Taylor Swift - Lover (First Dance Remix)

Official audio for the Lover FIRST DANCE REMIX performed by Taylor Swift. Grab the song here: https://taylor.lnk.to/firstdanceYD. Stream/Download the album here: https://TaylorSwift.lnk.to/Loversu

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© 2019 Taylor Swift

100+ komentarze:

Venedict Lee
Venedict Lee:
taylor turned a wedding song into an even more wedding song
Gordo the Kiddo
Gordo the Kiddo:
I don't care if this song is like 20 years old, when I get married, I am playing Lover
Now we can stop pretending to like the Shawn remix. Thank you Taylor
*This song reminds us how many single we are in the world.*
People talking about playing this for their first dance when I don't even have my first boyfriend.
Mary Sue Espiritu
Mary Sue Espiritu:
I don't have a boyfriend or a wedding, but I do have the song.
Josuel Anthny
Josuel Anthny:
Haters: “Taylor can’t sing!”

Taylor: “hold my AMA’s, GRAMMY’s, Billboard Awards and Platinum albums”
Tina L
Tina L:
I used the original “lover” song as my first dance at my wedding in September !! 💕💕💕💕💕
blinkmoaswiftarmy Moonwalker
blinkmoaswiftarmy Moonwalker:
*This is the 5th time release of Lover*
*1. Lyric video*
*2. Music video*
*3. Collaborashawn*
*4. First Dance*
*5. Snow globe lyric video*
_I'm wondering what more is left_ *simply the wedding declaration I guess😂*
Rusteen Rieko Valmoria
Rusteen Rieko Valmoria:
Imagine having this song in High School and being able to have a slow dance with your crush
Ella Tayhon
Ella Tayhon:
"Ed Sheeran makes the most romantic and beautiful wedding songs..."

Taylor: "Hold my cats!"
Elisabeth Stanca
Elisabeth Stanca:
Dear future lover,

This song will be played at our wedding.
Fisher Jones
Fisher Jones:
wow i really misunderstood what “first dance remix” means
Alex Man
Alex Man:
Ed Sheeran: Perfect will be every one's wedding dance song.
Taylor Swift: Hold my 🐍
Disney: we make the best slow songs

Taylor Swift: hold my ama awards
everyone: there’s no way this song could possibly get better a third time

Taylor: hold my cats
Kordel Davis
Kordel Davis:
Who’s listening to purge their ears of that horrible new Yummy Bieber song?
Taylor! I’m getting married on January 12, 2020! Me and my fiancé are practicing a dance to this masterpiece. Come through please lol (Long Island, New York)
dam witch
dam witch:
me: there is literally nothing that could make me feel any more single than i already do

taylor: hold my cats
Elisabeth Stanca
Elisabeth Stanca:
Taylor Swift is the most deserved person for each award she had received
Kanishka Kulkarni
Kanishka Kulkarni:
I'm gonna play this at my Indian wedding when the barat arrives
Mola Kicks
Mola Kicks:
😂I think it’s safe to say this is Taylor Swifts favorite song of 2019
Terry Rajsombath
Terry Rajsombath:
Gotta say. I think this song is turning me into a, "Swifty."
Emma Pfiester
Emma Pfiester:
me: i literally couldn't feel more single...

taylor: hold my flipping cats
sixto corrales castle
sixto corrales castle:
She doesn’t gets tired of improving this song more and more
Riza Salazar
Riza Salazar:
Hearing this makes me want to get married. I forgot I don’t even have a boyfriend hahaha
Just God
Just God:
Taylor Swift Lover Releases
June: Lover

October: Lover

November: Lover

November: Lover

December: TBD

January: Definitely Lover
Darren Moratal
Darren Moratal:
so how many versions would you like to do for this song?

Taylor Swift: Yes.
Rani Kaushik
Rani Kaushik:
if this doesn’t play at my wedding then i’m not getting married
there she goes
there she goes:
dear future husband,
we're going to play this song at our wedding.
No discussion.
crazy future wife
Hannah Plattner
Hannah Plattner:
Not close to being married and made my wedding playlist. All lovers
Mola Kicks
Mola Kicks:
Taylor Swift: We can leave the Christmas light up til January

Also Taylor Swift: We can build a Christmas Tree Farm

Dante X
Dante X:
No matter how old this song gets. It will always be a masterpiece. ♥️♥️
I feel like this should be in a Disney movie
Nehal Shah
Nehal Shah:
everyone: I’m going to play lover at my wedding

