The 7 Most Outrageous Ideas Bernie Ecclestone Had To Improve F1

Sprinklers installed at F1 circuits? Extra pit stops for winning drivers? Bernie Ecclestone had some seriously crazy ideas to try and improve F1, do you agree with any of the ones he had?
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Tom Kent:

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Bernie should start to write plots to WWE...
Adam Neradilek
Adam Neradilek:
4:55 Fernando said that he had to get out of the car quickly, because his mother was watching the race, so she would know he's okay.
I guess Bernie doesn't like Mrs. Alonso.
Richard Tickler
Richard Tickler:
i have some more ideas (you can have them bernie):
- change the direction mid race. after the first car crosses the halfway mark everybody changes direction
- put a parachute in so each driver can use a breake super late joker. plus the parachutes all over the place mix things up
- add the blue shells from mario cart to the race so the race for first is really competitive
- put explosives in the tyres so if the race gets boring someone has a blown tyre
- put custard on the track (rain is sooo 80ies and boring) plus sponsorship deal?
- make a person who just got their license to compete in each race (maybe even put them on pole so the camera can get the action better)
- let ppl vote which driver should get a boost for the next race (oh wait i stole that form formula e)
Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean:
Eccelstone is even a more mental guy than Sainz.
Samejima Mamimi
Samejima Mamimi:
So glad this lunatic is no longer in control
I like how you used Alex Kersten from Car Throttle as Bernie Ecclestone. It really suits him.
might as well give bernie some buttons that make engines self destruct, would probably help Honda's reputation
Why not putting speed bumps and tempo limits on track? Brings it closer to real street racing atmosphere.
francesco cumerlato
francesco cumerlato:
You miss the double points in abu dhabi 2014
Alex Clark-Thompson
Alex Clark-Thompson:
Someone played a bit too much Mario Kart didn't they.

*Realises F1 race stars was probably Bernies Vision for the future of F1*

Holy s***
I want to see a non official race with these rules
Sam Mattox
Sam Mattox:
4:59 damn, that's a bit morbid. No way in hell would I be focused on the racing after the crash knowing a driver might me in critical condition, and then turns out the drama was just amped up
Lottery Qualifying would be super funny! I'd like that.
Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason:
That is some crazy stuff. Alex is a hilarious Bernie, think he should have a recurring role.
Josh Goodman
Josh Goodman:
Better than a CGI Eagle at COTA 🤷‍♂️
An Anti-Lag System in F1 cars would be quite interesting ...
Yvonne Wood
Yvonne Wood:
Who spotted Alex Kersten playing Bernie? Still had to put Ethan at the back though eh? Haha! Got to love the CarThrottle lads!
Mason Lastra Motorsports
Mason Lastra Motorsports:
Well there’s NASCAR for you.
NINO 744
NINO 744:
Alex is Killing it
Willy Lamb
Willy Lamb:
Are you guys affiliated with Car Throttle?
Jerry Sykes
Jerry Sykes:
When you realise its not really Bernie
Sam Jones
Sam Jones:
Gotta love Bernie...
Classic Bernie! F1 would be equivalent to Wacky Races if his ideas ever happened!
Der Rote Baron
Der Rote Baron:
3:55 Watching this from 2020, Nascar actually are doing it right now
Victor Nag
Victor Nag:
Is Alex playing Bernie?
The best way to improve the racing I'd lift the ban on off season testing for the bottom 3 or 4 teams in the constructors points/ teams with no points!
Rob Andreoli
Rob Andreoli:
Without Bernie this sport would still be in the shadows and fringes instead of a sport of the cusp of true international popularity. Take it easy on the boss.
BeefGamer 23
BeefGamer 23:
When Matt said: "hello guys and welcome back to the internet's best reactions to......" I thought I clicked on the wrong video!😂

you clearly haven't seen a youtube or facebook comment section, have you? You'd be surprised by the amount of people who wish for nothing less but that.

