Strade Bianche 2020 Preview | Watch On GCN Race Pass

Strade Bianche is the unofficial 6th Monument of cycling despite the bike race’s youthful age. Characterised by the rolling white gravel roads that break up the punchy hills of Tuscany it’s already an iconic image of the sport the race winds through the Italian hills around Siena before a punchy final climb into the town centre. With 5 former winners taking to the start line in the mens race and Mathieu Van Der Poel making his debut at the race it will be one of the most exciting editions of the race's short history. On the women's start list is defending champion Annemiek Van Vleuten who has already shown her stellar form this year and is undefeated in the rainbow stripes. We certainly can't wait for the race on saturday, and you can catch our coverage on GCN Race Pass.

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GCN Racing
GCN Racing:
Who do you think will win Strade Bianche? Let us know in the comments below
Dan came in 9th in that edition btw
I still can't believe Lloydy has the KOM.
Joep de Waard
Joep de Waard:
Just in: Mike Teunissen can't complete because of a knee injurie. The GCN curse is real!
Shawn Walsh
Shawn Walsh:
I'm so excited I could practically eat some gravel for breakfast!
Si's kiss of death didnt even last until the video was released haha
Christopher Dolan
Christopher Dolan:
It's worth mentioning that Peter Sagan's best finish at Strade Bianche was second place to his teammate, Moreno Moser. Cannondale played their advantage so well from the final select group that their team leader didn't even need to win.
Ben Weiher
Ben Weiher:
okay I'm getting the race pass. My smokey - Simon Clarke
Outsider for the mens race

🇩🇰 Michael Valgren 🇩🇰

I got a good feeling about him 😉
Took me 7 minutes and 39 seconds to notice the Perspex screen between Dan and Si
Kai Voormolen
Kai Voormolen:
7:05 Well, Teunnisse is quite an outsider to be honest
Terry Hudson
Terry Hudson:
I love this race, it's going to be great in the sun!
Ben Pederson
Ben Pederson:
Took me 5 mns to figure out there's plexi glass between Sy and Lloydy
I really like your paywall... now that I can't afford shit nomore.
7:06 GOLD
Ernst Wemmers
Ernst Wemmers:
💡 Tiesj Benoot rides for Sunweb.
great stuff gcn, thanks for the keeping content coming over the lockdown, cant imagine it was easy with no racing.
Really want Van der Poel to win but feel like Alaphilippe would win again
Could be a none favourite given it's the first race back.
Adam Beevers
Adam Beevers:
I'm pretty sure they've changed the last 10km in the past few years.
Andrew MacKenzie
Andrew MacKenzie:
A suggestion for your producers/editors... can we get a text overlay near the beginning to identify the presenters?
Was likes 1/3 through the video before I noticed the plexiglas barrier separating both of you!
Steven van Aalst
Steven van Aalst:
It's a pretty nice time to be alive as a Dutch cycling fan.
Keenan Segenchuk
Keenan Segenchuk:
What really stole the show this time was lousy camerawork. After the ultra-select group of six broke free, we didn’t see anyone else except the close chase of Styby and two others until the finish line.
Thomas Wasley
Thomas Wasley:
Did anyone catch what time they will start coverage, women and mens, on RacePass?
Juan Chacón
Juan Chacón:
Help. Yesterday I loved the Race Pass and I can't see the Strade Bianche race.
where is it supposed to be seen?
in which menu?
Richard Hooper
Richard Hooper:
Will the app remember my position for on demand races and highlights in case I can't watch them in one sitting? I've noticed the first World of Cycling didn't seem to remember and kept restarting.
Francis Bombus
Francis Bombus:
can't wait 🙌🏻
Michael Quinlan
Michael Quinlan:
The 'white' roads, the 'blue' line (between Dan & Si), the 'rainbow' stripes, look out for the 'red' mist. Bring on the colours of racing!
