Thandie Newton Makes Great Banana Bread, But Watch This Interview Before You Eat It

The star of "Westworld," Thandie Newton, comes prepared with her Late Show gear and a story about her delicious-but-dangerous banana bread. The season finale of "Westworld" airs this Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO. #StephenAtHome #ThandieNewton #Westworld

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100+ komentarze:

Kah Weng Chok
Kah Weng Chok:
Glad to see Maeve's daughter is safe.
Luke Visinoni
Luke Visinoni:
Her daughter is a younger version of her. Adorable.
Her daughter is beautiful like her mom
Marius Thefaker
Marius Thefaker:
The good thing about having your adult children back in the house is it gives you a chance to instill in them some new psychological traumas to replace the ones they'd forgotten about when they moved out...
Don't know why but her calling her daughter 'Noodle' melted my heart instantly.
Cat: I will not be denied. Adore me world!
I remember seeing Beloved and thinking Thandie was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Now, holy shhhh! There's 2 of them! Absolutely gorgeous!
Dump Chump
Dump Chump:
Noodle is so lucky to have Thandie’s genes.
J B:
That cat will not be denied, Lol.
Thandie’s nails are also painted Stephen Colbert colors! 3:40
Andy P
Andy P:
Thandie is unnaturally beautiful.
The Space Melody
The Space Melody:
Thandie Newton’s genes: We shall live forever!
Rafael Marques
Rafael Marques:
I don't understand. I saw the comments, nothing wierd around. I saw the video, nothing but hapiness from both side. What's with the dislikes? I came across some channels having the same issues, is America finally full of bots?
Pretty sureThandie is gonna be a lot like Helen Mirren at 75, poised, sharp and foxy!
D Shepherd
D Shepherd:
Well of course Thandi’s daughter is as stunning as she is.
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises:
The cat comes through. Her daughter grabs it and moves it to the right. Then the cat immediately appears on the left again.

Definitive proof that we are in The Matrix!! 😲 🐱 🐱
They are so beautiful and seem to have really nice personalities.
Klara Stern
Klara Stern:
god... she's so stunningly beautiful.... 😲 And such a lovely accent.... and of course: amazing performance on Westworld!
Kattis Small
Kattis Small:
I stopped listening when I saw the cat. They're all lovely people, but...CAT!
Austin Ventling
Austin Ventling:
she has the most beautiful personality
Steven wickens
Steven wickens:
Thats funny that Thandy's cat is trying to get in the shot because while I am watching the clip my cat is walking in front of my screen to get my attention.
Cornelis Volschenk
Cornelis Volschenk:
I just loved the cat trying to get 15 minutes of fame as well.
Ruthe Phoenix
Ruthe Phoenix:
Thandie Newton is so beautiful and down to earth 😍
Thandie is hot, cute & beautiful. Had a crush on her since MI2
Isn’t her daughter that little girl from Dumbo? :0
Study Case
Study Case:
Thandie Newton is one of THE finest story tellers to have Ever walked the earth. Grace, Power, Beauty BEYOND, but it's her range and subtly that always takes me out of my seat into the film. She is one of a small handful of actors that makes me forget who they are in real life. It is the highest compliment I think we can offer our beloved story tellers and I thank her for taking me away and sharing her talent with all of us.
Jeremy Toh
Jeremy Toh:
Thandie Newton kicks @$$ in the latest Westworld Episode. 🤩🤩🤩😘
She is so pretty!!
tutti- fruity
tutti- fruity:
Too much beauty in one home! Cannot compute 😍😍😍
Michel F
Michel F:
She would be a fantastic 007. She has the "Drop dead. Now." gaze as well as a bubbling charming personality so she would deliver the Bond One Liners™ spot on! <3
Andrea Edgin Wynn
Andrea Edgin Wynn:
I've loved Thandie Newton since Beloved.
So cute, a mini Thandie!
andreas pedersen
andreas pedersen:
Double cuteness overload 😍❤
Thandie Newton was my crush when i watched Mission Impossible 2 when i was a kid
Cheryl Sibson
Cheryl Sibson:
Congratulations on your OBE and your daughter is lovely!
Speak the Truth
Speak the Truth:
A. I had no idea Thandie is British.
B. She is 47
That gorgeous skin! Lovely to see this wonderful actress.
Wish the rancid goat butter story wasn't so funny! 😅
this put a smile on my face
The Angry Finger
The Angry Finger:
If you're looking for home movie style entertainment. Thandie should play Eartha Kitt in a series of recorded interviews.
Noname Nonamous
Noname Nonamous:
Her daughter is so adorable ! Like she came from another planet 😻
Evan Khan
Evan Khan:
Damn she beautiful as ever
Ryan M
Ryan M:
She’s so unique and beautiful but WOW her daughter is going to brake a ton of hearts.
Ellen Spear
Ellen Spear:
I'm such a fan of this lovely woman (and I've never seen West World).
mary jones
mary jones:
what a lovely interview, ty mr colbert and fam, ms and younger ms newton, mr batiste and the band.
New Message
New Message:
I think watching one of my parents do a nude scene might scar me for life, though.
You Are The Universe
You Are The Universe:
*woah! two absolute beauties inside and out!*
And such a pretty kitty! Glad they finally gave her/him some lovings.. :)
She is fantastic. I LOVE her and Westworld, one of the most clever shows ever made.
The Dashboard
The Dashboard:
Seriously, Nico is just a clone of her mother.
She is even more magnificent than her character in Westworld. What a charm.
Mary Damiani
Mary Damiani:
Thandie is my favorite actress in #Westworld Maeve is such a badass!
Klara Stern
Klara Stern:
the cat 🥰
Love her. Her daughter is charming.
Alan Thompson
Alan Thompson:
Tandy Newton's daughter is almost as beautiful as she is, I hope she goes into acting more, she looks comfortable in front of a camera.
Thandie is just so perfect; as an actor and as a human. Can’t wait for the finale. 😍😍😍
Elizabeth Campos
Elizabeth Campos:
I love this. Watching you guys I feel like I'm hanging out with a group of friends! And the cat coming into the shot is the cherry on top!!
Cinder Man
Cinder Man:
I have NO idea who Thandie is, but I fell for her INSTANTLY!
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
"Chronicles of Riddick" is so damn good thanks to her playing off Dame Judi and Karl Urban.

