Supermodel Gigi Hadid Does Los Angeles Like You’ve Never Seen Before | Vogue

How do you celebrate your first Vogue cover? The all-American supermodel heads back to her hometown of Los Angeles for a little post-shoot R&R—and takes the cameras along for the ride—from carpooling with RuPaul to taking a dip in Dolce & Gabbana.

Alana Hadid

Mario Testino

Fashion Editor: Jorden Bickham
Filmed by Bardia Zeinali
Hair: Shingo Shibata
Makeup: Jen Myles
Manicure: April Foreman
Edited by Kevin Tadge
Sound Mix: Greg Tobler
Music: RuPaul, “U Wear It Well”
Filmed at Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles
BMW courtesy of the BMW Group
Produced by Lalaland

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid Does Los Angeles Like You’ve Never Seen Before | Vogue

Gigi Hadid in Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Carole Tanenbaum, Dolce & Gabbana, Ellie, Gucci, Linda Farrow x Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors Collection, Oliver Goldsmith, Prada, and Saint Laurent

Alana Hadid in Chanel

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People are like “I wish my parents were rich” BECOME THAT RICH PARENT
John Solobro
John Solobro:
I mean i eat crap food occasionally and stay pretty thin, why everybody hating on this girl getting a burger? She just has a fast metabolism and is unusually attractive.
domna maria
domna maria:
50% of the comments: jealous people
Rest of 50%: calling out jealous people
Elize Mellark
Elize Mellark:
awwww when zayn's song comes on she's like "turn it right up please"
so much jealous people in the comments
she's literally living my dream life
Sughey Cureño
Sughey Cureño:
who's here after the pregnancy news?
I don't think anyone in the comment section understands sarcasm, this entire video was a parody of what people think a models life is! xD She's beautiful, down to earth and she works her ass off to maintain herself.
Just imagine being in the shoes of someone whose job is TO LOOK PRETTY. Imagine living her life , living under a microscope of people judging her or criticising her just because of the way she looks. No one shows the internet, the hard parts and the battles they have had to face/are facing. They only show the best moments on social media. I don't think you should judge anyone based just on what they put out on social media, you see only what they want you to see, don't judge someone without knowing their whole story. And if you want to criticise her/make negative comments on her to make yourself feel better, then you've got insecurity issues that you have got to deal with. I am sure I'm going to get hate for this, people are offended by almost anything these days so I wouldn't be surprised!
A re
A re:
Models pretending to eat junk food and barely excersise is getting pretty old. I just want a model to come along and be proud of eating healthy and working out....they so badly want us to belive they are some higher species that don't put on weight.pls spare us
Victoria Vasquez
Victoria Vasquez:
Who else is watching this and realizing that we’re ALL wearing medical masks EVERYWHERE!
Re Melissa
Re Melissa:
People are so annoying "she is not a réal model" "she is one only because of her family" and so what ? If you were at her place would you be like "oh no, please don't give me money" "don't make me do what I always wanted to do because my last name helped me to get there" come on guys !
Goketsu Monogatari
Goketsu Monogatari:
I wish I had famous, rich parents. This could be us, people!
Going Brenanas
Going Brenanas:
Can i be 5'9 please
Gina Jacqueline
Gina Jacqueline:
"My workout has been 7 min so far... Im really pushing myself this week."😂😂I love Gigi ❤💕
i see there's a lot of supermodels and professionals on the modeling world sharing their knowledge and experience in the comments :)
Halima Hussain
Halima Hussain:
Why is everyone hating, she's so adorable 😍. And omg Zaynnnn 🙌🏼❤️ .
Sabbs X
Sabbs X:
She is very pretty hands down 🙂
“The best disguise is one of the medical masks” if only he knew
Nokwethemba Mthembu
Nokwethemba Mthembu:
"Today's workout has been 7 minutes; I'm really pushing myself this week" Sis, same.
whos here after gigi's pregnancy?
I want her height, I want her body, I want her life ,I want parents like her
Karla Miranda
Karla Miranda:
"Today's workout it's been 7 minutes I'm really pushing myself this week" me AF omg HAHAHAH
Corey Jones
Corey Jones:
I bet $100000000 dollars that she didn't eat that burger
What does she make In n Out look like a Celine bag ?!!??!? slayage
Rayane Malik
Rayane Malik:
"Do you wanna walk around with Zayn on your chest ?" 😂😂
Benedict Koo
Benedict Koo:
swimming in a fancy dress
Aqsa Khan
Aqsa Khan:
And then that zayn's song "LIKE I WOULD" it bless my ears☺
When she started singing like I would☺️
Łucja Śladowska
Łucja Śladowska:
she literally looks perfect in everything
how is this even possible huh
Ashiya Bhandari
Ashiya Bhandari:
she is so cool. Love her
Yaeko Smiles
Yaeko Smiles:
She is SO beautiful and powerful✨I wanna be like her😭❤️✨✨
Heba Sayed
Heba Sayed:
You're born gorgeous and then you are given a life better than you could ask for
Maggie Johnstone
Maggie Johnstone:
Her reaction is so cute when she hears zayns name, 🥰
Ann Mariya
Ann Mariya:
01:06 " If you're a celebrity you can, if you're a regular old person you've got to go to the Hard Rock cafe "

