Stephen A. reacts to Patrick Mahomes' 10-year extension with the Chiefs | Get Up

Stephen A. Smith reacts to the Kansas City Chiefs signing QB Patrick Mahomes to a lucrative 10-year extension.
#GetUp #NFL
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Haters Lie Because It's All They Got
Haters Lie Because It's All They Got:
Stephen A going up to his boss later today and be like, "we gotta talk about my contract extension."
Timothy Kim
Timothy Kim:
Stephen A's probably thinking, "I'm carrying ESPN, I deserve an extension like that"
Brent Hall
Brent Hall:
Well deserved. The face of NFL for next decade.
devin !
devin !:
this extension is older than most fortnite players
Woke AF
Woke AF:
2:40 Great point by Spears
Over the next 10 years, will the value of the team increase by $500M, or more, because of Mahones, paying for the deal? The answer is yes. Mahomes takes them from a good team below the fold in the NFL to a perennial title contender and one of the best teams for the next decade, making the franchise mUCH more valuable
Stephan “ this brotha is special” smith
Blade Brown - Thick Thigh, Cognac Luva
Blade Brown - Thick Thigh, Cognac Luva:
Chiefs secured their Tom Brady in a major way.
When SAS said “god bless his soul” when he referenced Kobe it made my heart drop it still doesn’t feel real that bean is gone man.
John Smith
John Smith:
A 10-year contract in the NFL is really 10 1-year contracts
"Patrick Mahomes Market":
That's a spectacular place to be!
Steven La
Steven La:
mahomes earning 8.40 a minute FYI
Sky Blaze21
Sky Blaze21:
Dak(and other QBs) gonna try and justify getting paid the same in negotiations..Dak (and other QBS) gonna have to realize he aint no mahomes and honestly this is ridiculous no player of anything should be getting this kind money
Uncle Fjester
Uncle Fjester:
Sounds like good $$ but in 10 years 2nd string QB's be making the same
Gorilla Skee
Gorilla Skee:
Surprisingly i can’t believe max isn’t on here foaming at the mouth you know how he gets about Mahomes
Warzone Warehouse
Warzone Warehouse:
Chris Leos
Chris Leos:
We’ve comed a long way since those Alex smith days
SAS want a new contract from ESPN. 😂
Contracts are never guaranteed in NFL especially when it comes to injuries and behavior on and off the field.
R McElhaney
R McElhaney:
My aunt can't stand Stephen A. Smith.
She says he's way too loud and has too much mouth!
John Smith
John Smith:
This is the beginning of the Chiefs Dynasty of the 2020's
I’ll see y’all in the Leagues
Jim Frank
Jim Frank:
When Marcus Spears talks, I stop listening
Dorie Dorsey
Dorie Dorsey:
Eric Harris
Eric Harris:
Baseball contract
Julius Mitchell
Julius Mitchell:
partick mohomes lead them to the super bowl i hope he go to the seahawks
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali:
Some men die poor, some die rich, there is enough money on earth to help everyone but this is how Its done, this why people should look at brady and see what he did, he shared the pie and made more people happy
notma reelnam
notma reelnam:
Did they furlough their first-string production crew or something?
Carey Grayson
Carey Grayson:
Holy Jet-Chip-Wasp!
Certified Dallas Cowboy
Certified Dallas Cowboy:
That Contract may hurt the chiefs, in the long run. PMH does not play D🤺. He is locked in, this is no D in the Making, Making more money, does not make you Win! Great Contract🎯 but to Early to call this Team A D?
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield:
That's the definition on securing the bag just in case yall wasn't sure!!🙌🏾
Ida signed him to a 12 year contract and I'm a Niners fan
Flow Lo
Flow Lo:
Idek you could even sign a 10 year contract geez
DJ Jones
DJ Jones:
The rap version of 360 deal
Ron Dolan
Ron Dolan:
Patrick mahomes got injured in college. Once you get injured you all ways get injured the Russell hasn't missed a game in 8 season .
Mohmed Mohamed
Mohmed Mohamed:
Rose x Claude
Rose x Claude:
Mahomes may become the most important quarterback of all time. If he can get 3 titles back to back to back, he will eclipse Tom Brady as the GOAT
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson:
Skippy Brown
Skippy Brown:
USA is oppressive though, media says this!
Joshua Askew
Joshua Askew:
He got the Joe Flacco'd.
Ray Evans
Ray Evans:
One problem solved, glad they took a chance
Robert Brown
Robert Brown:
I think they made a mistake
Katrina Franklin
Katrina Franklin:
Totally agree with Stephen A. on this one.
Restless Mind
Restless Mind:
Get that Pre nuptial
Jun Huang
Jun Huang:
Jesus Maldonado
Jesus Maldonado:
We get it he is rich
Tru 602
Tru 602:
A little dramatic for me but ehh
John Furlong
John Furlong:
The bigger the bill, the harder you ball. I hope Mahomes can live up to it. If he can, more power to him and the Chiefs.
Wes Mugga
Wes Mugga:
He smart person now he part owner of nfl team so after 10 years done we see how many super blows he wins like the eagles
Is K
Is K:
0l Lol

