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The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2021 ceremony, held as a virtual TV show from the Home of FIFA in Zurich, crowned two household names, Alexia Putellas and Robert Lewandowski, as the outstanding players in women’s and men’s football respectively.

Poland and FC Bayern München striker Lewandowski was recognised as The Best FIFA Men’s Player for the second year in succession. For her part, Spain midfielder Putellas, who had made The Best FIFA Women’s Player shortlist for the first time, capped her exploits with FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team by winning the prestigious award.

Chelsea FC Women manager Emma Hayes was voted The Best FIFA Women’s Coach for the first time in her career, a feat that was matched by her Chelsea FC counterpart, Thomas Tuchel, who topped the poll for The Best FIFA Men’s Coach.

Senegal shot-stopper Édouard Mendy made it a hat-trick for the London club by being chosen as The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper, becoming the first African to win the accolade, while Chile and Olympique Lyonnais’ Christiane Endler was named The Best FIFA Women’s Goalkeeper on the strength of her sensational displays.

The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony also recognised two outstanding performances on the international stage, where landmark goalscoring records have been broken. Christine Sinclair, with 188 goals in 308 caps for Canada, received The Best FIFA Special Award for women’s football, and Cristiano Ronaldo, with 115 goals in 184 appearances for Portugal, received The Best FIFA Special Award for men’s football.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino presented the awards to Christine Sinclair (virtual) and Cristiano Ronaldo (in person) during The Best FIFA Football Awards 2021 ceremony at the Home of FIFA in Zurich.

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Fernando Jose Marquez Melendez
Fernando Jose Marquez Melendez:
The Best FIFA Awards 2021 summary:

5:13 FIFA special award
14:35 FIFA women's goalkeeper
19:14 FIFA men's goalkeeper
24:18 Puskás award
32:05 Fair play award
37:44 FIFA women's coach
42:48 FIFA men's coach
48:57 Fan award
56:45 Women's world 11 team
1:03:40 Men's world 11 team
1:10:05 FIFA women's player
1:15:34 FIFA men's player
1:19:44 FIFA special award

Enjoy it guys 👍
Football lovers 79
Football lovers 79:
Congrats to Lewandowski and as well congrats to Cristiano Ronaldo he's just amazing. Legends 🐐🐐
Congrats to Ronaldo and lewandoski 👏 well deserved
Abril Abril
Abril Abril:
Que gran presentación por parte de FIFA cuando parecia que después de entregar el THE BEST a robert todo iba a culminar, de pronto la imagen de Cristiano (18 años) hasta el gol 115, culminado el video, una aparición epica la de CR7
FIFA se lució y cr7 genial
Jorge Martínez
Jorge Martínez:
Bien por FIFA por dar el reconocimiento a Cr7 que se merece, el jugador más completo tiene todo Hábilidad, potencia, velocidad, goleador, de derecha izquierda y de cabeza ni se diga, y su gran liderazgo cuando su equipo lo necesita ❤️ ejemplo fuera y dentro de la cancha ⚽🔥
Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
Congrats to Lewandowski and congrats to Ronaldo as well. Legends
Vikram Pathania
Vikram Pathania:
Lewa getting what he deserves, thanks FIFA.
Great longevity by Messi & Ronaldo as well 🐐🐐
Great to see Haaland joining the elites as well🤖
Anwar Razak
Anwar Razak:
In 2018 : 61 goals
In 2021 : 115 goals 🥶🥵
G O A T🐐❤️
Congratulations to Lewa!!! Well deserved. And to Ronaldo, what a player. What a legend. Congrats
Alan Javier Yara Carpio
Alan Javier Yara Carpio:
El mejor jugador de la historia mejor jugador récord Ginnes y el mejor de todos los tiempos para mí uno de los jugadores más completos en este momento soy fans de el desde que inició su carrera felicidades CRISTIANO RONALDO
Well deserved Lewy and congratulations to Ronaldo 🤩🇵🇹🐐
Сергей Михайлович Ерышев
Сергей Михайлович Ерышев:
Криштиану Роналдо, я искренне рад за тебя. Ты заслужил эту награду, пусть твоя карьера будет долгой, здоровье крепким, и стимул играть, не покинет тебя насколько это возможно.
Kandace Winter
Kandace Winter:
Congratulations to both CR7 and lewandoski awards well deserved 👏👏👏
Munty Al-Bazaz
Munty Al-Bazaz:
Congrats to all but as a Canadian it’s special to see one of our own win an award as prestigious as this! Congrats Christine Sinclair🇨🇦
Congrats to RONALDO❤️ and lewandoski as well.
Beata Mac Garry
Beata Mac Garry:
Congratulations to Robert and Cristiano!!! Well deserved!
FIFA got it right!
Leonor Maria Moura Duarte
Leonor Maria Moura Duarte:
Congratullations to Cristiano and also to Lewandowski! Two big Legends of Futball!!!
Best year:
Robert Lewandowski gets what he deserve as the best in 2 years

