how much order Draymond brings to offense and defense without actually scoring or blocking shots. Is incredible. And his energy gives his teammates confidence. Unbelivable talent.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
In the words of SAS "When you talk about the man Stephen Curry. He's a 2 time MVP. 3 time nba champ and the brutha can pull up from thuuurty. This guy is special"
Draymond is so valuable to this team he had 1 point and was still effective and did basically everything else and was a plus 22 on the court✊🏽💯
Never Give Up Work Hard
Never Give Up Work Hard:
Steph, why did u have to score 62 points??? Ur literally giving ESPN ideas on what videos to make next!!!!! 😂
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Steph is so skilled that every little help that he gets, its s problem.
Tobyn Cummins
Tobyn Cummins:
Steph’s jumpers are like a dunk, they splash through the net that powerfully.
show wiggins some love dude is playing the best defense of his career and is scoring efficiently
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
Media: "dame is better than steph

Steph "that's all it took for me to take it personal"
Gabe Wade
Gabe Wade:
Curry doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody. He is a two-time MVP and 3 time champ, best shooter the game has ever seen. MJ said he’s not a hall of famer yet, but he’s just trying to fuel him since he knows how great he is. 62 points in 36 minutes 🔥
Laughing Skyfield
Laughing Skyfield:
If lebron was the one who got the 62 pt game, espn would upload 18 videos everyday for 5 straight days about lebron
Matthew Holman
Matthew Holman:
Idk man Draymond shoots like he got a backpack on but he's so good at defense
Sal Martinez
Sal Martinez:
Thank you for understanding Draymond’s value. He controls the game, dominates on defense and his out of this world basketball IQ makes everyone better.
Most definitely Weisman is exceeding expectations so far. I can see a lil KD in him 💪💪💪 Yes, i did go there!
ATM Tech
ATM Tech:
Draymond looked like the dpoy version of himself in that game
ghost Lee
ghost Lee:
Steph goes off for 62 and the jump flashback to the bad plays from the games b4 last night...SMH! And I'm not even a warriors fan! These analysts are pitiful!
Darth MAGA Vader
Darth MAGA Vader:
Does anybody else feel it's disrespectful when you throw less than three guys at Steph
Curry been cooking Dame his whole career 😂
Draymond had the best game I've ever seen a person with 1 point have. He just knows where to be and is LOUD
Marcos Sill
Marcos Sill:
Love when people provoke one of the greatest players ever to play the game, he just shut the f... out of the hatters ! Love his game!! Go Steph show your greatness !!!
Put some respect on Stephen name!
souleater 420
souleater 420:
Why is no one talking bout how many 3s he had his inside game was top
amid grid
amid grid:
I'm getting real tired of the performances of Wiggins of Andrew being thrown under the bus
future hofer
future hofer:
When they zoomed in when oubre finally hit a 3💀
Vidur Ayappa
Vidur Ayappa:
I'm calling it , steph mvp with a historic season
David was spot on, the whole team looked energized against the Kings today. Seeing MVP Steph up close, when he's teammate instead of destroying their team, is definitely something that will bring all of the new guys (even those who joined last season and only got to play a handful of games with him) together and push them forward.

