The Ascent Review

The Ascent's satisfying gun-tastic action-RPG gameplay loop mixes with its beautiful cyberpunk aesthetic to create an overall enjoyable experience. Reviewed on PC by Ryan McCaffrey

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"It's a game. It's sheer perfection, there will never be, nor has there ever been anything this incredible. 7/10".
Mario Montoya
Mario Montoya:
"Coop makes it 100% better"
Single player - 7/10
Coop- 14/10 GOTY confirmed
Joseph Garfield
Joseph Garfield:
15-20 hours sounds perfect for a game like this, too many games have an over inflated playtime
Rafa U
Rafa U:
“THIS GAME IS SO ENJOYABLE!!!!!…’s ok. 7 outta 10”

Jeremy Louis
Jeremy Louis:
Can’t wait to dive into this game!
Brett Austin
Brett Austin:
A 7? When everything he was saying felt like an 8.5 lol
Funk Machine909
Funk Machine909:
shout out to the swedish developer neon giant! great job!
This game doesn't make you feel like Spiderman 7/10.
christian gomes
christian gomes:
Everything about the game is great. 7/10
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia:
This is an awesome gamepass treat! Learning and understanding the character menu is important. Very atmospheric setting...very blade runner with music that sets the tone and visual candy everywhere to boot. Its not perfect, but given the chance, this games (light) RPG elements has the ability to really grow on you. Its adds a little something more to the twin stick shooter that you'll either love or hate. Two player online and couch co-op makes amps up the fun factor. Its in gamepass so what are you waiting for, grab it, play it, make fun memories with a friend.
ace trainer52
ace trainer52:
The close up cutscenes are cool I’ve been waiting on this game. Everyone should have Xbox game pass
Owen Senyui
Owen Senyui:
''Game get harder towards the end''
7/10, IGN
Rolando Vargas
Rolando Vargas:
I’m hyped about this game!
Once again IGN never ceases my low expectations from their reviews. This game is literally blowing up everywhere and what do they give it? 7/10. This guy is a super dweeb. Easily a high 8 or 9 out of 10.
If this was a playstation exclusive it would've gotten a 10.
Inkpoison 83
Inkpoison 83:
The Ascent is freak’n awesome
The Book Of Me.
The Book Of Me.:
Wow! This is a nice game. Perfect gameplay execution.
Im absolutely loving it so far Id give it like a 9 tbh
Crimson Chin
Crimson Chin:
Nothing is more disappointing then seeing an ign 7.
Osama Bashir564
Osama Bashir564:
Its a fantastic game. Playing with my brother
that's funny, because 7/10 is also the probability that he's just reading a script and hasn't played a single second of this game
Fat Broccoli 8
Fat Broccoli 8:
Pretty much every IGN review can be boiled down to “it’s too hard 7/10”
Steve Joyce
Steve Joyce:
A 7/10…didn’t see that one coming IGN
Double Dangerous
Double Dangerous:
The bold Ryan must be leaving IGN to set up his own thing, as this is the most un IGN review score ever.
Migs E
Migs E:
Skillup and ACG both strongly recommend this game fyi
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
Why does everyone get upset about IGN giving average games average scores?
Maybe I’m just old but X-Play gave most games 3 out of 5 all the time and it didn’t seem to set the world on fire every time the did it.
"The Ascent's satisfying gun-tastic action-RPG gameplay loop mixes with its beautiful cyberpunk aesthetic to create an overall enjoyable experience." then 7/10. wat?
Lukas Eder
Lukas Eder:
Pro tip, don't bother with any of the other weapons. Just use the RPG23 all the time on everyone.
Milo Davis
Milo Davis:
A classic Ryan review lmao. Check out ACG or Skill Up y'all.
Alex Prime_86
Alex Prime_86:
Let's goooooooo, can't wait to squad up and play this today
This game is great. A perfect blend between twin stick shooter and Diablo\wow style rpg. This could evolve from a 10-20 hour massive multiplayer rpg if time and more devolopment were put into it. This kinda setting can be taken many ways
p r i s m
p r i s m:
Remember guys, you can play day 1 this game, we dont need any review anymore.
This is THE BEST coop game since ages... SUPPORT this gem!
Soni Sonjaya
Soni Sonjaya:
According to my prediction this game got a score of 7. IGN reviews have started to be easy to guess.😎
Hunter & James
Hunter & James:
This makes me want a remake of "Hunter: The Reckoning."
B Ongespob
B Ongespob:
Is Ryan a direct descendant of Linus?
This game is dope. Only played the first level so far but it’s gorgeous
huggable friendo
huggable friendo:
gamers be pissing their pants over review scores
Steven Kavanagh
Steven Kavanagh:
The value of Xbox Game Pass just keeps going up and up. This game is a real gem. Everyone should play it, just to see the incredibly detailed and beautiful world they designed.
Kyle M
Kyle M:
6.5 for a solo experience. Played a bit today and though the world is gorgeous, it felt like it was missing something. That something could be friends.
This game looks so identical to Ruiner, in terms of graphics and environments except that it is more open-world.
Hope to see a remake or sequel of " future cop, LAPD "