HANDBAGS AT DAWN?? HUHHH? Granny slinging handbags at dawn scary!!😱😵
Seppe Van Ginkel
Seppe Van Ginkel:
Theunissen not even participating hahaha
liking the app/race pass so far. wish there was a way to stream (or view) to my laptop
Thank you! Fantastic!
Kevin Barnett
Kevin Barnett:
I figured Dan needed two more tries and he would have podiumed the event. Honest word!
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale:
How we have waited for this day!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Alaphillippe says hello
Balas Varga
Balas Varga:
Only love and support here but maybe on the next occasion,let’s mention the ladies first and the big guns last.Everybody will like it like that better.😘
✌🏼😎you guys are amazing
Dirk Coppens
Dirk Coppens:
Good start with the show.
Yes. Happy days! Thanks guys. You guys need either coffee or beer there on the table with you.
Frederik Uebel Søndergaard
Frederik Uebel Søndergaard:
Tadeh Pogacar is a pure climber? do you know what that word mean?
Dom Ghost
Dom Ghost:
Will you be showing the race in full on race pass? I know you’re doing some coverage but the advertised times don’t match up fully.
How many hours will be on race pass? Will it be live before the tv broadcast on Eurosport or around the same time?
Andrew Wade
Andrew Wade:
Is the race going to be on GCN racepass??🤔😉
Stephen Andrichuk
Stephen Andrichuk:
You missed Chantal Blaak
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia:
Kasia and Peto
Last crusader
Last crusader:
Benoot from sunweb you mean Si?
Jeff Cook
Jeff Cook:
What a cracking race this will be,difficult to pick a winner.
Randy Sunkel
Randy Sunkel:
I'd love to see Sagan win, but it doesn't matter who wins. We have live racing back!!!!!!
Swoope Sr
Swoope Sr:
Congrats to Wout! He was so strong!
kate ballbach
kate ballbach:
it sure would be amazing if benoot one riding for lotto!
Jure Hribar
Jure Hribar:
Can you stream or cast race pass videos to a TV via chromecast?
Sooooo, we absolutely have to buy the race pass to watch racing now?
pm trieve
pm trieve:
van Aert won 2020 Strade Bianche today on a rim brake equipped bike. Davide Formolo came in second place on a rim brake bike. The sales hype about disc brakes for road bikes is way over the top. Bike makers should keep making rim brake versions of their upper-tier bikes or they're gonna lose a lot of sales to old farts like me that prefer riding and the ease of servicing bikes with rim brakes.
Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner:
Hi there! What time will the race begin? I live in California and want to catch the race live. Thx!
tobias Lillelund Christensen
tobias Lillelund Christensen:
dont forget Michael Valgren for nnt
Markus Leinweber
Markus Leinweber:
Wie kann ich denn jetzt das Rennen sehen, im "RacePass" kommt nichts?!
Gareth Cheesman
Gareth Cheesman:
The GCN pass doesnt work. I've had £20 taken off me and am getting nothing
What no 5 mins highlights on YouTube, GCN?
Samuel Kagiri
Samuel Kagiri:
You dont update us on highlights as usual
Scott BikeDawg
Scott BikeDawg:
How do I watch the races on my desktop computer? There's no way I want to watch it on a tiny phone screen!
keith burt
keith burt:
36° is pretty cold ?!!?
who is doing live commentary on race pass over the weekend?
Jerzy Kryszczynski
Jerzy Kryszczynski:
MICHAL KWIATKOWSKI #1 🇵🇱 Super film . Thank you . CHICAGO 🇵🇱🚲🇵🇱
GCN Burgos Highlights ? nope ? thnx
Robin V
Robin V:
Where can we watch it?
C DoubleU
C DoubleU:
Tiesj Benoot of Sunweb
Chris Mottershead
Chris Mottershead:
Purchased a GCN Race Pass (Australia) a few days ago. The Race Pass looks like a really exciting way of delivering cycling content and racing. And Lloydy is a great presenter. Hope it succeeds, it looks great!
deepak gopal
deepak gopal:
Can it be seen in singapore via race pass ?
