The Absolute Best And Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers

Over the course of America's Next Top Model's many seasons, hopeful models-to-be go through photo shoots, modeling lessons, and lots of tissues. But if there is one aspect per season that stands out, it's the makeover. Here are the best and worst makeovers in America's Next Top Model history.

America's Next Top Model's Bianca Golden took a seat in the Ken Paves Salon chair ready to fulfill Tyra Banks' vision of her as Beyonce-like blonde, only to be told that her natural hair was fully damaged. Despite the long locks she was supposed to have, Golden's hair had to be completely shaved.

Golden was told that her short buzz cut would make wearing wigs easy, which would allow versatility in her modeling career. But when she put on a wig for the first time, she didn't feel good about it. Instead of the luscious locks that Banks had envisioned for this model, Golden took to her post-makeover photo shoot rocking her short hair.

Was it the easiest makeover process? No, but Golden looked stunning after her transformation. And she made it all the way to the final four.

Cassandra Whitehead was not the first America's Next Top Model contestant to receive a pixie cut, but her flat-out rejection of the look resulted in her departure from the show. After her makeover, Whitehead found herself on a photo shoot set, faced with a request from Jay Manuel, the shoot's art director to cut another inch of hair off. Whitehead would not budge.

The choice got her kicked off set and she eventually left the competition.

She told TV Guide that she saw her long hair as a form of self-expression.

Her negative makeover experience and rejection of the look solidified her as one of Top Model's least successful transformations. But despite leaving the show, Whitehead went on to become one of the most successful America's Next Top Model contestants ever.

Keep watching to see The Absolute Best And Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers.

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Best: Bianca Golden's shaved head | 0:00
Worst: Cassandra Whitehead's haircut | 1:09
Best: Kayla Ferrel as a redhead | 2:09
Worst: Chelsey Hersley's tooth gap | 2:59
Best: Brittani Kline's bob | 3:54
Worst: Molly O'Connell's pain | 4:35
Best: Shandi Sullivan as a blonde | 5:24
Worst: Laura LaFrate's red and blue highlights | 6:10
Best: McKey Sullivan's hair was a winner | 7:04
Worst: Denzel Wells' faux beard | 7:50
Best: Whitney Thompson's hair | 8:34
Worst: Phil Sullivan's locks | 9:20

