Thank You Novak Djokovic | Emotional Tribute

● Hey guys, new video about Djokovic on this special occasion to complete the series of videos I already made on Federer and Nadal when these legends were reaching their 20th Grand Slam.

● I think with all what happened since the beginning of the year it was the right time for me to make a tribute and make people realize what this man have brought to the game since 15 years now.
After what Nole had to go through in Australia, it was a shame that the 3 times defending champion could not have his chance to go for a 4th consecutive win, what would have been a record.

● Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the video and I hope to be back before the French Open for a bigger this video next time ;D

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Phil Rey Gibbons - M'Envoler Vers Toi [Fly To You] (feat. Felicia Farerre)

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As a Nadal fan who's just a bit disappointed in his long time idol for not supporting you at all when you needed it the most, Novak, you may not have won AO 2022, but you've won my heart.
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha:
I used to be a Novak hater, but I then learned about everything he had to go through to get to where he is now, and I gained a new respect for him
At the end he will be the Goat. From a Nadal fan. This guy proved how huge he was.
Sylvia Welsh
Sylvia Welsh:
Was a big Nadal, Federer fan but now a bigger Novak fan🤺⚔️🤺🙏🏻
Dios relish
Dios relish:
On court : he is the greatest .
Off court : he is a real hero .
Leonie Bachmann
Leonie Bachmann:
Novak, we love you. You are a hero. Keep on fighting for human rights, democracy and freedom.
Alexander Kings
Alexander Kings:
I somewhat despise him, tennistically speaking, but from now on I will support him until the end of his career because of what they did to him.
Everyone should be able to work, discrimination shouldn't be tolerable.
This video is beautiful. Really hits me right in the heart.
Kristina R.
Kristina R.:
We love You Novak!!You are the CHAMP &HERO!!They can't take away Your legacy!!
Oftentimes in situations like the one in Australia with him being unrightfully deported, it’s easy to forget all the great memories and moments he has produced. I am eternally grateful to be his fan. Regardless of what the slam count is and I do think he’ll be there at the end, his story, coming from war torn Serbia to be who he is today is a Hollywood story. No one can do what he has done with the hands he’s been given. He’s simply, the GOAT #NoleForever
He’s a MONSTER on the court. He’s broken my heart more times than I care to mention but I’ve got nothing but respect for everything he’s achieved. The matches he’s played with Federer and Nadal have been some of the greatest sporting contests EVER, not just in tennis. He’s not my goat but he deserves the title. 🇨🇭🇪🇸🇷🇸 for ever!
La vida es un megamix
La vida es un megamix:
Gracias novak por luchar por la libertad y los derechos humanos 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero:
The definition of HARD WORK, being able to get into the two men party of Fedal and to stand toe to toe and even surpass them breaking some of their records is just insane. Man is from another planet and my inspiration for how much he does in and outside the court. Legend.
Heize King
Heize King:
An amazing video. We need to talk how amazing he is more. I can't wait for him to return.
P.S: the song really goes well with the video, great job
Thank you for the tribute. I wish to see more Novak appreciation videos. He had a lot of memorable moments on court...
Absolute the GREATEST OF ALL TIME !!!
This man don’t need to be a nice boy and do what MEDIA WANT TO HEAR !!!!!
I HOPE he plays RG!!!! - and get the chance to face nadal again. And show the world again he can beat everybody -> EVERYWHERE !
Olly Paton
Olly Paton:
One of the Greatest to ever pick up a racket 🎾
Alejandro KD
Alejandro KD:
Idemooo Novak!!!💪🏽🇷🇸🎾🏆 What a video!!! Congrats
Forever and ever supporting you, wolf Nole... no matter how old, you'll always be the APLHA MALE out of them ALL.
nothin but pure tennis from Novak he is the Goat and true ambassador /statesman to the game of tennis
Cherry Sumulong
Cherry Sumulong:
Thank you for this video.
It's so heartfelt.❤
Can't wait to see No1e back on the tennis court! Idemo!!!
Alonso Mallor
Alonso Mallor:
Djokovic is gong to be a GS champion again, I don't have doubts
Ник Гир
Ник Гир:
Он мой любимый теннисист,здоровья ему и его семье и мира стране Привет вам с Дальнего Востока друзья.
He was unfortunate and fortunate at the same time to come up after Rafa and Roger. He never felt the love as much as these guys did and was always seen as the anatgonist, but it strengthened his heart and character which ultimately lead him to develop an almost perfect game. Nothing without a cost is worth having they say
This is truly emotional... Novak you are so loved!
cool!__ EEE
cool!__ EEE:
Damn men all those years i never forget those moments watching him play, so much work throughout the years to be the no. 1 player in the world. Too much felings in this video. Only can be felt who have seen his journey from the beginning. A pure respect from heart TO Novak.🙏
Coty Guzma
Coty Guzma:
Es tan triste lo q le han hecho aNole ¡¡le han robado sus sueños!!!
Miroslav Janecek
Miroslav Janecek:
Great timing, to release this video at such a dificult time for Djokovic.
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Thank You Novak for being in this amazing sport. You are the greatest athlete who deserves greatest respect. We stand with YOU wishing all the very best in Your life.
Hari Prahal
Hari Prahal:
The guy you can always count on.
The GOAT!!
Novak Goatkovic🇷🇺
Novak Goatkovic🇷🇺:
Nole may have not won the 21st grand slam but he definitely one a fight, a fight for freedom, human rights and democracy! He also fought for love! He is the KING and the GOAT! He has his OWN intergrity and dignity! May he have a long happy life!!🇷🇸🐐🏆❤❤❤❤
Unstoppable. Eagerly awaiting his return.
Ayrton de France
Ayrton de France:
As a Fed fan, almost all his victories are painful, I feel like he only beats players I love watching play like Tsitsipas or Shapovalov for example. There's also this Wimbledon 2019 nightmare... Despite all of this, I have to admire him especially since last year when he almost made the Grand Slam. Roger is art, Rafa is strength and Novak is victory : they're the 3 goats of our sport.
Giovanna Verdi
Giovanna Verdi:
Wonderful, Novak is unique, level above all and he showed that with his attitude!♥️👏
Thank you Djokovich. Don't ever back down.
Nemanja Ugljesic
Nemanja Ugljesic:
great video man thank you for suporting Novak, this are really hard times for him and his fans, we needed this
Carla Galli
Carla Galli:
Novak Djokovic, his physique and his performance are perfect. Wonderful vision to see her playing tennis. Congratulations.
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
"The principles of decision - making on my body are more important than any title" !!! God bless you Novak 🙏
Anna Maria
Anna Maria:
Thank you Novak ❤ You are such inspiration and hero of the free world. Just keep fighting 💪 . To be free in this tyranni world is the most important ✊
Nayana Kuruppu
Nayana Kuruppu:
Thanks so much for the video. As a die hard Novak fan, I got very emotional watching this. Would like to keep a copy for ever. Novak will be back !!
Vaccinated or not, you will always be the GOAT.
Clearly Nadal was lucky, if Djo was there, he wouldn't have won it!
La vida es un megamix
La vida es un megamix:
Novak eres el número 1💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
José Ramon Gabirondo Zubelzu
José Ramon Gabirondo Zubelzu:
Great as player. THE BEST as a person
Ljilja Svabic
Ljilja Svabic:
Thank you, NOLE! You give us so much! ❤️🏆🙏
space freak
space freak:
As a djokovic fan, thx for this video, keep making more!
Vaishali Raut
Vaishali Raut:
I always feel proud to be your fan. You are my most favorite player today and forever.
Olivera Markovic
Olivera Markovic:
The greatest of all times
Abhijeet Panda
Abhijeet Panda:
Don't be emotional or don't give tribute.. coz this is not end.. He is goat He is Nole , and he will stand tall at the end.. I hope no more obstruction for him political wise.. Let him play and make us happy... Coz after this guy retire Tennis will be not same for us again..
thanks for the video!! he will rise again!!
TALKING TENNIS with Ronaldo Carolus
TALKING TENNIS with Ronaldo Carolus:
Thank you Novak. Thank you for these amazing moments and more to come
When he wins or loses his eyes show how he is a good man.
Amy Reilly
Amy Reilly:
Novak is the best. He will stay strong. Godspeed Nole
Dhanraj Kumar
Dhanraj Kumar:
Wonderful video 👏hopefully Djokovic will be back before French open, and hope we will see more videos like this from you after the French open.
Charles Bolds
Charles Bolds:
Novak the Joker Djokovic is the#1 the best tennis 🎾 player in the world.
Geozentriker Geistwesen
Geozentriker Geistwesen:
Indigo's sind immer erfolgreich 🙏
Djokovic ist die Reinkarnation von Nikola Tesla! 💖💖💖
What is wrong With My Present Name
What is wrong With My Present Name:
Has always been my NUMBER 1, even before he became NUMBER 1.
History was only delayed, not denied when you were axes from Melbourne this year.
Can't wait to see you on the circuit soonest.
Love always.....
The Number 1 Nigerian Djoko Fan
Dejan Jovanov
Dejan Jovanov:
All NATURAL not drugs not comercial for cigarets alcohol and gamble this is real our tenis GOAT!!!
TACombustion A
TACombustion A:
If aliens came to earth and humanity had a representative to play a set for sure victory we'll send this man.
Petsla 83
Petsla 83:
HERO,GOAT.....♥️. Amazing Man
Vip Fitness Studio
Vip Fitness Studio:
Thank you for making tennis history. Nole forever!
Feiyu Tao
Feiyu Tao:
Such a great great video! I cried seeing this
Gary Loudenslager
Gary Loudenslager:
Your still one of the best, don't give up, only if you want too you still have alot to offer the world!!
The Real Mep684
The Real Mep684:
Roger Rafa and Novak legend of our sports gave the best 20 years for us all and non tennis fans, all should be loved equally
Radmila La Costa
Radmila La Costa:
Haris Khan
Haris Khan:
He's beaten Rafa at RG twice.
That's enough
6e Set
6e Set:
Super vidéo encore une fois, j'ai beaucoup aimé comme t'as géré ses défaites difficiles, c'est très subtil mais ça parlera aux fans. Novak a tellement de bons côtés et en même temps de moments plus limites, ça le rend vraiment différent et Daniil s'en rapproche un peu aujourd'hui. Je t'avoue que sportivement c'est peut-être la carrière qui m'impressionne le plus, et réellement le débat du GOAT m'intéresse pas vu comment on en parle actuellement. Ce que je trouve cool c'est qu'aujourd'hui tout le monde peut avoir le sien et nous raconter ses propres souvenirs avec chacun, et c'est intéressant de voir quels exploits ont plus marqué les gens. La réponse finale c'est le moins intéressant.
J'espère qu'on pourra revoir Novak en chelem rapidement, et qu'il pourra défendre son RG le mieux possible, il a tellement galéré pour l'avoir.
Hunter thanks for this amazing video. It brought so much wonderfully memories of this I credible sportsman. Novak is such a kind and kinder spirit, always doing the right thing always trying to do better, in life in sports. The Greatest Of All time. Hope many GS titles more Nole.
sto Sto
sto Sto:
Freemia Magotha
Freemia Magotha:
"He is the nearest thing to superman we ever had" love'it!!!
Baptiste Vincent
Baptiste Vincent:
La vidéo est juste parfaite
Fabiano Caruana
Fabiano Caruana:
Nole Best is the Best.Legend💯🙏💪
subburaj m
subburaj m:
Please novak come back without your presence australian open had won by Nadal. Nadal also a great player no doubt. But we miss you a lot. We all love you we true fans want to see you back in the tennis court Again. We all love you .
Pistol Shrimp Studio
Pistol Shrimp Studio:
Clarity with KJ
Clarity with KJ:
Nole is unquestionably the GOAT for me. Not only statistically but his character, integrity and heart!!!
The saga is complete :) Massive video, as always!
SHAME on Australia, GREAT SHAME.
Zarko Vukmirovic
Zarko Vukmirovic:
NOVAK 21 !!! 🏆🙏🙏🙏
Abdullah Gaming
Abdullah Gaming:
You always make high quality content brother keep it up ❤️
Mushi Shi
Mushi Shi:
Teresa Humphrey
Teresa Humphrey:
My respect novack always your the greatest to me 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏
Natasha Hersh
Natasha Hersh:
1Corinzi 9:25

