T92 HMC - 10 KILLS - World of Tanks

WoT T92 HMC PC Gameplay Replay. T92 HMC Tier 10 American arty.

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Map: Fjords
Damage: 4073

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50 komentarze:

Aims at BC but hits unspotted STB.. gg
WOW. ThAt was seriously impressive
Alexander the great
Alexander the great:
I only aim with the trajectory view. It feels way better and I can see more. I don't use this vertical view or aiming mode at all
Belle prestation de l'arty. Bonne équipe, l'éclaireur a bien aidé. Un petit bémol: Quand vous poster vos vidéos, pensez à ceux qui les regardent. Les aller-retour avec la souris peuvent, à minima donner le mal de mer, au pire un éclatage des rétines. Sinon bravo ;-)
Alfonso Resendiz
Alfonso Resendiz:
Que buen juego y ese ultimo disparo
Владимир Герасимов
Владимир Герасимов:
Ожидал большего 😒
P.S: не по количеству фрагов, а по экшену. Типа того- остался один против 8-ти танков, и 2-х арт
Graphic Design
Graphic Design:
Классный совзводный)
Niklas Seifert
Niklas Seifert:
Wtf :o
-The_ Emperor-
-The_ Emperor-:
that is on average 407 dmg per kill.... would be much more impressive if they got 12K stun dmg - since that is the new artilery identity... but whatever, you finished off ten guys clap. clap. and that's enough, the third one would be an overdo.
Дмитрий Андреевич
Дмитрий Андреевич:
Одних ваншотных собрал. В чем кластность не пойму 2 раза можно было двух за выстрел забрать.
all that awesomeness for a 37.5k credits. no shit
only 37,5 k of credits? Artys dont pay a shit.
Ahmet Latif Karaca
Ahmet Latif Karaca:
Really Wow.
I feel bad that he didnt get fadin
dark scorpion
dark scorpion:
Strong arty... strong players 💪🏼
hanikrummi hundursvin
hanikrummi hundursvin:
good skypig, good one. gg
Brandon Kim
Brandon Kim:
How he can see bird view that far?
I did more damage in my M53/55 with far less kills, and it was only a 2nd class mastery! I have unlocked the T92, and if 4k damage is a Mastery for it, that makes me not really want to get it!
Well played but his and the enemy team was made out of utter muppets.
JPE100 going up that hil, T57 camping on the hill being useless for most of the time and beyond.
That is tier x nowadays.
Somnath Roy
Somnath Roy:
Boss SPG
serezhka Kz
serezhka Kz:
Alexandru Rohozneanu
Alexandru Rohozneanu:
Lol, arty being focused by the enemy arty (conquerorGC). The irony :))
Da_ Nick_
Da_ Nick_:
If this was console. The arty would have damage record. Boiz over there still oneshot tanks with ease
Arche Minister
Arche Minister:
Not sure what to think about this...seems the player base is a bunch of paint chip eaters...how else does an artillery piece get 10 kills. This game might have one decent player in 100 so good luck getting a decent game...that t57 didnt get one kill as a front line heavy...lmao...yet arty gets 10...avoid the idiocy of this game unless clubbing baby seals is all you want.
F.... arty
chin mungkuan
chin mungkuan:
I love play SPG, BC and American SPG
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous:
Wow what a game
Matias C
Matias C:
F for STB
Limerito Arce
Limerito Arce:
g(old days ) when the arty was op :(
Владимир Лозицкий
Владимир Лозицкий:
ещё один скролодрочер
Руслан Фаткуллин
Руслан Фаткуллин:
piaji bxp
piaji bxp:
4:00 stb ?????????????????
Silva Waters
Silva Waters:
That sweet sweet revenge vs the CGC
K W:
kozak w chuj
Abu Amir
Abu Amir:
Wow super
Azamat Azamat
Azamat Azamat:
Dariusz Strzelak
Dariusz Strzelak:
G Balázs
G Balázs:
So that's how the devil plays
PSV broek
PSV broek:
Only 4K damage😌
mustafa othman
mustafa othman:
This game should be recorded in history as the best performance ... the highest damage and ten kills ... oh my god ... First time I bring a toy for an artillery and have a lot of fun ... so wonderful ... I congratulate you 💪😎👍🥰
KV2 NO.1
KV2 NO.1:
Héctor Rodríguez García
Héctor Rodríguez García:
Propel Inhouse
Propel Inhouse:
Angelos Valiant
Angelos Valiant:
It’s stupid how they nerfed the arty lines
This looks suspicious
Substance Seven
Substance Seven:
Whoever disliked this has a 38.73% WR
Agent Smith
Agent Smith:
who else secretly likes to play arta 😁✊🏻
MassBreak james
MassBreak james:
Discusting 🤢🤮💩
Manaf Bargash
Manaf Bargash:
plz don't post SPG replays, this is disgusting!