Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

A devastated husband (Jason Momoa) vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left, his daughter (Isabela Merced).

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Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

He lost the love of his life to a pharmaceutical company's greed. Now his daughter is without a mother, and he's without justice. For now.

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Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez:
Jason momoa probably rejected a lot of scripts that required him to cut his hair.
Jason Experience
Jason Experience:
jumping into the water is fine for him. He's Aquaman
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones:
It's nice to see this actor finally play the babyface role in what feels like forever.
Revin Ravenza Diaz Abdilla
Revin Ravenza Diaz Abdilla:
"as long as we're together were still a family"
Warrior-of-Love 43
Warrior-of-Love 43:
Cops: "we got you surrounded!"
Jason: "so you haven't seen aquaman "
Pau F
Pau F:
finally a realistic villain! Big pharma's scarier and responsible for more deaths than any other villain could ever be!
Denmark Devera
Denmark Devera:
I laughed at the police worrying for him jumping in the water, like really.. that's aqua man out there.
Mr Movie Store
Mr Movie Store:
"I'm just, so glad I didn't explode all over you." LMAOO
Hasan Firdaus
Hasan Firdaus:
"As long as Aquaman and Dora make a team, i'm gonna watch it" Netflix'$ gonna be proud
akhil. x7
akhil. x7:
Im glad jason does movies that doesnt require cutting his lions mane.
The fact they play sweet child o mine just makes it better
pizza parker
pizza parker:
"as long as we're together were still a family"

Dom: Y E S
Brook Kazyak
Brook Kazyak:
This was filmed across the street from my house! Loved watching the stadium lights light up the entire neighborhood!
Pranav T P
Pranav T P:
"As long as we're together, we're still a family " Dom's gonna be proud.
DAMN that twist is crazy, never would have guessed it.
Fng 1975
Fng 1975:
Started watching the trailer; heard GnR and forgot what the trailer was about. But that Sweet Child remix, unforgettable.
Just noticed this didn't even realize it was about cancer ...being a bladder cancer survivor myself 😵
Derrick P
Derrick P:
Good parenting or not I love that the daughter isn’t just sitting on the sideline lol. She’s kicking ass too!!! Looks good.
Batman 1987
Batman 1987:
"As long as we're together, we are still family."
Dom: Hold my beer...
Sudhir Kumar Mandavi
Sudhir Kumar Mandavi:
"As long as we're together, we're still a family "
incoming muscle car noise
Mia Fine
Mia Fine:
So amazing to see Jason Momoa get to do more intense and serious roles. Action and superhero movies are fun but this shows he isn't a one trick pony
Sweet Family
Helena Damnjanovic
Helena Damnjanovic:
Everyone talks about Dom and family and no one talks about Guns'n'Roses song
GDisGOD •:
Yasss finally a movie where the daughter is not just sitting there watching her dad go through something dangerous!!!

Edit : Reading the replies got me like 🤣🤣🤣
carl benz cruz
carl benz cruz:
Eyy When are you gonna play as kratos? can't wait to see your rage mode as a god of war main character 🙆
"as long as we're together, we're still family"
Dom: *proud noises*
Tigress S
Tigress S:
Really looking forward to seeing this one. Love Jason Momoa in anything and everything!!
Zombie 777stream
Zombie 777stream:
Gawd...... The first ten minutes tore me up. The acting is phenomenal. I'm glad we still have people that can make you feel with their acting. Thank you Jason and cast 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Well you had me at Jason Momoa
Jason is always playing a protective father and I’m here for it 😂😭👏🏽
M Patterson
M Patterson:
Pretty good show up until the part where you find out a 95 pound 5’2” teen age girl is the one who’s taking out professional assassins and mercenaries in hand to hand combat.
"As long as we're together, we're still a family."

Dom from F&F: That's my girl
I hope Jason be our next wolverine 🙏🏽
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker:
_“as long as we're together, we're still a family”_

*Dominic Toretto has entered the group*
Lungelwa Shangase
Lungelwa Shangase:
Jason kills every role ❤️🥺
Suga G fan page
Suga G fan page:
That twist was amazing. We need more like that Hollywood
Sumedh Jadhav
Sumedh Jadhav:
"As long as we're together, we're still a family"
Dominic torreto : Oh! sweet child of mine
Everyone’s John Wick until John Wick shows up.
Derek Foo
Derek Foo:
"So, how much of the movie do we wish to reveal in the trailer?"

