Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

A devastated husband (Jason Momoa) vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left, his daughter (Isabela Merced).

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Sweet Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

He lost the love of his life to a pharmaceutical company's greed. Now his daughter is without a mother, and he's without justice. For now.

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Derrick P
Derrick P:
Good parenting or not I love that the daughter isn’t just sitting on the sideline lol. She’s kicking ass too!!! Looks good.
We just finished watching this movie, ....it was awesome and the ending not at all what I was expecting......great movie 💙
Sherita Dickerson
Sherita Dickerson:
That was a very good movie. The twist of the movie was mind blowing. Lot of action and surprising ending. A movie to watch for 👍 sure.
Martin Pettersson
Martin Pettersson:
Good movie. An uncomplicated story that still offers a real surprise. It's good to see that Jason is not playing a superhero but a hero of the world, (a father trying to live with the loss of his wife). Isabela Merced was perfect for this role. She personifies the title of the film. As her character is increasingly woven into the film's plot, her appearance changes. However, there is always something sweet about her all the time.
Éireann Simpson
Éireann Simpson:
I absolutely loved it and the ending was a shock,didnt see that coming,brilliant story line and acting,good job creators and writers.
GDisGOD •:
Yasss finally a movie where the daughter is not just sitting there watching her dad go through something dangerous!!!

Edit : Reading the replies got me like 🤣🤣🤣
Zombie 777stream
Zombie 777stream:
Gawd...... The first ten minutes tore me up. The acting is phenomenal. I'm glad we still have people that can make you feel with their acting. Thank you Jason and cast 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
C C:
Love this movie! Surprisingly so! Jason is an incredible actor and there's one scene in here where he should get the freaking academy award for best.
Can honestly say this is one of if not the best movies I have seen with one of the biggest plot twists I have seen too. So worth the two hours nothing but good things to say about this
Suga G fan page
Suga G fan page:
That twist was amazing. We need more like that Hollywood
Pranav T P
Pranav T P:
"As long as we're together, we're still a family " Dom's gonna be proud.
Esse filme é muito bom!
This was a great movie. That twist though... didn't see it coming! It truly shows the reality we live in this crazy world because of greed.
This movie is really good..at couple of scenes I cried so much..really hit me hard...
Jason is always playing a protective father and I’m here for it 😂😭👏🏽
Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez:
Jason momoa probably rejected a lot of scripts that required him to cut his hair.
Kamborn Browne
Kamborn Browne:
One of the best movie for 2021 I love it great cast well written script and excellent acting by the main characters
Tigress S
Tigress S:
Really looking forward to seeing this one. Love Jason Momoa in anything and everything!!
Jason Experience
Jason Experience:
jumping into the water is fine for him. He's Aquaman
Mia Fine
Mia Fine:
So amazing to see Jason Momoa get to do more intense and serious roles. Action and superhero movies are fun but this shows he isn't a one trick pony
Pau F
Pau F:
finally a realistic villain! Big pharma's scarier and responsible for more deaths than any other villain could ever be!
Blood 18
Blood 18:
I love this! The twist is just👌
primetime channel
primetime channel:
I cried though when i found out that was her the whole time ... what a turn of events she bad ass forreal
Jeff WEB
Jeff WEB:
Muito bom
komal khutale
komal khutale:
The guy who whose holding his family together with love...who else can play this role better than my one and only Aquaman ❤️😘
Well you had me at Jason Momoa
Gonna watch this with my daughter ❤️
I watched the movie and I loved it!
The fact they play sweet child o mine just makes it better
joke killer100
joke killer100:
This movie is going to be epic 👌👌
Derek Foo
Derek Foo:
"So, how much of the movie do we wish to reveal in the trailer?"

