The Benjamin Mendy Case Gets Worse.

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The Benjamin Mendy Case Gets Worse
The Benjamin Mendy Case Gets Worse
The Benjamin Mendy Case Gets Worse

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I'm so confused how footballers doing this becomes more and more common. What if this was always happening before with other footballers but we just didn't know about it. This is scary man.
Mendy is just abusing the fact that he’s famous and popular to do bad things, this guy is sick to the head
Luke Talbot
Luke Talbot:
The fact that before all this came out he was seen as a “character in the dressing room” and a “party animal” is sickening knowing what he was actually doing now. Remember in lockdown when he had a party and requested “big bum Latinas” imagine what he wanted to do with those women.
Keegan Wilson
Keegan Wilson:
Jesus Christ, this guy went from a man who made bad decisions to a full on psychopath.
I think you missed something important on how to decrease these sort of crimes; upbringing. The way the children are raised by the parents affects the way they grow up. IDK how Mendy is raised, but I sure hope it wasn't that bad.
Can't really argue with you Vizeh, has to be education beyond academic. Players need social media training, basic human decency, coping with money etc all as part of their regular training.
I feel like some of the humility has been lost, as a Leeds fan I loved seeing Bielsa make the first team clean and sweep the stands and the players appreciated it too.

This might sound a little draconian but I do feel if clubs are going to give these kids millions of pounds then the onus is on the club to make sure that player is acting the way expected and if that means hiring trusted people to make sure they behave on nights out, or in public then sorry if you want to play in the top leagues in the world then that is the price you need to pay.

Mendy was allegedly able to do these horrible things because he hired someone who enabled him to do it.
This isn’t even just a premier league problem or a football problem. In Australia there have been many cases of professional rugby league and aussie rules players using their wealth and fame to lure in women that they force/coerce into sexual acts. If I was a father I’d be horrified if that happened to my daughter. I hope the prosecution against mendy is successful and he’s made to spend many years in prison for his crimes to give him plenty of time to reflect on his actions and to return to society a reformed individual.

It’s absolutely mad that he thought he could just get away with that. I mean the guy was wealthy and famous as a footballer given the club he was signed to. I guess his extensive injury layoffs meant he had a bit too much time on his hands but he still had the pull to just go out with hot women and have consensual sex. He didn’t _HAVE_ to lock women in his panic room and give _them_ reason to panic. He did it because that’s what he chose to do, he wanted to live out that particular fantasy and now he’s paying the price. Props to the women who didn’t keep quiet and reported him and pressed charges
Callum CjHAM44
Callum CjHAM44:
Thank you for doing this video. Such a dark chapter in football but it needs to be taught so it can be resolved once and for all.
Drdarkone :
Thank you vizeh for outlining these situations. Keep up the good work!
Josh Leader
Josh Leader:
It’s actually just mad, the ones you least expect it too. The fact these women held this in for so long before saying anything must have been hard but thank fuck it finally came out. Not even like it’s one person, it’s so many lives effected.
Michael Twister
Michael Twister:
From watching Mendy's football videos to watching him in a *Top 10 Chilling Solved Cases* is ridiculously disturbing
I’m honestly done with these footballers thinking they can get away with stuff. Personally I think he is guilty and should be locked up for a long time and I don’t care who he is, he thinks he can get away with 13 count of r*pe just because he’s a footballer. And the way the description is of the way he ‘lures’ them to his house, I feel sick.
This is actually so fucked man. Prayers go out to anyone affected by this.
I'd understand youtube taking down/demonitiziing the video etc if you was making people think it was a good thing but not once have you said what he's done is a good thing, brining light to the case shows what kinda of horrible situation it really is because they think they're untouchable
Thank you so much for discussing issues like this.
Usan Abu
Usan Abu:
The women he allegedly ‘raped’ went back to his house more than 10 times after 🤣🤣...there women are completely evil and a joke if they are just using this for clout
Needs to be said: this video presents very little if any evidence about the claims of Mendy's actions. It could be that Mendy did what was said, but we shouldn't put that on someone without evidence and due process. These are claims not evidence.
Great vid mate, this criminal related football series has huge potential even though it's been going on for some time now, good one vizeh
Lion Cactus
Lion Cactus:
Theres always gonna be bad ppl. But bad ppl with power are often a bit worse. I honestly dunno what can be done but i do know that we cant just accept this stuff eventhough its becomming "normal"

Hopefully karma catches up to him. I dont think hes gonna get a innocent verdict but i doubt hell go to jail or experience jail like a commonfolk person would. And with that he will likely never learn that this is unacceptable.
Mendy is the one getting all the spotlight but it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are other victims out there of others who have not come out public yet. Believe women doesn’t mean to take them at their word it means to acknowledge it and investigate. Anyone who backs the footballers and trash women is disgusting.
Isa 9
Isa 9:
These things happen on a daily in football its just unheard of mainly because of hush money and how much money is actually in football. French footballers seem to be a very massively involved in this but this happens everywhere, we just don't ever get to hear many of the stories.
United Forever
United Forever:
Those girls in the night club knew exactly what they were getting into. You don't get picked up in a night club and drive home with someone not expecting to have sex that night.
Been loving the videos lately Vizeh!! Keep it up 💯
People get famous and think they can do whatever they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff happens all the time.
Just Incase anyone thought what I did- the louis “Saha” guy involved is not the Louis Saha who played for man United
Maine Lettuce
Maine Lettuce:
This is the nightmare of every father with a baby girl. And if its true, I hope they bury them under the prison.
How is he still being paid ??? In any other job or company you would be fired or released
The Bloody mummer
The Bloody mummer:
One of the most shocking things there are people still supporting him and pleading his case ...
As someone who lives in Manchester i'm shocked and disgusted that i ever lived anywhere near this man 😦