Netflix: "Yes"
"There is nothing stronger than family" -Dominic Toretto
komal khutale
komal khutale:
The guy who whose holding his family together with love...who else can play this role better than my one and only Aquaman ❤️😘
Noel Fuentes
Noel Fuentes:
I was an extra on this, they were laughing at the jumping into the water scene. Lol
stoagy mahalo
stoagy mahalo:
And because of all the comments with the same joke, we'll officially have a crossover next March.
Collective Vision
Collective Vision:
Dom suddenly hops in his car
“Where are you going?”
Dom: There’s a Family out there fighting big pharma who needs my help….
“How do you know?”
‘Stares into the night sky’
Dom: I just do…..
“As long as we’re together, we’re still family.”
*Fast Furious 10 looking for new family member... Jason Momoa*
G. W. Hampton
G. W. Hampton:
They used my grandson as a treatment guinea pig while they cut his leg off at the thigh and pulled parts of his lungs out through his back. They knew he was terminal because of his cancer type but they gave us hope anyway... Ultimately, Nick said it was ok because if what he was going through could help another kid it was worth it. That's the kind of young man he was... he died 2 weeks after his 21st birthday.
Blood 18
Blood 18:
I love this! The twist is just👌
Evil Big Pharma: What do you want!
Khal Arthur Curry: A Crown for a king *Pours molten gold on his head*
If Dominic Toretto doesn't show up talking about family I'll be disappointed.
Patrick Prejusa
Patrick Prejusa:
I feel like JASON is just picking up projects Liam Neeson got tired of saying yes to.
samina khan
samina khan:
Dom's gonna be proud .I feel her or his pain my mother is death from breast cancer .when I watch the movie I cry cry 😢
Aaron M.
Aaron M.:
"As long as we are together, we are still a family."
Jason while falling: Why do I hear an engine starting?
*Dom comes flying in with a muscle car.*
Sharven Hubbard
Sharven Hubbard:
Jason and Isabella are actually in one movie omggg 😭🔥
Sanford gaming page
Sanford gaming page:
I cried though when i found out that was her the whole time ... what a turn of events she bad ass forreal
Raihan Firdaus
Raihan Firdaus:
As long as we're together, we're still a family.
Dom- yes :)
NotaVampyre 111
NotaVampyre 111:
Is this where the daughter says, I have a certain skill set. You may want to surrender now and save yourself a lot of pain and suffering.
Nurul Quamar Khan
Nurul Quamar Khan:
He is Aquaman, of course he will jump into the water!
"As long as we're together, we're still a family " Dom's gonna be proud.
J-Dawg 777
J-Dawg 777:
Jason Momoa will always be my favorite actor, dude is a beast and hilarious in real life
Op Gaming
Op Gaming:
the stadium rooftop momennts brought me goosebumps ❤️
Mark Michael
Mark Michael:
Damn you Mamoa!!! I'm still waiting on SEE S2🤦🏾‍♂️
Mohit singh
Mohit singh:
JASON: For the family
Dom: Yeah for the FAMILY.
Chris Mcgill
Chris Mcgill:
I’d like to see the ending in more trailers
Pyra Vizion
Pyra Vizion:
Ah, I see... Aquaman did the same thing as his mother.
Came on land, and started a family.
I guess that's all you can do when a corporation cancels your universe.
Carlos Caban Jr
Carlos Caban Jr:
This movie is one 🍿of the best !!!
Arnaud Hudon-Turgeon
Arnaud Hudon-Turgeon:
The plot twist of this movie is just horrendous. I remember in 7th grade we were learning how to write stories and when it came to the ending our teacher told us to never use the "And he woke up, realized it was all a bad dream" type of endings cause it's just way too easy and shows total lack of creativity. This movie does exactly that.
Myles & More
Myles & More:
Writers Room: "ya know, big Pharma is a problem in the world today"
Netflix: "I'll buy whatever you come up with"
Derek Lawrey
Derek Lawrey:
Wow, these are the most emotionless actors I've ever seen.
Arsh Eonix
Arsh Eonix:
Don't fight with him in dark,He's baba boss
Ay B
Ay B:
"To bring justice to" and "to bring to justice" are two different things.
Milos Gavric
Milos Gavric:
Oh man this movie was insane...Nothing more to be said
Chedda Cat
Chedda Cat:
It's all about family, uh? Someone call Vin real quick, he's gonna love this one.
Pleasureis AllMines
Pleasureis AllMines:
Habner Costa
Habner Costa:
Finally a decent soundtrack
Donna J
Donna J:
looking forward to it. also hoping you'll pick up Prodigal Son.
A kid ends up evading FBI, gets to the center of a large conspiracy, and ends up taking down a veteran assassin in hand to hand combat who is twice her size with even more experience lmao
"We know who you are ?"
"So who am I"
"You are the Aquaman."
VFi Rider
VFi Rider:
a legend once said... "khal drogo is a real badass...."
Jason Momoa on a roll! Sweet Girl, See Season 2 and DUNE!!! I'm definitely going to watch all!
Sweet Girl: we're still a family
Dom: Yes we are.
Frank Styles
Frank Styles:
This gonna be freaking good
Gonna watch this with my daughter ❤️
Sohini De
Sohini De:
And when you hear that tune.
I will watch the movie just for the song.
GnR ❤️
Tru Sales
Tru Sales:
GNR soundtrack is 🔥🔥
everybody talking about Jason, I’m here for Isabella