Lookout l)lopped)




Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
*Favorite* *Jordan* *1-34* *Colorways*
1) Mid Triple Black 🌟
2) Doernbecher Peacock
3) BHM Black History Month
4) Bred (2019)
5) Top 3
6) Infared
7) Bordeaux 🌟
8) Confetti
9) OG (2016)
10) Chicago
11) Bred
12) The Master 🌟
13) Black Cat
14) Last Shot
15) Doernbecher
16) Ginger 👎🏻
17) Trophy Room
18) Black Sport Royal 👎🏻
19) SE Black Metallic Gold 👎🏻
20) Stealth 👎🏻
21) Red Suede
22) Bred 👎🏻
23) Finale
2009) S23 👎🏻
2010) Black Varsity Red 👎🏻
2011) Classic East Red Comet 👎🏻
2012) Bred 👎🏻
28) Think 16 (Locked & Loaded)
29) Blackout 👎🏻
30) Gym Red
31) All-Star 🌟
32) Black Cat 🌟
33) Visible Utility 👎🏻
34) Blue Void

1. Bordeaux 7s (2015)
2. All-Star 32s (2017)
3. The Master 12s (2016)
4. Black Cat 32s (2018)
5. Mid Triple Black 1s (2020)

Kobe and LeBron are basically True Flights. The Mexican Jordans... 🤣
sean campbell
sean campbell:
I think he’s overrated...
p 28
p 28:
There isn't a team in the league that wouldn't love the opportunity to give him such a contract.

Shoot, they'd give up a ton of high draft picks to give him such a contract.
He's the best I've ever seen at the position. Period.
Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
The two most popular American athletes on YouTube who are still alive are Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson. Nobody from the NFL or NBA will ever surpass their charisma. Whatever they do or say, you're focused on them.
Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
Stats doesn't take account "competition" because that's SUBJECTIVE. You might think Jordan 1s, 3s, and 11s are awesome but I think they're overrated like most sneakers. MJ destroys LeBron in great games.
Lets see what the Ravens do for Action Jackson.
Dynasty? How bout the players around him the next 8 years? Lol
Aye Mayne
Aye Mayne:
All that confidence cause he won a superbowl. We'll see what happens next. If the world even continues to 2031
Focused NBA
Focused NBA:
It’s not a commitment lol does he even know how the contract is structured? It’s not guaranteed 10 years, it’s every couple years, if he gets in injury, he’s only guaranteed 2 years. Stephan A, get back to real reporting
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez:
Keep in mind he did get hurt in a QB sneak🙃
Dex P
Dex P:
It’s a big number on paper, but this isn’t the MLB/NBA, KC can cut ties w him whenever they want for whatever reason and he won’t see half that number.