Be careful when reading documentation regarding a active legal case that you are reading it correctly Liam
Josh TB
Josh TB:
its actually grim that city havent cancelled his contract yet, regardless of if hes innocent or guilty it looks very likely hes done some dodgy dodgy stuff
Footballer true crime has become its own genre. It's pretty sad
Ben Ben
Ben Ben:
When he is found guilty i hope man city sue him getting every penny back
your vid is great but to the best of my knowledge you only read a fraction of the case did you follow the question that was followed to the first accuser ???? I think you would have a different ideology cause what you doing is taking sites and making people believe he actually committed these crimes which to me as an individual he did not and we all know England or rather the UK always bring out exaggerated events in every case ..... The johnny depp case is a clear example
Sam Whincup
Sam Whincup:
Could you do one of these on the ryan giggs case?
Royal Monocle
Royal Monocle:
Just out of curiosity, why do you read the word "Women" as 'Woman' every time in this video? Even when you said there were 13 of them, you still used the singular form. It really sounds quite odd
Dragon Of The West
Dragon Of The West:
He should be locked up he shouldn’t be getting paid by City he should be in prison
My dads girlfriend lived next door to Mendy, he used to have parties at 3am
we talk nonsense
we talk nonsense:
I dunno why they would go there not expecting something like this to happen there pretty stupid to just blindly walk into situations
"Guilty or not guilty"?
He's got 10 months left on his contract then City can wipe their hands of him unless he is convicted before.

Serious question though Vizeh and not making light of the situations at all, If we are going with the innocent until proven guilty, Why is Mendy and Sigurdsson not in FIFA but Greenwood is? If the club are required to pay them?
As I understand it Greenwood is still in FUT and tradable and but removed from offline modes, although he remains in my saved career mode. (couldn't hotfix it?)
lukas walding
lukas walding:
I know its bad. But what did these girls expect he wanted from them when they went
Didn’t he plead not guilty?
Sam Simmons
Sam Simmons:
Groupies with orgy parties basically, well it happens
A to the G
A to the G:
Dare I say Jeffrey Epstein of football? “Allegedly” of course….
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous:
Hello Vizeh, I like to follow all new football news and was wondering if you could do a video like this but for Nico Schulz the Lb for Borussia Dortmund about his alleged assault and attack on his pregnant Gf.
cfc fan
cfc fan:
There are hockey players who keep a spreadsheet of the names and numbers of the girls they sleep with. There’s stuff coming out about hockey Canada and players raping women. It’s a sporting problem.
Saidu Siesay
Saidu Siesay:
Innocent until proven guilty
Luna Lea
Luna Lea:
These are the ones we know about, I can't imagine this is a 'one off", reminds me of Solo 45...😬
Max football fans channel
Max football fans channel:
Footballers should also do more to help people and donate to Charity
Hurricane TKO
Hurricane TKO:
Word of advice you might want to delete this video. Considering all the false evidence and accusations from the accusers that have been presented in court.
iwantgoals 15
iwantgoals 15:
I’m not sure if it’s an accent thing but please pronounce the name properly. It’s SAHA, S NOT Zaha like you pronounced it. Say it right so people don’t start thinking you meant to say Zaha.
abongile mkhize
abongile mkhize:
Innocent until proven guilty???? Y'all going off like it's all fact.
Messiah B
Messiah B:
But what these women think they were going to sex parties for?
Alier Agol
Alier Agol:
I'm Just glad Thomas partey was innocent
City depth is so deep that i forgot this monster existed
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club:
Should Manchester City terminate Mendy's contract in the unlikely event that he's found not guilty Vizeh?
Do a video on the Gylfi situation
Reagan Brooker Beaumont
Reagan Brooker Beaumont:
Sometimes in these cases i can understand why people might say that the woman is lying if theres just one person pressing charges (not saying i agree or promoting rape or anything of the sort), with this case having 13 alleged rape/ sexual assault claims is alarming because in my eyes someone doesn’t just do it once theres something wrong with them and they can’t help themselves from doing it. Which is obviously why we need to teach people from a young age what behaviours are unacceptable in the hope that it makes things like this much less common. If he is guilty which i mean in my opinion he is no doubt about it. And i hope that they can somehow get enough evidence to charge him he should be in jail for a very very long time and to be honest if the uk still had the death penalty he deserves it because of what he has done to these women. It is not acceptable for men to behave like this and it also not acceptable that women get treated like this.
hazem Bouguerra
hazem Bouguerra:
so Saha paid a girl for a party --> that's called a escort. For me there is no proof of rape :s
Kid Crack
Kid Crack:
Under the jail, bro. Under the jail.
Sam B
Sam B:
your video won't be taken down for using the word 'rape', but it could effect the youtube algo, stopping people watching your content
Mason greenwood is innocent
Oh it’s simple teach people common sense and have a good upbringing.
Farhan Wakil
Farhan Wakil:
Do one on greenwood
Ossi Aigbedo
Ossi Aigbedo:
Craziest part is the women “this is my night to get pregnant” “am gonna make sure I’ve got his kids” guessing they didn’t get pregnant so trying to take him to the cleaners
Adam Whittingham
Adam Whittingham:
The worst thing about this is he’s going to get away with it.
Coach OBI'S Personal Workout Tips
Coach OBI'S Personal Workout Tips:
How do you feel now 4 weeks later. 😅😅😅
Eric Ravn-Fischer
Eric Ravn-Fischer:
Do a vid about the Nico Schulz case
Ripe Van winkle
Ripe Van winkle:
Lmao my guy went from a multimillion contract to a prison contract.
Dino Kovačević
Dino Kovačević:
Don't wanna seem like a bellend but there's no concrete evidence there, it's just "Woman said this, she believed this". It's not looking good for him but until the final verdict comes out I don't trust what anyone says, neither Mendy or the women.
So, he was keeping slaves 😳😳😳
CostTheBro 12
CostTheBro 12:
just noticed that this man has the flag of Kiribati up, wow
It’s always footballers that are so dumb not all but it’s getting more common
I find it funny how no one wants to make a video of Gylfi sigurosson but u drag this guy all over the place double standards
Gav Howarth
Gav Howarth:
Dude, fuck, woman and women are diffrent words, they sound different. you're giving me anxiety man, gr8 informative video tho, keep up the good work,
Ben Hibbert
Ben Hibbert:
Good video dude but please learn the difference between the words “woman” and “women” was painful to listen to 😅
Pure evil
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Please correct your pronunciation of the word women. It's playing havoc with my OCD.
Mzino Ym
Mzino Ym:
It’s been a year already😧
Transgender Nurse Calli
Transgender Nurse Calli:
This guy firstly Mendy aint a young footballer he knew what he was doing late 20’s and knew was wrong hence the locks and phones removed education ain’t the issue.