Ronaldo as the best goalscorer ever
And of course Messi the ballon d'or
This is why I like football it's More than just a game...its a motivation to all people around the world to be the best in what they do 😉🇩🇿
Diego Wolfstein
Diego Wolfstein:
Una gala adecuada para estos futbolistas, felicitaciones a Lewa totalmente merecido, es un gran delantero y me alegra mucho ver a Cristiano siendo reconocido por su expectacular carrera, el mejor de todos los tiempos.
Defeu Family
Defeu Family:
Hardwork and determination always pays. Respect Ronaldo
Puseletso Maunye
Puseletso Maunye:
Congrats to Lewandowski 🔥 and As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he's just simply amazing ❤🐐 he really deserved to be honored
Congrats to my G.O.A.T Cristiano and well deserved award for Lewa as well 🔥👏🏼
Claudio Catapatti
Claudio Catapatti:
Parabéns a todos os vencedores e finalistas👏
rosecilia lomboy
rosecilia lomboy:
congratulations to Lewandowski and Cristiano you are truly amazing legend ❤
Many Many Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo The G.O.A.T for yet another Award. There are still more to come and You are the Greatest. Also, Congrats to Lewandoski, the deserving award.
Ricardo Pavón
Ricardo Pavón:
That epic entrance from CR7 just wow 🤩 the best goalscorer of all times international and soon of all soccer history. Well deserved Lewa 👏🏻👏🏻
Every award was well deserved , from eduard mendy to lewandoski and the cristiano , and the world 11 was also perfect .(in the men's atleast)
N Manjula
N Manjula:
See you Quatar Rono!❤❤❤ You've got your motivation 💪🏻 now you go and get it! Go shine in the play-offs! All the best! My prayers for you! ❤❤❤ 😊🥰🙏🏻
Rahul Panda
Rahul Panda:
Ronny the GOAT
every one knows it ❤️
The inevitable champion ❤️
Inspiration 💯 🐐❤️❤️❤️
Laima Ko
Laima Ko:
Congratulations Renaldo 👏👏👏🥂🥂beautiful men and father ,congratulations Lewandowski too ,best players in the world 👏👏👏♥️
Isac Mil grau
Isac Mil grau:
I didn't have time to watch the Live at the time, but the awards were well deserved for everyone and especially congratulations Lewandowski, congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤝🏼🤝🏼
Destiny Chibuzor
Destiny Chibuzor:
This is beautiful. I love the language FOOTBALL.
Thanks so much FIFA. Congrats and best wishes to the GOAT Ronnie, Lewy, and every winner as well as nominees. Y'all are greats of football history.
Elton Monteiro
Elton Monteiro:
Quem diria que a FIFA seria a voz da sensatez na hora de escolher o melhor jogador do mundo?! Quanto ao Cristiano, foi um reconhecimento muito merecido, o cara tira sangue de pedra na seleção de Portugal!!
Game Khana
Game Khana:
Congrats! to Lewandowski & Cristiano they really deserved it well done legends👏🏻❤
Swaraj Bera
Swaraj Bera:
Congratulations Cristiano and Lewandowski ❤️🤗
Veronica Iraheta
Veronica Iraheta:
Muchas felicidades a Lewandowski y a Cristiano Ronaldo ya era tiempo que reconocieran su trabajo el mejor del mundo
Harris m6
Harris m6:
The Best ❤️ Lewandowski 🔥
Well deserved 👏🤝
Rahul Panda
Rahul Panda:
Hats off to FIFA
Did everything right ❤️
Congratulations Ronaldo ❤
Levon Mirakyan
Levon Mirakyan:
Miriel 0202
Miriel 0202:
Congrats to Lewandowski! Congrats to Ronaldo! The Kings.
Ace J
Ace J:
Lets just hope Portugal are able to progress again into the 2022 World Cup 🇵🇹
The Best FIFA Awards 2021 summary:

