Tactical Analysis: Liverpool 4-3 Leeds United | Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa's Tactical Battle |

What tactics did Klopps and Bielsa use?
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Football Made Simple
Football Made Simple:
What else did you notice?
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Leeds just showed us some bright sparks of them becoming a powerhouse in the near future, can't wait to see them in their next fixtures
It was an awesome game.Leeds are seriously showing signs of making at least top 10.they are not afraid to play their football.A bit more defensive awareness and this team could be at incredible.
Dick Tucker - Easily Aroused Secret Agent
Dick Tucker - Easily Aroused Secret Agent:
Pocchettino, Zidane, Klopp, Pep
They all idolise Bielsa.
My man is a legend!
A lot of people saying Liverpool weren’t at their best, true but in no small part down to Leeds. And LEEDS weren’t at their best, once we’re injury free; finish our summer signings and Koch and Romero settle, we’re looking at a top 6 finish!
Kevin De Bruyne0518
Kevin De Bruyne0518:
can't wait to see leeds vs chelsea and city
Leone Wahungu
Leone Wahungu:
Best game I watched this opening weekend. Now I understand why Pep and Poch praise Bielsa. Top class👌🏾
jose's leather jacket
jose's leather jacket:
Bielsa Ball is Magical Football. Been following this style since he outclassed Alex Ferguson with Bilbao
abiodun odeleye
abiodun odeleye:
It seemed neither team could stop the build-up phase of the other when on the attack. This resulted in both defenses looking ragged.
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny:
This game just confirmed Leeds have send out a warning to all the premier league clubs that they aren't here to joke
Aswin Khadka
Aswin Khadka:
If Liverpool continues to play like this against the top teams then they are screwed.
Arsenal Connect
Arsenal Connect:
Leeds are such a joy to watch. They are a good addition to the Premier League.. might be the surprise package of the season..
I thought tactically Marcelo was superior, managed to score 3 goals from open play where as liverpool had 2 penalties and some amazing individual quality finishing.
Work rate was phenomenal from leeds! Lets see if they have the legs to keep that intensity up all season.
Matthew McGarry
Matthew McGarry:
I think the statistic cited at the beginning is misleading. Liverpool needed three set pieces to beat Leeds whereas all of Leeds' goal came from open play. Leeds were relentless in their attack. They refused to drop back after the opening goal, which many teams would have done. Leeds' first scoring opportunity, which was negated, was revealing: they had three people in the box, which was a theme for them throughout the game . . .they had three high throughout most of the game, a tactic that clearly exposed some structural issues with Liverpool and unnerved Van Dyke. What I love about Bielsa is how clear and transparent his lines of attack are, the overloads down the sides and their control of the half-spaces, something Pep learned from him, but which Bielsa, because of his commitment to direct play, were beautiful to watch.
Jesus FMS it's been like 14 hours, do you ever sleep?
Tashrif Alam
Tashrif Alam:
It was end to end. The pace was at break-neck speed and it could be an early contender for game of the season. And as a Liverpool fan, I knew this was going to be a tough match-up because Bielsa's teams historically would hound and harass the opposition and pounce on any mistakes. But what I was impressed by Liverpool when it was 3-3, Liverpool actually pinned Leeds in their half and played well.
Гор Сарибекян
Гор Сарибекян:
I noticed that Bielsa uses perfectly his tactics knowledge. As you can see, Leeds has an advantage everywhere, and this shape always finds the opportunity. Balance. And it allows them to maximize their chances and minimize opponents ones. 4-3 and very effective play. It will be great experience to all of us to see them this PL season!
Q Komodo
Q Komodo:
I saw this with my whole chest and as a Man U fan, this was the best game in Premier League History. Can we debate this?
Harshiv Kapoor
Harshiv Kapoor:
Marcelo is beast he was one to bring argentina to finals lol
Manqoba Mkhwanazi
Manqoba Mkhwanazi:
Whooo that was close tactically we matched Liverpool. Their experience & quality pulled them through.
nishant abraham
nishant abraham:
There was nothing simple about this game! Complete bonkers magnificence
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
Leeds just play a football anyone enjoys wow
Taufieq Joko Purnomo
Taufieq Joko Purnomo:
i saw the match, and my focus just on bielsa, he just look like a killer theacer on pitch LOL
Hari Bhandari
Hari Bhandari:
Playing in the midfield is overrated.