under-rated gem on PS1
Worldbuilding is amazing. It's ridiculous how a small team pulled this game off. Half way thru the campaign now and it's super fun.
Billy Weaver
Billy Weaver:
If ign gives an Xbox game a 7 it’s actually closer to a 9.
I'm guessing this is better than Cyberpunk 2077,
Looks amazing. Will give it a try for sure.
1: Grab the Overwhelmer in the first half hour
2: Win
D Starr
D Starr:
Never rely on game reviews or any reviews for that matter, if it catches your eye and looks fun or sound fun try it for yourself. Reviews usually focus on what's wrong with the game or what could make it fun. Shitting on people's creativity is what it basically is.
Vikas Kundra
Vikas Kundra:
ACG recommended this game. Thanks GamePass
This game is ART!
With more polish and game play changes this could have been a really cool cyberpunk-diablo clone.
Reemz Meister
Reemz Meister:
This guy’s voice is hard to listen to for this long…
Well 7 isn’t bad but you made it sound way better. Thanks for the vid though. I’ll play this for sure!
communism 2
communism 2:
Review makes it sound like a 9 or 8.5
Final score a 7
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams:
I’m so glad to pick this up today
Jordan Bromley
Jordan Bromley:
Just odd how a 7/10 in this review feels more like an 8.5. Ryan really hyped this up, feel like he’s downplaying it to give Aliens: Fireteam Elite a 8.5-9/10 later next month lol
Jonas Borg
Jonas Borg:
bought this with 3 friends and its a lot of fun :)
Smack man
Smack man:
A 7??? This game is easily a 9... the visuals are OUTSTANDING (if you a card that can handle them) and the gameplay is just fantastic.
Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos:
Fun game, but it honestly feels like you spend 40% of it literally just walking. Also the story is completely forgettable, and the world looks great, but doesn't feel unique or remarkable. Best played with friends for sure 👍
Jeffrey Owen
Jeffrey Owen:
This game is 75 percent walking around and 25 percent gameplay lol
aalkounis G
aalkounis G:
Based on minimum requirements of the game, only 20-30% of gamers can play this decently
Hasan Yiğit Özbahçe
Hasan Yiğit Özbahçe:
Yeah first day one title on gamepass for a while, incredible game and 7/10... Thx IGNStation...
Mike Brown
Mike Brown:
Far as throwing more enemies like towards the end. Im fine with that.. That should be.. The closer to the boss the more protection you'll face. By time your should be geared up & skilled handle more enemies then those lower levels
Michael Night
Michael Night:
So did things getting super difficult in the endgame hurt the score that much? Commentary had me expecting a 9 somehow. Either way I’m picking this one up
Aji Bagaskara
Aji Bagaskara:
There is something with 7 and IGN, everygame they review almost hits 7, when its sound and supposedly be 8/9 outta 10
Hazel Light
Hazel Light:
Serv, H
Serv, H:
Reminds me of Loaded on PS 1 that was one of my favorite games ever made.
Morris Onyeukwu
Morris Onyeukwu:
This game makes you feel like acsent 7/10
Kevin Miracle
Kevin Miracle:
Ryan, thanks for the review... could you take your voice down an octave though? just speak like you normally do in your podcasts... your voice got a bit shrilly dude!
paccacio 29
paccacio 29:
Cant wait to play it on gamepass!!🔥🔥
Playing it on PC, this game is a lot better than the score implies.
It’s been fun so far. Hate the map and a few other things aren’t great but over all fun game. Gorgeous world.
everything he said felt like he was gonna give it an 8 instead of a 7.
Matthew Parrish
Matthew Parrish:
Solid score for a solid game. Been playing this already and it’s a blast. Just fun.
Kris Adamson
Kris Adamson:
Loving this game so far
Just Frame Deep
Just Frame Deep:
A solid 9 for me, if there had been no groundbreraking bugs
Does IGN scout for men with the highest voices to review their games?
On and Alive
On and Alive:
Awesome!!! Time to finally start it!
Tops Johnny
Tops Johnny:
This Game is a solid 8.5/10 for me
DoubleOh Dutch
DoubleOh Dutch:
Ryan, please stop abusing energy drinks…
The game is amazing! 7/10
Pat .O'Connor
Pat .O'Connor:
This game feels like a toned down version of "Hatred" for PC
He is speaking with gamepass Enthusiasm😂
danny ingersoll
danny ingersoll:
honestly best twin stick shooter ive ever played
Wow xbox really have a amazing exclusive titles, time to buy my own xbox series S, Hell Yeah
Would have liked to hear a recommendation of controller vs mouse & keyboard.
Justin Trammell
Justin Trammell:
Love your reviews Ryan, Ill be checking this one out soon. Thanks!
Shane Harrington
Shane Harrington:
PlayStation fanboy here; this looks awesome.
Sir Samo
Sir Samo:
What about the replay-ability and multiplayer? Thinking of buying it if it has that
Will definitely play that with a friend on game pass.
Looks interesting. Might pick it up on a sale.
15 plus hours, full ign walkthrough 6 hours
Rob Sanchez
Rob Sanchez:
Great game for me, aside from the bugs. If there's going to be a DLC or a 2nd game, hopefully you can play as other races, more loot variety and mod support.
Atmosphere + music is like Akira/GITS
Can't wait to play this on my Steam Deck
Fahim Ahmed
Fahim Ahmed:
‪It’s stuff like that remind me that ign is very much still ign‬
Tetsuo Shima
Tetsuo Shima:
the worst thing about this game is it's not on ps5! 7/10
Funny how an isometric game nails the cyberpunk look more than cyberpunk 2077 itself that uses a much more complex graphics engine.
Gary Scott
Gary Scott:
im not even a gamer, stumbled upon this review thnking it was for a movie,,But your beautifully articulate synopsis of this game makes me want to join this movement. Respect.