Taylor: makes a better version
Now I can't choose which version I'll play on my future wedding day.
Ugh, why do you make it so hard for us, Tay? :')
Brittney Haynes
Brittney Haynes:
This song just called me single for 3 minutes and 53 seconds
i was never fond of the idea of having a lover/partner. but nowadays i do. but i’ve been scared all along. it’s hard for me to change now.

i’ll enjoy the music as it is. but can’t help the feeling of imagining slow dancing and a kiss haha
Angie Trekas
Angie Trekas:
this is how many versions of lover we want, taylor 👇🏻
Olrac Roma
Olrac Roma:
Don't mind me cause im gonna dance this with my dog on valentines day.
Who like this music even you don't have any lover😂
Vanessa R
Vanessa R:
I wonder if she’s going to play this at her wedding. I already know she is going to have the most MAGICAL wedding
Rainbow Sparkles
Rainbow Sparkles:
Who else loves this version more than original?
Andre Hyunjae
Andre Hyunjae:
Dear future wife,

this song will be played at our wedding.
J M Garcia
J M Garcia:
Me: I don't want to get married
Lover (First Dance Remix): Yes, yes you do.
Lyndsey Warren
Lyndsey Warren:
90% of people in the comments: *"HoLd My CaTs!!!!!!!!"*
Created by Nemanja
Created by Nemanja:
This makes me wanna get married even tho i planned not to..
Nita Shrestha
Nita Shrestha:
I just hope Tay performs this with a huge orchestra . It would be magical
No one:

Not Even A Single Soul:

Taylor: Surprise Out Of Nowhere!!
I can't believe taylor swift just gave me my wedding dance song
tj johnson
tj johnson:
Taylor Swift: I’m releasing another Lovers Remix next week

January: Hold my 🎄
K. A. T. De Leon
K. A. T. De Leon:
I don’t know, but for some reason, those big drums are necessary to maintain the song’s timeless delicate weddingy feel
Update: i love the bridge here better tho
bhavana samhita
bhavana samhita:
I want Taylor to marry this "Lover" person.
gloria lopez
gloria lopez:
Ladies and gentlemen, our Artist of the Decade. Taylor Swift.
Retyu Uywere
Retyu Uywere:
This is my favourite vision of Lover!
I really love romance songs with dans melodie.
Clémence S
Clémence S:
I want this song at my wedding, if I have one... 😔
Eve Barch
Eve Barch:
Oh my, this song is just lovely, I want to slow dance to this with my lover. I hate the words boyfriend and girlfriend, they sound not as deep/loving as 'lover', or 'my love', etc...
Emma Diane
Emma Diane:
Me in like 13 years planning my wedding: ok babe you get to pick… what do you want for our first dance Lover, Lover Shawn remix, or lover first dance remix
Hubby: that’s the same song though
Me: well yea but no the first is amazing the second is amazing and Shawn Mendes has a verse and the third is literally the first dance remix
Hubby: I thought you wanted that one queen song as our first dance
Me: we can do somebody to Love as our second dance but I need one of these as our first dance
Hubby: it’s just three versions of the same song
Me: I thought you loved me and knew that ever since I was sixteen I needed this song as my first dance

lol idk what that was I get carried away lol
Grayson Yount
Grayson Yount:
Tjis is the version it was meant to be
Regil Surio
Regil Surio:
my special someone just told me he doesnt want to move forward with our relationship anymore...

then i somehow stumbled to this

anyone please, hold me while im crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
this song is so beautiful…. I always gonna crying when I listen to this song.
Gelo Teola
Gelo Teola:
Onions : I can easily make you cry.

Taylor : hold my album
esmaeel kassem
esmaeel kassem:
She protecc
She attacc
But the most important
She released 3 versions of this tracc
syahmi haziq
syahmi haziq:
This version just gave me chills
Nahnahsoile Nipanja
Nahnahsoile Nipanja:
This was already list to my wedding reception one day
That I've got married to my Prince charming too.
*"How many versions would you like this song to have?"*
Taylor: YES
Cudi Alouad
Cudi Alouad:
So cuteee l love you so much Taylor❤😍😘😭
morgan heflebower
morgan heflebower:
this sounds like a christmas song and i’m so here for it
Anantari Paryant
Anantari Paryant:
So.. How many remixes Taylor?.. Do one birthday remix cause your b'day is coming.
Kaveri Singh
Kaveri Singh:
I think it's best of all three!! I love it more than both others!!! 😍😍😍
Sunflower Vol.17
Sunflower Vol.17:
This makes me want to dance with the boyfriend I don't have.
Jess Min
Jess Min:
I'm pretty sure this'll be in a romantic movie or rom com in the future <3
ineffable leela
ineffable leela:
this literally sounds like something out of a disney movie
Patcee Akullo
Patcee Akullo:
This is definitely my favorite version of this song so far. I’m only a little sorry for those who have to listen to me stream this on a loop like I did the original 😻
Joel Rodgiruéz
Joel Rodgiruéz:
She makes fall in love with my imaginary boyfriend
Bella Jane
Bella Jane:
Everyone: How many times are you going to release Lover?

