Strict Rules Kourtney Kardashian Forces Her Kids To Follow

Strict Rules Kourtney Kardashian Forces Her Kids To Follow

It’s no secret that the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, lives a life jam-packed with rules! From her personal boundaries to the way she raises kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, Kourt may just be the judge of this Kourt-room! When it comes to the mom-of-three, ordinary living is not in the picture; from endless curfews to technology and toy bans, Kourtney lives a very rigid lifestyle.
Stick around, because we’re here to tell you all about all of Kourtney’s Countless bizarre rules!


00:00 - Intro
00:29 - A Very Strict Diet!
02:33 - No Toys Allowed!
03:37 - Bye-bye, Technology!
05:13 - The BANNED Word!
06:56 - Out Of Control…
08:49 - Five-In-A-Bed!

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25 komentarze:

Miss lion
Miss lion:
She is crazy.
Her chilldren need Special training same with Kounteny
The kardashians must be spending more money on therapy than clothing lol
Tbh, I feel like the Kourtney’s parenting rules are just exaggerating.
Tina OSullivan
Tina OSullivan:
I feel sorry for those children
Laura Catha
Laura Catha:
I never let anyone say fat or ugly around my son when he was younger. I never wanted him to say mean things.
C. S.
C. S.:
I think she is focusing on too many unimportant issues and not enough on the VERY important ones.
Irene C
Irene C:
Kourtney behaves as if her kids are adults, and all the same.
She doesn’t ever discipline them and they’re impossible to deal with because Kourtney gets very angry if anyone even tries.
Both Kim and Khloe have said it. Outright and in hints.
When Khloe wrote in her will about who would get custody of True, Kourtney had a tantrum because Khloe picked Kim. Citing Kims style of mothering is closer to her own. Kim disciplined her kids.
The kids don’t hear it or learn it or what it means and how it affects people when you say it they will not understand it.
Miss lion
Miss lion:
She is crazy.
Her chilldren need Special training same with Kounteny
Dolores Coleman
Dolores Coleman:
I think Kourtney is raising her children the right way more healthy cause children these days get no type of exercise. I like what she's doing. Blessings to her and her family.
Ishmeet Kaur Hira
Ishmeet Kaur Hira:
The channel : No Toys allowed!!!

Kourtney Kardashian : no plastic things and no plastic toys allowed.
U guys are just making it sound bizzare!! Bruhhh...

Edit : after watching all the rules, this video is bizarre, not the rules!
That's what you call discipline! The kids will grow up disciplined!
Aqua B
Aqua B:
You guys are wack lol she’s an adult and those are HER children. These sound like eco friendly beliefs and just good parenting. I have celiac disease and I have to eat completely gluten free because I could develop cancers, I heard her say she has an allergy to gluten and from my experience not having it in the house makes it easier for everyone and given it’s usually genetic, it is a smart diet move
Unpleasant woman! Unpleasant rules! No brainer!
Niccolo M
Niccolo M:
Penelope is a brat though and no manners. Goes to same school as my niece.
Fiina Fillipus
Fiina Fillipus:
Good rules kour
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur:
Her kids are most rude and unmannered
Semuel Starke
Semuel Starke:
No plastic allowed for your children bruh,think about it you had plastic surgery. What about that
Courtney Womack
Courtney Womack:
And she’s nnotgluten free and the lifestyle is not very good for u
Hefziba Avila
Hefziba Avila:
She has so many unnecessary rules, yet many people have claimed how disrespectful, spoiled and entitled her kids are. She needs to focus on that part of raising kids and now how health they will be. There is a balance where you can teach kids different topics at the same time.
Chaylen Alexander
Chaylen Alexander:
Eugine vasilis
Eugine vasilis:
Omg 3rd?
Vitan Leonard
Vitan Leonard:
Courtney Womack
Courtney Womack:
She have 4
Annah Aisha Sibanda
Annah Aisha Sibanda:
This video is a little shady. Let her raise her kids how she feels best. It’s no ones business