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Check out the Stranger Things Season 1 trailer starring Millie Bobby Brown! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Air Date: Jul 15, 2016
Starring: Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder
Network: Netflix

Synopsis: A love letter to the '80s classics that captivated a generation, Stranger Things is set in 1983 Indiana, where a young boy vanishes into thin air. As friends, family and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one very strange little girl.

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100+ komentarze:

Cole Mathis
Cole Mathis:
i remember when i first saw this trailer and thought “hm, that looks weird and interesting, i’ll just watch it so i’ll have a new series to watch” and i never expected it would become as big and as amazing has it became
Hit Like If you Still haven't watched any season yet but still want to!!!
Isabella Cam
Isabella Cam:
Just finished watching Season 1.. I can't believe it took me so long to see this! It's just incredible and seriously a must watch! I hope season 2 is just as good!
The Principled Hypocrite B
The Principled Hypocrite B:
QUARANTINE: the season of watching the series I didn't have the time to before.
klmn krstf
klmn krstf:
Me in 2016: hah, stranger things. What is this, a kids show?

Me in 2020: *scrathes arm* he-hey netflix, you got any m-more of them season 4 scenes?
Looking back at this is amazing the way this show has grown over time is just amazing and now after almost 4 years we are waiting for a season 4 ☺️
I wish I could experience this show for the first time.
1000 subs no videos?
1000 subs no videos?:
Those aren’t dislikes,
There likes from the upside down
Julia Nugroho
Julia Nugroho:
Everyone always asks "Where's Will" but never asks "How's Will"
Season 2 was ok, season 3 was very fun (apart from the final episode) and super nostalgic, season 4 volume 1 is pretty damn excellent all round, but there is just something about the first season. It's like a perfect mix of nostalgia, feel good, horror/ thriller, suspense and sci-fi all rolled into one that has never been done before or since. It manages to roll up so many different genres and different emotions in to one package and doesn't over deliver or under deliver on any of them. Season 1 should go down as an all time great season of TV
Are u lost Babygorl
Are u lost Babygorl:
They made the trailer look amazing! I can’t believe I missed this show for almost 5 years what have I been doing??? Only started watching in August and finished it in August I’m so fricking pumped for season 4!!
just a person
just a person:
Okay, if there is anyone, ANYONE, that is reading this and hasn't watched this series, watch it. Right now. Are you watching it yet? I will know if you haven't watched it. I am hiding in your laundry.
M a r i a Buso
M a r i a Buso:
I want to watch this because my friends make it sound amazing so wish me luck it is
Lance Quichuah
Lance Quichuah:
Oh man I love stranger things for 5 reasons. 1) time is in 80's was when it was a simpler time
2) great acting by kids, usually having child actors is risky
3) storytelling is great easy to follow but very connected with audience
4) great characters, is kinda like the Goonies, sandlot you just want to feel part of it, n brings back childhood chills
5) Eleven is controlling me to type this .
Tony Green
Tony Green:
Season 1.... utterly brilliant from start to finish and remains one of the best TV series ever made!
Season 2 nearly as good, 3 not so much. 4 has picked up the pace again but season 1 remains the Masterclass.
Fourteen Records
Fourteen Records:
I just finished Season 2 and OMG! I hope this show goes on for many years because I’m hooked. Best show since Game of Thrones.
i just wanna say, thank you netflix for this show, me and my nana (grandma) love watching stranger things together and whenever a new season releases we stay up all night watching it and we fall asleep on the couch when its done, its almost as if i remember when season 3 was released and we saw the ending and we we both in tears, and when season 4 came out we were so excited because we hadn’t seen stranger things in 3 years. Once again, Thank you Netflix
Ope King
Ope King:
This is what a trailer should look like ❤️
The ending music always gives me goosebumps
Who is here after the season 3 trailer because they forgot how much they love stranger things
6 years later.
NOBODY expected the show to be this big
mr gentledex
mr gentledex:
Gave me too many chills even after I finished watching 3rd season already.
Spooky chills and excited chills. I love this.
Jas Emily
Jas Emily:
