Stephen A. reacts to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron and the Lakers | Get Up

Stephen A. reacts to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron and the Lakers | Get Up
Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins react to Russell Westbrook joining LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers.

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100+ komentarze:

Russell Westbook knows the Lebron James System very well. The only problem is, he plays the Lebron James in that system.
Lets Build That App
Lets Build That App:
They're no longer in their prime, it'll be tough injury wise.
I like Stephen A and Kendrick's joint chemistry. Even if they have totally opposite views (just as this RW issue), their conversation is still very enjoyable and stress-free.
Drip LLC
Drip LLC:
LeBron and Anthony Davis are enough to win the finals. Westbrook's job is to get them they're fresh and healthy by carrying some of the load during the regular season
I love Kendrick talking up Rondo!!!! Man, if Westbrook focuses on rebounds, assists and THEN occasional shooting, the Lakers would be a load as long as LBJ and AD are healthy.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson:
The real question is which big three is less injury prone?
ayá kid
ayá kid:
"Anthony Davis healthy is still the best Big in the game today"
Giannis: Hold my non-super team ring
Khoa Do
Khoa Do:
Lebron's ex decided to team up with a guy who's trying to take his throne; KD. Now KD's ex is teaming up with Lebron.... this can be an MTV show tbh
Lakers are reminding me of the 2016 Cavs. I like their chances, and a Finals against the Nets may just be what the NBA needs to regain its popularity. This team can definitely win 1 or 2 Titles.
the more i watch superteam..., the more i respect Giannis ..,hands down to that man..😏
Tripp McGee
Tripp McGee:
A Russell Westbrook vs kd reunion in the finals would be legendary
Brodie's been one of my favorite players since he came into the league. I was excited when he joined my Rockets just to see him leave cuz James didn't wanna play off-ball. Now let's see how much Lebron's willing to play off-ball. I'm far from a Lebron fan, but I'm certain he'll bring the best outta Brodie.
M A K O:
Bron has had the best lineup of teammates ever . Wow
The Poster King
The Poster King:
David Fizdale pace n space .Finally has someone like rondo to run offense when he rest!Pushing pace,etc
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's:
For me LeBron is the greatest of all time, a fantastic athlete
We need a Nets vs Lakers final already. Let’s go!
Raymond Macapagal
Raymond Macapagal:
Oh my gosh you put AD,Lebron, Russ in one team.🔥
I'm so looking forward to see this implode, AD will be injury prone, LeBron will have to carry the team and Russ will overplay and clash with LeBron and they will fall apart. Harris
[email protected] Harris:
I Always wanted to see LeBron and Russell play together. Now we get a chance to see how things will work out. I hope it's western conference and the NBA finals!!
I find it hard to believe Perkins played in the league sometimes with his takes.
Quentin Mallard
Quentin Mallard:
2 of the best lane drivers to ever do it on the same squad 🔥🔥🔥
A Russell Westbrook vs kd reunion in the finals would be legendary
2010-2014 Miami Heat (2021 Lakers)

Dwayne Wade (Russell WestBrick)
Lebron James (LeGm)
Chris Bosh (A’njury Davis)

This could work. Can’t wait for the next season! 👍
I can see him dominating with a second unit, the depth that the Lakers lost tho is a big hit
KW Entertainment
KW Entertainment:
Not gonna lie, I kinda like this. All of the players they traded weren't reliable from outside already. So if you're gonna focus on scoring inside instead of shooting 3s, you might as well go all in and have a much better overall player in Russ to score inside
Yesssss! Can't wait to see him play with bronn and davis.🏀
Jay Crib
Jay Crib:
Perk cracks me up😂 “you cant have beans and corn bread without basketball yall”
J3 Fitness
J3 Fitness:
This feels like a “last hurrah” by the Lakers with LeBron.
Nets vs. Lakers in the finals would be such an amazing story. Bron vs. Kyrie, Bron vs. KD (again), KD vs. Russ, and Harden vs. Russ.
Paco A
Paco A:
Lakers offense isn't going to be stagnant after LeBron James goes to the bench I can guarantee you that.
M M:
In the playoffs, decision-making is crucial in the half-court. Westbrook can pass so he can rack up assists. I just don't think he makes great decisions which will mean Lebron will run the point more. That will make Westbrook a shooter and he doesnt shoot well. As a Lakers fan, I hope this works but I don't see it right now.
I would love to see Lakers vs nets both at 100% in the finals
Stephen A made the perfect argument about the Rondo/LeBron situation brought up by Perk. Rondo is a pass first guy which is why he never averaged 20ppg and James knew he'd be getting the ball back. Westbrook may have lead the league in assists, but he'll also look to shoot which is why he averaged 20+ppg
Daniel Flores Caceres
Daniel Flores Caceres:
Westbrook is a good addition, but the Lakers need to sign more 3 point shooters that shoot a high percentage to battle teams like the Blazers, Suns, Spurs, etc. It can't be just isolation James and Davis everyone else get the rebound.
Panther Gawwwddd
Panther Gawwwddd:
Listen I'm not saying Russ doesn't help this team, but the fit is indeed questionable. Russ is my fav player all time but his shot selection and decision making are not great. Not to mention that spacing is a REAL problem. One of those three is going to have to start hitting from outside on an elite level regularly and that's kinda of a tall task for these three.
Actually a good move. Let Westbrook run rampant in the regular season, then come playoffs let LeBron and AD take over and facilitate the offense.
In 2 Minutes Or Less
In 2 Minutes Or Less:
100%! Stephen A. is the man. Spot on analysis!
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks:
The biggest question for the Lakers has been and still will be can Anthony Davis play the 5 in crunch time because Giannis can it adds a whole new dimension to the team…the more AD can play the 5 the easier it’ll be for his team to score
Now they still need a marksman. Someone that can shoot with his eyes closed, from anywhere on the court.
This is actually a really smart move simply because it’ll take a lot of strain off Bron and AD in regular season
Derrick J
Derrick J:
Tbh just like with the Miami Heat they have to take a role as 1st, 2nd and 3rd options and LeBron would have to be third, AD second, Westbrook first option. Westbrook will not be like Wade and play second option and LeBron to keep his minutes down will be third option but I can see him and AD switching roles often based on minutes played.
Marquitos Roque Jr
Marquitos Roque Jr:
Bro I just hope Lebron isn’t done cause that’s feeling I’m getting and I grew up watching him dominate 😭
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson:
"Anthony Davis is still the best big in the game"