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Southern Duchess
Southern Duchess:
I feel like they took pleasure in making some of these girls look bad.
G V:
So they widened one girl’s teeth gap in this season while in another they told a girl with an already naturally wider gap that she needs to fix it or she can never been a “Covergirl” model. WTF
Carolina C. J.
Carolina C. J.:
It's an absurd to shave someone's tooth, teeth aren't only aesthetic.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith:
This “makeover” portion making these girls “fierce” and different, but look at the major models in the industry now (Jordan Dunn, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Barbra Palvin and Taylor Hill) none of these girls have these “fierce” haircuts. Tyra was a model but knows nothing about what makes a model
Wow dental changes. Crazy
D D:
okay but the worst makeover was the girl that had long curly red extensions and it was done so poorly her whole scalp was inflamed and they had to remove it the next day
Thracian Princess
Thracian Princess:
It seems that some of these girls were deliberately destroyed by envy.
Alisa Rushing
Alisa Rushing:
Whitney actually wasn’t the only plus size model to ever compete she’s just the only one who ever won LOL
Brooklyn Phillips
Brooklyn Phillips:
Cassandra Whitehead was a total Karen, and they gave her the haircut
The gap between her teeth was charming. I like it when people have nice teeth. Madonna has one, Vanessa Paradis has one. It’s pretty. Tyrant was all about “be yourselves, cultivate your identity” but made them look boring.
That plus-size model is plus size????? WTF!! She looks like a size 6..What's considered as plus size?
Mariah Howell
Mariah Howell:
This franchise has too much money for these hairstyles to look this bad
Shannon H.
Shannon H.:
I love how Cassandra whitehead actually turned into a white head LOL
Lin Gin
Lin Gin:
The tooth gap shit is INSANE and awful.
Tess Coughlin
Tess Coughlin:
Ummm, pretty whitewashed. There was a black constestant who had her tooth gap closed. There was a plus size black contestant.
masen ora
masen ora:
shandi’s makeover reminded me of avril lavigne
That’s crazy I feel bad for the girl when they shaved her head just to fit wigs
capt. madness
capt. madness:
tbh no one remembers Denzel clashing with Yu but that "he's being a homophobe" scene lol
Marjorie Pope
Marjorie Pope:
That beard weave was a hot mess
Letetia Reid
Letetia Reid:
If you were a black woman on this show with long nice hair..Tyra will cut your hair all the way down, you can bet your bottom dollar on that!
Wilfredo A Nunez Pacheco
Wilfredo A Nunez Pacheco:
Whitney did not deserve to win her cycle. It was obvious Tyra wanted a plus size winner. Anya was the obvious and correct winner of the cycle and Whitney was lackluster during the whole competition. If Tyra wanted a plus size winner she should’ve chosen Tocara. 🙄
Meanwhile Tara can pass for a plus size model now..
Cherry Bomb138
Cherry Bomb138:
Why is Chelsea's gap okay but Tyra gives Dani shit about her AND forces her to have it closed did she just widen Chelsea's in an attempt to make up for what she said to Dani?
Alex D
Alex D:
Where is Fatima in The Best Category?
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell:
Unpopular opinion, but most of the makeovers were bad
Merri Cat
Merri Cat:
You would think hair stylist would know of these hairstyles are going to work. I remember girl with that we've that was painful and cause damage. She would cry about it and they made her look like a baby only to stay later on said you should have told us it was so bad.
Monkey Zara
Monkey Zara:
Denzel’s beards weird
Chrissy Bee
Chrissy Bee:
Now that I am older and understand, this show is disgusting.. On one season she made a girl widen her gap but than she wanted one of the winners Danielle to close her gap.. Smh
Lin Gin
Lin Gin:
It’s so telling to hear what people put up with in partners—here I was busy questioning how messed up it is to pressure these changes as reality show manipulation tactics when someone says her partner joked “Don’t come home with red hair and don’t come home bald.” Even if it was a joke—what’s wrong w/ you? Nevermind that his gf is a model—that’s GOING to happen. Why do ppl put up w/ this stuff in relationships???
🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸
🍓prisilla gonzalez🌸:
is it really necessary to say who will be the winner...i still have episodes to watch
Sarah M
Sarah M:
That's crazy about the tooth gap
niki ninehundred
niki ninehundred:
Wasn't Toccara a plus sized model
Ashley 25
Ashley 25:
Some people are stronger and have more confidence than others. If you drastically change a physical characteristic on someone with insecurities , it usually ends bad.
Karen Acton
Karen Acton:
The one young lady complaining about the short hair.......women that have long hair wear it in a pony tail or a bun....that’s versatile?
Priscilla Villanueva Rosales
Priscilla Villanueva Rosales:
I can’t believe they consider Whitney Thompson a plus sized model! That’s crazy. She is not plus sized at all.
E Scooby
E Scooby:
some of these looks are ridiculous.
Toniiiee P
Toniiiee P:
They wanted Chelsea to look like Anna Paquin
Gabrielle S
Gabrielle S:
Hold on, so she made one girl get a wider gap, but made another girl cover hers up because she said it was ugly and she wouldn't make it with one??? What???!!
i would be very upset if they gave me a butch cut or bleached my eyebrows white, too. Guy with the beard looks awful. They covered his strong jaw. I feel like the hair team just wants to be creative and try new things on poor, unsuspecting models.
They were trolling so hard with that fake beard. Yuck.
Ciara Diamond
Ciara Diamond:
Whitehead looked SO much more edgy and chic with the blonde pixie. She really needed to see that.
Vanessa B
Vanessa B:
Didn't they do the same thing to Penny on The Big Bang Theory? And no one really liked it...
Kiki E
Kiki E:
Is Whitney really plus size?
I have a tooth gap and I hate it I absolutely hate it and you are telling me that this girl got hers done on purpose
Rod MdS
Rod MdS:
1:15 why no one likes cassandras pixie I love it!!!! It looks cool
Sierra Bleu
Sierra Bleu:
Linda Evangelista never looked better than in that short lt.blonde. Some women look best in minimal hair.
Marjorie Pope
Marjorie Pope:
That weave on dude was horrible
ljk ljk
ljk ljk:
Dont like that show
Gap this is vicious
rwar rwar
rwar rwar:
I don't like Tyra Banks
Molly was the worst makeover
Nika A
Nika A:
Worst show on the planet. Looking at it in a whole new light in 2020.