"but F1 is supposed to be dangerous! That's the entire thing!"
John S
John S:
Get real: Bernie said these things to get attention and signal that he was concerned about the lack of spectacle and trying to improve it.
OK, now let's implement ALL of these ideas for a exhibition race
two races a weekend is still a good idea, I mean the BTCC has three and that only makes it even better. The only idea that was just plain wrong was the last one you listed.
Bernie: "F1 needs to be more dangerous"

How about we equip the cars with missile launchers and cover the track with land mines?
How about a built-in Alien indicator for crashhappy drivers? :p
Shortcuts work great in Rallycross though so why not in F1?
Well DTM has 2 races on a weekend
Newstig 18
Newstig 18:
NGL i would like reverse grids, would make for more overtaking for sure
Harry Verolme
Harry Verolme:
To be fair to Bernie, at least half of these ideas make sense to me.
That sheet idea is the dumbest thing I have ever heard
0:21 No attractive women allowed in f1 anymore. Better fix that WTF1.🤨
aditya banerjee
aditya banerjee:
I had the first idea too, several years ago....I think I was around 14.
Great minds (Bernie and a 14-year-old noob) think alike, I guess..
Matthew Gunawan
Matthew Gunawan:
the 2 part race seems interesting, would probably be a good idea for another or a new motorsport, not for f1 tho...
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez:
Are this ideas that Crazy now? 😂
Mandu Woo
Mandu Woo:
Bernie: make walls so nobody would cut corners

Formula E drivers: hmmmm interesting
Liberty media removing the grid girls, for me is crazy at the same
Axy Bømick
Axy Bømick:
"At a big shunt, it would be more dramatic to go with the ambulance"
Bernie's Hublot was stolen and he was beaten and picked with an ambulance.
Alonso out on his own.

"Alonso out on his own from his Australian GP crash" - Liberty Media
"Daaaaaammmmmmit! I quit!" - Bernie
"Be aware of what you say, Bern!" - Me
Muhluri Nkuna
Muhluri Nkuna:
2:19 so basically Super GT's ballast system but it's pit stops instead.
0:44 they do that in the monaco tunnel if it is wet outside to stop the tyres from overheating
This is probably the 5th time I have watched this video, but every once in a while it is recommended and I just watch it again!
What’s really funny is that silly NASCAR has actually implemented some of these ideas in to their racing. Latest example, the theater show put on when they removed Ryan Newman from his car. Black walls that didn’t really cover anything and asking all media to leave pit row.
I wanna start a new racing series with all of these rules except the last one of course
Biohazard667 Productions
Biohazard667 Productions:
I actually quite like the whole shortcut idea, the rest is kinda.. Yeah wtf
A27M Cromwell1
A27M Cromwell1:
Tbh the shortcut Idea similar to rallycross jokers in the thumbnail is actually pretty cool
Mr. Miss
Mr. Miss:
Yeah, like not knowing who's going to win is a bad thing.
I do agree, sporadic wet conditions would be bad - But artificial wet tracks would be *fucking awesome*!!
1:14 Hi Jess
Victor Nag
Victor Nag:
Every time I see a wtf1, I press it right away!!
ng jason
ng jason:
Why does every guys name starting with bernie always want things more "even" 🤔
Suproto Mansur
Suproto Mansur:
This just sounds like F1 Race Stars
Michael Curley
Michael Curley:
I kinda get the walls around the track thing but it's a bit too extreme. Circuits like Paul Ricard would be much better with high kerbs and graveltraps (and easier to watch on tv too)
All circuits should take after Austria in that respect, running wide should be punished more
Prins van Oranje
Prins van Oranje:
1:12 Is that Anthony from Car Throttle?
That moment when the guys try to turn up at any race event and he’s got you banned

