Stephen Curry's Best Plays Of The Decade

Check out the best plays of the decade from Stephen Curry!

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Key Epic
Key Epic:
It is believed that Curry got his wife pregnant from 30 feet away
Deibu WR
Deibu WR:
I never watched basketball before, but when i saw him play, men he made a fan out of me.
Ijan but B face
Ijan but B face:
Fan of him or not he’s still the greatest shooter of all time
The best part of this is that EVERYONE gets exited by his plays, it's amazing
Rich Gowen
Rich Gowen:
4:43 this man just made one of the best defenders of all time look like an awkward kid who is just learning how to play
1:48 look at KD laughing 😂😂😂
Marius Th
Marius Th:
When you realize that Curry got Kuroko's passes, Aomine's footwork and Midorima's 3 pointers. The generation of miracles by himself.
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity:
He takes one glance at a teammate who’s around him, and he puts his full trust on them with a risky pass, sometimes without even looking. That’s just amazing.
Joe Goetting
Joe Goetting:
It doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having. Curry highlights make me smile every time.
Quinn Dumas
Quinn Dumas:
10:46 the announcer keeping up with everything steph was doing is honestly more impressive
Best Curry highlight collection I’ve seen. That pass off the glass to Bogut was maybe the first time I told myself never to forget that one and I’m so glad you included it.
These are indeed his best plays of the decade and I watched them all when they happened. I’ll watch them again every time I feel down. Great compilation
Refuse Plastics
Refuse Plastics:
9:38 Legends say Green is still waiting for that high five
Delon Lawrence
Delon Lawrence:
I prefer to watch this guy’s highlights over everyone else’s
Jackson J
Jackson J:
For me, Steph is the best thing that ever happened to the NBA - when Warriors playing away games, love to watch the opponent's audience and their amazement and shock at Steph's ability - truly a basketball magician. Lucky to be a Warrior fan in era of Steph Curry.
Yu Chi C.
Yu Chi C.:
It doesn't matter how bad of a day I'm having. Curry highlights make me smile every time.
He's a gift from God 🙏
Enzo Night
Enzo Night:
01:46 when your teamate (KD) just looking at you from 2 meters and laughing cause you’re destroying the opponent in front of him, that explains how great is Steph 🔥
Soriano Family
Soriano Family:
9:39 he left him hanging with that high-five LMAO...
Jefferson Santos
Jefferson Santos:
I'm gonna make a confession: I miss the dynasty Golden State Warriors. I know, there was no competition and this was bad for the league, but it was a beauty to watch this team play. Btw, I'm a Rockets fan.
Kerrilla Boykins
Kerrilla Boykins:
3:09-3:12 is one of the greatest dribble sequences I've ever seen
1:39 - He made Rudy do a 520 degree spin like he was dancing salsa or something!
This guy is just so smooth. He plays like he has all the time in the world and just wants to have fun, but happens to be amazing and technically efficient while not seeming to care that much at the same time. At some point after working and practicing enough, you can create the illusion of effortlessness in anything you do.
Jason Dryden
Jason Dryden:
I will never forget when Kevin Durant was smiling after curry crossed Gobert 1:47
3:16 Still the sauciest pass I've ever seen
Who's here watching after his career high 62points on Blazers?
Adam K.
Adam K.:
Inspired by Michael Jordan to play basketball in my teens. Nineteen years later, Steph Curry rekindled my love for this sport as I started playing it again at nearly 40! 🏀🏆🙌
Be Be
Be Be:
You be lying if you don’t miss Curry and Klay this year
That could be the greatest move i've ever seen
*Laughs and chuckles*
No, I'm being serious
*more laughs*
Paul Benedict
Paul Benedict:
The best, the purest and most accurate point guard in NBA history. As much as I saw Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor and Jerry West play, Steph Curry would have run circles around them; literally!
Draco Shorts
Draco Shorts:
0:30, it literally went under Chris Paul’s arm, it’s the greatest move I’ve ever seen too Jeff
Layton Taisipic
Layton Taisipic:
3:33 people just don’t wanna admit curry cooked lebron
Uber Super Everything
Uber Super Everything:
Look at curry man. Hes so inspirational man. Just look at him.
