Supervillain Origins: Black Adam

Meet the Black Sheep of Captain Marvel’s Family. Join as we will explore the comic book origins of Black Adam. Check us out at, and

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100+ komentarze:

The Rock should play Black Adam. He seems like the perfect fit lol.
Sam Thu
Sam Thu:
so that's what Shazam stands for.. Solomon wisdom, Hercules Strength, Atlas stamina, Zeus power, Achilles courage and Mercury speed.. Such a brilliant combination
Am I the only one that likes the name Shazam better than Captain Marvel?
Bryce Farmer
Bryce Farmer:
Black Adam is a VERY serious threat towards most superheroes in DC comics. He can pulverize superman, mentally dominate Martian Manhunter, etc. He can even kill Superman if he wanted to.
This is actually a way cooler backstory than I expected- thanks those who suggested it.
Black Adam is one of my favorite DC characters, so ruthless and brutal!
Kawaii Joker
Kawaii Joker:
Man Captain Marvel/ Shazam is so fucking cool, such an underrated DC hero.
Patrick King
Patrick King:
I'm really hoping The Rock plays Black Adam.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry:
I'll be excited to see him in live action and hopefully facing Shazam.
Justice for Juicy
Justice for Juicy:
Black Adam... just all kinds of badass
keith suguitan
keith suguitan:
Thank you watchmojo! I'm a huge Shazam fan and I appreciated this video diving into the various origins that Black Adam has had.
Cynthia Finnegan
Cynthia Finnegan:
Correction #1: Uncle Dudley/Uncle Marvel did NOT have Shazam powers in the Fawcett comics; he was a fraud who PRETENDED to have them. He said the magic word along with the kids, but whisked off his outer clothes to reveal a homemade Marvel costume. When time came to him to use his "powers," he'd always claim to be having trouble with them because of a bout of "Shazambago." Billy, Mary and Freddy all KNEW Dudley was a fraud (because he'd say "SHAZAM" and nothing would happen), but never let on that they knew.

Correction # 2: Mary Marvel DID NOT have the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury in the 1940s. Mary received her powers from Selene (grace), Hippolyta (strength), Ariadne (skill), Zephyrus (speed), and Minerva (wisdom).

Correction #3: the magic words Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel Junior) used were "Captain Marvel," not "SHAZAM." Captain Marvel gave Freddy the power, not the old wizard.
Ricardo Almeida
Ricardo Almeida:
The Rock just announced he'll be playing this role.
Black Adam like Captain Marvel (He's proper name, not Shazam) is such a damn great character thats under used in the bulk of the DC universe.

Love how Geoff Johns wrote and drew him for the Justice Society comics and New52 (pre-Final Crisis and Flashpoint). And those 90's Shazam comic book appearances. For Warners upcoming Shazam film in 2018/19, i just hope he's written as a threatening major character who's a danger to everybody; Superman, Cap and the Justice League combined. And somebody who looks like the comic Black Adam actually plays him onscreen; like actor; *Nestor Carbonell* ('Lost', 'Bates Motel') or something? The Rock regardless of his Hollywood starpower doesn't look like him nor captures his essence to me.
JR Ewing
JR Ewing:
To me Black Adam is way better than Captain Marvel and even Superman. This dude proved himself more than a match for the JSA, Teen Titans and many superhero groups. Not even Marvel and Superman ever done that. I believe there is good in him but he let his old- fashioned views on justice, extreme ruthlessness and own arrogance cloud his better judgement. I hope he becomes more heroic and noble in the future.
Jr Robles
Jr Robles:
Wow! So he’s here after the trailer? The rock is going to rock this role 💪
Black adam one of the few villains who can look superman in the eyes and say.
Hey superman shut the [email protected]#! Up
Hard Case
Hard Case:
If it took Black Adam 5000 years to get to Earth traveling at the speed of light, then he was banished 471463200000 kilometers away
Ten bucks says a fan pointed out that the SHAZAM Gods didn't exist 5,000 years ago & they had to find earlier Gods to make the name.
I wish Dwayne Johnson would be Black Adam so he can make the most badass moments in his own movie, "Black Adam"😎🔥
I Am The Bucket
I Am The Bucket:
Love this character and it'd be cool to have him played by Dwayne Johnson. :)
Douglas Snyder
Douglas Snyder:
All I can say is best of luck to Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in a future DC Universe film.
Can't wait for the Black Adam movie!! go DC!!
Shazam / Captain Marvel = Superman
Mary Marvel = Supergirl
Captain Marvel Jr. = Superboy
Black Adam = General Zod
Dr. Sivana = Lex Luthor
Any other Shazam/Superman similarities?
Vicente Bianchini
Vicente Bianchini:
Black Adam is one of my favorite characters of all time.
Resty Mervin Ponio
Resty Mervin Ponio:
Getting the facts straight:

Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Artist C. C. Beck and writer Bill Parker created the character in 1939. Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 (cover-dated Feb. 1940), published by Fawcett Comics. He is the alter ego of Billy Batson, a boy who, by speaking the magic word "Shazam", can transform himself into a costumed adult with the powers of superhuman strength, speed, flight, and other abilities.
0:35 , the Black Adam on the right, is it just me or doesn't he look exactly like Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson?
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz:
I am a fan. Black Adam is one of my favorite DC villains.
Dawn Porter
Dawn Porter:
Thanks mojo for adding to my knowledge of comic villains. I've recently go hack into comics and I'm sure what I learnt from here will come in good use on my channel.
Bubblegum Punk
Bubblegum Punk:
Do Nekron's origins next, please.
Ramko Zhuban
Ramko Zhuban:
Black Adam is among my top favorite DC villains of all time. Had he not mentioned the word SHAZAM and powered down, he would've not been beaten.
Jacob Simpson
Jacob Simpson:
Black Adam is awesome!
Like a badass! Hoping that we'll see Black Adam on the big screen soon!
Talia WTF!?
Talia WTF!?:
I like Black Adam as an anti-hero since the loss of his wife makes for a good reason for him to be the "friendly" soul he is lol.
Carlos Roberto P. França Junior
Carlos Roberto P. França Junior:
I've become a fan of Shazam (or Captain Marvel, whatever) after Injustice, as much as Black Adam. Thanks for the video! o/
Dude. Captain Marvel/Shazam and Black Adam are quickly becoming my favorite DC hero and villain.
Moon Xradel
Moon Xradel:
Black Adam is one of my favorite DC universe characters plus the Rock is one of my favorite actors. So, I'm gonna be so excited when the movie comes out.
The Rock is going to play him in the new Shazam movie :)
Awesome work guys 3
I waited for this one sooo long ;)
Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams:
Finally! I have waited so long for this origin story
U guys should definitely do more of this!
Daniel Sherrill
Daniel Sherrill:
Gomer Pyle was the first Captain Marvel on television. He was always saying "Shazam!" 😂😂
DWayne "The Rock" Johnson will be amazing as Black Adam! He is so charismatic and will bring the general masses the attention Black Adam and Shazam as characters deserve! He could possibly be DC's version of Loki in the cinematic Universe! Hope they are smart and keep him around, especially with Dwayne in the role! Imagine seeing Dwayne Black Adam going toe to toe with Cavill's Superman! :) EPIC!!!
David Smith
David Smith:
There's talk that Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson is supposed to play Black Adam. I still think he would have been a better choice to have played Lex Luthor over Kevin Spacey.
Dwayne comes as close to looking like Luthor than any other actor. He's bald, dark, has the look and character along with a voice that comes as close to the Clancy Brown voiced Lex in the Superman animated series.
Just put him in a darksuit, white shirt, tie and vest, and there's your best version of a live-action Lex.
Somehow, you know that he would make a THUNDEROUS Appearance with his deadly presence in this special part of Supervillian Origin spotlight list here!
George Hiscott
George Hiscott:
Drip Kage
Drip Kage:
7 years later and the official Black Adam live action trailer dropped and someone called The Rock being Black Adam
giovanni deldio
giovanni deldio:
Black Adam is one of my fav DC villains!
Shazam (C. Marvel) and Black Adam are my favorite DC Characters! :D
Engr Chef
Engr Chef:
Fly you’re a genius.
You definitely got it right!
The Rock is the Black Adam.
Random Character
Random Character:
Oh cool! I had The Return Of Black Adam in my Netflix cue. Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching it.
It's amazing when they cover Superheros or Supervillains that are not from Marvel Comics
Thomas Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson:
Can you do Captain Cold please he's got to be the coolest villain and I'm surprised you haven't already done him if you do him it would be much appreciated thanks.
Emaz Khan
Emaz Khan:
Well this aged well
The Rock is playing the Black Adam
Seismic Legion
Seismic Legion:
Needs to be more animated or live action series or movies of Black Adam and Shazam.
Isaiah Sanders
Isaiah Sanders:
Black Adam Is No Doubt Shazam's Nemisis Cause He's The Perfect Match For The Hero Not Cause He Has The Same Powers But He's The Dark Mirror Image Of Shazam Which Makes Him The Complete Polar Opposite Of Him
can the Super Hero/Super Villain origins videos be a bit more regular? The other videos are nice, but i don't think that we would prefer a "Who's the most influencial actor of the 20's" to a Super Hero/Super Villain origin. Just my opinion
Thanks for the video. Please do more Hero and Villains origins.
The Rock should play Black Adam. He seems like the perfect fit lol.