And I don't GAS what Rottentomatoes says.
Hani Mann
Hani Mann:
Please remember Mr Colbert that there people who know her work other than Westworld.
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin
Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin:
She's absolutely wonderful!
Lovely, beautiful, funny, clever and very charming!
Her little girl looks so much like her!
I love how the cat comes back and pops its little head through their arms! omg @ 8:32
denise salt
denise salt:
My favorite movie with her is Run Fat Boy Run. Hilarious! Her daughter is a mini me version. Beautiful.
After this her daughter better be grounded until she finishes all 3 seasons of Westworld.
Oracle Of Delphi
Oracle Of Delphi:
I always get Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldana mixed up. They're both gorgeous and don't seem to age.
Madame Chairwoman
Madame Chairwoman:
Fantastic mom and daughter interview, Stephen. And my goodness, Thandie is as gorgeous, and ageless as ever. Love her!
Nice one Thandie, in Britain, we may only have one piece of toilet paper left, but we can all share it.
Jemel Moore
Jemel Moore:
Her personality is love
Meghan Ford
Meghan Ford:
Wow they are so beautiful
Bryan Scamman
Bryan Scamman:
I’ve been lucky enough to work with her on set and she is a genuinely loving and compassionate person. 🥰
Tim Beaton
Tim Beaton:
Don't know if you people over the other side of the pond ever got to see Thandie in Line of Duty? British TV series about a special police anti-corruption team. Worth checking out. All seasons.

No idea if it's available to stream. Have a hunt and see if you can find them
Alierso Kilgore
Alierso Kilgore:
Thandie is amazing in Westworld.
Donald Killinger
Donald Killinger:
God! Miss Thandie Newton is exquisite!
Steven Sansone
Steven Sansone:
"Like, does it come with a side of fries?" Big, loud *HA HA!* at my monitor.
Pamela Burger
Pamela Burger:
Beautiful sister's of mercy inside out mother in agreement
T. Johnson
T. Johnson:
I love my children being trapped at home with me! I can finally sleep at night!
Dave Murdoch
Dave Murdoch:
Love to have a few drinks with this lady....Funny and charming x
i've never seen thandie newton in an interview, she seems absolutely delightful (and so does her daughter!)
Maggie McFly
Maggie McFly:
Oh my gosh, Thandie is so damn beautiful! I loved the nail polish too!
I remember watching her first in Mission Impossible 2. She was gorgeous. Seeing her now, 20 years later, she looks a bit different (well, duh, note to self: Surprisingly (?) she's gotten older 😉), but she's still a beautiful woman with a bubbling personality. Looking forward to the season finale. And there will be a season 4 too. I'm just wondering which characters will have faced a grim death (permanently) when the last episode of the season ends.
Gwen Simmons
Gwen Simmons:
Nico looks so much like her mom, carbon copy!! Love Tandie!! Be well you all! 😘✨👍🏾
i already expect to love this just based on the thumbnail 🥰
Christine A
Christine A:
Yes! NO MORE TIE, Stephen. Just seeing animated Colbert in a tie was too stuffy. Open collar with a blazer... good look.

Sweet interview! Rancid goat butter and all. *shopping online for goat butter*
Stephen, you are really growing into the "at home" show. It was awkward for a week or more, but really enjoying it now.
Fergal Hughes
Fergal Hughes:
3rd season?
How many seasons can this fill? 1, 2, none?
J. W. Roe
J. W. Roe:
one of the best channels . Greets Sir Stephen <3
e schwarz
e schwarz:
Seeing Thandie with her lovely daughter somehow makes her WW Maeve role more poignant.
Margarita M.
Margarita M.:
Cat: (gets pushed out of the frame)

Cat: :(
Good Wolf
Good Wolf:
Great interview all around and the cat being a cat was the perfect touch!
E Wolski
E Wolski:
Charming interview, simply charming. Like her theories on the law of motion too. But why put chickadees in a chicken coop, wouldn't that become a chickadee coop, or at least a condo?
Talking Donkey
Talking Donkey:
Lovely ladies! You made me smile. Be safe and continue being awesome.
Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Cunningham:
Good grief they are gorgeous.
Thandie and her daughter...oh yeeeaaahhhhh. Gigiddy
Igor Schmidlapp
Igor Schmidlapp:
Just thinking of "Rancid Goat Butter" makes me throw up in my mouth a little...
I love Thandie Newton, such a talented and brilliant , gorgeous woman. Nico was amazing on Dumbo. I hope she gets to act more.
I loved how the cat had to upstage the whole bit at the end!
WOW, such a better interview than Graham Norton gave her about a week ago!
Good job!
black bird
black bird:
Can we ever get enough Thandie Newton? NOPE!!!
Chastity Hunter
Chastity Hunter:
Thandie didn't spit that young lady out!!😅 BEAUTIFUL!!!
Zizi Roberts
Zizi Roberts:
Lovely to see mother and daughter together. ❤️❤️🌷🌷
Kevin B
Kevin B:
So if we break this Thandie Newton, we have another one in the tank. Cool!