Lester Freeman
Lester Freeman:
I decided to watch his highlights before a game for inspiration and I dropped 27 . . .
8th grade btw
He's just so good, the way he plays is just something else.
M. C.
M. C.:
no matter how many times... I watched these highlights from different channels it's still so satisfying 💖
Patrick Lunn
Patrick Lunn:
That off the glass pass to bogut might be one of the best passes ive ever seen. Why is that pass not talked about more
mawena birregah
mawena birregah:
Best pg of the decade ,outstanding handles and he can be clutch
Edit: he is not the most clutch but he can put big shot sometimes
nice delapuerta
nice delapuerta:
Im still here loving you stephen curry... Watching all your highlights makes me smile and happy more more stress free.... Thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
KD's reaction at the 1:39 clip is so funny
POU pou
POU pou:
10:36 Damn I don't watch basketball usually but it's just mind control at that point
King Bishop
King Bishop:
I saw the greatness from him whilst watching that game against the Knicks at the garden and he went off for 50+! The way he sees the game is different different and I love it ❤️ would love to see another like him but don’t think it can happen. That hoop is so big
Curry giving passes so that his teammates can dunk: “I lead others to a treasure I cannot possess.”
Yash Rahul
Yash Rahul:
Things feel so different since last year. There was a time when we could enjoy this man in the finals! 😐
I'm sure next year after klay comes back things will be the same again, not sure in the finals but definitely conference finals!
Rowan Bonnet
Rowan Bonnet:
“They do have a time out, decide not to use it! Curry, way down town, BANG! BAAANG!!! OH WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY!!” Goosebumps.
Rhicky Silva
Rhicky Silva:
Look at curry he's so inspirational just watching him play makes me a baller
Flávia Giane
Flávia Giane:
Help! I can't stop watching this video. How amazing is Curry! Truly a MVP :)
Andy Goat
Andy Goat:
“The warriors do have a timeout, decide not to use it, Curry way down town
Still gives me chills.
Rarest Form
Rarest Form:
Easily one of the most entertaining and greatest highlight reels a player could ever work for.
... And this is why I love Steph Curry
Slathe 37
Slathe 37:
The vibes in Oracle arena were unmatched for the past few years
Susan He
Susan He:
notice how there're more amazing passes than super deep threes. Curry isn't just a great shooter, he's one of the greatest team players too, the effect Curry has on his team is unreal, Golden State is nothing without him.
Ria Ali
Ria Ali:
The most entertaining player of the decade. One of the most entertaining players of all time. Much love for curry
Legend has hit: The Birdman is still flying trying to block Steph.
NBA isn't the same without this man tbh. Watching every warrior game soon as he's back.
JDeLorenzo D
JDeLorenzo D:
The most fun player to watch of all time. It's like a Harlem Globetrotter but in an actual league.
Not all of them are his amazing shots, like other players. He’s got the good teamwork under his belt too!
"Look at curry man"
"Such a legend"
"So inspirational"
i Choi
i Choi:
As a Warriors fan… good old days..
lets do this once again at full gan of Arena .. love this team Splash Bro💦
doro dara
doro dara:
I'm not NBA fan or Curry, but i can 100% say: "He's Awesome! Beautiful play! WOW!"
asfaw deme
asfaw deme:
2015 regular season is when I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN
Man oracle hits different! I could watch these Steph highlights all day long ( I kind of do ) lol
Elijah Veilleux
Elijah Veilleux:
The smoothest player to watch. He made me fall in love with the game again.
FUZION gamer
FUZION gamer:
It’s seems that KD and Stephen Curry seem to be such a duo. It’s amazing
Terpy Timmm
Terpy Timmm:
Chris Paul still falling from that cross to this day
Still unbelievable to watch, NBA fan since 91... Never seen a small guard dominated like this and doing it without any special athleticism.
Arden Charles Santos, CSP
Arden Charles Santos, CSP:
How many ankles did he break?
But the other important question is this:
How many other teams fans’ heart did he break with those buzzer beaters and game winners?