The Raumdeuter
The Raumdeuter:
This Leeds United team playing like Real Madrid. 👏
Wade Willson
Wade Willson:
Leeds vs City gonna be interesting
DeathWalker 07
DeathWalker 07:
Do y'all realize that Leeds could be title challengers/Top 4
Bielsa is one of the best Premier League Managers
Sandi Sasono
Sandi Sasono:
leed could be contender for top 10 and next season might be top 6 they play really good in this match
Thabiso Molapisi
Thabiso Molapisi:
I really enjoyed this game, I hope Leeds does well this season!!
ARMAN Mobin:
It all came to individual quality that second Salah goal was just breathtaking . If that didn't go in i don't think they would be able to hold on to a win , for me that was the turning point.
Nasco Lav
Nasco Lav:
In France we say "Football Champain"
abinaya vidhata
abinaya vidhata:
Damn, leeds really beat their xg. I really underestimate them just because they've recently been promoted
For me, it is no coincidence that the two players who gave away the penalties against Leeds. And. that finally led to them losing this game. Are the two new players that we have just singed within the last ten days. And yes, once they have begun to settle nicely into Bielsa's system. And they know the drills inside out. Leeds will go on to rip other teams apart in the Premier League. After all, Rome was not built in a single day. Super Leeds United.
Idle Hands
Idle Hands:
United fan but Leeds played some sublime stuff yesterday.
Pradeep Peps
Pradeep Peps:
Philips in the middle was outstanding.....and Harrison workrate💥💥
Ben Rowe
Ben Rowe:
Leeds were class In that game, Harrison’s goal was insane.
What a match just freaking lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
nishant sindhu
nishant sindhu:
Please try to add set piece tactics as it plays a huge role ni modern football.
And we even saw same in Liverpool vs Leeds match.
Liverpool set pieces tactics were totally dependent on Virgil.
You are doing a great job 👌👌👌
Keep it up 👌👌👌😊
Danny b DJB
Danny b DJB:
Leeds lads done themselves proud.
From mainly a mid table championship side 3 years ago and same core group of players.
To playing in my opinion one of the best 5 teams in the world and taking them all the way mot. Liverpool👏👏
Bielsa genius :)
A bit of a one sided review in favour of Leeds, they might have just edged the possession but Liverpool had more possession in the opponents half and more chances.
Cameron Andrew
Cameron Andrew:
Liverpool would of easily lost the game had they not gotten those two amateur penalties , leeds played some genius football that shows they are going to give the top 6 a run for their money...!
Yannick Nosel
Yannick Nosel:
I was waiting it all night !! Thanks 😊🖒😆
Sport Billy
Sport Billy:
Just an update 16 shots on goal in 2 games and 7 goals from Leeds with a win under their belt now as well
I noticed how Leeds setup their back 4 when they started from the goalie in possession, the 2 centerbacks were so deep & the fullbacks staying close, also with their wingers back, they easiler outmaneuvered Liverpool's high pressing which is unusual. Obviously the execution was key, & kudos to Bielsa for building a team that has the confidence to play out at the back, at Anfield no less (albeit an empty one), in the face of the most aggressive high pressing team in the world.
Drew D
Drew D:
Other than Salah, Klich was motm yesterday
Gopi Chandar
Gopi Chandar:
Liverpool's high defense line causing us defensive problems at times. In my opinion Liverpool fc should be switching between counter attacking tactics (which yielded us huge success under Jurgen till 2017) and high line tactics, instead of a predictable one strategy/tactics all through the season.
Raul Gailhac
Raul Gailhac:
While this is the league's first match, both teams are still warming up (let's say ...) of Liverpool what can be added? a great team. Leeds need two alternatives in midfield to accompany Pablo Hernández, a partner, Rodrigo de Paul could also be a midfielder with a brand and game computer with possession and clear exit, who gives a fair pass and is throwing an impossible brick to play. I insist that holding the ball and taking off quickly are the best arguments to press, attack quickly and with surprise, Leeds has good players, they will settle into the category with the games, Bielsa's game is that, pressure, pressure and more pressure, causing the opposite error, is not news.