If there wasn’t a rookie cap, Trevor Lawrence could sign a 15yr 750mil contract, but if he ends up being a disappointment, they toss him after a few years wo major financial loses.
Jermainee J
Jermainee J:
Patrick Mahomes Lost in this contract negotiation💯! He signed for 500 million over 10 years but ONLY 141 Million is guaranteed! it’s crazy to say but In a year He won’t even be the highest paid QB
Erik Turner
Erik Turner:
Chris Jones punching the air right now.
Andy Minh Nguyen
Andy Minh Nguyen:
Pat deserves every pennies
Benjamin Garvey
Benjamin Garvey:
How they gonna pay anyone else?
Justin Walker
Justin Walker:
Ballin 😎!!!!!!!!!!
Riley cooper says the hard “ER” and he still had a job.... come on guys
Shimon Frankel
Shimon Frankel:
Who writes the titles for these videos? This is not a video of Stephen A at all
Mr. Bevel
Mr. Bevel:
Donte Francis
Donte Francis:
I get more excited to Lamar than pat
Kyle Carney
Kyle Carney:
All in on offense. Keep his offensive line and receivers. If we gotta make cuts do so on defense. Don't spread the money too thin trying to get talent elsewhere. That's what happened to Luck and Rodgers. Seahawks handled Wilson's big contract well. Chiefs can do it even better.
hathound tt
hathound tt:
I don't care how good a quarterback he is. it is foolish to give that amount for that many years. Especially with that type of guaranteed Money. Ones incentive to do better down the road is questionable with all that guaranteed Money
Tru 602
Tru 602:
“He doesn’t look black “.
Bought my Mahomes jersey right after we lost to the Patriots last year. Knew he was the truth then!
OG Bobby Johnson
OG Bobby Johnson:
He brought Chief's a Superbowl after 50 years and was Madden cursed and is a leader and the only NFL player that can do a no look pass look kid is special and will bring more Super bowls home cause i will say this its alot of good receivers that wanna catch this guys passes and they will build around him. The offense for years hasnt been the problem its been the defensive.
Tony M
Tony M:
Mahomes is a great player. So is Tom Brady, but Brady played cheap to help the Patriots with the salary cap. Every year going forward for the next 10 will be salary cap prison for the Chiefs.
D B:
Months ago I thought to myself if I was PM I'll ask for 10 yr 500 mill lol i shouldv been his agent lol jk but well deserved for how he changed the chiefs franchise from what they been the last 50 years and I'm a Ravens fan forever for life. Can't wait to play em week 3 in the flock
Tony Imperato
Tony Imperato:
10 year 503 million ruins the organization and changes the entire dynamic in the locker room. The fact they offered it made it look like the Chiefs care about nothing him. The fact he took it makes it look like he only cares about himself. He just took money from his other team mates.
Mike W
Mike W:
Good for him getting the guaranteed money. Outside of that, NFL contracts don't mean sh_t. He could be on another team in four years.
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
Rich football player in Chiefs Kingdom
Asafo Rider
Asafo Rider:
Notice how its only when atheletes are amazing when white people say well he is half white. Newsflash. In this world half Black means Black. Mahomes and Anthony Joshua are Black
Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
Look at Hollinger's Game Score and PER. Say it favors scoring or pace. Does it matter? There is a higher pace now and MJ has 56 games with a Game Score over 40. LeBron has 26. Only Wilt might have more but lower in PER.
Bordeaux 7
Bordeaux 7:
As much as Patrick Mahomes will make, there will never be another marketable athlete like Michael Jordan. Never in the next 100 years. Kobe and LeBron never had "it" either. Michael Jordan is everlasting like Star Wars.
steven mcgrath
steven mcgrath:
not a dynasty with that contract. people seem to forget the patriots where a dynasty because Tom Brady was always taking well below market deals. guys like andy dalton and mike glennon where making more then brady lol
boo1987 H.P
boo1987 H.P:
Andy Reid has never not drafted elite talent💯
Only reason SAS is happy is cause pat is black😂 SAS is so biased
Gem Smasher TCG
Gem Smasher TCG:
Boomer Sooner
Boomer Sooner:
Maybe now with all that money he can cure cancer or be the next Tesla.
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall:
They gon regret giving him that contract
Isn't SAS on record for criticizing those 10 year MLB deals? Why is he all of a sudden on board with deals like this, especially given the virus possibly affecting future revenue? Personally, I think deals this long are moronic no matter the state of the world.
quentin scott
quentin scott:
Gerardo Reyes2
Gerardo Reyes2:
I still think they won't be able to keep the weapons around him Kelce will ask for way to much next year
Ronald Shiffman
Ronald Shiffman:
Big mistake for the Chiefs. So much hype surrounds Mahomes. He's only been in the league 3 years. Way too soon to be electing him to the hall of fame. Always remember: he is surrounded by the most talented roster in the NFL. It is not just Patrick Mahomes. Now, with the salary cap, it is virtually certain that several of the better players are going to leave the team for more money. When the Chiefs pay Mahomes, they will not be able to pay some other important pieces.
Scott Vansel
Scott Vansel:
Next,Chris Jones is bout to get his $$$ too because Pat's new deal doesn't even touch the Chiefs cap for 3 more yrs..That's how dynasties are made!!
Khalil The Highlight Real Sports Report
Khalil The Highlight Real Sports Report:
Patrick Mahomes’ boneshattering 10-year, $450M, $140M injury guarantee through 2031. Monstrous offer.
Grey Saturn
Grey Saturn:
Stephen A deserves Mahomes money from ESPN.
Watch the chiefs start struggling now! Lol
hector gudino
hector gudino:
He might be a great QB but history doesn't lie and since the Cap was created No team with the highest QB cap hit has won the SB since that first year (Steve Young) and that's with the cap raising every year since
Alexander Hoang
Alexander Hoang:
He deserves the money
Baby Benjamin
Baby Benjamin:
Russell Wilson, huge contract never won another title, Aaron Roger's, huge contract never wins another title. Tom Brady never gets huge contract, keeps winning titles.... coincidence??
good job now you can’t afford to get quality players to play with him smh lol