*Gigi : Let's go the Hard Rock

This is why I love her 😍
MJ Cad
MJ Cad:
Why do they feel the need to show them eat all these junk food and make us think that they can eat whatever they want and stay skinny when we clearly know that's not the case.
Brianna Aguilar
Brianna Aguilar:
My favorite SUPERMODEL, She's absolutely gorgeous .
idont get it why people hate gigi like she's veryyy humble. She's veryyy nice
Vanessa Russo
Vanessa Russo:
She is pretty.
"The all american supermodel" with a jordanian father and dutch mother
rahul singh
rahul singh:
I love Gigi.....😍
Sheraden Champ
Sheraden Champ:
She has absolutely no bone structure or defining features credible for the worlds top model. Her and her sister are a product of mommy and daddys/money. Shame on victorias secret/designers for using them for their own popularity. Half of them know they aren't suitable to be models, but use them and act as if they are because it brings them $$$$$. If anyone knows modelling, you know her, bella, kendall, don't even compare to the cindy crawford, naomi, paulina porizkova, jean shrimpton's of the world.
Khin Kyaw
Khin Kyaw:
today's workout has been 7 mins I'm really pushing myself this week lol
Iliana Kada
Iliana Kada:
When Zayn came on the radio and she started singing😍😍
Caroline McInturff
Caroline McInturff:
little did they know they would be wearing medical masks a lot more often than they thought
supermodel definition: a successful fashion model who has reached the status of a celebrity.
I don't know about you... but that sounds a lot like gigi 😌
Mayra V.
Mayra V.:
"Today's workout has been 7 minutes. I'm really pushing myself this week."
Queen faty
Queen faty:
she's leaving my dream life💔
Kori Chamberlin
Kori Chamberlin:
im obsessed with Gigi. her and Kendall are my absolute girl crushes
Sofia Časová
Sofia Časová:
"Today's workout has been seven minutes, I'm really pushing myself this week." 😂😂😂😂
Lewis Justice
Lewis Justice:
She’s definitely my favourite model
Chloe Bell
Chloe Bell:
We all know it’s probably water in her in and out “milkshake” cup