Milovan Pankov
Milovan Pankov:
I notice that Leeds maybe coudn in the build up from the back play with 2 pivots against Firmino. Becase the pressing formation of Livepool was 4 4 2 diamond with Firmino on deeep lying midfielder. So,fullbacks was free and with double pivot and third man combination on the wing they maybe issier play through Liverpool pressing system. In defence a think Leeds is very aggresive and stoped the Liverpool fullbacks with Harrison and Costa.
Seamus the Terrible
Seamus the Terrible:
Leeds is the team to watch this season. Very exciting.
Mukarram Muzni
Mukarram Muzni:
At times Henderson moved into the left-back position
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel:
Leeds gonna kick some ass
Ahmed Aan
Ahmed Aan:
That was the smoothest intro I’ve ever seen 👏👏
ben row
ben row:
great game by two champions, coached by two incredible coaches who know the game better than anyone.
Dean Coggins
Dean Coggins:
Top quality analysis once again. And released so quickly too. Thank you so much.
It’s Thiago Time
It’s Thiago Time:
This game reminded me of Liverpool 4 vs crystal palace 3 in 18/19
It's risky playing that type of football in the premier league especially if you got promoted but if it works then it's fine by me
rezwan n
rezwan n:
can u add highlights of the match (videos/moving graphics) for xplaining the tactics behind goals scored,please??
Dragan Milinov
Dragan Milinov:
I don't know Leeds' game, I haven't had many opportunities to watch them.
It can be seen that they are a typical island team that plays fast and
aggressive (concrete) football.
As for Liverpool, my opinion is that they have to find a better center forward,
Firminho has lost his sharpness and it seems that he is fed up with playing in Liverpool,
that is often the case with South American players.
Fabinho is quite missing on the field, when Fabinjo does not play Liverpool has a problem in the transition of the ball and loses strength in that part in front of the defense.
Henderson is still better when he plays more towards the right out line.
Communication in defense was disastrous, which is not typical for Liverpool.
Amar Akbar
Amar Akbar:
Amazing work
Andres Soto
Andres Soto:
First!! Love the videos
Liverpool got gifted 3 goals none were from open play, Leeds scored 3 goals all from open play.
If a Championship winning side can rock the PL champions, you're in for a hard season.
That game deserve a draw.
Welcome back Leeds need to defend those set pieces.
oLogical YT
oLogical YT:
It really should’ve been a tie
M B:
Great video, I think it concentrated on Leeds mostly though and didn't explain the Liverpool midfield role in the game. They were not at their best executing tactics which mostly would be to outnumber Leeds in defensive or attacking situations. Yes it was tight (did not affect Salah) but they were too quiet, not in control and Keita always wants to run with the ball which didn't help. Salah was class but Robertsons quality and persistence really won the game IMO.
E O:
appreciate your videos man!
Jungwoo Kim
Jungwoo Kim:
How so fast?
Steve Tobar-Icaza
Steve Tobar-Icaza:
Your analysis is excellent! The one thing I would add is the quality of the players. I think Bielsa, based on the players he has, couldn't have planned for this game any better than what he brought forward. Liverpool's quality of players is highly superior in many positions, especially at the front and that was the major difference between the two teams. As Bielsa said after the game, we made a lot of mistakes and at this level a mistake equals a goal. Tactically, both teams were outstanding! Hopefully Leeds' players will adapt to the new level! and if that's the case Leeds has a lot of potential! Bielsa is truly a remarkable football manager!! Go Leeds United!!
Shashin Vyas
Shashin Vyas:
I think Leeds are comparable in intensity to Salzburg. Liverpool got the same result against them at home. We struggle when team matches our intensity...
J M:
Leeds needs to tie another contract for Bielsa, future is look bright ✊🏾
Those 3 Salahs made my eyes hurt.
Please Subscribe
Please Subscribe:
Liverpool crushed chelsea
Ahas Iikuyu
Ahas Iikuyu:
hope you'll analyze all games for Leeds against LIV, ARS, MCI, CHE, MNU, LEI, WOL, EVE
Roque Soprano
Roque Soprano:
Very good. Thank you.
Pemerhati Dunia
Pemerhati Dunia:
Both of them are genius....
#good luck to Klopp and Bielsa
Tim Ward
Tim Ward:
if you've ever played midfield in a game like that...it's brutal...back to front at break neck speed...there was a ton of space in midfield and by and large, both teams by passed it (at least in the first half...so any "pressing" scheme the other team was trying to apply was SKIPPED early on...after half time, legs (or lack there of) reminded midfielders to start controlling tempo of the game...either way, was a crazy and amazing game to watch...stoked the Reds won it...but Leeds looks like they will do some damage this season!