5:13 FIFA special award
14:35 FIFA women's goalkeeper
19:14 FIFA men's goalkeeper
24:18 Puskás award
32:05 Fair play award
37:44 FIFA women's coach
42:48 FIFA men's coach
48:57 Fan award
56:45 Women's world 11 team
1:03:40 Men's world 11 team
1:10:05 FIFA women's player
1:15:34 FIFA men's player
1:19:44 FIFA special award

Enjoy it guys 👍
CR7 Xerox
CR7 Xerox:
congratulations for your success Robert and CR 7 and all deserved 👍Also Robert could win the balloon d r
Rohan Chettri
Rohan Chettri:
Well deserved player Robert Lewandowski and tons of congratulations to my idol CR7 GOAT 🐐 👑. A big thanks to FIFA for honoring him with such a prestigious award.
Igor Leal
Igor Leal:
MAIS QUE JUSTO LEWANDOWSKI 🏆 🇧🇷 E o CR7 no final 🤖🇵🇹
Fahim Montasir
Fahim Montasir:
Congratulations to all the winners💚
claudia barrios
claudia barrios:
Felicidades para mi Cris, el mejor de la historia 🏆❤️ nadie lo iguala, incomparable, único 😍😍😍CR7
Lyazid Loudadji Loudadji
Lyazid Loudadji Loudadji:
Congratulations to Robert Lewandowski and Ronaldo .
full WWE match
full WWE match:
Congratulations to Mendy CR7 and lewon.. well deserved. This award edition is perfect 💞
Robert Soares
Robert Soares:
Robert Lewandowski👍👍👍👏👏Mais que Merecido!!!!!
Arif Ikram
Arif Ikram:
Congratulations to Robert Lewandowski👏 you deserved it.
Serigne Aliou THIAM
Serigne Aliou THIAM:
Congratulations to Édouard Mendy you deserve this award
Congrats to Robert Lewandowski, well deserved
Kunal das
Kunal das:
Truly deserves this man Lewandowski 🔥♥️
Lewandowski finally getting the respect he deserves,im pretty jealous of him as a dortmund fan and you cant deny that this man is unstoppable and can carry whichever team in the whole world
Aamir Hashim Khan
Aamir Hashim Khan:
The BEST (RLW) and the BEST ever (CR7) ❤️
Earldan TV
Earldan TV:
Congrats lewandowski very well deserved award to mendy as well also to cr7 very nice award to all the winners
fadi sim
fadi sim:
FIFA are professional and successful not like the other awards congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski they deserve it 👏👏
lamin Bah
lamin Bah:
I felt Oops, until I saw the king of football at the last minute
He deserved it
Paulinho Henrique
Paulinho Henrique:
Lewandowski merece muito 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jesualdo Vanes
Jesualdo Vanes:
Congratulations to Ronaldo become the Best Goalscorer History👏👌🎉
Alonso Rodríguez
Alonso Rodríguez:
1:17:09 Premiación a Robert Lewandowski....🎆 1:19:45 Premiación a Cristiano Ronaldo 🐐
2 are legends ❤️💥💥
Rejoice Ndlovu
Rejoice Ndlovu:
Well deserved congrats CR7❤️🐐
Al Jat
Al Jat:
Congrats Lewandowski. Should win this award a few years ago. Anyway, congrats to all winners!
abdourahmane ly
abdourahmane ly:
Bravo!!!👏 Eduard Mendy ✊🇸🇳 congratulations you deserve it ... felicidad...
Deepink Adventures
Deepink Adventures :
Congratulations Ronaldo u r legendary player ever born 👏 🙌 💙 ❤ 💪 love from India, Odisha.
Mateo Dizola
Mateo Dizola:
Más que merecido premio a cristiano!!! The GOAT y ni hablar de lewa! El mejor futbolista de los últimos 3 años!! Bien la fifa dejando en claro que premios son los que cuentan!
Issac Paulo
Issac Paulo:
Lewandosky X Mendy X Cristiano
Well deserved. 🙏
I'm Algerian and I'm really proud of my country winning the Arab Cup
That epic entrance from CR7 just wow 🤩 the best goalscorer of all times international and soon of all soccer history. Well deserved Lewa
1:19:44 I loooved the tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo . He's totally the goat 🐐⚽❤
Austin Francis
Austin Francis:
Sinclair congrats... Well deserved... Legend!
Madut Garang
Madut Garang:
Congratulations 🎉 to Robert Lewandowski
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez:
Finally a serious award .!!!! Congratulations to FIFA for being fair and honest !’n
Capitan Futuro
Capitan Futuro:
Congratulations to Lewy.