Secondly you need bloody education stop saying woman ….. it’s women (pronounced wimmen)this is so annoying and makes you sound super thick … assuming English ain’t your first language but in future bro sort it out … also it’s Saha not Zaha… in a court case this needs to be said accurately please!
How lame do you have to be, to have money and not get girls left and right.
i have no idea how this will play out but these footballers need to be careful about who they surround themselves with greenwood is at home crapping himself wondering if he will ever play footie again, i have no sympathy with these women either as a lot of them will throw themselves at these millionaire footballers to do a kiss and tel or accuse him of rape
Daniel Shah
Daniel Shah:
Proper creep!
Jay G
Jay G:
Are you gonna make a video About him being not guilty? You should do hitler
Selim Bajrami
Selim Bajrami:
that is just disgusting
Most football fans just never will take sexual assault seriously unfortunately. Bissouma, Partey and Ronaldo still play every week in the PL.
Is it not irritating anyone else that he keeps saying woman when it’s women plural, you wouldn’t say there’s lots of man over there you say there’s lots of men over there come on that’s basic knowledge
David Osose Uduehi
David Osose Uduehi:
apparently greenwood was acquitted
Zeref Dragneel TextingStories
Zeref Dragneel TextingStories:
Why is it always Manchester? Damn it.
Fion Calme
Fion Calme:
OMG Louis Saha is involved 😂 Man Utd crying
This man is pure evil
Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas:
Women…..woman. Difference
Why you gotta put the eery music.
Whenever you get someone famous accused of things like this and there are a large number of accusations; it is invariably the case that there is an element of truth in one or two accusations but after that the vast majority of the accusations are thrown out. This is in no way questioning the accusers in this particular instance; each case should be judged on its own merit, it’s for the jury to decide his guilt or innocence as the case may be.
I think celebrity males have to be very careful, especially if you are a very rich man who is in almost perfect physical shape, women will throw themselves at you and you have to be very very careful as some will have malicious intentions, kiss and tell stories and the like, or worse. Which of us men could resist for long if women are throwing themselves at you left right and centre though.
I will just reiterate again for those who can’t read. I am not questioning the accused or accusers versions of events; that is for the jury to decide, they will be the ones who see the evidence; or lack thereof and will have to make their decision. All we have heard is the accusations this far; innocent until proven guilty remember.
Is it the luis Saha from Manchester utd ?
Pratim Bishnu
Pratim Bishnu:
This isn't louis saha the ex-united and Everton player.
Cass the Gardener
Cass the Gardener:
Why city don't just his buy out his contract and end the association with Mendy.
t burton
t burton:
These French dons are weird
Vizeh, it's pronounced wimmin you keep saying woman....