Almighty Sosa300
Almighty Sosa300:
This decade went from, yeah this guy might be pretty good, to the greatest shooter of all time, unanimous MVP, 73-9, 400+ 3s in a season, 13 in a game, and some of the most difficult shots ever made, along with some absolutely disgusting handles. What more can I say, we’re witnessing greatness ladies and gentleman, appreciate it while it lasts because it’ll be gone before you know it
Rotten Banana
Rotten Banana:
I was upset when they let my guy Monte Ellis go. It was truly a blessing in disguise. Curry and Thompson have both been amazing fornthe Franchise! THEN KERR. Happy Dubs fan here!
Curry is my favorite player, and just looking at these plays🤯
*Steph will always be my favourite basketball player. So goddamn inspirational*
Rashid Kopar
Rashid Kopar:
Do you think Steph watches his own highlights?👀🤣
He's phenomenal
Marco Ramos
Marco Ramos:
It’s crazy how he’s 4th in all star voting and he’s not even playing 😂
Yesid David
Yesid David:
I didn’t know what Basketball was till I found out about Curry back in 2015, he’s just different than everybody else 🐐
Damn! Can’t wait for the next season 👌
sean kyle
sean kyle:
Wow i just realized steph highlights has more viewed than any other nba players,its insane
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez:
“That’s from a player who knows where the basket is all the time” 😂
Tmac 01
Tmac 01:
Down 27, Curry: " I'll just hit 9 threes and we good bro".
SlaM Ù
SlaM Ù:
So glad I seen his career from the start love this guy
스테판 커리의 3점 슛은 농구를 사랑하시는 팬여러분들께 항상 짜릿한 감동을 선사해 주는 것 같습니다. 재능도 재능이지만 재능을 상회하는 연습량이 있었기에 멋진 슛들을 우리에게 보여주는 것 같습니다. 앞으로도 좋은 경기 많이 보여주세요.
what a player, I'm from UK and i think he is so good to watch!!!
Prince Rock
Prince Rock:
Greatest shooter ever. Second greatest pg ever. Living Legend. Throw him in any era of the nba this man could is gonna be great that’s the definition of true greatness.
Damn I miss the Chef on the court this year...
Lawmsanga Royte
Lawmsanga Royte:
I've never played basketball, but whenever I watched him play I feels like ' Basketball is the easiest game ever'😅😅
The Kidd
The Kidd:
If the warriors do good and all players stay healthy next year on god I hope Steph wins MVP again
Brandon L
Brandon L:
he made rudy and kawaii go into spin cycles, thats when you know he's good
Trae Young
Trae Young:
curry is a legend my idol everything he done for the game is the reason i started to ball he is truly inspirational
Harsh Patel
Harsh Patel:
“I guess when you’re Stephen Curry, things like this just happen”
Jaime Lima Da Silva
Jaime Lima Da Silva:
Esse cara é incrível!!!👍🏼😁
Roland Balogh
Roland Balogh:
This guys skillset is truly amazing thats all i can say.
British Biscuit Company LLC
British Biscuit Company LLC:
11:34 when kd knew he would be a warrior
11:37 was the moment KD decided to join GS
Robert Adams
Robert Adams:
I remember watching NBA basketball with my dad when I was in Elementary school, I played it all through jr. high and highschool but found it boring to watch NBA after Jordan left the league. Well one day I turned on a warriors game and I was captivated by Steph Curry and what he could do. I've been watching their games ever since. He will be remembered forever when he leaves the league, I can not wait until him and Clay get back on the court for the Warriors. Its going to be amazing.
Captain Anarchy
Captain Anarchy:
The way he makes grown adults look like toddlers learning to walk is hilarious.
David Lawson
David Lawson:
2:25 what if KD did a double lob to Zaza and he finished with a nice fundamental layup 😤
KD's reaction at 1:48 😂
Mike Frost
Mike Frost:
"Hey Steph, I bet you can't make it from the OTHER teams 3-point line."

7:22 "Challenge accepted".
Nah it's more than just shooting. This man disrupted the whole game. Period. He has the skills and character worthy of GOAT status. Steph Curry is my 🐐 of the decade.
Now that the dynasty is over, I can watch this lol always liked steph
1:03 Klay started to go the opposite court even before Steph release the shot!!! Hahahahaha ABSOULTE MAD LAD!