Congratulations to the only *GOAT* in football, the one and only Cristiano Ronaldo.
Congratulations Lewandowski and Neuer 🥳
El Humilde ᑈ
El Humilde ᑈ:
FIFA Special Award 5:13
FIFA Women's Goalkeepers 14:35
FIFA Men's Goalkeepers 19:14
Puskás Award 28:18
Fair Play Award 32:05
FIFA Women's Coach 37:42
FIFA Men's Coach 42:48
FIFA Fan Award 48:57
Women's World 11 56:45
Men's World 11 1:03:40
FIFA Women's Player 1:10:05
FIFA Men's Player 1:15:34
FIFA Special Award 1:19:44
Srgnt Crokette
Srgnt Crokette:
C est bien vous avez mis Lewangoalski en premier 🔥 Ballon d or s'tout ! 💪
Sammist L&B
Sammist L&B:
This is one of the best Fifa award 🥇
Capitan Futuro
Capitan Futuro:
Felicidades a Lewandonsky.

Y Felicidades al GOAT del fútbol, Don Cristiano Ronaldo.
bakary samba
bakary samba:
C'est clair allez Mendy ❤️❤️💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Arnob Ahmed
Arnob Ahmed:
Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️ & Robert Lewandowski 👏🏼
Javier Carrasco Barrientos
Javier Carrasco Barrientos:
Cristiano Ronaldo y Robert Lewandowski, los mejores golpeadores del 2021
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus:
Fifa knows Lewa deserves the Men's best player of 2020-21. Congrats mate well deserved 👏
Justice in Zurich, Switzerland and politics in France, congratulations Lewa and Cr7
No Mercy
No Mercy:
Lo bueno q estos premios es q no hay ni un poquito de dudas si se lo merecen o no, como los de 🧊🥶
Nancy Torres
Nancy Torres:
Gracias FIFA , por reconocer al Mejor del Mundo CR7 GOAT, un jugador completo, potencia, determinacion, desequilibrante, remata con cabeza, ambas piernas, un ejemplo, q más se puede decir, cuando su equipo lo necesita, él está CR7 🐐💪
The Tube
The Tube:
congratulations to all winners and nominees!!!
Cuando todo el mundo pensaba que la rivalidad Messi vs Cristiano había terminado, nos demuestran que no, uno ganando el the best y otro ganando el balón de Oro, gran época del fútbol y gran recta final de estas leyendas vivientes
Lima Banik
Lima Banik:
Congratulations all winners 🏆. Respect
Mudassir Usman
Mudassir Usman:
Congratulations 👏 Robert Lewandowski
Sacha Radziwanowski
Sacha Radziwanowski:
Gratulacje Robert jesteś najlepszy na Świecie. Cała Polska wie to 👍👍👍🇵🇱🏆🥇⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
guillermo gaibor
guillermo gaibor:
Honglem Panga
Honglem Panga:
Ronaldo the best player of all time in football history 🥳❤️🥺
Technology Made Easy
Technology Made Easy:
Lewandoski winning the award is soo soothing to watch ❤️
And Cristiano winning the special award is ❤️
julio olimpio de castro
julio olimpio de castro:
Legens CR7, Best of the Best💪💪
Ana Fernandes
Ana Fernandes:
Congratulations to Fifa excellent.
The best selections.
Messi coming close to the camera and Ronaldo bling bling made my night😂