That Pop Culture Show 003: Weronika Rosati, Actress

Join hosts Kody Frederick and Jason DeBord this week as they discuss classic Hollywood with special guest, Weronika Rosati. Weronika is an award-winning international actress, mother, and activist.

Born in Poland, she starting her acting career as a teenager and achieved success by the time she turned 19. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute and earned a Polish Film Academy Award for Best Actress in Manhunt and was featured in the film, In Darkness, which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.

She has worked with some of the most respected names in Hollywood such as Michael Mann, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone and more.

Weronika admires classic Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Vivien Leigh, Joan Crawford and more, which has inspired her to collect original costumes and jewelry worn by these idols.

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11 komentarze:

Melissa Marzec
Melissa Marzec:
She is so much fun to watch when she speaks English. In her Polish interviews you can feel she is controling herself in order not to say too much. She is much more tensed due to enormous press hate that is imposed on her. Good to see her so relaxed and open.
Judi Gateley
Judi Gateley:
She's a delight! Great show
Paul Jet
Paul Jet:
Of course we had "Saved By The Bell" in Poland! It's called "Byle do dzwonka" here;)
Ewa Skowronska
Ewa Skowronska:
great, wish her good luck
Karolina Dołęga
Karolina Dołęga:
She mixed up the high school thing a little bit. When she was a teenager Polish schooling system was divided into two parts: 7 years of Elementary/Primary School (which you finish at 14) and 4 years of High School (which you finish at 18).
I just saw her in subtitled Les Dames episode 2. Just wow
Would be awesome if it was possible to invite her again. She's so cool!
I know the man in black said he's introvert but it shouldn't be the reason why his microphone is soooo silent...
Peter Panszczyk
Peter Panszczyk:
I didn't know she is so charming and smart...obviously beautiful too! 🙌😘
Wiktoria Mielczarek
Wiktoria Mielczarek:
my favourite polish actress 🇵🇱❤️ excellent interview by the way🙌🏼🤩