Giannis Antetokounmpo has entered the chat.
I love how my Lakers keep swooping up SuperStars that I don’t like. 🙄😂
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
Bron has had the best lineup of teammates ever . Wow
Cory Hill
Cory Hill:
Stephen A Smith: People say Russel is selfish, he ain't selfish

Also Stephen A Smith: Russel jacks up shots he ain't supposed to be jacking up

Everyone: That's what we mean by he's selfish Stephen!
Lol Drummond will have the least rebounds he’s ever had in his career
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt:
Perk cracks me up😂 “you cant have beans and corn bread without basketball yall”
Bryan Starke
Bryan Starke:
"Lebron is willing to take a backseat" - Perkins
"wait, what?" - Lebron
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
Perk cracks me up😂 “you cant have beans and corn bread without basketball yall”
The Lakers will understand where they went wrong when they look at their elimination game and see their opponent scored 142 points while Westbrook and Melo combined for 7 of 32 shooting.
DevSports and Gaming
DevSports and Gaming:
I never thought my favorite team would have a mid age triple double man and an old triple double team
Perk is the first analyst I’ve heard mention Lebron being the third option. When I saw the Westbrook trade I instantly thought of that being the best option IMO. Kendrick Perkins knows the game and is a fantastic analyst
D Owens
D Owens:
I wasn't a fan of this trade at first, but now that I've ruminated on it a little more, I've come to the conclusion that the Lakers have the best Big 3 in the league. Yes, better than the Nets (but it's very close) -3 AD is at least as good or better than Durant, Russell is as good or better than Harden, and LeBron is as good or better than Kyrie, although Kyrie does have youth in his favor. If both teams make the Finals this season, it will be the mother of all superteam showdowns.
Loved seeing a team EARN a championship this year instead of buying it with a "Dream Team"
Mr. Yikes
Mr. Yikes:
I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve always wanted Westbrook as a Laker! 💜💛🤍 DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 😭
True Crime Queen TV
True Crime Queen TV:
Love your videos!!! Stay safe everyone ❤️❤️❤️
SnK Aron
SnK Aron:
Honestly, I just wanna hurry and see Westbrook in action on the Lakers...
Eric Sellers
Eric Sellers:
It’s going to work LEBRON always makes it work
Ali Khan
Ali Khan:
Here's what I say. If Russell only takes 10 shots a game, then great.

Then if the big 2 r injured again, & Russell needs to score, then Lakers r in trouble again.