Taylor: Yes!
Lydel Guado
Lydel Guado:
While I listened to this song;
Me: Imaging when I get married we both dance...❤
Another Inner Me: Girl! You Gotta find a Boyfriend first...!😂💔
Devin Young
Devin Young:
She finally wrote the perfect love song she’s been trying to 😭
i swear, if this ain't my wedding song I'm not attending my own wedding
Thonie Ross C Cubangbang
Thonie Ross C Cubangbang:
Whenever I hear this song, I always remembered my ex. This was supposed to be our wedding song but then, we realized, we're not meant for each other. 🙂💔
axejedi ROCK3T
axejedi ROCK3T:
I wanna be youwhere. I truly believe that you're the best artist ever. I love everything you stand for, what you do, how you do it, I could go on. If you ever need help with anything, please lmk. Anything. I dream about you while I'm awake, sometimes I walk into things, ppl, just being so lost in you. We can always be friends, right... I am recording soon. I think everyone knows it's gonna be about you. You take away my anxiety, depression, and make everything ok. You're the only one that can do that. Love u babe. I'm always Taylorized. <3333333333333
I let my boyfriend listen to this song and he said “It’s really nice.” It’s been chosen! Happy Valentine’s Day!💗💗💗
P.J. Love
P.J. Love:
This sounds way better than that feature with Shawn Mendes. You can only trust on Taylor to outdo herself. Simple as that :)
cringy gaby
cringy gaby:
A guy text me in a cute way for 2 weeks straight
Me: listen lover first dance remix and imagine her wedding with this guy
I already knew after hearing the original that I was gonna play this at my wedding someday but the fact that there’s a perfect version for it now? I’m cryin
Cyber Unit
Cyber Unit:
The artist was drawing stars atop

And a mural that made me stop


And so I watched, her feet shifting

Right to left and back again, flinching

And I looked up at the her painting

Shape and form of dream she owned
Tay tay r u hinting that u’re engaged with Joe and that we will be hearing wedding bells from u soon?🤨

All the blissful lovers version that u dropped. Lord my heart can’t😩🥰
Sarah Jinhit
Sarah Jinhit:
Who want this song played for tay when she’s getting married?

Ana Moon
Ana Moon:
Taylor swift!!
Tiene mucho talento¡!
Te amoo , gracias por esta canción hermosa llena de mensajes positivos ♡
Katelyn Foley
Katelyn Foley:
every remix and song Taylor Swift makes is incredible. I am a singer and she is my inspiration. Taylor Swift is such a role model. Thank you so much!!
David Elago
David Elago:
I don’t have anyone in my life right now, but i would wanna dance with that special person with this song
Billie Eillish fan
Billie Eillish fan:
I love all of your songs Taylor Swift your songs are the best.💕My mom might take me to one of your concerts soon so excited!
Celeste Jupiter
Celeste Jupiter:
Daniele Santana
Daniele Santana:
Taylor transforma Cruel Summer em Single, amo Lover, mas foque nas outras musicas tbm.
Immanuel Saissem
Immanuel Saissem:
Thx for sharing, however imo it sounds more than a 'Last Dance Remix' - but it may differs relating by pov :) and beyond any differences related to the distinction of connotation/denotation.
[email protected]
Stephanie Kent
Stephanie Kent:
Taylor I just want to say how much I look up to you and love you. Me and my step mom went to your last concert in st loise and u loved it just thank you and I have loved you amd your music since 2013 when u was so when I was I was 6. I just want you to keep doin you girl and hopefully one day we can meet I will always love you you are my #1 #swiftyforever😍💞💖💕💓💗❤💚💜💙💛
Jennifer Zavala
Jennifer Zavala:
Dear Future Husband...

I have found our wedding song !
We WILL have this song !
Brooks Kryshak
Brooks Kryshak:
Taylor you have out done yourself, welcome to my wedding song everyone
No one:
Taylor: releases three versions of the same song.