Teunissen is out with an injured knee.
Hello, how do I find the cast option in the app? I got the gcn race pass.
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson:
when does the livestream start on the race pass? I got the race pass but where is the livestream?
k c
k c:
please tell me you won't have Carlton Kirby doing any commentary on your channel ?
Benzi Crypto gigolo
Benzi Crypto gigolo:
is the race pass limited to just smart phones..or can i stream from my laptop??
Sylvain Pélissier
Sylvain Pélissier:
is it me getting better or you getting worse?
k c
k c:
so is this race coverage channel just going to operate on mobile phones ? I've had no luck trying to download onto a windows desktop and I'm not interested in watching racing on tiny screen.
Brad Mccreadie
Brad Mccreadie:
Hi guys. Will race pass work off Apple TV?
Steve Newman
Steve Newman:
And the winner is PS=Peter SAGAN :)
Maverick Quilts
Maverick Quilts:
Can we watch the races on the app in the USA?
I travel constantly between US/Canada .. will the restrictions be based on my current location, or my Apple ID account?
Juan Chacón
Juan Chacón:
Ayuda. Compre el Race pass ayer y no puedo encontrar donde ver la carrera strade Biache!
Tom Hartley
Tom Hartley:
I am considering purchasing the race pass ahead of tomorrow. How can I watch the race on my laptop? Thanks!
Matteo Adesso
Matteo Adesso:
Question about race pass: I live in the US and there’s a fairly limited allot of live races that are available, will the races that are not available live be available on demand after they are complete or at a later date?
Michael Toner
Michael Toner:
Is Race Pass available in South Africa? @GCN
Usman Ghias
Usman Ghias:
It will not be bad to also share the starting time as we will be watching on GCN App this should be the new norm.
C.M. P.
C.M. P.:
Will the Strade Bianche be available in the U.S. with the Race Pass in the replays?
Julian Allen
Julian Allen:
Will I be able to watch race pass whilst travelling abroad or will it be geo restricted according to the country my credit card is based? ie UK card but in the US on Super Sunday.
Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson:
Excitedly purchased Race Pass looking forward to Strade - this thing needs tons of work guys - still no replay up of the event? Can only watch it on my phone not even on my laptop? Me thinks launch was a bit seems a bit clunky as well....hope things improve for the upcoming races and i'm able to watch the full replay of Strade soon, otherwise i just flushed my $ down the toilet
Dave Young
Dave Young:
Having a few issues with RacePass chaps and I'm sure I'm not the only one, sort it out GCN, not a good start I'm afraid
John Andrews
John Andrews:
If only GCN hosted a platform to watch this race from..... hmmmm....
Dan you put a few smeckles on your ladies pick? She almost pulled it off!
Tui Wren
Tui Wren:
Is the whole race from both the men and the women shown live then and not just the last two hours that Eurosport seem to be offering ? Thanks folks
Joris De Bruijn
Joris De Bruijn:
Would subscribe but there is very little coverage for Canada
other than the strade, the race pass lineup isnt that hot for the about a discount
Barron Dickson
Barron Dickson:
smh, not even mentioning WVA
Hugo Arraiolos
Hugo Arraiolos:
I’m in US, Just purchased the annual pass and now I can’t see the race live. Very disappointing
Dwayne Letterman
Dwayne Letterman:
Why is the race not available in the US?
Jerzy Kryszczynski
Jerzy Kryszczynski:
KASIA NIEWIADOMA #1 🇵🇱🚲Thank you super film . CHICAGO 🇵🇱🚲🇵🇱🌞🇵🇱
Robb Chastain
Robb Chastain:
You are rightfully giddy about the GCN Race Pass, Dan and Si, epic for fans around the globe to have live coverage and highlights in hand. And I predict competitiveness to take the checkers this weekend, given that not even another race is truly guaranteed.
Brenton Logan
Brenton Logan:
I signed up through the app store but my app still won't allow it to be played, is there a period of time I need to wait before it all pushes through? It still states Buy to Watch when i click on the event