Chiunque fa l'atleta è temperato in ogni cosa; e quelli lo fanno per ricevere una corona corruttibile; ma noi, per una incorruttibile.
NOLE, prego per te, che tu possa ricevere anche una corona incorruttibile 🙏💫👑
Elvira UNWIN
Elvira UNWIN:
The greatest tennis player Novak Djokovic of all times, great respect and admiration for this kind and humble human being 🐐🐐🐐❤️
Caroline Canivet
Caroline Canivet:
Que d émotions 👍👍👍❤ Nole est 1 joueur vraiment exceptionnel 🎾🎾🎾💪💪💪 impatiente de le revoir sur les cours et de le voir gagner !!! Idemo Nole 💪💪💪🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆❤!
Filippo Berti
Filippo Berti:
he taught us the most important lesson this year by not going to the Australian Open.. including the difference between a serbian and a servant
Dad Simeunovic
Dad Simeunovic:
What comes next, Nole? I am looking forward to your response this year. Idemoooooo!!!
Giovanni Senatore
Giovanni Senatore:
La tua più grande vittoria è stata quest anno in Australia.
Un uomo, un campione un eroe.
Awesome tribute! ... just realised that both Rafa and Novak came back from 2 sets down to win the final slam that brought them to two slams across all slam
Stay respectful in the comments please. That you are cheering for Novak, Roger or Rafa we should be thankful for all the epic battles and the emotions they made us go through while we were seating on our couch during these long sundays afternoons.
Helena Trela
Helena Trela:
Love this video. Novak is my favourite player ever. His archievement is incredible.
Ela Patu
Ela Patu:
Novak, Dumnezeu te iubeste asa cum si tu Il iubesti pe El. Sa ti fie aparator! ❤🍀😇👍👏😘🥰
Fazzy Khan2
Fazzy Khan2:
Miss you 🐐🐐🐐
It's not over
Vittorio Romani
Vittorio Romani:
Great in tennis and in life.
Novak had my heart the first time I ever laid eyes on him,a phenomenal player and an even better person,the best of the best love you always NOVAK DJOKOVIC your are a great guy.
asif iqbal
asif iqbal:
I just can't believe whole crowd was against him evey single time & he still won 20 GS & most master titles.
Also most of the biggest record own by this machine.How he surpass fed & rafa in almost every single stats this is absolutely remarkable.This guy truly proved you can win even the whole world stay against you.💪🖤
Love this amazing guy was hooked from the minute I first set eyes on him,incredible athlete and even better person,no one like him EVER,
SRB Robotics
SRB Robotics:
What to say, GOAT!
Marco L
Marco L:
Mirjana Jovicic
Mirjana Jovicic:
You are our everything! Just goooooooooooooooo!!!!! Our mamba! Tesla in sport!