My GOD!! For YEARS people have been trying to get me to watch this but I always refused because I thought it looked crap! But then my friend promised she would watch something I wanted her to watch if I watched this so I finally gave it a go when quarantine first started. Since then I've seen it 4 times. 100% one of the best shows I've ever seen
Marc Caru
Marc Caru:
I'm two episodes away from finishing season one. Its 2.38am and I cant stop watching it... its absolutely amazing. Hope all seasons are this good. Definitely watch this if you can!! 😃
💖Morena Fernanda💖
💖Morena Fernanda💖:
Só vem, quarta temporada.❤️ Tô anciosa.
I can’t wait for the new season. I have not watched this in a while but I remember it gets better every season
Lauren :)
Lauren :):
They were so tiny. I think that’s something great that these kids can look forward too in the future. Seeing how far they’ve grown, not only physically, but as actors.
Toxick Toe
Toxick Toe:
I haven't watched this series (until now) as I thought it was just another Goonies style thing until a friend of mine told me it was a horror. So I thought I would give it a go. And now I'm hooked. I also told my daughter that if she watched WandaVision and Falcon & Winter Soldier I would watch it. Wish I had started watching it when it first came out.
Aashish Kundnani
Aashish Kundnani:
Best series in television history ever .❤
Veer Mathur
Veer Mathur:
I watched all season in two days. Really love this ❤️
Fathima Sheikha
Fathima Sheikha:
One of the best Netflix series .keenly waiting for the 4th season
I don’t usually watch tv series a lot, but now I want to. I love horror, thriller and mysterious series. After watching Teenwolf and vampire diaries, I have this thing in my mind that no shows can match the way these shows had thrilled me. But now, I am going to give a chance and watch this series. It looks interesting I’m gonna start from tomorrow. I am excited. Wish me Good luck
I got goosebumps pretty much ever second of the trailer and I’ve already watched the show like 5 times.
just finished this season for the first time AND IT WAS EVERYTHINGGGG, i cant wait to see the next 3 seasons
EliteNick 11
EliteNick 11:
They look so young in this and thats what i love ( the kids) now look at season 3 there so tall there voices are way way deeper and they look way older now:( they all grew up
Fantastic story. Takes me back to my childhood. The 80s were great. Some bad wigs and make up though. Can't have it all. Iove it
Sloth Queen
Sloth Queen:
I sort of feel like the trailer didn't do justice to this incredible show.
Mal the Midguadian
Mal the Midguadian:
Me when Stranger Things first came out: Oooo this looks cool, I’ll try it!
Me now: Stranger Things is my life!
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce:
This series is so good! I just finished season 1 and enjoyed it a lot!
I remember getting this ad like crazy and I was always like i'll watch it later until my friend told me about it and now I'm addicted to this show
Wan Hafizah
Wan Hafizah:
I've watched s1,2,3 within a week 😂 its amazing , 10/10 ✔️✔️ very recommended✔️ cant wait for s4
Haleel Ahamed
Haleel Ahamed:
My favorate series in my whole life thank you Netflix for an awesome series
Eduardo Lima
Eduardo Lima:
4 anos da série mais top
Rohan ghodke
Rohan ghodke:
One of the best series. I liked it😍
Noah's acting during the abduction scene is probably one of the best acting scenes of the series
Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.
Charlie Yeag
Charlie Yeag:
Who else started watching the show in quarantine and now it’s their favorite show
So i saw this trailer years ago and wanted to watch it . I never knew it would be the greatest show on netflix
First time in history when the series is just as good as the trailer
Maior Sucesso Tv Mundial melhor série da História epica extraordinária.
Hasini Nutalapati
Hasini Nutalapati:
In the starting my friend was obsessed with this I was like wth this .... but now I myself have been obsessed with this series and I just love it ....😍😍
redcr33per productions
redcr33per productions:
The fresh nostalgia watching it on a cold autumn night of 2017
Brandon T
Brandon T:
i’m glad i finally watched this show it was amazing
Kris Daniel
Kris Daniel:
This series has only likes and those dislikes are for sure from another dimension 🤟🏻🤟🏻 one of the best series ever , waiting for season 4 ❤️
Darisleidy Martínez
Darisleidy Martínez:
La mejor serie que he visto y mi favorita
davor peretic
davor peretic:
this series brings me back to eightees...great music,great caracters
When we all saw this trailer when it came out, no one could have predicted the success it would have.
this trailer is perfect and makes you really want to see the show
Moon 光
Moon 光:
This trailer sent me chills even though I watched it without a flinch
100k With no videos challenge
100k With no videos challenge:
This gives me CHILLS even now , having been an strangerthings stan for months ..🥺✌️🥺
Just watched the 1st ep and fell in love with this series ❤️❤️❤️
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Anyone watching all the other trailers after watching the 3rd
Im finally old enough to watch this lol gonna watch it right now
jugaadu jeet vlog
jugaadu jeet vlog:
This was the bloody best series ever i watched at the end i realy cried fro El for her loss 😭want to see next 4season eagerly wating nd i hope all the characters will remane same thats what it wish..
This whole series hold me tite whats comming next N next super Awesome ❤
beep beep
beep beep:
i love stranger things so muchhhh, i cant wait for season 4
I’ve started watching this show at the end of the summer. I didn’t regret it
The only thing what's bad about it is that you have to binchwatch it in one night 😍
Paul Frank
Paul Frank:
My fam tried to get me to watch this show 4 to 5 yrs ago and I never got into it I think I'm bout to start binge watching 👀 😅 it looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
It’s March 2nd 2020 and I’m literally about to watch the first episode of this show. Yes I’m late, but I’m glad I waited. LET THE MARATHON BEGIN! (Dammit I ran out of popcorn)
Hey Jessie !!!
Hey Jessie !!!:
Ok so I'm finally gonna give it a go, been passing up on this show but now I want to watch its cause ALL of my friends watched it and won't stop bugging me to watch it lol.
Maris Jules
Maris Jules:
*rewatches og trailer to re-feel the same emotions*
Rosemary Y
Rosemary Y:
I was never allowed to watch it when it came out, I kinda forgot about it until now time to binge it!
Great tv show!!Amazing,so 80's.
kate cronin
kate cronin:
Feel special because I watched this show before it was popular. 👌
Me in 2019 stranger things is probably lame but me noW IM ADDICTED TO IT
Carlos Palacios
Carlos Palacios:
RIP to the cast of stranger things, when they still had that child look
Jacob Angeles
Jacob Angeles:
When People look up Stranger Things, the Previews felt Mysterious and Nowadays Memorable.
When People get to see Stranger Things 2, the Plot gets more Intense and more Interesting.
Stranger Things 3 has more Excitement, Laughter, and Compelling.
Cristiano Saugat
Cristiano Saugat:
Woah,finally finished season 3 Man ,What a Amazing Show I already Miss this
Can't wait for season 4🔥
If you haven't watch this ,Just stop everything you're doing and watch it ,Trust me it's worth it❣
Just came back here while watching season 4 to remind myself how young they used to be. Babies!
abdus sohail
abdus sohail:
I just started watching this. Will mom acting is soooo good. Did anyone notice this
Cyano Micro
Cyano Micro:
I've always wanted to watch this before, here goes a new adventure
Loving this <3
I just started watching this and it is blowing my mind it is probably the best Netflix series it is so good
Max .G
Max .G:
Season 1 is really incredible considering the resources available.
Due to Coronavirus under isolation for 14 days.. bored .. I’ve decided to bench watch all episodes off seasons 1,2,3.. !!!
I give it 10/10 funny, tense, curious, intense .. and most of all scary .. s**t scary. Best series I’ve watches in ages.
Shaun Studios
Shaun Studios:
And then it turned into one of the best horror series of all time
I wish i could delete my brain memory and watch stranger things all over again, 2021 still here waitin for a season 4❤️❤️🌹
Lauren Josic
Lauren Josic:
why did the end give me the biggest goosebumps ever
Irmak Yesilkaya
Irmak Yesilkaya:
Who is crying in their bed and watching every stranger things clip on YouTube because they are depressed that season four got delayed?
Alex Alexandra
Alex Alexandra:
I'm so relieved I can finally watch this it's awesome so far
hahah hahah
hahah hahah:
Omg I Can’t Believe I Had The Nerve To Just Start Watching This After I’ve Been Recommended By Everyone. I’m So In Love On Season 2 I Just Started Watching Today.
I have watched this series, it was awesome one. 🔥🔥
Stranger things is great for 2 things:
1 storyline
2 and actors

This was a very perfect horror show, but man when stranger things is over and it’s bedtime do you crave it.
joyita tripathi
joyita tripathi:
I loved it
Really, this web series is u stranger thing team....😍😍😍
Amazing show 👏
Priya Shinde
Priya Shinde:
I m watching it's trailer after watching the whole series. badly in love with this
Hafsa Zia
Hafsa Zia:
It's amazing just mind blowing
Tashy Blairs
Tashy Blairs:
ive watched all seasons....AND ITS AMAZING ITS FREAKING AMAZING IM OBSESSED funniest thing is That it came out on the day of my bday LOL