I don't know how far it will go this season but next season, with Klay back and all of these guys playing together a full season, watch out...
Stephen Curry cements himself as the greatest shooter OF ALL TIME. Period.
Millz ODay
Millz ODay:
Fiz the afro and beard combination is serious my guy 💯
Jerry Luo
Jerry Luo:
Coach fiz is the best analyst on tv they should really keep him on more. (better than every other guest on the jump, first take, even inside the nba in terms of basketball knowledge
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon:
Look at Curry man, carrying Iggins Wiggins of Andrew and Oubre of Kelly to the playoffs!
Steph has to aim for 30 every night to get wins. Even if he takes a lot of shots
Nidhika Singh
Nidhika Singh:
Steph just pulled in MJ
The Collective Conscious
The Collective Conscious:
“I’ve been Steph Curry With The Shot”🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marc B
Marc B:
Rachel nichols in klutch’s pocket. Theyd look for any bit of positive when it comes to draymond (klutch) who’s trash most times but will nitpick curry.
Parrish Campbell
Parrish Campbell:
When Curry starts splashing like that I call him Stephen Curdy not Curry.
0:28 a rare steph curry trying to live his actual dream of being a crab
Live Deliciously
Live Deliciously:
Wiseman is the key toward this team's future success. Steph's greatness is already there, but he needs pieces around him. I just hope Klay comes back 100%.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
Dame and Steph are great in their own regards. I acknowledge that both are elite players. However in my humble opinion, steph is better than dame. He changed the game. He’s sort of a pioneer. Dame is so good cause of steph. Let’s respect and admire both the greats
David Valencik
David Valencik:
Dave with the fro tho !!a
that's just disrespectful to show all those lowlights of him missing shots and turning the ball over when he just scored a career-high 62 points smh.
David Thisdale (sp?) needs to be on a staff somewhere, or have the opportunity to be a HC again. He’s a very knowledgeable basketball mind.
Dray didn't need to score he just need to be Draymond freaking Green
No Name
No Name:
Oubre is the Juju of the NBA. He needs to stick to being an IG model lol.
Oubre dropped 17 why we not talking bout that😂😂
these social distanced tables are deadass lol
Arkangel Arkangel
Arkangel Arkangel:
Look Dame is good... really really really good... but Steph is other wordly... 105 3s in a row... thats Ripley 's believe it or not amazing!
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce:
Draymond being back was the impact on both offence and defence, he did everything
People who dont know basketball will still say Durant carried this man
Kennard Welch
Kennard Welch:
Steph has to play with that chip every night this season the would have similar problems if klay was there and no steph
Evan Mao
Evan Mao:
"Can he do it on a nightly basis?" Are you serious bruh 🙄
shiny dumpling
shiny dumpling:
why she starin at me like that
Yo draymond and steph combined for 63 points!
Stephen Baluran
Stephen Baluran:
Steph is great and all, but Fiz's hair though. I need to get used to that.
Nade Cha
Nade Cha:
He would t have to go for that much if everybody else would finally step up,,um oubre
MJA Miranda
MJA Miranda:
Steph will do this again this year watch this man compete to the highest level he will be MVP caliber this season all the media and haters calling dame is better than steph and the warriors team are G league team. They will feed on that and play better just watch.
Angel HD
Angel HD:
Hey Steph, I dare you to score 103 points in a game to take the record.
Avi Gupta
Avi Gupta:
People don't realize Draymond is the main reason why the Splash Brothers are so effective. He's the one that sets screens and draws plays for them.
Xd Xd
Xd Xd:
Cause draymond knows how and when to make a play for curry he is the only one left in their original line up especially klay is down
Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk:
I like David Fizdale in that role.
Tmac 01
Tmac 01:
Max Kellerman said 2 weeks ago that " Dame is better than Curry and just went too another Level"

Me: Dame has no rings and Curry dismantled that team with ease.
Mark Baker
Mark Baker:
I was waiting 4 this young steph is back
only true warriors fans know how much draymond green brings for the team. others only look at his stats.
Tzuyu Plays
Tzuyu Plays:
Only the espn is making the comparison
Example: top 100 player they put dame higher than curry
Dray can't be nearly as great without someone like Steph. But he is really really great when playing with Steph. He takes the ball handling and distributing load and does it really well, bringing everyone else into the offense while allowing Steph to move freely all over the court. Also setting screens and getting Steph the ball exactly where and when he needs it. Shoring up the defense and turning rebounds and stops into offense. Dray truly is a great point forward.
Delaney Elliott
Delaney Elliott:
Best show from rachel to paul to thizz better then first take and undisputed.
Langston Richardson
Langston Richardson:
That hair style, Mr. Fizdale.
Fizzdale should be a coach somewhere
lulabelle lewis
lulabelle lewis:
That's our Stephen. Our family.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith:
Curry’s 62 is really impressive but the most impressive 62 points game is Melo’s 62
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter:
Steve Kerr needs to change his game plan from Strength In Numbers to Strength In Steph. He doesn’t have a championship roster and he’s wasting Steph but making the best shooter in the world set back screens for Looney and Oubre. He needs to be like D’Antoni and just put the ball in his best player’s hands, let him dominate the ball and take as many shots as he likes
Patrick Ruch
Patrick Ruch:
Go Golden State Warriors.
Cristian Dino
Cristian Dino:
Why had Curry not scored 60 points until now? Because he wants to always make the right plays; get his teammates going early, which sometimes is detrimental to his own game/aggressiveness (like Ramona pointed out). He let the game come to him. He is not suddenly going to become Westbrook in the sense that he is going to worry only about his numbers at the cost the team's success.
Mel S
Mel S:
Steph is gonna be targeted deliberately Injured .