Netflix: "Yes"
Paper Stressed
Paper Stressed:
Came here once watching the movie 🍿. I recommend this movie 💯. Good for us teenagers
Such a good movie. I really enjoyed it.
Jason Momoa on a roll! Sweet Girl, See Season 2 and DUNE!!! I'm definitely going to watch all!
J-Dawg 777
J-Dawg 777:
Jason Momoa will always be my favorite actor, dude is a beast and hilarious in real life
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
For those who don't know who Isabela Merced is, she's Isabela Moner, the girl that played Dora The Explorer in the live action movie. She changed her last name 2 years ago as a tribute to her grandmother
Rae Rupe
Rae Rupe:
Highly recommend watching~ Loved the Movie~ Super cool twist and Great acting, Resonates true with what is going on in our Country! Attention was captured all the way through~ A MUST See !!!
Lungelwa Shangase
Lungelwa Shangase:
Jason kills every role ❤️🥺
Ay B
Ay B:
"To bring justice to" and "to bring to justice" are two different things.
Holy Max
Holy Max:
Just come to watch it’s truly amazing !!!! The story is just blowing mind !!! Loved it
Im glad jason does movies that doesnt require cutting his lions mane.
Claudia Verkerk
Claudia Verkerk:
i love the movie, reminds me of the injustice i had to go thru thanks to high idiots whit power.
Hasan Firdaus
Hasan Firdaus:
"As long as Aquaman and Dora make a team, i'm gonna watch it" Netflix'$ gonna be proud
I hope Jason be our next wolverine 🙏🏽
Kelly Lenette
Kelly Lenette:
Any movie by alpha Momoa is a must watch. ❤️
I loved that part when the daughter jumped in and helped her dad fight on the train. If I was in a fight and my kid was nearby, I'd definitely be like "Don't just stand there; help me, damn it!" 😅
Mychael Jones
Mychael Jones:
It's nice to see this actor finally play the babyface role in what feels like forever.
Richard Springett
Richard Springett:
Jus watched the movie and all i can say is WOW what a great movie Isabela Merced & Jason Momoa did a fantastic job i really thought it was the two of them the whole time wow can wait for them two to work together again i know that will be another great movie
Stuart Mclean
Stuart Mclean:
Did not see that coming at 3/4 through !!,
Was quite emotional really.
Shes a great actress.
Amazing movie!
Michael F.
Michael F.:
Jason Momoa truly amazing and of course Isabela Merced too.
This movie should had gotten a higher rating not a poor 19 🤬🍅🤬🍅🤬
Awe Min
Awe Min:
Just watched it, better than expected 👍. Amazing
crystal roach
crystal roach:
Loved this movie🥰🥰
Josh Han
Josh Han:
Just finished watching, it’s mind blowing
Jazmin Rivera
Jazmin Rivera:
I got so so emotional, i cried so much about the twist 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Primarch XI
Primarch XI:
There are some actors that i will watch in every movie they make, no matter how "stupid", not interesting etc, the movie might be, and Jason Momoa is one of them.
Brook Kazyak
Brook Kazyak:
This was filmed across the street from my house! Loved watching the stadium lights light up the entire neighborhood!
90fps gaming
90fps gaming:
The hurt I feel after watching the whole of it I feel dead as she was living for the revenge her father died on the train that day🥺🥺
cansum soyut
cansum soyut:
This movie was so amazing and confusing in the end, but I really liked it!!
Denmark Devera
Denmark Devera:
I laughed at the police worrying for him jumping in the water, like really.. that's aqua man out there.
Jomirra Allanic
Jomirra Allanic:
I love this movie ... I am watching now
Ghaida Sandie
Ghaida Sandie:
This movie's plot twist was crazyyyy 😭🔥
Aravind Venkat
Aravind Venkat:
People In 90's : Future Is Going To Be Awesome.
People in 2021 : Let's Go Back To 90's ♥️
Sander K
Sander K:
This should have been in the cinema, what a great movie
Paper Plane Studios