Marian Chicago
Marian Chicago:
I think you could see players coming back from international duty and they weren’t in sync with each other, especially on defense, I am also noticing that not having fans is affecting Liverpool more than any other team, Klopp and players feed off the fans, with VVD seemingly most affected
Beam Toranavikrai
Beam Toranavikrai:
Both team played back 2, one of which was an attacking defender. Great treat for the fans. Cheers!
G Yorkshire
G Yorkshire:
Thanks for that, very informative. Even as someone who watches both these teams a lot, you pointed out some things I hadn't noticed. Now why aren't you on Sky TV after the match? Instead of you, we get numpty ex-players blethering about "passion" or saying they doubt Leeds can "keep up this intensity over 36 games" when they've done exactly the same thing for the last 100.
I feel like Leeds are a big unknown factor; on the one hand, their buildup is exceptional with their ability to arrive in the final third consistently giving them more good pressing/counterpressing situations without the ball, but on the other, they're often wasteful once they get there(although ironically this game was almost the opposite). I would be equally unsurprised if they finished in the top half with opponents unable to deal with their scintillating attacking football, as I would be if they ended up relegated because of a combination of profiligacy in front of goal, opponents simply sitting in and looking to go long and win 2nd balls instead of trying to outplay them, and the customary late season Bielsa team fatigue.

I'm betting on them surviving and competing well for a mid table finish though, especially given that Fulham, West Ham and West Brom all look pretty awful, and Leeds seem to be addressing those issues in the transfer market by looking for goalscoring wide men to play off of Bamford, a poor finisher (16 goals from 35 xG, yikes) but an exceptional link player, target man and defensive forward, and positionally flexible creator/s to replace Pablo Hernandez who's getting up there in age.
philippe vieira
philippe vieira:
Thanks, man. Fanstastic video
Sergi Teté
Sergi Teté:
The video explain the big game of leeds, Liverpool win for some mistakes and great preparation in free kicks and corners
kamarul zaman
kamarul zaman:
Leeda had just put in the 1st gear..more glory coming
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel:
Liverpool seems off this season hmmm
Klopp should review the 4-3-3 squad that has been used for at least 3 years. The squad has not much changed except the players get older and less sharpened.
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly:
This game reminds me of FIFA 13
Jeje Fuse Drawing
Jeje Fuse Drawing:
I notice Liverpool has brilliant set piece tactic + good aerial player and great set piece takers. Almost all their goal came from set piece.
TOP عشوائى
TOP عشوائى:
Can you say the name of the program that you used in the explanation?
Naufal Husain
Naufal Husain:
You should do this when leeds vs sheffield man. That would be interesting
Rohit Gaikwad
Rohit Gaikwad:
Good content but can you hire a better animator to improve quality?
Hernan F.
Hernan F.:
Liverpool, a mature and high-class team, faced Leeds without Premier rhythm, with new defense (two centrals). Leeds never lost a ball on their way out, disarming Liverpool in their movements and speed of play. Admirable !!
Jozay The Wordsmith
Jozay The Wordsmith:
Dude are you South African 😂 this accent is mad familiar
nbtytdj dhdjd
nbtytdj dhdjd:
Would be scary if leeds have more top quality players just like big teams
Dapur Officer
Dapur Officer:
Whatever highly praised for Leeds, Liverpool still got the 3 points by winning the game.
Apurba Koirala
Apurba Koirala:
Leeds lacked pl experience and were way too much excited to be back in the premier league. The are indeed a great team and I can only see them improving
Protik Nag
Protik Nag:
Liverpool need to look for a good midfielder signing. Firmino's form is a serious concern for Liverpool I think.
daniel kyaligonza
daniel kyaligonza:
Great analysis
The absent of fabinho made Liverpool defensive department more vulnareble because nabi keita is a more advanced players compare to fabinho and hendo, this make liverpool only have hendo in the midfield to help defensive department
katuta etoo
katuta etoo:
As a City fan. Leeds will course us Big problems...⚽🔥⚽
Ngawang Losel
Ngawang Losel:
I think Leeds United deserves to win that match. Leeds United is interesting and I like the manager's determination.
Rinae Livhuwani
Rinae Livhuwani:
Vhone vhaa zwifha