Patrick Beverly will take out one of his Knees or Ankles ...end of story
Unidentified Name
Unidentified Name:
Where is the walrus perkins the goof who said trae young was steph 2.0 smh
GOAT shooter. No question.
Bike Life Pinas
Bike Life Pinas:
Didnt know BOB ROSS liked basketball
lou J
lou J:
Put some respect on Steph’s name.
Crazii Floo
Crazii Floo:
Harden Does This Every Other Day .
Elo Oji
Elo Oji:
The blushing cyclone latterly paint because badge legally wait following a royal opinion. fabulous, tender tense peak
People that don’t know basketball will point to dreymond stat line, specifically points or lack there of.
K BarzEEE:
Fizdale looking like a black Bob Ross. Shout out Mrs. Tisdale too she is the real MVP.
abdurrahman nashit
abdurrahman nashit:
Thing I notice about Curry is that he CAN dominate and put up numbers like Harden. But that'll cause the team to not click and move around properly or have their talents utilized in the right areas or right ways. Sure they might fight into a 7th or 8th seed.
If Curry plays the way he's playing now, they might not make the playoffs because the players aren't used to being utilized to their max and to play in the motion offense and be aware of everyone all the time. But if Curry keeps leading them that way, when it clicks it clicks, and they can jump from a 35 win season to a 50 win season, or a 60 win season with Klay back and be a championship contender.
If Curry dominates the ball and fights the warriors into a 7th seed, that's good for one season but that'll be the ceiling. The team won't get better as a unit.
AFTER the team starts clicking, Curry can get himself some easy 50 point games without detriment to the team play. If you notice, the team actually was clicking well in Curry's 62 point game, and in the Kings game last night. It'll slowly come together and they actually might make the playoffs organically and healthily (meaning a healthy play style playing as a unit).
mike corker
mike corker:
Golden State with Steph is a contender...without Steph...and put the team in Dreymond's hands...smh...that's a recipe for disaster...they wouldn't go nowhere anytime fast under those disrespect to dreymond...respectfully
Darius Clayburn
Darius Clayburn:
Goldblood 21
Goldblood 21:
As long as Curry, Green, and Wiseman don't break or tear anything this year is gonna be a win. All these young guys gonna learn alot then next year you get Klay back and that Min pick. Window is back wide open for a couple more ships!!
Mr. Put that on DATA himself lol
Stephen Curry 62 POINTS Mix ~ "Extra Sturdy" ~ Highlights
You know who can LeBron.. haha
Who wrote this? the correct way should be: Steph Curry's 62-point game isn't the only reason Warriors fans should be excited. Thanks
bruce wayan
bruce wayan:
😂😂😂😂where was this energy before??
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
Unleash the Dell of War
Yaky Ibia
Yaky Ibia:
The ubiquitous hemp causally strap because acknowledgment presumably command inside a guttural H habitual bobcat. daily, optimal susan
Willy Miranda
Willy Miranda:
GREEN KNOWS HIS JOB / his BUSINESS / STEPH IS SO HUMBLE / that even makes him better / these guys have 3 RINGS !!!!!!!!!!😎!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think they ( WARRIORS ) care wat the haters are saying ⁉️⁉️ THEY will be in the PLAYOFFS!!!!!⚡️
Shamim Ahmed
Shamim Ahmed:
Curry ❤️❤️❤️
Fizdale w/o hair = white Fizdale

Fizdale + hair = Afro Fizdale
Luke P
Luke P:
I'm just here for Rachel Nichols
Jesse Riedel
Jesse Riedel:
Mmm Rachel😋
Nopparuj Pooh
Nopparuj Pooh:
Why did I think David Finsdale looks like grandma?
Edmar Bactol
Edmar Bactol:
😳 wow, steph..
40 MORE games like that & u may challenge for the 8th seed STEPH 😂🤣😂🤣