Paper Plane Studios:
That guns n roses sweet child o mine reminds me of my childhood memories 👌👌
Jimmy Alberts
Jimmy Alberts:
This looks like it's gonna be an awesome movie!
Harry Potter is shook, He is really shook
Harry Potter is shook, He is really shook:
The ending was not what I expected ☝🏼
the stadium rooftop momennts brought me goosebumps ❤️
Roy Calderon
Roy Calderon:
Looks awesome. Love Jason Momoa. Although, every movie he is in he always looks like Aqua Man. It would be interesting if his appearance woud change from role to role.
Frank Styles
Frank Styles:
This gonna be freaking good
Sudhir Kumar Mandavi
Sudhir Kumar Mandavi:
"As long as we're together, we're still a family "
incoming muscle car noise
Jersey Women Inc.
Jersey Women Inc.:
Great Movie !!!! I highly recommend it !!!!
Billy Bones
Billy Bones:
I saw the title pop up on Netflix several times and kept telling myself I wasn't in the mood for some manly-man, bloodlust, revenge movie. This past weekend I finally gave it a try, because even if it is that type of movie then someone like Jason Momoa can make it convincing. I wasn't disappointed. It was so much more than what I expected. I don't care who you are, it'll tug at the heartstrings while giving you all the action you crave.
Rose Vlogs in New Zealand
Rose Vlogs in New Zealand:
Watched this movie already. Great movie.
Poppy Clare
Poppy Clare:
My new favoirite movie! I just watched it and I am in love.
everybody talking about Jason, I’m here for Isabella
Sharven Hubbard
Sharven Hubbard:
Jason and Isabella are actually in one movie omggg 😭🔥
crypto guy
crypto guy:
This movie is amazing
Mr Yolo
Mr Yolo:
This is a good movie! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Layla Dib
Layla Dib:
I seen it 3 times all I gotta say what a twist wow wow wow Isabella should win an Oscar just wow what an ending didn't see that coming wow
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
I can't wait for the sequels to be "Sweet Woman", "Sweet Mom" and "Sweet Grandma" 😂😂😂
Chris home
Chris home:
This was an awesome movie
Anfaal Suleman
Anfaal Suleman:
this movie was soo good 10/10
Arjun Roy Choudhury
Arjun Roy Choudhury:
Really waiting for him to get into the perfect shoes. He has such immense potential. Movies like this will keep undermining his work. He is way more than this. He's Jason Momoa!
Arjun Rane 😎
Arjun Rane 😎:
Isabela Merced rocks once again on NETFLIX
2019 - Let it Snow ☃️
2021 - Sweet Girl 👩
Mr Biggles
Mr Biggles:
Dammmmmn, I got Goosebumps when "Sweet Child O' Mine" kicked in. This looks great!
Chris Sam
Chris Sam:
Awesome movie must watch TV!!!!!
michael minneci
michael minneci:
Great movie, little far fetched, but good action. I enjoyed it.
Mary Medinas
Mary Medinas:
No need to buy it quickly now that I know the entire movie from the preview. 😂
Vuyelwa Khumalo
Vuyelwa Khumalo:
I think there will be a few tears with this one.
Rohan Pawar
Rohan Pawar:
This guy is willing to do anything to save his wife and daughter. Coz Family
v s
v s:
he's one hell of a man.... my wife said the same thing too
Sherry E
Sherry E:
If Jason Momoa is in it...then I am watching it.
"There is nothing stronger than family" -Dominic Toretto
Ionut Constantin
Ionut Constantin:
I tought the movie was bad because the dad was making the bad deccision, turns out was the dauther all the time. At the end the movie was great
Chris G
Chris G:
It's about time Netflix is putting out some solid content - I have barely watched lately, but July has a few good horror movies and this looks great!
Chris Sam
Chris Sam:
This must be a awesome movie it's No 1 in New Zealand
This guy has a crazy build, I'd like to see him in a few more movies, other than Aquaman and especially, at the height of the character! :p
Woah great movie! The twist is crazy! 😲