It was 7 years ago 😂😂
Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla:
I don't know if I'm going to believe The Rock pulling off that Black Adam accent.
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Up:
I know not many people remember this comic but can you do one on The Pitt? Basically Hulk and Shazam mixed together :)
Black Adam was pretty awesome in the Evil Forever stories :P
alfonso pina
alfonso pina:
Black adam was one of my many favorite villains
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith:
So would it be correct to say that the character has the power of the strongest and wisest gods/goddesses of that time?
Can't Wait For The Movie And The Rock Playing Him
When Captain Marvel is in DC !
Marvel should create a Captain DC!
Who’s here after the Rock was casted *Black Adam*
RedYoshi 1992
RedYoshi 1992:
I personally think that Black Adam should be saved for Shazam 3.
Old Man Wolf
Old Man Wolf:
one of my favorite DC villains
Ryan Mendiola
Ryan Mendiola:
Good job, Mojo. This is how you do your vidz. I DEMAND MORE OF THIS
Pierce Miller
Pierce Miller:
Captain Marvel needs his own movie because Black Adam is such a great villain
Andrzej Kafel
Andrzej Kafel:
And Dwayne The Rock Johnson will be playing Black Adam in the Shazam movie coming soon.
Undead Nerd.
Undead Nerd.:
This would be good for the movie
vishal ramesh
vishal ramesh:
How did the user Fly foresee "The Rock" playing Black Adam 7 years ago 😳😳😳😳
ShadowMoonKnight Gaming
ShadowMoonKnight Gaming:
I think you should do something on Black Cat since Felicia Hardy was in The Amazing Spiderman 2 I think we should learn more about her. Keep the Superhero and Supervillan Origins going really appreciate them :)
Ronell Toliver
Ronell Toliver:
He's amazing in injustice
You forgot his appearance in the Young Justice series as a member of the Injustice Gang. but hey thanks for mentioning his appearance in the movie Superman/Shazam and Batman the brave and the bold.
Joseph Ben-Obasa
Joseph Ben-Obasa:
Bout time, love the super vallians origin stories, pls do uatu the watcher or anti-monitor next
Christian Chauhan
Christian Chauhan:
S H A Z A M my favorite superhero in DC comics I like his origin and about his personal life, he is a kid who speak 1 word SHAZAM & then gets 2 his adult version of him & gets the ability of greek gods and demigods & possess the wisdom of SOLOMON, strength of HERCULES, stamina of ATLAS, power of ZEUS, courage of ACHILLES and speed of MERCURY(HERMES) and face his ultimate enemy the black Adam.
Didn't Apocalypse also come from ancient egypt. They must have had a massive battle
The Stamina of Shu: superhuman stamina and invulnerability

The Speed of Haru: superhuman speed and flight

The Strength of Amon: superhuman strength

The Wisdom of Zehuti: genius-level intellect

The Power of Aton: control and emission of magical lightning and thunder

The Courage of Mehen: courage and proficient hand-to-hand combatant

Plane Takes Off the podcast
Plane Takes Off the podcast:
i would like to see the origin of the taskmaster
gingy cakes
gingy cakes:
I'm amazing with him on Injustice
Jaison m
Jaison m:
Adams costume is lit🔥🔥
at some point, the shape of a super hero has to get decouples from it's powers...they don't need to look like big strong humans since they aren't really human anymore...they just retain the appearance
Can you do an origin of Alfred (from the Batman series)?
Something I always thought was confusing is that there is a Captain Marvel in DC and a Captain Marvel in Marvel
Erik A
Erik A:
"You´re forgetting option number two.Banishment." That nailed the dc showcase movie.
CAN YOU SMELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!!! The Rock= Black Adam greatest superhero movie ever.
Kitty Spalla
Kitty Spalla:
I prefer him with the pointy ears.
D Casual Gamer
D Casual Gamer:
With this video out in public now this begs the question... Should DeWayne "The Rock" Johnson play as Shazam or Black Adam?
My favorite super villain next to carnage :D
Tyronius buttsmugla
Tyronius buttsmugla:
still preferred the story line of him being a slave in kahndaq been given the powers fights as a hero, over time loses it because of having to much power, meeting Isis shows him love and compassion then soon taken away when she is killed causing him to go completely filled with rage and destroying an entire city but i dont think that would be a 5 min vid
Chris Garvey
Chris Garvey:
"Uncle Marvel" didn't have any powers. He just made a matching suit (claimed he suffered from "Shazambago").
JAZ Session
JAZ Session:
DCs Captain Marvel > Marvels Captain Marvel
It will be interesting to see what origin they pick for the rock movie
Lukas Sørensen
Lukas Sørensen:
You forgot to mention the fact that The Rock may be playing Adam or Captain Marvel.
Adam is the only villain who can go head on with superman who is not from another dimension