He’s done worse for less 😂
Americans have short attention spans? Guess I'm in the minority. I'll gladly watch hours and hours of racing all day.
Emo Bassist
Emo Bassist:
Haha I love your Bernie this is how I've always imagined him
Just a gay cloud
Just a gay cloud:
faffy faff
faffy faff:
"Lottery qualifying" you mean nascar qualifying in 2020
Will Richardson
Will Richardson:
2:54 your watch is different... 😂
Oh come on, you can clearly hear in his voice that he was joking when he said about sprinklers. Why are you misconstruing this?
Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes:
The re-enactments omg, the water one was freaking hilarious
The whole “re-draw” type deal is actually done in the US in dirt oval racing. It works quite well here!
Cms 10672
Cms 10672:
It’s funny how these ideas sound like things that would be implemented in formula e. ;)
The Bernie Cosplay is legendary though :D
Sauberboi Saubarboi
Sauberboi Saubarboi:
My thoughts about Bernie’s ideas
*B E R N I E W H A T T H E F R I C C*
*H A V E Y O U B E E N S M O K I N G*
Absolutely love your Ecclestone impression!
You’ve got to give him credit for the odd ideas... everyone complains about how boring F1 is, but then criticise new thinking 🤔?
The sprinkler idea and pit stops are fucking ridiculous though.
Arthur Moreira
Arthur Moreira:
Non of those ideas were very crazy, actually.
-Almost everyone loves when a race requires a 2 or maybe 3 stop strategy and hates Pirelli tires because they are too durable.
-Those shortcuts have a cousin, called "Joker Lap" in RallyCross, and they help mixing up strategies and even races.
-You have to admit that those sprinklers would be very welcome at this year's Spanish and Canadian GPs
-Lots of motorsports, like GP3, F2, Nascar and very other championships (not only americans) have two races at the same weekend
-Well, it obviously cannot become dangerous, but creating some spectacular accidents, like Ericsson's and Alonso's would give some adrenaline to races (while testing safety devices, like Halo)
M the King
M the King:
When I heard "Lottery qualifying" Bernie, what's going on in your head
maks avgustin
maks avgustin:
Do the internets best reactions of the 2018 livery
Burning Pronic
Burning Pronic:
Jess is pretty. Bet her feet are amazing
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan:
Shortcuts that never worked for bernie...
gamermidget 02
gamermidget 02:
where did u get those model race circuits on the wall?
love every video!!!
Travis Oliver
Travis Oliver:
Things Bernie thought of, otherwise known as (some) things Brian France did do.
Martin Ding
Martin Ding:
And what about using 2 litre supercharged v10?
Ben Benneyworth
Ben Benneyworth:
Why does your Bernie look like Adam Sandler in Little Nicky? 😂😂
I think that medal system is great! We always see team telling drivers : third is enough to win the champion. Don't risk it
He’s insane xD
Andrew Mckee
Andrew Mckee:
Are you guys going to the Australian Grand Prix?
Ser Garlan Tyrell
Ser Garlan Tyrell:
Such a good Bernie impression!
Lokki 1
Lokki 1:
Love these Videos. Gimme more!!! Now!!!
Fe Nyx
Fe Nyx:
Dude looks lije he is shaving his unibrow :)
As whack as it is, its good to have someone who can keep whipping up random ideas to keep a business alive
Max-Antoine D.
Max-Antoine D.:
I love the acting of Alex from CarThrottle, he's really great
I just realized Bernie thought of a reverse joker lap
Put cocktail sauce in the fuel tank.
I've got the greatest idea ever...

No blue flags! When the leader catches the last car they battle it out and if he gets lapped he retires. This way we get two races and the backmarkers won't just cruise around just waiting 10 cars to explode in order to get in the points...
Kyle 4827
Kyle 4827:
I like the idea of reversed grids but maybe by offering points for qualifying or something like that
The clock matt has in the background...
Yea i have one too
James Creavin
James Creavin:
top 3 in qualifying have to do a line of ket 15 minutes before the race, even the field up
The Onyx Ace
The Onyx Ace:
Clearly guys we're the insane ones, Bernie was a genius!
Harrison Rogers
Harrison Rogers:
Tbt to time elimination qualifying
Calin Strimbu
Calin Strimbu:
Well Liberty already had 2 outrageous ideas and they were implemented (new logo + no more grid girls)...