Not hating just no reason to try to be quirky and relatable you do you
isa n
isa n:
Omg Gigi is so skinny
Nupur Verma
Nupur Verma:
I am watching this after their split and I exactly know how I'm feeling. 😭
What is the music from 0:35, that disco type sound and it's also at 2:26 at the back. it's really important :P thanks!
rupaul: and just throw on a medical ma- oooh there’s a chanel right there
i wish i looked like her.... she is so perfect
Prince Jackson
Prince Jackson:
Well everyone can't dream of having a super life like Gigi but everyone has the power to do extraordinary things in life. We just need to realize 😊
Lisa Elizabeth
Lisa Elizabeth:
I'm in love with her pink dress
Ayo M
Ayo M:
you KNOW she does not eat like that. Why even pretend?
Aku Lumbanbatu
Aku Lumbanbatu:
Okay. I gotta admit it. Gigi honestly is being bigger than Kendall in modeling.
She rules fashion month. She's etheir being the opening or closing. She even has her own show Tommy X Gigi on NYFW. She's International Model Of The Year. She's being the cover of Daily Front Row for "Creative Director". And now, she has 22 VOGUE covers!
I love Gigi. And I don't care if any of u say it because her fame. ✌️
Anam Khan
Anam Khan:
Stop the hate guys who show her free self like her and love for burger like who she is the best
the best 4923
the best 4923:
She is so beautiful I seriously question my sexuality when I see her
Blacklisted Tea but I love V
Blacklisted Tea but I love V:
People in the comment section are triggered cause they ain't a supermodel.
Aashna Nowlakha
Aashna Nowlakha:
Gigi has more clothes for one day than I have for a month
seiji iwaguro
seiji iwaguro:
Beautiful 👏👏🗾すばらしい✍
emerson •
emerson •:
She is living my dream life. All I can hope for is a magical glow up so I can model lol
Karen: Can I speak to the manager
Karen: Can I speak to the manager:
Chinyere Mendez
Chinyere Mendez:
"Regular old person"
ross 68942
ross 68942:
Vogue are so desperate to give her the title super model😂
FREM Fries
FREM Fries:
"I have dinner soon, so I'm just gonna air dry" 😂😂 omggg 😍
Huijie Wu
Huijie Wu:
00:46 The way she sits on the chair...such a mood. My mom always slap me when I sit like that TT
Meel Alvarez
Meel Alvarez:
She is the really love of my life, omg is so beautiful
Lizzie Tang
Lizzie Tang:
I wanna be rich and pretty too. : p
Naomi Campbell and so many others literally had to work her way up to be a supermodel. People like Gigi just see themselves as skinny and tall and their parents get them the label of supermodel in a year. She's a commercial model (the girls on magazines and websites) NOT a runway model (compare her walk to other runway models) And she's certainly not a supermodel. She's gorgeous, but nowadays everyone is just giving themselves all types of incorrect labels
"Todays workout has been 7 min, ive been really pushing myself this week" wait what ? lmao
Emilie Olivia
Emilie Olivia:
I don't know how many times i've watch this video
That comment about medical masks being a good way of hiding didn’t age well lol
LIV C10:
I love how models TRY to be funny in every interview
Right, cause she totally ate that burger and fries.
Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants
Puppy Cat with the Fuzzy Pants:
"Humble", you keep using that word.... I do not think it means, what you think it means..."
Ala’a Atari
Ala’a Atari:
Aw I love that Rue just gives her a ride when she needs it lmao ❤️
Dimpled Beauty
Dimpled Beauty:
Not a supermodel? Alright jealous haters!! 😂. She's young and everyone starts somewhere.... 🤘
wildest dreams
wildest dreams:
1:32 this didnt age well 😐
Izura Heman
Izura Heman:
By reading the comments below i can comfortably say now that women can be more misogynistic than men are sometimes.
Mia Losquadro
Mia Losquadro:
Person: If you’re famous you can, ut if you’re a regular old person you’ve got to go to the Hard Rock Cafe

Me: Can you seriously not tell that you are talking to Gigi Hadid?
Ashley Ko
Ashley Ko:
damn, I wish I was that blessed with gorgeous genes and a thriving career. you go Gigi
Madeline McGuff
Madeline McGuff:
Disguise w a medical mask is an every day thing now 😂💀
'No no no no!'
Gigi, thank you for keeping the human being out of pain.
Del Carmen
Del Carmen:
Is it just me or has she lost so much weight? Either way I think she's gorgeous
Leg4cy _
Leg4cy _:
Gigi does long angeles when ure pretty and rich
Watching this made me feel like I want to be friends with her because she seems really fun.
Am I the only one who thought that the person she was facetiming was Zayn at first?
ew, armies
ew, armies:
In my mind she's so cute am a 8 year old my bff said your watching models and I said yup
Lunar Rae
Lunar Rae:
Am i the only that doesn't find her tooooo pretty? So overrated
Is anyone gonna talk about how Ru Paul suggested Gigi should wear a mask? He was ahead of his time.
little ember
little ember:
O.K but does anyone know where she got her inner fur jacket at 0:16? I've got heart eyes 4 it
Jaki T
Jaki T:
That hairflip at 0:43 tho 🤤
Tina Jong
Tina Jong:
I miss the time when people talk about "supermodel",
there comes Coco Rocha, freja, karen elson, and such.
instead of some high-born chest-always-so-puffed pretty ones trying to prove that they r just so down to earth af, and seeing that as a sort of accomplishment.
Bo Dez
Bo Dez:
She's really beautiful but not sassy enough to be a super model.