LBJ will retire with 4 chips.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray:
That's exactly what the Lakers needed - to get older.
Ai Sound Design
Ai Sound Design:
If there is a lesson to be learned from this years playoffs and finals it should be the vulnerability of the "super team." Right now, most likely, Lebron, KD, or Kahwi should have another ring, but with the injuries that didn't happen. It could also be noted that when Giannis went down the Bucks still played great because they had a solid roster and everybody stepped up -didn't they win all their games against the Hawks without him? The Lakers will be fun but their margin of error is slim to none.
Russ made Steven adams relevant and made robin Lopez look like Kareem this year, and made Daniel gafford go from being a random with no playing time to someone who started to hoop hoop. I can't imagine what he'd do with AD
Military Street Minded
Military Street Minded:
They still need good chemistry & health for it to make a difference. I hope they gel. It'll be something to see.
I can see them contending, congrats to Westbrook going back home.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
I can’t watch Perk no mo w/o laughing at that “300+ M. Chestnut” statement.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭💀🧨🔥
Jar Head
Jar Head:
I can’t watch Perk no mo w/o laughing at that “300+ M. Chestnut” statement.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭💀🧨🔥
T X:
Hope the best for them 🤝🏽🤴🏾
Dylan We
Dylan We:
Russell Westbrook and lebron is 2 of the most stand up guys in the league they are some of the best leaders ever 2 good leaders working together is gonna make it work they gone come up with a plan
Archeluas V
Archeluas V:
I think this will only work if they spend most of the game on different rotations. Lebron may even want to play with second team more without ad. The first half of the 1st qtr and last half of 4th is the only time they should share the floor.,whoever has hot hand leads.
Carlo V
Carlo V:
definitely gonna have a title run.. Westbrook, A.D. ,Lebron gonna be SHOWTIME WATCH AND 👀
young minds
young minds:
Stephen A was accurate on the difference between passing to Rondo and Russ… with Rondo you can get the ball back. Great point. They play the point differently and that’s to be acknowledged. Russ is great in his own right.
Mel Fox
Mel Fox:
Russ has to really adjust his game to something different. I am not quiet sure if he can do it.
Russ playing his style might help them through the regular season and allow LeBron and AD to sort of load management.
If there was a way to make Russ defer and make him an efficient player for a title,
he might:
1. take less jumpers and be willing to less be a ballhog
2. attack the rim like on 2nd year in Houston (should result in 6 free throws per game)
3. improve his free throw shooting to his OKC days
4. use way more energy on defense and become one of the NBA's top defending guards (Marcus Smart level)
5. stop stat chasing. He should land somewhere 15-8-7 with hopefully 2 steals per game and not more than 3 turnovers per game while shooting 45% from the field and barely taking 3s.

If he was unwilling to sacrifize, I would try making him an elite 6th man who get's a lot of minutes when LeBron or AD is on the bench.
In a scenario Russ being Russ, the Lakers would not get out of the first round. So I hope him to adopt to his final chance of winning a ring in his prime.
We’re about to witness The greatest Trio in NBA history
Brian Kim
Brian Kim:
If they can coexist on the floor feeding off of each other making plays, they will be unstoppable
Jesse Nieto
Jesse Nieto:
They will beat the Nets in 6 or 7. Lakers have the edge because the Lakers have LeBron. Russ is going to give his all this season. As long as AD got strong in the off-season and they are all healthy they got it.
Ismail Mohamud
Ismail Mohamud:
3:31 the smartest and most truthful thing Perkins has ever said in his time on tv
Doug Goldwater
Doug Goldwater:
"AD is the best big in the league when healthy"
Giannis- "And I took that personally."
I love Westbrook. I just wished he developed his 3 ball to be truly goated.
Divine Rascal
Divine Rascal:
Best news!!! Go Lakers!!!
Really hope the chemistry between Lebron and Davis gonna work out.
Jayson Laluna
Jayson Laluna:
Amazing comparison of Westbrook and Rondo from Stephen A.
Dry Rain
Dry Rain:
westbrook will just hug the ball however he can and will score, i bet he will be the hardest working player in the court out of them
Saul Chavez
Saul Chavez:
They gonna miss Caldwell pope
Knockdown shooter and a good defender
Big part of them winning the championship in the bubble
Anas Bananas
Anas Bananas:
I know Perkins did not just say LeBron is willing to be a third option guy lmfao
Teacher Brad
Teacher Brad:
The finals that we all can't wait to see: Nets vs Lakers. NBA 2021-2022 season gonna be fun to watch.
J B:
good trade tbh. Wizards get solid pieces to add around Beal for his last contract year. I imagine the Lakers will use a combo of Russ/AD when Lebron is off the floor
Andre Nelson
Andre Nelson:
Man big ups to Steph and Giannis. The only two players who have won tht L.O.B. trophy in recent years through team build, NOT CHASING RINGS! To compete used to mean a lot more
Jeremy Berry
Jeremy Berry:
I mea rondo has 2 rings with 2 of the most legendary franchises in history and he played a major part in each run... I’m most sure why they discussing rondo with Westbrook even in a hypothetical... rondo different and he’s accomplished 2x champ... they coulda found somebody else to play with
Wassio Joel Brian
Wassio Joel Brian:
any team can win the league, the biggest question is can you stay healthy throughout the postseason, the big or whatever super team it is isn't a guarantee, injuries HEALTH plays the biggest defense
It’s gonna be interesting to see 2 stat padding player in the same team
Oscar Olejnik
Oscar Olejnik:
Westbrook needs to be the third option for this team to work
Cody Addington
Cody Addington:
Imagine 10 years after KD and Westbrook’s first final appearance where they lost to lebron and lebron won his first chip, Russ wins his first chip against KD and Harden... the irony
Stephen A Snake
Stephen A Snake:
Stephen A better be back on first take.
The real question is not "if" but "how many" championships will they win💪💪
Pressure is on AD, HE HAS TO BE A MVP CANDIDATE. Great thing is it isnt something he hasnt done.
Artemis S. Reinhold
Artemis S. Reinhold:
"We dont give Westbrook enough credit for his decision making.."
Austrin Alick
Austrin Alick:
Russ being back home and with to top 5 players in the league rn, he’ll be killing it every single game! Just need to stay injury free.
Mike Major
Mike Major:
Did Perk just say “although he’s played with me?” 😂
Bridget Hale
Bridget Hale:
I find it hard to believe Perkins played in the league sometimes with his takes.